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  1. Accountability here I come! A LITTLE ABOUT ME I am a young 5'6'' 23 year old that weighs 142 lbs. I am mostly looking to eat healthier and build up my body strength and endurance. My ultimate goal is to become a parkour master. I dislocated my left patella in November 2015 and have been on the road to recovery ever since then. I am not very strong but I can walk for very long periods of time. I have a job that keeps me on my feet all day so that has helped me stay moderately active since graduating high school. I don't follow the paleo diet but try to avoid added sugars and processed foods as much as I can. I am also obsessed with cats and you will see a lot of cat gifs here. ON TO THE LOG Plan for today: - Eat some breakfast - Take supplements - Do 20 lunges, 20 squats, 20 leg raises, and 20 foot rocks (It's to improve flexibility in my injured knee) - Go for a walk with the Zombies, Run! app and while doing that head to the library to pick up some things - Come home, shower and get ready for the day - send off some important e-mails - Work on personal budget - Work on metal health exercises - Eat dinner (Mushroom Chicken with rice and an egg salad. I know, I know it's not paleo) - Read the news - Work on art project for one hour - Get ready for bed - Go to bed I'll edit this later with the results and plan out the next day as well! Let's do this! EDIT 6:37PM: Okay! - For breakfast/lunch I ate 1 cup of homemade hamburger soup. It has Macaroni, hamburger, celery, carrots, parmesan cheese, a few different spices, and tomato sauce. Not paleo but I'm trying to build up my confidence with cooking AND live on a budget first. I also had the rest of my homemade chocolate banana bread. Not the best choice but what's done is done. For a snack before my walk I had a homemade chocolate coconut energy bar. It has cocoa powder, coconut oil, honey, oatmeal, dried cranberries, golden raisins, pumpkin seeds, and shredded coconut inside. - I went on my walk before my workout. I walked for 54.48 minutes for 5.09km with an average of 10min 45sec needed for each km. I walked a total of 5614 steps. 1st km: 10min, 2nd km: 11min, 3rd km: 12min, 4th km: 10min, 5th km: 12min, last km: 13min. My knee hurt for the first bit but then the pain went away after km 2. I have no idea why that is - Did my workout fully, perhaps a bit too fast. I need to focus on slowing down and concentrating on technique and form Now, to shower and take care of those e-mails, I'll update at bed time! EDIT 12:27AM HA HA. Wow I didn't plan on staying up this late WHOOPS. - Had mushroom chicken and rice with two whole carrots and two whole pieces of celery. Also had another homemade energy bar which was the same kind from this morning - Sent off some e-mails but still need to do more tomorrow/today - Didn't work on budget - Didn't work on mental health exercises - Read 1 article - Worked on my art project for 2 hours Now I'm going to bed. Right away. After I plan out tomorrow.
  2. There will dawn a day when these hostile hours, these days of hatred and violence, seem the faintest of memories, but dark and steep and long is the road up out of hell. So do not tire, do not despair, do not abandon your brethren, and do not forget that through this darkness we and we alone carry the light of freedom. We must defend it with every cell in our bodies. If not now, when? If not us, who? - Dark Age Welcome Howlers and Pixies! Welcome to my bloodydamn challenge! I've been looking forward to this for the last month it seems and I'm excited to unfold everything for y'all....FINALLY!! This challenge, sticking with my previous challenge will pull from my all time favorite book series, The Red Rising Saga. There are 5 books out right now: Red Rising, Golden Son, Morning Star, Iron Gold and Dark Age out right now and to briefly explain the books, it's like Sparticus and Star Wars had a battle hardened baby together, and that baby went on to try and conquer the world as Julius Caesar. The books are fantastic. The action is absolute. And the story is engaging unlike anything I've read. Go check it out! I’m currently about a quarter of the way through with Dark Age and it’s been intense! Below will list my goals in detail and even farther down below that will list possible challenge goals I can achieve during these next 6-weeks (including Zero Week). I'm so happy to have you along for the ride and I hope you are as excited as I am to get things rolling along Prometheus KB program- Audentes Fortuna Juvat - Fortune Favors the Bold. Follow the 4x a week program = 10 points per week. (10 pts extra for every 100 push-ups I do) +2 MIGHT, +2 DEX M/Tu/Th/Fr Monday: 10 x 5 double KB front squat (heavy) o 5 x 5 clean and press (double KB) (heavy) o 5 x 10 dips (not weighted) Tuesday: o 10 x 5 single-leg KB deadlift (heavy) o 10 x 5 chin-ups Wednesday: o Mobility and Burritos Thursday: o 5 x 10 double KB front squat (light/medium) o 5 x 10 clean and press (double KB) (light/medium) o 5 x 5 dips (weighted) Friday: o 5 x 10 single-leg KB deadlift (light/medium) o 5 x 10 chin-ups Saturday: o Mobility and Burritos Sunday: o Mobility and Burritos 10-30 min brisk walk daily - Alis Aquilae - On Eagle’s Wings. Daily walks using nasal breathing only = 10 points per week. (10 extra points for hitting 50k steps throughout the week) +1 PERCEPTION, +2 CONSTITUTION, +1 INTELLECT Meal Prep/Pics- Res, non Verba - Actions, not Words. Post food pics 5x a week minimum = 10 points per week. (extra 10 pts for not eating any sweets that week) +2 RESOLVE, +1 INTELLECT Before/After pics of hair and daily body weigh in’s - Per Aspera, ad Astra - Through hardships to the stars. 