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  1. Get in, nerds, we’re aiming to understand and heal diet fatigue, and design diet cycles (cut, actively maintain, bulk, intuitively maintain) that don’t produce diet backlash. So many of us have dieted successfully only to find that, in the period after the diet, we experience extreme hunger and disinhibition and regain all the weight much more rapidly than it came off. With each new attempt we seem to have even less endurance and willpower, and each new diet is shorter, more distressing, and less sucessful. We might even become anxious at the thought of any further restrictions, and start hoarding food or bingeing. Sometimes it feels like the only option is to eat everything, forever, in a mild panic. Other times (or possibly at the exact same time) it seems equally urgent that we start a strict, rapid diet that will definitely, for sure, totally one zillion percent be different this time because we are more desperate than ever. Renaissance Periodization has a term for this; diet fatigue. It’s not a character flaw, or a shortage of willpower. Rather, it is a powerful set of phsyiological and psychological changes that occur due to dieting and weight loss. These changes are currently being studied and described by researchers and we will likely understand even more about it in the future. RP’s book The Renaissance Woman drew my attention to the concept of diet fatigue as a variable that MUST be managed in order to design a successful diet, and although every diet book or article mentions “sustainability” without explaining how the fuck you’re going to sustain being hungry for the rest of your life, this is the only book I’ve seen attempt to really design a programme to manage it, other than Intuitive Eating, whereby you manage diet fatigue by never dieting ever again, but you also never reach your body recomposition goals unless by luck. If we think of diet fatigue as a concrete constraining variable, then it becomes clear that we cannot simply push through with willpower and diet infinitely, any more than we can do infinite training and get infinite performance improvements. The problem, of course, is that dieting is needed to lose weight, but dieting causes the diet fatigue that causes the diet to fail. But hopefully, just as with stimulus vs fatigue in training, we can find that sweet spot that gets results while keeping diet fatigue low enough for success. I’m going to write up my notes on the book’s suggestions for this, and try to start designing my own diet cycles based on their recommendations. The book has some powerful recommendations for healing profound diet fatigue that I particularly want to share my notes on. If anyone is reading or listening to anything interesting that relates to the topic, this is the place to share notes. I think we can also use this space to tell our dieting histories and start planning our way out of the dieting backlash, and to review and adjust our plans as they proceed. Anyone is welcome to join. The focus will be cycles of cutting, active maintenance, bulking, and intuitive maintenance, since dieting indefinitely is not feasible for managing diet fatigue. I’m going to suggest that we stick to two important guidelines here, which is that if you're going to try another diet here, you must plan a cutting phase with an end date, and you must plan the phase after your cut. Whether it’s going to be active or intuitive maintenance, or bulking, you should be able to say what you’re going to do for the three months after dieting, even if it is just weighing yourself once a week or once a month. I have no flipping idea if this is going to work, but the concept of diet fatigue seems useful and my hope is that this is the missing piece that can explain the failure of diets past, and help guide diets future. If it doesn’t work this thread will stand as a monument to our failure and I’ll just make another art challenge thread, possibly with bats. Or pandas, since bats are unclean vectors of plague. Good work getting through this intro text. Have a (diet?) fatigued red panda to reduce your panic.
