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  1. Hi there, Sorry if this is in the wrong place. I joined this forum a while ago but this is my first time posting here. I'm a 5'9", 29 year old guy and currently weigh 56kg/8 st 12 lbs. In the past few weeks I've been thinking of getting more into weight training and powerlifting. I'm not looking to compete or anything but I want to get stronger and build a bit more muscle. I'm not completely new to lifting weights as I had been doing bodypump classes twice a week. Whilst this helped me get lean I'm not seeing the results I'd like. I stumbled acro
  2. Quest 1 - RUN Plotting to do a half in the fall and now I need to get that to happen! A - 12 runs B - 11-9 runs F - less than 9 runs Quest 2 - POWER THROUGH! Just finished my first month of doing Strong Lifts ... I'm gonna keep pushing it! A - 12 SL workouts B - 11-9 SL Workouts F - less than 9 Life Quest - SUIT UP I've been putting off getting clothes that fit my flabbier form ... time to dress well rather than Buy 2 pieces of new clothing!
  3. Hey rebels, long time no talk. My name's Justin. I was on the Facebook men's group for a while but ditched Facebook at the beginning of the year indefinitely. Freedom never felt so good Anyways...on topic. I've been doing Stronglifts more or less on the proper schedule for...3 months plus now? Here's the numbers so far... Squat 205@5x5 Deadlift 235@1x5 Bench 130@5x5 OHP 105@5x5 Row 130@5x5 My last squat attempt, I made it to the 4th set at 210 and chickened out. Deadlifts are still going strong. Bench feels like it i
  4. Hi everyone, this will be my first time posting in this section of the forum as I just finally decided to get a gym membership, as such I have very little experience weight lifting. So I will start with my stats: Fitness Goals Not just lose weight, I want to also gain strength. Maybe size later on but definitely not a priority right now. Exercise Preference I found the 5x5 stronglifts program super easy to understand and was planning on that being my starting program, but am open to suggestions... Current Physical Stats Male 27 5'11"(1.
  5. Episode IV: A New Hope Role This isn't Star Wars?? I have this thing that I call floon. I learned the term during my MUSH'ing days. (Online, text based, story heavy rp games.) It basically refers to this intangible thing that doesn't just support your current interests, but seems to elevate them to near all encompassing levels. My floon (blame Ranger brain here) shifts from time to time, and as one thing quietly fades to a lower level on my floon radar, something else will skyrocket to unimaginable levels. And so as I have started stepping away from SW things (
  6. I am essentially a beginner and have been doing the 5x5 Stronglifts program for a couple of months. I've hit a bit of a plateau with my overhead press, I'm close to plateauing with my bench press however, I have more to go with my squats and deadlifts. Because I'm plateauing or close to it on a couple of exercises, I have some questions. I have heard of a few things to improve my strength, do you have a preference for one of these (or another preferred option)? deloading then having a run at increasing again 50 reps (any number of sets, just reach 50) at 80% 5x5
  7. i had the same dilemma many people probably face, my gym had one power rack and 8000 pieces of isolation or cardio equipment. i hated having to go late at night just to ensure that i would be able to workout without waiting forever just to do squats and not being able to take a break between sets. i started looking around at home gym setups and what kind of workout i could do to make it worth investing in minimal equipment, since i would have to purchase all of it. i found (like most people) the Stronglifts 5x5 workout. it even has a handy app and a good amount of info about each l
  8. Fellow Warriors, I wandered for a spell, trying to manage all the things and only eeking by! Most of 'all the things' started to manage me instead of the other way around. It took almost 1.5 years of wandering, but I am starting to manage my life again. My family and I have been able to check some big-ticket items off our list (part of 'all the things'), and I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel for the other 'things'. The biggest benefit to NF is that I can create goals and have them in front of me on a daily basis...this will be key in re-learning how to man
