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  1. Here I am at the dawn of time. Again. This time of wellness to not make time for illness. It's been a rollercoaster to say the least and somewhere on my journey I lost my path and am stumbling through the woods, a bit disoriented but since I'm writing it down here, I feel confident in my abilities again. Now there's a win already! I have several goals but this time, I'm toning them down a notch. There is already so much pressure from work and family - and let's be honest, mostly myself - that if I cannot control other people's behavior, at least I should be kind to myself. Now
  2. I think I'm going to take some time off from challenges, there's just not much of a point for me anymore. Move to a battle log instead. I'm bulking at the moment, have been for a couple months now, and plan on continuing through until the spring. Though I'm probably going to do a 2 week minicut in early December to trim a little of the extra fat off. Workout Log Key: I use a lot of easy to write shorthand in my workout log, which greatly increases the data carrying capability without long written out notes, however it does make it a bit difficult to read without a means of decoding it
  3. I've always valued the feedback I get at Nerd Fitness. I've tried challenges, though, and haven't done well with them -- they take too much of my time, which is already pretty limited. I also tend to use them more as progress logs than habit-building tools. I don't really have a lot of trouble with willpower at this point: if I'm writing about my experience and have the perspective to pick my goals, I'll build the habits I need. So with that in mind, I thought I'd start a workout log so I'll have a lower maintenance way to track my progress and get feedback. Right now most of my goals for th
  4. Though I have been at the gym pretty consistently for 3 weeks or so, I will restart my battle log with my reborn alter ego of Gaelic Samurai. Inspired by my heritage, my deep interest in Japanese and eastern thinking, my family in Japan, and by the picture, Wolverine and his relentlessness despite all the troubles. Yesterday was a weight session and I started with bench after the warmup. Then it was arm day, good choice doofus it was a Monday AND the New Years crowd, and all went swimmingly. Bench 3x5 @180lbs EZ Bar curl 3x10 @50,60,60 DB Hammer Curl 3x10 @25 EZ Bar reve
  5. Hey there! So in this little thread, I'm gonna be posting (hopefully regularly) about the workouts done along with some of the dietary stuff. Feel free to drop some protips or critique the hell out of me. The biggest problem I've had is trying to keep the focus on changing myself. So who am I? I'm shy of 300 pounds, out of shape, and have some shoulder issues. I also participate in some heavy combat through a group called the SCA. I'm not going to recruit for them but I will be referencing it during some of the workouts, as it's just as intense. You'll see me refer to myself as David
  6. Diet Drink tea when I first wake up instead of soda. Drink more water during the day. -Note: My average drinks consist of only Dr. Pepper and maybe one to two small glasses of water each day. Fitness Complete the NerdFitness Bodyweight Workout at least 1x per week. Level Up Your Life Write 1000 words a day at least 3x each week. Smoke at most seven cigarettes a day instead of nine. Epic Quest One day I wish to become a Personal Trainer and/or a Fitness Instructor at a Gym. It is my heart's desire to help people bett
  7. Snickie has not fared well in the first half of season 1 with the Crystal Gems. Let's hope she can turn things around and get out of Pearl Point debt! Amethyst - Food Gems don't need to eat, but I do. Gotta make sure that what I'm putting into my very human body is actually good for humans! Amethyst isn't a good example, but she can put away all the junk food I don't eat. Record each meal and snack in my handy dandy spreadsheet. +1 point per paleo (Wahls) food group represented in substantial part Wahls groups: leafy greens, cruciferous veg
  8. WARNING: SPOILERS FOR STEVEN UNIVERSE. The world of Steven Universe has many facets (lol pun) which need to be balanced and addressed. Here are my goals missions to become a well-rounded Gem Fusion It's very important to be able to physically synchronize through dancing in order to perform fusion. I can work on this through various means: Zumba (Mondays and Wednesdays when I don't have orchestra or practice) Other cardio dance routines Swing dance (Tuesday night class) In addition to physical
  9. I am on my fourth lifetime since High School. From the "He didn't know any better" to the "College in a new land" to the "Might as well join the military" and finally in the "Adulting is weird, and everything is different, and I've become complacent." The current journey has me lost. I cannot pin down why I am going, and indeed I am going no where. Fitness is definitely a key contributor to my happiness over the years, and I can honestly not remember the last time i was this inept physically. I was already on a low road before I broke my tibia and fibula at the ankle. After 8 piec
  10. Starting the log for my first 4 week challenge! Challenge goals here. My base level is: - I walk to work most days, for 45 minutes aka just over 2 miles. I try to walk back as well - so on a good day I walk for an hour and a half. - According to the scale in the changing room at the gym, I weigh 57 kg. I'm 152 cm tall. - For the past 3 weeks I've been going to the gym at least 3 x a week, also attending Pilates classes. A PT at the gym has set me up with the following programme: Warm up on treadmill: 5 min at 10 incline, 5-6 kph. 5 min a
  11. "It is time to stop lurking" - Tippeh, 6/9/16 at 9:53pm Well okay I said that a few times before but this time, I mean it I'm tired of being tired. I'm tired of recording my "progress" on scraps of paper I end up losing anyways. I'm tired of starting over multiple times and being just as confused as before. I used to do full body HIIT workouts mainly doing calisthenics 2-3 times a week during the start of my college years and I remember just how AMAZING I felt and looked everyday. Then family issues, changing majors, not eating enough, and life happened. Therefore I fell
  12. I have been working for days to come up with a good challenge theme and I just wasn't having any of it, so I figured my birthday coming up (tomorrow) would be a good way to reflect and set some new goals up for the year. Reflections/Plans: As some of you know I started work on opening a fitness apparel online shop with a friend (updates on this to come soon, we have our first official design created and I seriously can't wait to show you guys). This was in part due to the fact that I want to move home to MI, and need to find ways of making a decent income once I get th
  13. Character Name: Arcelas Feristorm Race: Nord (Tall fair humanoid) Class: Ranger Day One: Just woke up from a drunken stupor. The creature lying next to me barely looks human let alone female. Well, that barkeep was right, that drink will knock you on your ass. I sneak out of the motel room, leaving my +8 pants and Dagger of Danging. Gods help me, I mutter as I jump out the window.