  2. Has it been ... 3 years? It has been a while, but I have missed how supportive the community can be! And I'm a week late for this challenge (more like 4 years late), but I want to start! Time for a respawn. Over the past 4 years, I almost gave up completely on ever being a fit person. My excuses have been work, family, travel, etc. It has been over 20 years since my peak fitness days, gone due to a stack of bad choices and daily routines of unhealthy habits. Until recently, I felt trapped in a very unhealthy body. A paradigm shift began in April last year (2020 - that year... lol). My younger brother challenged me to just be consistent. I decided to forget "intensity" and "pushing myself to the brink" as so many of the fitness web-celebs push. I decided to just lift 3x/week, starting with an empty barbell and slowly adding weight each week. Now, 9 months later, I'm lifting more than I knew I could - just by coming back weekly and pushing myself a little harder than the last time. So, I'd like to continue breaking out of my mental limitations and take care of my fitness overall. My focus will be primarily body fat, endurance and overall healthier living (sleep, nutrition, etc). My outcome-goal would be to lose fat while keeping as much strength as possible (maybe gaining strength? not sure) My habit-goals that I'd like to track - expanding my consistency... 1) Get time on the bike daily - indoor stationary bike to boost energy and calorie burn - continue my current habit of lifting 3x per week 2) Nutrition/Calories: Keep at or below 2,000 and shoot for >150g protein - I definitely use food as therapy 3) Sleep - shoot for 11pm-6am - this is the most challenging one to me - seems farthest from what I'm currently doing but might make the biggest difference for me in work and fitness Good to be back - and hope to make some new friends and maybe find old friends.
  3. First off I know that everyone says you can't build muscle and gain fat simultaneously, but would this actually work? What is it that enables muscle gain - purely protein intake or do you have to increase all macronutrients and calories too? I know this question is kinda dumb, but I was just thinking about it because I've been trying to eat at a calorie deficit for a while now but only recently started increasing my protein intake within that calorie deficit, and (this may not be true) but I feel like I am eating more protein than I used to be when I just ate whatever and at maintenance... :')
  4. Super interesting article on the topic: https://examine.com/nutrition/how-much-protein-do-i-need/ Now, I'll readily admit that this feeds into my bias: that for most people in most situations, 1g protein/lb bodyweight is a good guideline. Obviously for some people this may be a bit too much, while for others it's still insufficient. But what do you think of the cumulative recommendations they've shown? Always interested to hear what conclusions folks have for this kind of stuff!
  5. Initial post removed because user is 15.
  6. Hi All, First time posting here. So I have found myself in a bit of a dilemma. I am almost 23 years old, currently weigh 86.1KG or 190LB for some of you and I am around 178CM or 5'10'' probably at 18 - 20% Body fat now. My relationship with the gym has been very complicated I have been on and off with it since I was 17, I would stop going to gym when I was happy with how I looked in the mirror and this has been going on for the last 5 - 6 years. So, I kind of know my ins and outs with it. I have had a good physique before around 10-12% bodyfat, but I recently let myself go for over 9 months now. I am looking for a quick fix to get my old physique back of which I had lost most of my strength and gained subsiquent amount of fat around my torso and legs. I just recently took up playing football/soccer 2 - 3 times a week and just got a gym membership again. What is the most efficient way to lose fat and build muscle simultaneously, I have done it plenty of times where I let myself go and I have this thing called beginners luck or what some people may refer it to as muscles memory. What sort of program should I follow, as in strength (3 - 6 reps) or hypertrophy (6 - 12 reps) or (endurance 12 - 15 reps), I used to just mix them up or have phases where I implement hypertrophy for the first 6 weeks and then do a lower rep hypertrophy around 6 reps to maintain my strength or muscle. Please kindly recommend what you think would be the most efficient way to reach my goals which is to get back down to 80KG and be around 10% Bodyfat. On a side note, I am a hard gainer for my chest it seems to grow really slow in comparision to other body parts of mine what would you recommend for this case. Also, would it be okay if I skip some leg days considering I play football 2 - 3 times a week and would like to have lean legs. PS - My body type is 63% Endomorph and 37% Mesomorph, so I tend to gain muscle easier than losing fat. Thank you and have a nice day. Many Thanks, Curiousconner
  7. A long long time ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away...on a Forest Moon....I found Nerd Fitness, lost a lot of weight and got healthy, fit and strong. Today however is 1 Jan 2019 and the times they are a changing. I'm going back to my roots and will be reading over some old NF articles and challenges. I'll probably revise my goals each month in this log, so here is January: January Goals: - No alcohol - No bread - Angry Birds workout 3 times a week (Mon, Thurs, Sat) Starting weight Jan 1 2019: 98.9 kg's / 198 lbs (this is my heaviest ever) Final Weight Target: 78.9kg's So yeah...20 kg's to lose. I'm experienced enough to know that the scales lie and i should be losing fat not muscle. Anyway that's the plan for now, keep the goals basic and get some momentum going again.