  9. Gimeniux's: Take Six - A new Start Hey, remember me? I'm that girl who was getting back on track, who said she was going to make it, the one who was so close to her goal, who lost almost 13% of fat, almost 20 pounds of pure fat after a two year journey. Yes, that's me, but i'm also that girl who failed not once, not twice, but so many times i don't want to count anymore. And today i'm almost back to where i started, i haven't weight so much ever, 155lb (70kg), that's just 1lb away from being overweight. Although i have 26% of body fat, so i'm more muscle than fat, still, i'm totally
  10. Like any journey there is preparation. This is what this post is, soon the journey will begin for real. I am currently gathering the equipment I will need and mentally preparing myself for what will come. I will step on ground both familiar and new...but will push myself further and harder than I have before. There is a need to move away from the old me and find the new me that wants to be released. I want to participate in activities that are only viewed from the outside, taking on challenging adventure races (Spartan Race, Tough Mudder...) return one day to the Krav Maga classes that
  11. Alright so I was tossing around the idea of doing another Challenge, in the past I have crashed and burned, sometimes in great burning gusto, more often than not wee little whimper. This Challenge has me going back to working on consistency. Consistently lifting, consistently eating clean or in my case Paleo, consistently having a little bit of time put aside for me, as selfish as it sounds, but I find that right now I am getting lost in my life. Consistently asking "who am I?" Anyway let's see how we go, with no promising photos, videos and other what not. Eat, Lift, Sleep, Repeat, Consistan
  12. Hi Rebels Since its a few weeks to the start of the next 6 Week Challenge, I thought I'd get started on a log early and get good habits going. The plan is to post each morning about the day before. A bit about me... I'm 33, married with a 4 month old son. I'm 6'1", and I was built like a rake when I was 17 or 18, but 15 years of comfortable office work has meant a gradual weight gain. I hit 100kg this year, and along with the 38" waist trousers and XL shirts I need now, that was enough to make me want to make changes... I don't want to be a fat dad, I'd like to be able to do plenty of runni
  13. Hi All So ive abandoned my previous battle log coz I thought its time to get serious and therefore I need a new log... So lets start with why my battle log has this strange name.... while researching stronglifts I came across the story of Milo of Croton and thought that his story was an awesome guideline for what im wanting to achieve, I mean.... "His daily diet consisted of 20lb meat, 20lb bread and 18 pints of wine" awwwweeesssoooommmme I wish I could eat like that lol... but I will eventually be doing this full paleo ( I say eventually because I am currently not in control of meals bu
  14. Evicious grinned disconcertingly as the large Nord woman stood to her full height. The little table she had been sitting at suddenly seemed absurdly small, along with the khajit seated opposite its previous occupant. Cold, proud eyes stared down at yellow smiling ones intimidatingly. "I could crush the life from you in one blow, you puny kitten." "Oh, I'm not so easily flattened as you might imagine." "One strike. Furry pancake." Evicious inadvertently squeaked a little when the Nord slammed fist into hand and mimed wiping her pulverized remains on her jerkin. "You'd be wasting your en
  15. Hi everyone, I did my first challenge two months ago and everything went quite well. The challenge helped me to lose some weight and start training again. As it is being difficult to me to start a challenge on time again, I have decided to start a battle log to keep track of my progress. My intention is to write down everything related to my workouts and diet for the next three months, at least once a week. I'm starting at late March, so it will finish at the end of June. My numbers after a week off on holidays (I will deload more or less 10%) are at this point: SQ: 75kg DL: 85kg BP: 55kg
  16. I am doing the Stronglifts 5 by 5 workout. I am in week 2 of the 12 weeks. Last time I did the workout I would get to around 225 in my squat and it was obvious my form starts to fail pretty badly but I can still lift the weight. I am worried about me knees and failing without getting hurt. What should I do? Also if I am eating clean (Whole 30/Paleo) can I expect to lose weight and get very fit with the SL 5 by 5? I am 6 ft, 210 lbs. Need to lose around 20-30 lbs...I think...maybe more or less. It's all about the clothes.