10 points per week for daily weigh-ins. Bod and Hair pics must be posted before midnight 03/21/2021. +2 PERCEPTION Daily Mobility/stretching - Pulvis et Umbra Sumus - We are but Dust and Shadow. 4x a week minimum = 10 points per week (typically on training days) (5 pts for every extra day) +2 CONSTITUION *BONUS* Razor Training - Virtute et Armis - By Valor and Arms. 10 points extra for any time I get 10+ minutes of sword kata/practice and/or 10 min of battle mace and tire work +1 MIGHT, +1 DEXTERITY Levels to Achieve: Howler- 75 pts Peerless Scarred- 150 pts ArchImperator- 225 pts Olympic Knight- 300 pts The Reaper- 400 pts Challenge rewards: Howler- Howler hat Peerless Scarred- workout shirt x1 or THIS ONE or THIS ONE ArchImperator- workout shorts x1 Olympic Knight- New Shoes *TBD* The Reaper- new KB/or pair of DB’s (I must have 6-weeks of perfection to achieve this goal) I'll see you Howlers in the Vale! Wolf
  3. So uh, man... lots of stuff happened last time and kind of threw me off. Basically it all comes back to a Sinus cyst I had to get surgically removed. Lots of limits, I couldn't even blow my nose for almost 2 weeks. Couldn't lift more than 15 lbs, no straining allowed, no breathing through nose, it was... a lot. I started back at work but I noticed that 2 weeks of being able to do p much nothin has not had a great effect on my str and sta stats. I feel like I got hit with an ability drain effect. So here we go in an effort to get back into shape! I'll be p much using the same rubric as last round. Starting Stats Age: 30 Height:5'4" Weight:222# The Goals: Log Foods Daily! I don't really know how many calories I should be eating anymore, but I definitely need to get back in the habit of keeping track! I'm on MyFitnessPal, my username is RoachRex! 7 days- A 6 days - B 5 days - C 4 days - D 3 or less - F Meal Prep! My goal is every week, to prep my meals for the entire week. I'm honestly A-ok with eating the same thing every day, I even was into Soylent for a while (but it messed with my gut too much). Honestly, the reason I eat junk is out of convenience. So if I can batch-cook and make all my meals in advance? Ain't nothing more convenient than that! 5 weeks - A 4 weeks - B 3 weeks - C 1-2 weeks - D 0 weeks - F Exercise 3xwk!! My plan is to do bodyweight training 3x a week. I'll incorporate things into my off days when I can but I'm not gonna stress too hard about it. 3x a week is more important. pass or fail Save up! I am planning to move in just a couple months and i need to save up for moving costs. Luckily I have a place to go already my main barrier is saving up. (I also need to find a job before I move but that's in process.) I certainly expect the meal prepping to come in handy here though! $1000 - A $800 - B $600 - C $400 - D $0 - F
  4. Intro Looking through some of the quests a lot of them require you (me) to log stuff, and (sometimes optionally) share it. So I figured I might as well start a battle log and post what I do here! I'll try to keep it short, simple and basic to make it easier to follow through with. I joined NF and the NFA late yesterday, and today I started working on completing my first quests. Didn't log my drinks today, so I'll start a proper food log tomorrow, taking notes of both my drinks and my food! But I did snap a couple of photos of my food with my phone today, so I'll start by sharing those Day 1 Food log Breakfast Sugar free, fat free, vanilla flavored quark mixed with home made kefir (if you don't know what those things are - think vanilla greek yoghurt ) Fresh raspberries I picked myself this morning Some chopped up almonds A big cup of black tea Lunch Cauliflower rice Fried eggs Veggies Sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds A glass of water Fitness log 40 minute walk (approximately 3.2 km/2 miles) 20 minutes jog (approximately 3.8 km/2.3 miles) Completed Quests Fitness: Learn how to modify movements for you Fitness: Read over the Workouts FAQ and Getting Started and Leveling up Modules Fitness: Walk a Mile in My Shoes Join the Nerd Fitness Academy Mindset: Join the NF Academy Facebook Group