  8. Rookie

    Rookie Takes Aim

    Rookie Takes Aim No seriously...... I can do it.... seriously. I can at least give it my best shot.... Quest: Lose 5lbs more (271.8lbs to 266.8lbs) (279.2lbs to 274.2lbs) Challenge amount lost: 7.4lbs Overall lost: 13.2lbs SubQuest 1: Count calories/ practice macro counting (total of 21 points) Keep tracking 1 point for not exceeding calorie limit 2 point for hitting within 5 of macro allowance SubQuest 2: Drink 2L Water (total of 7 points) 1 point for 2L water drank .5 point for 1.5L water drank SubQuest 3: Floss teethies daily (total of 7 points) 1 point / day Life Quest: Keep chipping away at that never ending to do list 1. Finish Sasha Blouse cosplay for May 25 2. Finish Shark painting 3. Finish Snow White Horse painting Extras - Sort clothes [in progress] - Organize ensuite drawers - Fix upstairs fire detector - Re-grout upstairs bathroom - Add floor transition for M.Bedroom + fix office one - Add transition between bathroom tile and carpet in basement - Add weatherstripping to cold room door - Fix cement outside of basement bathroom - Carpet over the cement outside of bathroom - Caulk the vent outside of the house
  9. So here I go again. Wow, it's been a long time. I'll summarize some major life changes: Getting close to a one year anniversary with my girlfriend! Over a year at my IT job Been off my medicine (depression, anxiety) for over a year So now that the good is out of the way, on to the less good. I got really out of shape again. After a photography-related accident, (fell off a cliff) I could not walk for 6 months. Needless to say, health and mental outlook suffered. I've been walking again since January, so time to respawn, reload, and destroy this challenge. 2019 Master Quests Lose 63 lbs. Eat Better Be Active Get Out of Debt Review/reduce spending Organize debts Contact creditors regarding settlements Become Much Better At Magic Education Practice Become A Much Better Vocalist Education Practice Perform a magic show Practice favorite effects till perfect Build a cohesive routine Research volunteer opportunities Build my photography business Do a few TFP photo shoots to build buzz Consistent marketing Prospective client engagement Whew! That's a lot of quests! I should probably just buy a quart of pralines and cream, a 2 liter of mountain dew and watch 14 hours of youtube videos right? #$CK NO! Let's break this *$%^ down into manageable pieces: S.M.A.R.T. Goals: Drink no more than one 21 once soda a week during the challenge (date night, movie, etc) Maintain 90% or better daily calorie goals Hit 5000 steps a day (average) Perform magic set for one open mic night
  10. Spring is coming, the robins are singing for the first time all year, and I’m getting fired up after a long, cold, lazy winter. Throwing my lot in with you crew of Rangers if you’ll have me. I am staring down a big birthday in a few weeks and if I can’t be at my fittest by then, I can at least do what I can to be at my fiercest. So, getting my bully back this challenge! Big goals: Stronger, leaner, focused-er. Challenge goals: Fitness: 2 weights sessions each week 3 yoga sessions each week 3 Couch to 5K sessions each week Food: Track each day in MFP Weeks 2 through 4: hit 200-500 cal deficit Focus: Check in here at least once a week Say no to things Music (practice piano, choir, choreo) at least a little each day
  11. Hi. I want and need to lose weight (while at least maintaining, if not improving, fitness). I was kicking ass the first few months of 2018 and then started traveling and everything fell apart for the rest of the year (although at least I largely maintained rather than gaining significantly). January 2019 was also a bit messy. I don't have any travel planned for February or March, though, so I'm ready to dig back in. I've got a lot of goals, small and large, but right now and right here, I'd like to focus on four daily S's that seem somewhat small and simple but will combine into a healthier lifestyle: Sugar. As in, minimal added sugar. I can have something small (a square or two of chocolate, for example) after dinner each day, but nothing during the day. Exceptions allowed for special occasions (dates with my partner, birthday parties, etc.), but I can't get too loosey-goosey about what constitutes a special occasion. Snacks. No snacks between meals. I'm often a hardcore grazer, especially when I'm working from home, and that needs to stop. Sleep. In bed by 11 pm each night. I have so much I want to get done at night once my daughter is in bed, but sleep is important, too. I've been running low on sleep for far too long. It'd be nice to remember what "well rested" feels like. Sweat. Some kind of workout at least five days a week. Right now I'm focusing on running and Street Parking SHIFT workouts. These are very flexible things that I can easily fit into my day even when I don't have a lot of time. Going to try to check in here once a day. Okay. That's all. Let's do this.