  14. Okay, These 4 week challenges are great and all but I think for now I am going to amalgamate everything in the one log. That way my disjointed rambling posts will have some sort of backstory and probably make more sense. xD If you don't know me already (sheesh!) I am 24, australian, working in hopsitality, learning roller derby, and trying to live my aussie dream of owning a house with my lovely partner and gardens and no people and shit. Yeah! Most concise intro so far. Last challenge I focussed on tracking my food (having just come back from a 2-week holiday including
  15. So this is it – the beginning. Although actually, everyday there is a beginning, a middle and an end to something. Anyway, it is the start of me being here, pursuing my current goals, trying to become the person I’d like to be. The status quo: I am currently about 10 kg overweight, with about 10 to 15% excess body fat. I have an issue with my self-image, self-imposed pressure and loneliness, resulting in a strong tendency for emotional eating. Fixing my diet without overdoing it is quite hard for me. I suffer from slight hypothyroidism that is sometimes hard to get controlled, which ofte
  16. So at this point making it to my scheduled workouts as a goal is kind of cheating/easy A... Which is awesome, but I need to move on from my new easy mode. Also, I ended last challenge with a 2lb weight loss after I finally got my ass in gear and I want to keep the momentum up. And it's time for some serious spring cleaning (In FL it's already back in the damn 80s so there is no excuse with the amount of work that needs to be done to the house). Goal 1: Embrace the Keto I have notice on a ketogenic diet I tend to feel better in general, and it does help with losing weight. I have to
  17. If you keep track of your workouts and enjoy the feeling of writing something down as opposed to inputting numbers on your phone, then do I have the product for you! It's a mystery as to how this notebook came into the hands of the military, as most things we get issued come in two conditions: broken or useless. It's highly coveted, often tactically acquired from the "cool" supply guy. It's this: Behold it's glory. The green notebook. It's durable, lightweight and the perfect size to throw in a bag. The paper takes ink very well and if you are so inclined, it does fantastically with
  18. Welcome to Alias investigations! This is my battle log/journal to help me keep accountable, plot out my long term goals and so I can be in a better place for the when the time comes to start my first challenge. Client information Day Zero Name: Jess Physical appearance Age: 30 Weight: 100.7 KG Height: 5'4.5" Body build: Pear BF% 53.3 Body Water% 34.5% BMI 37.4 Goals Drives and motivations: I'm sick of being fat. I feel uncomfortable in my skin. Its like I feel myself getting fatter. I'm getting a belly sag. I feel tired all the time, to the point that its disrupting my school work.
  19. Take Your Before Pictures: done Date of photo taken: December 30, 2015 Time: 16:03 Front, left side, and right side profile A bathing suit picture.
  20. OPTIONAL QUEST: Drink Water STATUS: doing Quest 7: Drink water A - 13 cups or more B - 12-10 cups C - 9-7 cups D - 6 cups below
  21. OPTIONAL QUEST: Sunday Mass Log STATUS: doing Quest 5: Go to mass every Sunday. A - Yes, I did! B - I went to mass on a weekday.
  22. I'm slightly fed up with pen & paper, so I'd like to switch to an android app for logging my workouts, in the hope that it will be more efficient. However, I've checked out several so far, and none have met my needs: Ability to log lifting sessions AND conditioning workouts in the same app.No ads (I'm perfectly willing to pay for the app, though).Quick, straightforward interface.Ability for me to plan workouts ahead, then check off things as I do them (editing on the fly to reflect what I actually did if I go off plan).Ability to change the date/time of a pre-planned workout without re-en
  23. Hi everyone, I did my first challenge two months ago and everything went quite well. The challenge helped me to lose some weight and start training again. As it is being difficult to me to start a challenge on time again, I have decided to start a battle log to keep track of my progress. My intention is to write down everything related to my workouts and diet for the next three months, at least once a week. I'm starting at late March, so it will finish at the end of June. My numbers after a week off on holidays (I will deload more or less 10%) are at this point: SQ: 75kg DL: 85kg BP: 55kg
  24. Main Quest - Establish a Craving-Control Habit In more nerdy terms, I'm hoping to learn how to run from the black riders that plague my quests (black riders = cravings)! Previously, I focused on what and how much I eat. This has not sustainably changed my choices around food. I want to shift my focus to my habits around food and cravings. Writing has always been a powerful tool for me to explore my life. My words are more meaningful to me than numbers and naked data. Here's what I'm hoping to accomplish in terms of daily goals (hopefully establishing new habits). Notice - I will pay a
  25. Call of the Wild - Grant intuition, might, and swiftness to yourself and nearby allies. I figured I would go into full swing with the ranger vibe, so each challenge I will be learning a new ability based on ranger skills. For this challenge I will be focusing on gaining intuition, might, and swiftness. My Main Quest: Be able to deadlift my body weight, this is a focus for the beginning of the new year so this may take more than just this challenge. I am focusing on strength instead of just weight loss in order to see results more regularly, and keep myself going through plateaus and ro
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