  5. So this year ended with the most difficult life situation I have ever experienced. My SO and I experienced a loss that has no words, and this is my best effort to move through the feelings I am dealing with while also trying to look ahead. This week has strictly been about physically resting, doc and boyfriends orders. The SO even came home a couple hours after getting to work on Tuesday to make sure I sat on my ass, which I am terrible at, but I realized my current limitation and am taking them seriously. The plan is to move back into things slowly, starting with walking every day next week near the house. This may just be 10 min at first, it all depends on if I feel weak or not since I really don't know how my body is going to react. After Wednesday I will be re-assessing the situation and adding/subtracting based on how my body does. Weekly Overview: Monday - Made it home from the hospital, still very week from blood loss and cold is still bad. Tuesday - Quite weak, taking out the trash increased heart rate substantially, sat on my ass afterwards like I should have, cold is still kicking my ass as well. Slept in until around 7/7:30 am, had several grief episodes throughout the day, some quite intense. Wednesday - Cried a lot when I woke up, but talked with friends/family and literally cried on the SO's shoulder when he got home from work and felt a bit better. Slept in again until about 7:30, got a few small things done around the house but still winded/light headed if I get up too quickly or move around too much in one sitting. Cold is getting better, and I'm not as sore overall. Thursday - Cold is finally subsiding, and it's the last day of my antibiotics. Only took cold medicine before bed, and pain meds twice today. Still a bit lightheaded when I get up too quickly but I was able to put up the Christmas lights on the front of the house. I stayed in bed very late this morning, getting up around 8:30 am, and laid down when I planned to go to the store and cried. Didn't make it to the store like I was supposed to. Starting to have thoughts on a career change/other bigger life changes. I know some of this is comes with trauma so I am going to sit on these for a while at least before I really start acting on anything. Today (Friday) - Cold is almost gone, still stuffed up with a bit of a dry feeling in my throat/cough. Tonsils are not nearly as swollen from the anesthesia which is helping as well, but still on anti inflammatory (and Popsicle's) /pain meds to help with that and my other pain. Got up right away this morning (6:00 am). Teared up when I woke up again, the mornings and when I am not busy seem to be the worst times for this. Going to hit up the grocery store today and do a bit more light cleaning. I put on my fitbit for the first time since this whole thing started, going to start tracking my heart rate more closely. Weighed in at 180.8 this morning as well.
  6. My primary goal right now is to lose some fat by improving the quality and decreasing the quantity of what I eat. To that end, I need to do some general food logging right now, to establish a baseline for what a "normal" amount of food is. I've calculated that my maintenance calories are about 1700/day right now. That's my goal for the next week or two, to get used to the amount. Previously, I'd assumed that maintenance was about 2000, but I've been doing a very slapdash sort of calculation for the last few weeks to keep myself around 2000 cals, and not seen any weight loss - in fact, a slight gain. If 1700 is correct, that would make sense. I also need to increase my water intake, as I'm perpetually thirsty, and it gives me a headache. Living in the Los Angeles heat, it's important to stay hydrated... ETA: I didn't weigh myself right away, but I'm taking a guess that my starting weight is about 244 lbs. (Averaging the weighing I did a few weeks ago with the one from a few days after I started logging, which was actually about 4 lbs lighter.) Goal for this week: 1700/day 7/23 almond butter cookie (190 cal) cup of coffee w/creamer and splenda (~50 cal) ~4 cups of kimchee rice with egg (600 cal?) Tangerine La Croix Diet Coke snack crackers (150 cal) salmon + bok choi + rice (~650 cal) total: 1640 water: ~30oz (total liquid intake: ~58oz)
  7. Emrys here! Today, I joined the Academy and I’m here to fulfill my food logging quest. I’ve been logging my meals with FitBit for the past 7 months so only sharing my logs with others will be new. Per the rules, I’ll be posting daily for 2 weeks; each day, I’ll post the previous day’s log. Feel free to offer healthier alternatives to any meals I have, or drop your email address so we can be FitBit buddies ^.^
  8. Start: March 5th 2018, Waist Ratio: 73% which is considered morbidly obese according to this website; Link Waist: 44 inches, 2018 goal is 30 1. Food intake(including drinks) 2. Workout 3. Walking 4. Body stretches/exercises
  9. I'm trying to not put too much effort into this.... just want to have a good/consistent place to write this stuff down. Respawned a month ago. I'm on the nutrition module now.... So here we go Food Log for 3 days: Wednesday 7/19/17: Breakfast (around 10:00-ish) Vitamins Kalamata Olives Kashi Sweet Potato Bowl (frozen meal) Pineapple chunks Lunch (around 2:00) Vegan "chicken strips", sauteed broccoli and mushrooms with peanut sauce dinner was 2 tacos:. Taco barf, lettuce and tomato. No dairy. (I wasn't really hungry, but I ate it anyway.)