  12. Hello guys, rookie here asking for advice. I'm currently standing at 5'9ft, weighing 164 lbs, waist measurement of 34 inches and quite some stubborn body fat around my chest and belly (skinny fat build), 23 years old, male obviously. I'm trying to slim down to a waist measurement of 32 inches and possibly tone my body out. As of this writing, my current exercise regiment consists of the following: PART 1 1.) 10 jumping jacks, quick jogs in place for 10 seconds, 10 push ups, 10 body weight squats done successively three times *10 second rest 2.) 10 jumping jacks, quick jogs in place for 10 seconds, 10 inclined push ups, 10 body weight squats done successively three times *10 second rest 1.) 10 jumping jacks, quick jogs in place for 10 seconds, 10 wide push ups, 10 body weight squats done successively three times *10 - 15 second rest 1.) 10 jumping jacks, quick jogs in place for 10 seconds, 10 diamond push ups, 10 body weight squats done successively three times *15-20 second rest 1.) 10 jumping jacks, quick jogs in place for 10 seconds, 10 archer push ups on the knee side by side, 10 body weight squats done successively three times *30 second rest PART 2 - Done with a barbell with 15lbs plates or 30lbs 1.) 3 sets of barbell shoulder rows, 10 reps each. 10-20 second rest per set 2.) 3 sets of bicep curls, 10 reps each. 10-20 second rest per set 3.) 3 sets standing overhead press, 10 reps each. 10-20 second rest per set 4.) 3 sets floor press, 10 reps each. 10-20 second rest per set PART 3 1.) 3 sets leg raises, 10 raises each. 10 second rest per set 2.) 30 second plank I aim to do this set of exercises everyday or at least 5-6 times per week. I exercise first thing in the morning on an empty stomach due to time constraints. Sleep is no problem for me as I usually snooze off about 9-6 hours per night, averaging on 8 hours. As for my diet, i've been extremely restricting my meals. Usually just having a glass of warm milk for breakfast, a small meal like a tuna sandwich, oatmeal with bananas or a small serving of fried tofu blocks for lunch and a small meal for dinner. I'm not too confident about my competence to count calories but my estimate has my calorie intake restricted at 1,000-2,000 calories max. With all this, i'm aiming to lose two inches off my waist and get myself a bit toned. I would like to ask the more experienced folks here if i'm on the right track or if i'm doing anything wrong. A little bit of history, way back in 2017 I managed to slim down my waist from 39 inches to 35 by restricting my meals and jogging daily. I regained a bit of weight early last year and shed it off by doing body weight exercises and restricting my meals in the same manner as i'm doing now once more however, I didn't get toned, only skinny fat. By the end of last year, I regained some weight again, going from a waistline of 32.5 to 34 hence here I am at it once more. I'm also a bit concerned about the effects on my metabolism and health my constant weight loss and maintenance endeavors may have. Hoping for the forbearance of the members of this forum for some advice. Thanks in advance
  13. Since I’m new to the forum, I’ll take this time to do a quick little introduction: im 23 5’11 227 as of this morning I am not a total stranger to fitness as I’ve lost weight in the past, but I’m looking to actually put on muscle this time around (I know this is a Fat Loss thread, but just bare with me). As the title states, I have a skinny fat body:so I’m stuck in a weird spot with what I need to do. I’ve read up on calories in vs calories out, caloric surplus, caloric deficit, ect... I just don’t know which direction to start in: Do I cut the fat or do I bulk up. Any advice or guidence would be appreciated, and my apologies if this wasn’t the right place to make this post.
