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  1. I think I'm going to take some time off from challenges, there's just not much of a point for me anymore. Move to a battle log instead. I'm bulking at the moment, have been for a couple months now, and plan on continuing through until the spring. Though I'm probably going to do a 2 week minicut in early December to trim a little of the extra fat off. Workout Log Key: I use a lot of easy to write shorthand in my workout log, which greatly increases the data carrying capability without long written out notes, however it does make it a bit difficult to read without a means of decoding it
  2. I've always valued the feedback I get at Nerd Fitness. I've tried challenges, though, and haven't done well with them -- they take too much of my time, which is already pretty limited. I also tend to use them more as progress logs than habit-building tools. I don't really have a lot of trouble with willpower at this point: if I'm writing about my experience and have the perspective to pick my goals, I'll build the habits I need. So with that in mind, I thought I'd start a workout log so I'll have a lower maintenance way to track my progress and get feedback. Right now most of my goals for th
  3. Though I have been at the gym pretty consistently for 3 weeks or so, I will restart my battle log with my reborn alter ego of Gaelic Samurai. Inspired by my heritage, my deep interest in Japanese and eastern thinking, my family in Japan, and by the picture, Wolverine and his relentlessness despite all the troubles. Yesterday was a weight session and I started with bench after the warmup. Then it was arm day, good choice doofus it was a Monday AND the New Years crowd, and all went swimmingly. Bench 3x5 @180lbs EZ Bar curl 3x10 @50,60,60 DB Hammer Curl 3x10 @25 EZ Bar reve
  4. Particularly with the holidays (and health issues that are destroying my love of holiday food) here I've been struggling to stay consistent one well, anything. So I finally buckled down last week, ordered a night time probiotic with sleep blend, and some protein that is supposed to taste like mocha caramel (heres to hoping!) to supplement my food and try to keep my stomach in check so I can finally get back on the workout wagon! Finding time between family, decorating, and cleaning has been no easy task either. But thats it, enough is enough, I need this, my health needs this, my body needs th
  5. Good Morning! So, since reviving my long dead account, I have not gotten to spend much time on here! I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about my past month in adventures and successes and failures, allow others to share with me theirs, as well as some general advice sharing for us all to join in on! During August I: Launched My Own Website/Blog Started organizing my website, putting the puzzle together FINALLY got my wife in to a healthier diet/lifestyle Started building my network for online marketing Sold a membership to the boat cl
  6. Hello Surface-Dwellers! Well, I have not been successful my last two challenges and was knocked off my path by a deluge of poor choices. Interestingly enough the Deluge attempts to thwart Aquaman's initiatives in Aquaman Rebirth #1. Thus, I myself will take on the Deluge in an attempt to gain complete control of my fitness life. My goal is to get back in the habit of regularly going to the gym and lifting. This is what I like, it makes me feel, I like feeling stronger and I like knowing that I can push myself in this way. Thus, to defeat the Deluge I will:
  7. Leaving Torquay He shifted the paper and secured it under his left arm as he reached for his passport and ticket from an inside pocket. Not that he was using a passport; he had become obsessed with knowing its absolute location at times. He had left the cottage after ten that morning and he suddenly became acutely aware that his holiday was finally over. A former colleague at London had told him once that associates received at least six weeks of leave in their offices, and more as needed, between assignments. He noted mentally to mention it over tea with Hastings when he got back
  8. So this is it – the beginning. Although actually, everyday there is a beginning, a middle and an end to something. Anyway, it is the start of me being here, pursuing my current goals, trying to become the person I’d like to be. The status quo: I am currently about 10 kg overweight, with about 10 to 15% excess body fat. I have an issue with my self-image, self-imposed pressure and loneliness, resulting in a strong tendency for emotional eating. Fixing my diet without overdoing it is quite hard for me. I suffer from slight hypothyroidism that is sometimes hard to get controlled, which ofte
  9. I am currently doing a recomp, this is my current program: Here is what my macros will look like: Training day macros = CAL/PRO/CHO/FAT = 1600/150/150/44 On non-training days, I will drop 4 fats, 35 protein and 30 carb Non-training day macros = CAL/PRO/CHO/FAT = 1300/115/120/35 And I have a Refeed Meal once a week consisting of carb loading. (ex. spaghetti, chili, ect.) Here is my basic meal plans for training/ non-training days: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/36495-ashps-battle-log-recomp/page-2 Weight Training Program 3 times per week (M,W,F) This will be: (includi
