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Found 17 results

  1. Since joining NFA in June 16, I’ve switched from sugary cereal to plain oats and milk. I’ve learned to make my own protein bars, 4-ingredient cake (no sugar!), increased protein a ton, and tried 2 new recipes a month with fresh ingredients. I’ve worked out every other day, in some form or other. Less rigidly than when I first began, but I’m still showing up. I’ve tried two types of protein powder (not a fan, but need to use it up now!) and I’m really learning what goals I actually am motivated to work towards. I’d hoped to have hit a safe, even level of workouts in order to focus on
  2. I really need to learn how to insert gifs, and understand the HTML code when I copy and paste things. Also, I was pleasantly surprised how good the Assassin's Creed movie was; having expected a flop. It may have inspired me to take back up my hidden blade and regroup here. Having spent a month recovering from, and reflecting on 2016 - I'm back to take on 2017! My missions for 2017 are: Read books. Complete a Second “agent-ready” Novel. Write 100,000 words. Build Wellbeing - This is where the 4-week-challeng
  3. ****Warning: This thread will most likely contain images of videogame violence, including CGI blood**** Grayspeed's December Challenge So, I was originally going to do a Star Wars theme this month because Rogue One is coming out. But I've also been replaying Assassin's Creed 2 this past week and AC just seems more "fitnessy" and relates to my goals a bit more. Also, this is the Assassins Guild. My goals right now are to grind away at NF Rings, get more sleep (I've let my sleep pattern get really messed up lately), and increase the amount of cardio I get.
  4. Team RWBY can only have 4 members (so they kicked me out) and the Overwatch team was way too demanding (so I left). I've been feeling like a teenager with no direction and extreme laziness, so maybe training with a bunch of teenagers will be better for me this month. Beast Boy - Health At dinner, half of the plate consists of veggies. (Weekdays) Bonus Points: Snack on fruit instead of Cheez-itz Link for tracking progress. Robin - Agility Stretch for the splits (both legs) everyday, except Friday and Sunday Raven - Thought
  5. *Copied from my Battle Chapters aka Daily Log* I have been apart of the Nerd Fitness rebellion now for about a month! Woot! As such I wanted to show my June progress: I want to do the splits all ways, but have been focusing on front ways. In the beginning of the month I didn't measure but now I am less than 6 inches from the ground!! Woot!!! I want to get down to 18% body fat. Therefore I bought a measurer and measured myself at 22.1% body fat last month and today I am 20.3%! Woot!! I want to eat healthier. The month of June, I
  6. Walking into the domed training area, Terror lifted the visor on her helmet and glanced around. 19 females of all shapes and sizes stood waiting in readiness. Their eyes showed determination and strength - and Terror had no idea why she or these women were here. None spoke, only looked amongst themselves and the unfamiliar space. Some seemed alert and wary, whilst others seemed as if being in this space was their birthright. "You have been chosen", a deep voice cut through the tense silence. A short but muscular man stepped from the shadows, each stride forward purposeful. Terror felt there
  7. Light Day, 18th of Snowfun 426 Today, my journey from my hometown of Hargoth begins. My family cried as I packed my things, but they have been supportive. It surprises me because they had always been afraid for my safety. When I was a child, my mother would always tell me I'd end up in a ditch somewhere. I don't know what makes ditches so dangerous, but that's what my mother always told me I'd end up. I am Devyn, Half-Kender. My father is full kender. He grew up in Hylo, but his grandparents were among those at the destruction of Kendermore. Because of that, he is an afflicted kender. My m
  8. So one of the ways I'm getting more fit and doing cardio, is jump roping. Of all the choices, jump roping is one of my favorites to do. I used to do double unders all the time and speed rope for a good 15minutes. This was 5 years ago. After failed attempts and throwing in the towel after trying to pick it up again, I finally jumped...haha.... back into speed roping. Though I can't go for 15min just yet, I managed to do 10 seconds of continuous double unders and that makes me feel really good
  9. Hey there, Rebels! I'm heading into my third challenge, and I'm hoping to push myself even harder. I only have 3 weeks left in this semester, but I'll probably stay on campus for an extra 6 weeks to take a "Maymester" and work. Anyways, life will for sure get a bit easier, so I want to start my summer break off strong by finishing this challenge! I'm breaking this challenge into "Fitness" and "Life" goals, although there's a bit of crossover. Thanks for following me on this journey! Current Weight/Measurements: Weight - 120lbs Bust - 34" Waist - 30 1/2" Hips - 37" Thighs - 21 1/2“ Fi