  14. I've fallen back into old patterns and bad habits, put back on a lot of weight and made myself unhealthy, The Matrix has me again... ...and yet in realization, hope is kindled.. ...so I'm re-igniting my faith in myself and resuming the fight... 100 days to return to the light Goals for 100 days: 1. Count calories and be in deficit at least 5 from 7 days a week. 2. Drink less alcohol (not more than 2 days a week, or if I do within calories) 3. Exercise 3 times a week 4. No refined sugar 5. No bread Sub-goals 1. Save $1000 into my ute fund 2. Earn $1000 extra from ebay or other methods Bonus ball Walk 100km, that's 12km a week. 100 days dates: 20/08/2018 -> 28/11/2018 Starting weight: 93.3kg Rewards: Below 90kg = Buy a new baseball cap Below 85kg = Rent a Ute for the weekend and do the Great North Trail Below 82kg = TBA Below 80kg = From this point on I can buy a Ute, within budget.
  15. Hello Everybody, I've been having a hard losing stubborn belly fat lately, and have tried various supplements like Apple Cider Vinegar etc.. but to no avail. Anybody have ideas and tips for fat loss? What's the most effective solution/supplement I can take to start burning body fat in as a little as a week?
  16. So, time to finish this challenge trilogy that started on Feb 5 - to go out of my comfort zone into the unknown and run the Wings for Life World Run as fast as I can. It wasn't easy for Luke to turn himself in to two most powerful Sith in the Death Star II in a desperate effort to restore freedom to the galaxy in that final battle. And it was quite a duel, both physically and even more psychologically, just like every good race. So, the main quest again stays the same (though I am rising the minimum to 12 km instead of 10 km) and it will hopefully and finally be fulfilled during this challenge. Subquests are also very similar, with upgrades/increases (marked purple). Why? I don't want to experiment too much before the race; I just want to hold myself accountable and improve on those things that work for me. Subquest 4 is entirely the same since I failed it last time. Decided to put to an end to those hurried devotions by designating at least 20 min of uninterrupted devotions, which means I'll have to be really disciplined in going to bed in time (Subquest 4) so that I can also get up in time to do the devotions before the day kicks in. Main quest: Run between 12 and 15 km in the Wings for Life World Run (Zadar location) on May 6 Subquest 1: do: (a) >6500 steps each day; (b) 1 weekly long run (>12 km, but shorter in the taper week); (c) 1 weekly speedwork with <5:30 min/km. -> 3 STA + 2 DEX Subquest 2: strength train 3 times a week with a weekly increase of the reps in a set on the pull-up bar (+1 rep each week - starting from 5 half pull-ups and 10 half chin-ups). -> 2 STR Subquest 3: have a: (a) vegan protein powder after each workout and (b) an IF three times a week. -> 1 CON: facilitates muscle gain & repair and fat loss + 1 CHA: increases attractiveness and confidence Subquest 4: go to bed between 10:45pm and 11:15pm, without internet; only devotions and time with wife permitted. -> 2 CON + 1 STA: boosts my immunity and energy levels Subquest 5: start the day with at least 20 min of uninterrupted devotions (incl. Scripture study, meditation and prayer), and end it with at least prayer. -> 2 WIS: helps me make wiser decisions + 1 CHA: makes me peaceful and better with people Let's bring freedom to the galaxy!
