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Found 22 results

  1. Goals: 1. Eat breakfast at home daily This seems like it would be easy, but I live next to a Tim Horton's and I'm a weak bitch for iced capps. 2. 2 am bedtime As it stands I don't get enough sleep, I nap constantly and am always tired and if you check the timestamp on this post, it's a little around 4:30 am right now... 3. Yoga once a week I'm not as bendy as I used to be and it's making it harder to do things like tie my shoes, do my job and move in simple ways. Also, decent way to workout that doesn't really mess up my feet more than they alrea
  2. Hello! I'm Severine. I've been here for just over a year. I've had both successes and failures, and lately I've started to feel like they're cancelling each other out and the result is stagnation. It's why I took last challenge off and just did a battle log instead: I was messing up most of the challenges in a repeating pattern, stuck in a rut. I'm basically working on all the same fitness/health stuff I was working on last year. I don't like it and it's frustrating. And let me be honest: the problem is not lack of knowledge. The problem is not lack of time or equipment. The problem is follow-
  3. Well spring is here and the sun is shining. Unfortunately, the sunshine isn't bringing me the energy it should. Long hours at work, restless nights, and stress at home (did I mention I have 3 kids under 4?) are taking their toll. Last week was crap for my goals. Ate too much junk, slept too little, and didn't exercise. This was also following a less than stellar challenge. So, now I am trying to get some momentum back and get back into things before summer comes and the shit really hits the fan. Willpower has always been an issue for me especially late in the challenges. I
  4. "The Road to Success is not a Path you Find, but a Trail you Blaze." -Robert Brault- Tired of falling backward when it's Spring and I should be leaping forward! I see there've been some changes around here since the last Challenge I attempted, so let's see if I can get back into the swing of things with you guys. I'm really glad Adventurer is its own guild now and not just a place for people who don't know what other guild to be in. Adventurers are awesome! I love hiking and climbing so I feel like this is where I belong. Let's start with the basic
  5. Hi everybody, I've thought of coming with the druids many times, and this new challenge feels like the kind of challenge a druid would take, because it is about inner change. So here I am! I've been at NF for two years now, trying to build a better and healthier version of myself. I've tried small steps, motivation, rewards, routines... I got results and I won't undervalue them (I especially appreciate the clearer thoughts I have since I decided to focus on lowering my anxiety), and I'll keep those ideas that worked, but I am kind of tired of my on and off pattern with
  6. Me over the holidays: Me in my head, going forward: I'm so lazy that I am a week late to a 4 week challenge. But at least I'm here at last! Goal One: Eat Healthy and Lose Weight Create good habits.Make it easier to make healthy choices.Track all food. Goal Two: Be More Active Get back to twice weekly gym visitsGo hiking every weekendPersonal Goal: Read constantly. My goal for the year is 50 books. I intend to surpass my goal. Right now I am re-reading the Anita Blake series. While I was off work after Christmas, I read a book per day. Now that I am back to work, it takes me about 3
  7. The Force of willpower! (Now updated with some more goals!) I have a laziness problem. It includes depression, anxiety, general not wanting to do anything, anger, hatred... Willpower is my #1 issue. For sure. 70% of the time I will skip things I enjoy instead of doing them, no wonder I never stick to anything. So this challenge will focus on just ... doing things. And keeping doing things and building up my Willpower storage system. 1. Work out on days I do not go to work. (usually two days a week) (+2 STR) Like I said, its usually two days a week. I previously tried to use the
  8. I am new to the forums, but I've read a few of the articles. I'm mostly interested in the Rebellion challenge! Speficially the women's. Is it worth the money? I want to gain the ability and knowledge to eat properly. I would also like to learn will power while others are pigging out on pizza, cookies, and doughnuts! Thank you in advance for the advice/assistance you provide!
  9. Goal 1: exercise for an hour a week. This is extremely doable. I already do this sort of. 6 weeks...at least hours. I must do this Goal 2: Complete at least one codeacademy course a week. That's only 6 courses. It's python! Again doable as f*ck. Long termish Goal: Earn 10% more revenue. I'm reading and working hard to develop passive revenue. Making more money will allow me to keep doing the job that I love (that pays very little). I just need to keep moving forward and not get beat down by setbacks.
  10. This sub-forum couldn't have come at a better time for me. I had planned to be doing the Manchester Marathon in April 2015, and the London Triathlon in May 2015. I'd been seriously lacking motivation recently, and this had resulted in poor training runs, eating too much, and putting off the day when I'd 'seriously start' further and further back. So I made a promise to myself - I had one week where I would be home for the first half and then visiting a friend for a massive food-fest for the second half - after that, I swore I would eat healthy and get back into my exercise regime. I did my
  11. Harika