  10. So, as I said in my introduction (found here) I work part-time as a Loss Prevention Officer. What that means is that I'm licensed by the Province of Alberta to carry handcuffs and work as a security official in plain clothes. Basically, I'm like an undercover cop without any cop powers, weapons, or cool nicknames. But I do get to arrest people, provided I can watch them commit the crime from start to finish, and catch them afterwards without getting myself killed. Hence, I figured I probably should do something about my lack of running endurance, increase my strength a bit so people comply
  11. At the beginning of last challenge I was inspired to create a series of challenges based on major battles of Middle Earth. Right now these challenges only contain the exercise aspect of the challenge so I will be adding other goals as well. I decided to skip over the first couple as they are more geared to beginners or at least people who are where I was a few challenges ago. If you are interested in using, viewing, or helping me construct these challenges there is the Link. If you look at the challenges I posted in the other thread you will see that I made some changes to parts of Helm's
  12. I am posting this about a week late but have been working this week while I get this out of my head and onto a page. I started my adventure in 2012 and went from 270+lb (I say plus because I never had the guts to weigh myself until I had been watching what I eat for over a month) to 170lb and loving the body that was shaping up. My workouts where mostly based on body weight like the Assassins and Martial arts like the Monks. 100lb whoot. ...... yea until I thought that I could start letting little things slip because I had done so well and I deserved it right?? Nope! Fell into so
  13. YOUR QUEST, Should you choose to accept it; No Jiggly Stomach. Also known as Teagarden's Quest for Self Acceptance. MISSIONS that you should complete to achieve your objective; (1) Thou Shalt eat no processed food that comes in crinkly bags (or other wrappings) (2) Thou Shalt commence bodyweight training at least once a week, twice if the opportunity presents itself. (3) Thou Shalt continue yoga classes (with a vengeance) AT LEAST once a week, but 3 times if the opportunities present themselves. (4) Thou Shalt follow the teachings of Steve of Nerd Fitness as if you are a hardcore r
  14. Today is a new day!!! My name is B4RN3S, I am a math teacher and tutor in the greater Austin area. Over the past 5 years, my job has gotten more and more stressful, and as the stress has increased, so has my weight. 5 years ago, I weighed 180lbs. Today I weigh 232 lbs. I have hypothyroidism and a Carb/Sugar addiction (and another addiction as well). I have 2 jobs to help support my family.. I usually don't get home most evenings until close to 2200hrs (That's 10pm). I don't make excuses, but I just have to say this road has been hard. I try to wake up early to go for a walk or go to
  15. Hi everyone! I've always been a skinny dude; I come from a family of skinny men, which is nice since it means we can eat whatever and as much as we want without damaging our figures (contain you envies girls). However once I entered puberty I, like any other teenager, started to become conscious of my body. During high school I was in Karate, which helped me a ton to be in shape; however I was lazy and had anxiety issues, so I didn’t develop any muscle. When I started my university studies (as an international student) in Canada I decided that it was time to start working out, but the ne
  16. Apfelstrudi needs YOUR help That’s right. I’m talking about you, right in front of your screen. Why do I, the mighty fruity overlord, need your help? Because I want to be the very best. Like no one ever was. Just like Ash, I want it all. And that’s a real problem for me, challenge-wise. Experience has shown me that I get bored easily. I do a workout, do it again, do it a third time and by that time, I just want to run into a wall. This causes problems with my motivation. It makes me think “Ugh, I just did that yesterday, I’m not gonna repeat the same freakin’ things AGAI
  17. Time for challenge #4! I'm back with the assassins because I need to focus more on workouts and not just running, and because I'm battling the boyfriend. We made a pact yesterday that by summer, we'd get rid of all belly-wobble. He's thin and strong and got a bit of a beer gut, I'm just wobbly and weak all over so this should be fun to see who's better faster stronger. I also want to mix some of my old goals in here - mostly the crockpot cooking (now that I've got a real crockpot!), cleaning and moving towards Mordor. So, here goes! Fitness Goals Goal 1: Keep moving. It's cold outside
  18. Hey all, I thought I'd start a thread to share 3DS friend codes for Pokémon X and Y. Expand your Friend Safari collection, battle, trade, give me hatching power ...whatever! Mine's 4828-4986-2900, Dragon Safari with Gabite, Noibat, and Druddigon. I'm currently putting together a competitive team. Post your codes, Pokémaniacs! I'm at work now, so I'll add anyone who posts when I get home.