  17. Hi Rangers. I’m back... a few pounds fluffier after a long dark winter... but determined to regain my old lithe self. Keeping it simple this time, all comes down to focus. Fuel the fire: Track food. Eat to 500 cal deficit. No alcohol (variance allowed for my birthday, coming up towards the end of the challenge!) Move that body: Walk outside, at least an hour each day (can be broken up throughout the day). Hot yoga, targeting 3x per week. 100 squats (also can be broken up through the day, and just body weight for now, say my knees). Focus on the positive: recognize 3 good things each day. I’m excited to getting back to my best self! Range on!
  18. Close your eyes and imagine for me if you can; you have spent the time, done the research and finally figured out what it is that is wrong with you. At least in part. You have been in more then a rut, you have been in part hell for over a decade. You have search back to when you were happy and full of energy and life and realize that perhaps the depression is linked to your health, that the extra fat and wacky hormones that it creates has been playing havoc on you. You realize that you have to go back to being fit again, otherwise you will not just die young, but will lose the rest of the things you love, that which you have not already lost to the depression. But fighting it head on is like pushing the boulder up a hill, and I will be damned if my head is going to be hazed by some pill. I have spent so much time researching how to get healthy, but refused to acknowledge my depression. How many times have you tried to fight the battle of the bulge and lost? Imagine trying to do it with a millstone hanging from your neck, but you refuse to acknowledge the damn stone. I am depressed. Yes, I appear jovial and happy most of the time, but that is when I am around people. When I am alone, which is far too often, I am either sleeping or magnetically bound to the chair in front of my computer. Temple of the Dog described my life far too well so many years ago. I'm listening to that song now, while I fight the tears welling in my eyes, because the truth hurts so hard, but the specter of my looming failure stabs even deeper. How do I fight this thing that has had me beaten for so long, and while I have so much yet still to lose. I know now I have to come at it sideways. It's kind of funny, but when you research natural treatments for depression there is a huge overlap for fat loss, HUGE. Sleep better, exercise more, eat right, take these certain supplements. But I'm not trying to lose weight anymore, oh no. That is a symptom, perhaps a cause of my real problem. I am depressed, that is my demon, my monster, my dragon to slay. I am concentrating on treating that, knowing that by doing so, as a consequence my body fat will go down, and I will get healthier again. Before I was lost, now I am Sisyphus with a hammer, whacking off part of the boulder, throwing them up the hill, until I can finally reach the top. Pray for me, and ask yourself, do you have to attack it sideways too.
  19. Goals: - No Alcohol - 1 hour walk or 1 hour gym every day - Track Calories - "Never 2 in a row" Big shift in my training this challenge, I got injured (again) and decided I am no longer doing Crossfit training with a Personal Trainer. I'll be going to F45 classes instead and training weights at home. I have signed up for the Crossfit Open but I'm not sure at this stage whether I will take part because I'm carrying a bicep tendon impingement injury which prevents me from doing any overhead or bicep work. The overall goal at the moment is body composition, specifically losing fat. Bonus motivators: 1. I'm in a weight loss competition with a friend at work from 6 Feb to 27 Feb, every 500g one of us loses more than the other is $5 you owe them. (This is a repeat, I crushed him in January in case you were wondering!) 2. I've entered an 8 week challenge at my new F45 gym, which runs 29 Jan to 25 March 3. I've set myself up for success with (another) 20 pre-packed Paleo meals. 4. In a PvP with @Baxtan which is a race to see who can lose 7kg (15.4lbs) first. Current status: Starting weight 93.0kg Current Weigh in: 88.9kg PVP progress: 4.1kg lost, 2.9kg to go. Super secret (not so secret) Open motivation
  20. I'm the most overweight I've ever been. I'm embarrassed. But I'm going to put my measurements on here for my start and every check in. I think it will help me immensely. Weight: 246 lbs Neck: 15" Waist: 50.5" Bicep: 14" Hips: 51" Thigh: 25" Bust: 50" This is going to be a battle log for me to get my health and my finances in order. My first goal is to get below 200 lbs. When I reach that target, I'm going to reward myself by going to a rock climbing class. The gym is 3 hours away, and my sister says she'll go with me. It'll be a ton of fun.