  10. Have some music: It's almost mid-July now. A LOT of changes heading towards me and mine. Little boy "graduates" from Kindergarten. Summer break for most of our fitness activities, most of all our regular schedule. Life is weird. And it never really changes to not being weird, when I think I almost got used to things, they change again. Not that that is necessarily a bad thing. It's just something that keeps me on my toes. This time without theme to go back to what is essential, what is REALLY important. I am aiming for a log-in every other day to every day with core data, and at least 3 times per week with a few words about what is going on. The goals right now are: log EVERYTHING (foodwise in mfp, challengewise in bujo and here). Drink enough water (2+L/d). Get enough oxytosin (stay in touch with supportive people, and support the right people in turn) how much and how often is to be determined, I am not quite sure what a good number is right now. Take a break in the early afternoons to sit with tea and check in with myself. That's it from me for now. Hope you are having an AMAZING SUMMER. I'll come check in with you in a little bit. Love you, my Ranger-friends, and rebels all. Katrin
  11. Hey everyone! So, I am doing a level 1 challenge for 2/20-3/11, since I started up a little late. My goals are: Food: log food (still deciding between writing it down, logging in the battle logs, or using MFP - think I will go with logging it here in the thread actually); cut out all soda and juice, and cut down on milk consumption to 2-3x/week MAX. Fitness: incorporate bodyweight workout 1x/week to start (and keep walking, I've been doing that daily or almost daily). Life: 5 minutes of meditation per day. This is one of the keystone habits I've been struggling the most with. I'm really excited to be in the guild and enjoying reading about everyone's challenges. Thanks so much for your support.
  12. BlackTezca's BATTLE LOG Hola folks! BlackTezca is making a battle thread and just like my first challenge thread, it'll be filled with gifs and images and all sorts of silly crap as well as the continuation of my journey towards greatness. So some background behind my username. BlackTezca is essentially short for Black Tezcatlipoca (usually just known as Tezcatlipoca since White Tezcatlipoca is actually Quetzalcoatl...god damn these names sometimes). If you have the faintest knowledge of Aztec religion, then you know Tezcatlipoca as the Jaguar god, who also really likes it when the best warriors are sacrificed in his name. Hearts are yummy apparently. And that would be a badass tattoo...So in any case, my favorite animal would be to be the jaguar, a feline so powerful, so awesome that the most famous of the many, many Aztec God's chooses it as it's form/mascot/etc. I wouldn't mind being a little more similar to this awesome feline. The jaguar is one of the most successful of the predatory felines, perhaps second to only the Leopard (and third to the most successful feline of all, the common domestic house cat). It has a bite force strong enough to crush skulls and tortoise shells, it is an apex predator, it has all the grace shared by big cats while look particular buff and muscular ( the largest feline in the New World) and it purrs like a Harley Davidson. It also sleeps about 12 to 24 hours a day. I definitely won't be able to get that much sleep during the work week, but during my challenge I had to push myself every hard to get to bed by a certain time so I can just get seven hours of sleep before my work out. It wasn't easy, but I can just drop off now. I need that sleep so I can get battle ready in the morning. I want to be strong enough to crush skulls, skilled enough to hunt (I don't hunt but I love me some martial arts), flexible enough to not hurt my back, and rested enough to keep going on with my day. So here am I ready to hold myself accountable for this year in order to be more like this amazing feline of the Amazon jungle (which matches the theme of my challenges ^~). Wish me luck!
  13. Please read here first! http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/91888-new-attitude-new-screen-name/#comment-2059265 I am a couple of months away from 30. I want to be healthy and fit throughout the rest of my life, I don't want to end up old and unable to do anything because I did not take good care of myself. Starting tomorrow evening I will be posting 1. food log 2. workout 3. walking 4. cpap use 5. water consumption
  14. ...because if it's written down, than it really did happen. I find it's hard for me to eat well, so I'm hoping that having things typed out will encourage me to eat better.