  19. Hisme's Fight with the Chimera Monsters come in all shapes and sizes, but despite the challenges I have so far in my life been thankful for the monsters. Even though they are terrible they teach me important lessons. From the Siren of Shyness that I battled growing up to the Workaholic Witch that I struggled with one year in college, I was lashed, I rose up again, and I conquered. I was awesome. Then came the Chimera. The Chimera is a particularly terrifying monster because it's a mismatch of several other beasts. I've had smaller chimera enter my realm before, but once I glimpsed them i
  20. Well, I squeaked into day 1 just in time, and even managed to achieve today's goals! Thanks to my amazing friend (in real life) TheHalfie for telling me about Nerd Fitness long enough in advance that I had ample time to procrastinate about completing my post until the last moment! (This might be something for next challenge.) But I'm thrilled to be here and give six weeks a chance to retrain my habit patterns. With my new goals in place, I'm off on my mission to find balance. Here's the July 29 rundown. WIN: work up at 5:30am. (That'll be a point thanks.) WIN: yoga workout (yup, that'
  21. Hey guys, I'm new around here and I'm really excited about the fact of belonging to such an amazing community. I was thinking about starting a topic to participate and be an active member. So this is what i'm going to do: I'm going to post a list of training songs I use and I'm going to add a little description so you'll always know when you can hear it The only think i'm going to ask you guys is to do it like me: Genre, description, list and situations/descriptions/reflexions or whatever. Oh, and always LINK it! Hope you like it! Running (chill mode): You like to run and chill? You
  22. I found it! I found the most epic video known to man! Shout it from the mountains! SUPERMAN VS. GOKU!!!! Watch this video!
  23. Day 1: Goal 1 Progress - No run. 0/3 for the week Goal 2 Progress - Did the TBT: Tabata 1 workout. Starts with 10 minutes of mobility drills as a warmup. Then did 4 exercises. Each exercise was done for 8 rounds before moving on to the next exercise. And of course, because it was Tabata, each round was 20 seconds of as many reps as possible followed by 10 seconds of rest and repeart. There was a minute of rest between exercises. Like other workout video-type programs, they have different levels depending on what you can do. When I l
  24. So I'm back at again...I think this is like the third time...but now I have no excuses. Last time I started and my goal was mainly on swimming and time swims for work. I got that down pact I'm still doing that. I floated around on the challenge around December. I died when my neck came back to bother me and put me in a torticollis where I couldn't move my neck. Two months of pain and suffering I'm a lot better...I see a specialist this week about it too... But in any case now I'm back to really getting a higher fitness, this time focusing on building muscle and lifting weights. My goal
  25. Emlily91 at Level 1 Wood Elf Assassin who needs to re-find herself and re-explore her surroundings! Hey there and welcome to my daily log. To start off, I am a 21 year old young woman with average build. I am not in too bad of shape; I have just started getting into a bad cycle not acting on what I need to do (or even want to do). I used to work out a lot but haven’t been to the gym in months now resulting in weight gain and strength/muscle loss AND I have huge plans for my career but have yet to act on them though I know I need to if I am to get where I need to go. I have been lurking in
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