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  1. So uh, man... lots of stuff happened last time and kind of threw me off. Basically it all comes back to a Sinus cyst I had to get surgically removed. Lots of limits, I couldn't even blow my nose for almost 2 weeks. Couldn't lift more than 15 lbs, no straining allowed, no breathing through nose, it was... a lot. I started back at work but I noticed that 2 weeks of being able to do p much nothin has not had a great effect on my str and sta stats. I feel like I got hit with an ability drain effect. So here we go in an effort to get back into shape! I'll be p much using the s
  2. Intro Looking through some of the quests a lot of them require you (me) to log stuff, and (sometimes optionally) share it. So I figured I might as well start a battle log and post what I do here! I'll try to keep it short, simple and basic to make it easier to follow through with. I joined NF and the NFA late yesterday, and today I started working on completing my first quests. Didn't log my drinks today, so I'll start a proper food log tomorrow, taking notes of both my drinks and my food! But I did snap a couple of photos of my food with my phone today, so I'll s
  3. Accountability here I come! A LITTLE ABOUT ME I am a young 5'6'' 23 year old that weighs 142 lbs. I am mostly looking to eat healthier and build up my body strength and endurance. My ultimate goal is to become a parkour master. I dislocated my left patella in November 2015 and have been on the road to recovery ever since then. I am not very strong but I can walk for very long periods of time. I have a job that keeps me on my feet all day so that has helped me stay moderately active since graduating high school. I don't follow the paleo diet b
  4. So this year ended with the most difficult life situation I have ever experienced. My SO and I experienced a loss that has no words, and this is my best effort to move through the feelings I am dealing with while also trying to look ahead. This week has strictly been about physically resting, doc and boyfriends orders. The SO even came home a couple hours after getting to work on Tuesday to make sure I sat on my ass, which I am terrible at, but I realized my current limitation and am taking them seriously. The plan is to move back into things slowly, starting with walking every
  5. My primary goal right now is to lose some fat by improving the quality and decreasing the quantity of what I eat. To that end, I need to do some general food logging right now, to establish a baseline for what a "normal" amount of food is. I've calculated that my maintenance calories are about 1700/day right now. That's my goal for the next week or two, to get used to the amount. Previously, I'd assumed that maintenance was about 2000, but I've been doing a very slapdash sort of calculation for the last few weeks to keep myself around 2000 cals, and not seen any weight loss - in fa
  6. Emrys here! Today, I joined the Academy and I’m here to fulfill my food logging quest. I’ve been logging my meals with FitBit for the past 7 months so only sharing my logs with others will be new. Per the rules, I’ll be posting daily for 2 weeks; each day, I’ll post the previous day’s log. Feel free to offer healthier alternatives to any meals I have, or drop your email address so we can be FitBit buddies ^.^
  7. Start: March 5th 2018, Waist Ratio: 73% which is considered morbidly obese according to this website; Link Waist: 44 inches, 2018 goal is 30 1. Food intake(including drinks) 2. Workout 3. Walking 4. Body stretches/exercises
  8. I'm trying to not put too much effort into this.... just want to have a good/consistent place to write this stuff down. Respawned a month ago. I'm on the nutrition module now.... So here we go Food Log for 3 days: Wednesday 7/19/17: Breakfast (around 10:00-ish) Vitamins Kalamata Olives Kashi Sweet Potato Bowl (frozen meal) Pineapple chunks Lunch (around 2:00) Vegan "chicken strips", sauteed broccoli and mushrooms with peanut sauce dinner was 2 tacos:. Taco barf, lettuce and tomato. No dairy. (I wasn't reall
  9. Have some music: It's almost mid-July now. A LOT of changes heading towards me and mine. Little boy "graduates" from Kindergarten. Summer break for most of our fitness activities, most of all our regular schedule. Life is weird. And it never really changes to not being weird, when I think I almost got used to things, they change again. Not that that is necessarily a bad thing. It's just something that keeps me on my toes. This time without theme to go back to what is essential, what is REALLY important. I am aiming for a log-in every other day to e
  10. Hey everyone! So, I am doing a level 1 challenge for 2/20-3/11, since I started up a little late. My goals are: Food: log food (still deciding between writing it down, logging in the battle logs, or using MFP - think I will go with logging it here in the thread actually); cut out all soda and juice, and cut down on milk consumption to 2-3x/week MAX. Fitness: incorporate bodyweight workout 1x/week to start (and keep walking, I've been doing that daily or almost daily). Life: 5 minutes of meditation per day. This is one of the keystone habits I've been struggling the m
  11. BlackTezca's BATTLE LOG Hola folks! BlackTezca is making a battle thread and just like my first challenge thread, it'll be filled with gifs and images and all sorts of silly crap as well as the continuation of my journey towards greatness. So some background behind my username. BlackTezca is essentially short for Black Tezcatlipoca (usually just known as Tezcatlipoca since White Tezcatlipoca is actually Quetzalcoatl...god damn these names sometimes). If you have the faintest knowledge of Aztec religion, then you know Tezcatlipoca as the Jaguar god, who also really likes it when the bes
  12. Please read here first! http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/91888-new-attitude-new-screen-name/#comment-2059265 I am a couple of months away from 30. I want to be healthy and fit throughout the rest of my life, I don't want to end up old and unable to do anything because I did not take good care of myself. Starting tomorrow evening I will be posting 1. food log 2. workout 3. walking 4. cpap use 5. water consumption
  13. ...because if it's written down, than it really did happen. I find it's hard for me to eat well, so I'm hoping that having things typed out will encourage me to eat better.