  21. Hello! I’m tei. I’m a professional classical musician who always wanted to be good at gymnastics and two years ago, decided to give a real try at making it happen. Gymnastics is my priority, athletically. It’s easy to lose sight of that because it’s also the hardest thing to train consistently, but it really is what I care about most so I want my training to reflect that. My big goals this year are: General: - 1 min handstand hold - Stalder press Floor: - Roundoff backhandspring layout - Front handspring front tuck Beam - Back walkover - Switch leap Bars - Giants - Clear hip Vault - Tsuk onto a mat????? I have no idea how realistic this is but it’s NYE, let’s just saying this is a thing I wanna do by the next one So here are how these big goals map onto the first month and a half: Nutrition goal: be gymnast-sized When I was eating at a deficit last year and training a lot, I was hovering around 108 lbs and I could honestly feel it? I could feel that it was less effort to move my body in space. Then I discovered that I could suddenly do fulls, cast handstands, connections I didn’t have before, all sorts of stuff. I’m probably about 10lbs above that now, which is a lot when you’re a tiny halfling So I am going to go back to the deficit that I was using then, helped along by beginning the day’s eating at noon. Training goal 1: maintain strength *chants* I lift for my body, not my ego. I lift for my body, not my ego. I am going to keep lifting 3x/week to maintain my strength while losing fat. And it’ll be frustrating, because I just want to be awesome at everything and get super strong while shrinking! But it turns out physics will adjust your plans if it thinks your plans are stupid. So if I go to the gym weeks in a row and am lifting the same weights, or lighter weights? That’s OK! I am focusing on my lifting E-score this challenge. Training goal 2: work on foundational skills It it’s sucks that I can’t go to gymnastics as much as I used to be able to, and that there aren’t tons of people around me with similar goals. Oh well! There are lots of things I can work on that don’t require a gymnastics club or a coach. Handstands are pretty important in gymnastics! Imagine how much awesome I would be if I could hold a really long handstand, or do a real press! Also— leaps! Leaps, jumps and turns are gymnastics skills just as much as flips are, and there’s no law against practicing them in the group fitness room at GoodLife. I am going to do 2 sessions/ week of handstand and dance skills work. Recovery goal: sleep Pretty self-explanatory. Sleep makes you good at stuff. So, them’s the gymnastics goals! There are other goals: - I am playing a concerto with an orchestra in February, so that is actually the main goal I’m working towards for the first two months of this year (also, the past year and a half.) So if I drop off the face of the earth, or allude to other goal-type things without explaining them, that’s probably why. - There is a climbing gym opening in Regina! Which is cool because there wasn’t a place to climb at all before. I don’t think it’s open, but once it is I’m looking forward to checking it out and maybe incorporating that into my life . I went outdoor climbing once this summer and would really like to get into that more, so if the opportunity presents itself I’d love to learn to lead climb, start acquiring the necessary gear and be ready for next summer climbing-wise!