  17. As promised form check videos for three of my excercises. Any feedback would be great. The set up for the squat for me is usually the hardest part especially with getting it on the right place on my back. And my depth needs to be improved I think. OP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGHeoKqEiGQ SQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDzv8NjQlUI Row https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDzv8NjQlUI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZKmCGa90zs
  18. ***Note: This is a busy week at work and as such I will finish this entry as soon as I can*** Helloooooooooooooo! Hello If you haven't seen me for a while, there are some reasons. But now I'm back and getting ready for a wedding in less than eight months! Main Quest Basically my main goal is going for the reduction of fat in my bodyweight composition. Plain and simple. I really don't have an end percentage in mind, just going for the "look good naked" thing, especially with my wedding happening in October I really want to look sexy for the lady-friend. I'll be s
  19. Yup, I did it. I officially crashed and burned. As my arbitrary post in the Respawn forum said, I finally died from the long, slow death that is the curse of all soldiers: that strange mixture of cockiness ("I'm a soldier; I do PT every morning! I'm a calorie-burning machine!") and denial ("I only eat fast food because my schedule is so crazy and the DFAC food is horrible!"). Fact 1: it is entirely possible to out-eat your workouts. Fact 2: it is entirely possible to believe Fact 1 is not applicable to you. Bonus Fact! It is also entirely possible to rationalize total lack of gym time by sub
  20. So I have been doing SL5X5 for a few months. I started doing them while eating about 1800 calories, and in November was struggling so I have been doing 2300ish calories, sort of a mini bulk. I have however gotten a bit rounder, as I was still a little on the high fat% side when I started. So I am preparing starting February to wind back down to about 1800 and cut. My maintenance is calculated to be 2200ish I have not had to deload yet from 3x failure on the same wight. I had a couple voluntary mini-deloads from injury or to correct form issues. But I am still making progress at 5x5. I
  21. Introduction: Hello to everyone! This is my first challenge with a guild and I although I identify the most with the rangers, strength is my weakness ("One thing at a time, self, one thing at a time"). I want to learn from the warriors. I am not naturally strong (trying to build up squats from just using my body weight), but I hope this can change with your support. My husband likes to do lots of great outdoor activities like backpacking and white water rafting. Although I try to be a good sport, I don't come close to keeping up with him. I would like to change that and stop feeling like
  22. *GASP!!!* The last 6 months of my time in Korea were one looooooong backslide, and the remaining months of 2014 were the coup de grâce. It began with skipping workouts and stacking Coors cans, and has culminated in an uncomfortably tight fit to my running pants. BUT! I am finally settled in and completely out of excuses (including holidays, yay! I hate holidays) so it is time to officially turn the game back on and get grinding. Thanks gods for 6WC, amiright? So begins the interesting part of the saga....
  23. Hey all. I've been running a modified 5x5 program for a while but my gym just updated some of their equipment so I've been trying some new things out and want a little advice on my program. Here's what I'm doing currently: Warm-up x2: Mountain Climbers x25 Jumping Jacks x25 Burpees x10 Air Squats X10 Half-Crunch on a ball x10 'A' day: Squats - 5x5 Bench - 5x5 Bent-over Row - 5x5 'B' day: Squats - 5x5 Press - 5x5 Deadlift - 1x5 Accessory: Kettlebell Swing - 5x10 Medicine Ball Slam - 5x10 Planks Yoga - 10 minutes to stretch at the end of my workout. I also walk about 2 miles every day,
  24. Okay, so I nearly didn't even participate in this 6 week challenge. My life is kind of in a flux at the moment while I try and figure out how to get from point A (where I am now, feeling miserable about what my 31 years on this planet have amounted to so far) to point C (a fulfilled, happy, financially feasable future that allows me to pursue the things I'm passionate about) without being restricted by the fact that point B really doesn't exist. In line with that, all of the things I'm trying to do at the moment are very long term (improve all of my lifts, acheive a pull-up, lose a lot of we
  25. Edited Quest: Introduction: This is my first challenge. Athleticism doesn't come naturally to me. My weight fluxuates: I have been 185 and 135 as an adult which made me pretty skinny at 5'10''. After reading a bunch of Nerd Fitness materials including the story of Spezzy, I want to experiment with forgetting about weight focus on getting stronger. I haven't had much success with being athletic as I said, but maybe here I will go about it in a more effective way. I am sitting at 160 lbs right now and I want to simply maintain this weight as I work for a while. My husband likes to do lo
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