  14. Oh hai guys! Kinda fell of the face of NF for a while there, but I’m back Intro The time I’ve been away has allowed me the room to do some much needed reflection and truly figure out where I need to put my focus. I’ve been dealing with some pretty severe waves of depression and anxiety for the better part of a year now, and especially since the start of 2016. There are definitely good days and weeks, sometimes even a month or more, but overall it’s affected just about everything I do in the real world - from work to socializing to diet and exercise. Tha
  15. Character sheet Character name: VARELSE | Level: 4 | Class: RANGER | XP: 10 Race: HOBBIT | Size: MEDIUM | Age: 30 | Gender: F | Height: 5' 55'' | Weight: 181 lb | BF: 38%
  16. "A safari /səˈfɑːri/ is an overland journey, usually a trip by tourists to Africa. In the past, the trip was often a big-game hunt, but today, safari often refers to trips to observe and photograph wildlife—or hiking and sight-seeing as well." "Hatari! (pronounced [hɑtɑri], Swahili for "Danger!") is a 1962 American action/adventure romantic drama film directed by Howard Hawks and starring John Wayne. It portrays a group of professional wildlife catchers in Africa. The film includes dramatic wildlife chases and the scenic backdrop of Mount Meru, a dormant volcano." [credits: wikipedia]
  17. I'm restarting my health journey again after a long, long absence. My primary goal this year is to get pregnant, and I am trying to make better decisions about my food and activity levels. I want to teach my kids how to enjoy an active lifestyle and that means I need to have one myself. But starting with baby steps, here are my goals for February: Pack my own lunch at least 4 days a week. (I'm a teacher, and if I don't remember to pack lunch, I'll default to the school's hot lunch, in which tater tots are considered a vegetable) Use my bullet journal to track what I'm eating every day. Log
  18. I've flown over from the Scouts to join the Adventurer's for this next challenge. This time around I'll be focusing on smaller, manageable goals that I can build up to longer-lasting changes. Goal 1: 64+ ounces of water each day This was part of my first NF challenge and I struggled to find a balance of hydration vs. excessive bathroom trips. 64 ounces seems to be my sweet spot of getting enough liquid during the day without disrupting my work routine or causing discomfort. Goal 2: Log all food/drinks I did this last month and it was great to see how my eating habits fluctuate
  19. My main goal is to have a more healthy & productive lifestyle. I have failed challenges in the past, mostly because I am so "entrenched/addicted" to the internet....that I never get anything done. and of course my body is not going to feel like doing anything if I have spent so long being sedentary. 1. Limit time spent on the computer(during the week...weekends are free days) For a long time I have spent way too much time on the computer; computer/internet use has become the center of my life, for too long Keep track of time used online using chrome app. One thing the app changed that
  20. January 11, 2016 1 banana 9:17 AM: 2 ham 1 cup rice 15g ketchup 14:00 1 cup rice 2 slices of fried fish 4 pcs chocolate 19:00 1 shawarma wrap: mayo, cabbage, beef, cheese 1/2 rice 25g chicken 2 bowls of ramen
  21. My last challenge was a mixed bag, but a mixed bag that actually saw me moving in the right direction. So this challenge will see me trying to keep working on developing these habits. I will also be pushing out into 2 new areas, one where I don't know much and I will be investigating and another where I know what I should be doing but there is a lot of baggage holding me back. Goal 1: Exercise - 3x week Parallettes, 2x week getting moving and having fun. I really enjoyed getting into parallette training in the last challenge and was well on my way to forming a 3x a week habit. I also nee
  22. Stats Weight: 152 Waist: 41 inches Body fat %: 32% My biggest problem with getting the things done that I need to do are procrastination, laziness, & a lack of motivation. This challenge I am going to push myself to overcome my desires to be lazy & procrastinate. I understand what this blog is saying, though I myself cannot explain it. It has helped me realize that I need to push myself pass the laziness, pass the depression, pass whatever I was able to do yesterday. http://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/2014/10/30/is-motivation-useless/ There is a quote that I wanted to share, which
  23. Hey Rebels, Making my first log of food and exercise in the Nerd Fitness forum. I'm kickstarting my new lifestyle with Beach Body's 21 Day Fix for a lot of reasons, the main one being that my mom is now a Beach Body coach and she needed a guinea pig, and also I really like Shakeology as a supplement. Today is the first day. I like the eating plan so far, though I don't generally like to eat as many grains as it encourages. Exercise: Full-Body Cardio Fix, 30 minutes of weighted cardio Breakfast: 2 hard-boiled eggs, about 16 dark cherries, 1 cup Kashi whole-grain cereal Snack 1: Shak
  24. INTRO: Hello! My name is blkhole24601, or Vicki if you prefer, and I'm a recent transfer from the Scouts Guild! One of my biggest lessons learned from last challenge is that I don't have the time or energy to do everything in the world, which is what it felt like I was trying to do, and I was feeling like it was time to consolidate my acting goals with my fitness goals since outside of work and loved ones, acting is my top priority in life. And an actress aspiring to be in musical theatre productions cannot get away with just knowing how to act and sing, she has to know how to dance, too, and
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