  10. The big goal this challenge is to decrease the amount of sugar that hubby and I consume. He is non-insulin-dependent diabetic but needs to improve his blood sugar levels STAT. So, this guy is public enemy number one at our house: I don't think that he is ready to go cold turkey; so I've devised a transition plan - based in part on the NF Academy nutrition guidelines. I've already dropped my sugar consumption about 25% - compared to last month. Gotta love data!!! I'm using LoseIt to track what I eat, and have the premium plan so that I can drill down on my macros to see what I'm actua
  11. Main quest To hold an Iron X long enough for a photograph Three goals Build upper body strength Build core strength Get lighterTrackable version of the 3 goals (in addition to usual pole classes/gym/contortion) Mon — 3x10 pullups, 3x10 floor core exercises, 10 elbowstands dismount Tues — Handstand conditioning, 2x10 pole crunches each side Wed — 3x10 pullups, 3x10 floor core exercises, cardio, 10 elbowstands dismount Thurs — Handstand conditioning, 2x10 layback crunches Fri — Cardio, 2x10 pole crunches each side Sat — 3x10 pullups, 3x10 floor core exercises, 10 elbowstands dism
  12. July 16, 2014 Hi guys! I'm back! Lots of things have been going on in my life in the year or so that I've been away, but I've already covered all of that in my profile. So just a brief snap shot: I got hurt. both shoulders and my left hip. I've spent the last year trying to overcome the pain and recover some of my range of motion and now I'm finally in a place where I can pick up from square one, assess my current abilities, set my goals, plan my path to success, and begin recovering lost ground. Goals, for now... Run 10k non-stop. Run 5k in 20 minutes or less. Freestanding Pistol
  13. It was a cold morning on the 24th of February when it came, his first Assassin assignment came. He woke up in his apartment bedroom, which was a part of a large training academy he shared with the rest of the assassin tribe, typically 3-4 assassins per house. He woke, stretched his arms then noticed it: a neat envelope which was half way through his letter box, which simply bore his name in gold writing: Bambamty. Upon opening he knew what it meant, this was his first Assassin task, everything up until now had been training, practice. But this time was different, if he messed this one up he di
  14. I have a training drill where I need to switch directions very quickly at random intervals over a 3 minute time span. Works very well with a work out partner willing to clap randomly for you, but not quite as easy to perform solo. Does anyone know of tracks, online generators, or iOS apps that could help me with this? Thanks in advance
  15. HEAD OVER HEELS: a love story Hello, my darling nerds! Every year, as winter approaches, my joints stiffen. But not this year! Where previous challenges have focused on strength training, this challenge is all about flexibility and acrobatics! Although I doubt one-finger handstands are anywhere in my near (or very, very far) future, hand-balancing is the name of the game for this challenge through the holidays! My inspiration for last challenge was Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica, for this one, it's the unstoppably cheerful Ty Lee from Avatar. STRENGTH! STR +3 Continuing with
  16. So it’s been a little while since I told anyone a story but I feel like telling you all a story now. It’s one of my favorite stories. The best part is that the story is a true one and is taken from the journal of a great man. So without further ado, I give you the story of the Dynamic Alchemist. (If you’re too lazy to read, the moral is in the next post). I am known by many simply as The Alchemist, though recently, I've mostly been known as The Prisoner. I have been in prison for a long time now, accused of practicing the forbidden art of
  17. Can anyone recommend drills or exercises to help overcome clumsiness? I don't have issues running, but I often trip over myself just walking around and I have terrible hand-eye coordination and balance. I also tend to have a very heavy footfall, just stomping around without meaning to. Preliminary research turned up recommendations such as standing on one leg while shaving or brushign one's teeth, one-legged stork squats, running on my tiptoes, or tossing a small object to oneself using employing only peripheral vision. Does anyone have suggestions, commentary, or recommendations?
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