  22. I'm returning to the Rangers, been a rough 6 months and I'm finally ready for change. Inspiration: Nerd Fitness! Back to a proven standard I have used for fat loss in the past. Level up your life. 1. https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/level-up-your-life-make-a-change/ 2. https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/level-up-your-life-body-mass-index/ 3. https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/level-up-your-life-3-basal-metabolic-rate/ 4. https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/level-up-your-life-4-determining-your-calorie-level/ 5. https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/level-up-your-life-5-activities-that-burn-calories/ Overview: Long Term goals - Reach sub 25 BMI = 79kg (3 months) - Muscle Up (3 months) - Save enough for a new car (6 months) Key Goals: - Calorie count (stay under 1912 cals per day + exercise cals) - 1 hour walk every day Sub-goals - 1 hour swim on Sundays - 4 lifting sessions per week - 4 hours study per week Starting weight: 94.1kg Extra cals I can eat if I exercise: 1 hour walk = 473 cals 1 hour PT = 600 cals (guess) __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Calcs from the NF articles
  23. Well! so it's almost over.. my last one was good so I'll try another to end the year on a high easy Short version: 1. Get below 90kgs. 2. Drink no more than 4 sodas. 3. Do kettlebell workout 8 times, Do yoga 12 times 4. Write one chapter of my PhD. All this will make me a better photographer, can't handle the equipment or the awkard positions if I'm soo out of shape Sting like a hummingbird
  24. Hello, folks. I am Ava and this is my first challenge (sort of) so I'll keep it short. I am a 27 year old from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, who loves gaming, lifting heavy things and her cats. I run an e-commerce store so I am always interested in all things digital marketing and etc. I am getting married next year (yay!) so my two Main Quests for now are to look great in my wedding photos (lose weight, go back to having a fitness routine and all that jazz) AND to become more financially stable (save and earn more money). So for this challenge my goals are as following: 1 - Diet Stuff - I am not going back to counting calories just yet, so I need to stop eating like an idiot. Only one "cheat" meal each week. - Alcohol only once a week and definitely no beer. NO BEER. 2 - Fitness Stuff - SS 3x/week. - Crossfit at least 2x/week. 4 - Level Up My Life Stuff - Save 1,5k this challenge. - Study and get another two DigitalMarketer's certifications. - Plan my week every sunday and my day the night before.
  25. Alright, I'm finally back home and getting an early start on this challenge since I ended the last one early due to unplanned travels. I'm going 5 weeks as hard as I can to get ready for the holidays. The final week will actually be the first week of my Thanksgiving vacation wherein we will again be traveling, so I'm going to have to modify my goals to finish out the challenge strong while out of my routine again. This time I'm going in with a battle plan for the road, but we'll be staying at my mom's house for the first time ever, and I can't possibly know what to expect. All I can do is give my best. And if I'm able to wrangle the Dad Bod into decent shape for SoCal adventuring then I'll have a little more motivation to maintain mindfulness during the off-week when the holidays get going in full and I'm surrounded by dangerous eats 24/7. I'm going to rock with the same four goals: 1. Sleep. In bed on work nights by 10:30 pm with lights out and ready for proper sleep. This time of year brings new challenges with football and hockey games that sometimes run late, but I'm just going to exercise my good judgment and impose the discipline of prioritizing my sleep to turn off the TV and go to bed as planned. I'm still limiting my night-time Netflix viewing to a max of 1 hour, which is helping greatly. 2. Wake. Good days also start on time, so I'm going to continue to push myself to get up at the appropriate hour. I still haven't managed to establish a sustainable morning routine, so I'll continue to try and build one around rolling out of bed, doing a few minutes of warm-up stretching, reading a quick Bible passage, and getting ready for work. 3. Eat. Still pushing with calorie counting via MFP. I'm not adjusting daily targets for this challenge since I'm already losing at the max rate I think is sustainable for me. As usual I'll take a break on Sunday to eat a little higher and looser. Macros aren't super important, but food quality is. I'm aiming for 80% Paleo/Primal on program days. Free days need to be mindful without being restrictive. And again I'm abstaining from ice cream for the duration. 4. Move. I'm sticking with my new Power Cardio regimen (semi-heavy powerlifts at higher-than-usual volume with shorter rest periods to keep my heart rate up) without adjusting any of the weights. I completely failed to inject afternoon yoga on non-gym days like I intended, so I'm going to take another run at making it work this time around. In Week 5 I'll be completely off my routine, so the current battle plan is to sub in a bunch of bodyweight work for those Move days and still try to do yoga on the tweeners. The usual spreadsheets are fabricated and ready to go for tracking my progress. Standard weekly check-ins will consist of belt notch reports and progress photos. There's still a long way to go in returning to non-Dad-Bod glory, so let's get under way.
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