    For this challenge I want to go back to the basics. Last challenge was a 50%, before that I skipped, and before that it was bad. This time I am going to start from the beginning with a simple, boring challenge set-up with the basic guidelines focused on establishing systems that will allow my aims to be reached without being disappointed that my estimates on what it would take to get there were wrong. To aid me in not over planning, I will try out willpower points; I will chose what to apply the day's points for and not over plan for them. There will be a lot of tweaking in what things cost on
  12. This post is a two-parter: The first (and probably more important): Earlier this year I was diagnosed with ESRD (End stage renal disease) which translates to "my kidneys are just about useless". With this diagnosis, I have to change a great deal of how I eat. Which, regrettably, I am not doing very well with right now. My main concern is the phosphorus in foods - it is in literally everything. I am also to limit my potassium. I have learned that many of the fresh veggies and fruits that I love are high in potassium as well. Shame. I suppose my question, then, is does anyone have any li
  13. Oh dear. This had to happen some day. The Courier has lost her mind for good. Guys! Wait, don't give up on me yet! I'll illuminate you! Reactivity is the exact opposite of proactivity. Figures, doesn't it? … No? Uh ... I came across this term in Stephen Covey's „The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People“. It was a fascinating book which I literally devoured (don't worry M, not THAT literally, you'll get it back in one piece). The first big kick in the butt was the following simple concept: That there is a gap between an external stimulus and the behavioural response. This gap contains t
  14. Since I love getting a great start at the beginning of a challenge run, I'm going to do the best possible thing I can do to make the first week a week of a resounding success: go to a martial arts bootcamp at a beach site and relinquish control over my timetable to two crazy trainers who enjoy making us do push-ups in the water (in full gear of course) just a tad bit too much.[1] Oh, and what better place to write a PhD application to, well, anywhere-not-here than by putting us in straw huts with no electricity or paper whatsoever? Doesn't that sound great? … Okay, so now you know where m
  15. So that was my first introduction to the forums. At this moment I am struggling to find motivation (or inspiration?) to get my shit together, get rid of all distractions and excuses and just start one step every day. I can't stand people that complain about how fat they are, how they should be doing a lot of things to get stronger, healthier or fitter. Today I feel like that. One of the things that I think is very very important for me is to learn how to break everything into small steps. As I have said before, I have tried just about everything but never stuck with it, and that is my we
  16. Hello everyone. To tell you about myself, I'll tell you about my name: Bedouin: Not ethnically so, but my life has some resemblance. I live in the desert. I frequently move on to new opportunities; a modern nomad. And I appreciate the importance of poetry, music, and dance. Mariner: I'm a sailor and have been on the water since a child. Sailing and kayaking bring me to a rare state of peace and satisfaction. I love being both on the water and surrounded by rocky/sandy terrain. Or hiking through cacti and boulders to see, from the top of the mountain, a shimmering lake. An oasis.
  17. Here's a little background on myself: approximately 1 year from now, my husband and I are planning to quit our jobs and move onto a sailboat, cruising the world. We've been planning and saving for about 2 years now and are super excited to be as close as we are. That being said, I want to make sure that I am ready for life aboard physically as well as mentally to assist with boat jobs and add safety to our journey. (For more info, visit my first challenge thread.) For this particular challenge, I'll be working on maintaining consistent workout habits, as well as breaking the bad habit that
  18. Nyxy

    Nyxy does less

    Let's do this thing: Main Goal: See how good things can get. Last month, I found out that I have PCOS, and it's been messing me up by making my metabolism wonky and my brain ridiculously depressed. It kind of explains why I have been failing at the past challenges in an extraordinary manner. Now, I get Fancy Pills that should, in time, turn me into a robot make my body work better. This is awesome and really motivating, because it sounds like I'll have more of a 'fair fighting chance' than I've had the past... two years or so. So here is my chance at doing stuff and actually seeing results, a
  19. Hi all, I'm new around this sector of the internet. It's nice to see such a lively community combining the realms of nerdherdery and fitness! Anyway, I've tried many times to reach exercise goals on my own to no avail of lasting proportions. Perhaps having the GUI companion to my journey on which I'm about to embark will make a difference, not to mention anyone who should read and offer encouragement (I'll be sure to do the same for you)! A little about me: I'm one of those unconventional stay not just at home daddies who loves computers, web design, long-boarding, and so much more! I'm 2
  20. I am so excited to be starting a new challenge. I learned a lot from the last one, from both the successes and the failures. At first, I was at a loss to address the failures, and was considering a very wild and loose challenge of trying a little bit of everything to see what I liked best. Then, I had a revelation. Doing a little bit of everything is the problem. I have a limited amount of willpower. Trying to chase goals in too many directions diffuses my willpower in each one, leading to failure. In the case of the last challenge, trying to add seriously hard strength training and ser
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