  15. Oh hai guys! Kinda fell of the face of NF for a while there, but I’m back Intro The time I’ve been away has allowed me the room to do some much needed reflection and truly figure out where I need to put my focus. I’ve been dealing with some pretty severe waves of depression and anxiety for the better part of a year now, and especially since the start of 2016. There are definitely good days and weeks, sometimes even a month or more, but overall it’s affected just about everything I do in the real world - from work to socializing to diet and exercise. That’s where this challenge comes in - and I’m so ready to be back! (Plus, I really missed you all!!) The general focus/goal for this challenge is self care: something I thought I had been doing, but in which I’m actually quite lacking. I’ve touched on the below goals in some shape or form throughout my previous challenges, but not so much as a way of caring for myself. They always felt like things I was just supposed to do or be doing as an adult. In keeping with the self care, this challenge is going to be kept pretty relaxed as to not add additional stress, but structured enough that it shouldn’t be a problem getting everything done. Now, on to the goals!
  16. Character sheet Character name: VARELSE | Level: 4 | Class: RANGER | XP: 10 Race: HOBBIT | Size: MEDIUM | Age: 30 | Gender: F | Height: 5' 55'' | Weight: 181 lb | BF: 38%
  17. "A safari /səˈfɑːri/ is an overland journey, usually a trip by tourists to Africa. In the past, the trip was often a big-game hunt, but today, safari often refers to trips to observe and photograph wildlife—or hiking and sight-seeing as well." "Hatari! (pronounced [hɑtɑri], Swahili for "Danger!") is a 1962 American action/adventure romantic drama film directed by Howard Hawks and starring John Wayne. It portrays a group of professional wildlife catchers in Africa. The film includes dramatic wildlife chases and the scenic backdrop of Mount Meru, a dormant volcano." [credits: wikipedia] Hatari! is one of my favorite John Wayne movies. In the movie, the wildlife catchers are collecting animals for zoos around the world, caring for the animals and having some pretty ingenious ways of capturing them. In this challenge, I'll be setting my sights on the "animals" I want to "collect" for my imaginary zoo. Each element of my challenge will have an associated animal to capture by the end of the challenge. But there's also another Safari in my life: a disc golf one. "Safari Golf – [slang term] This is when players create a new route through an established course. For example: instead of playing the holes in order, players may choose to use the tee from hole one to throw towards hole 6. (Reference: Gypsy Golf) [credit: disctroy] Here's the disc golf safari in my life: Allen (hubby) and I are running this tournament together and playing in the Mixed Doubles division. I have alot of responsibilities for helping organize, plan, and run the event, which is on the last day of the challenge. I also need to work on my game, which is a little rusty after not playing all winter. If you're unfamiliar with disc golf, here you go in a nutshell. It's one of the fastest growing pro/am sports worldwide. So onto my challenge goals, the animals I want to collect for my imaginary zoo: Main quest: Rhino My Rhino is the disc golf safari tournament. I have a lot to do: --Upload regular photos/updates to the Peoria Frisbee Club & Celebrate Recovery Facebook pages --Photograph and edit pics of all the donated raffle prizes and players' packs --Keep track of all event volunteers [and gain said volunteers in the first place] --Keep the CR leadership/PFC leadership up to date on all progress for the event --Produce handouts/fundraising packets/powerpoint slides for CR and keep them up to date and have plenty on hand of the consumables --work on my game (play as many rounds as possible, practice my putts on workout days, get in as much field work as I can) Second Quest: Zebra My Zebra is time management. I need to: --Work on all of my zoo animals in a timely manner and not procrastinate or the fast-moving horse-like thingy will get away from me. --Use a calendar to schedule when I work on things. --Practice the presence of "no". No new projects, no spur-of-the-moment side adventures. I have alot on my plate in April and don't have time to get distracted. Quest 3: Giraffe My Giraffe is my yard. April is when things spring into action and everything is tall and needs to be corralled. My trees, my bushes, my grass. --Get Trimline to either commit to mowing my grass or find someone else. I'm tired of their lackadaisical attitude. --Get out there today, do a review of the yard and what needs to get done, in what order and under what schedule. --Talk with Allen about where we're going with the landscaping and make it a joint effort (I'm tired of doing all the yardwork myself...) --Get the house perimeter sprayed Quest 4: Buffalo My Buffalo is continuing my strength training. I made tremendous noob gainz last month, and I'm going to continue working at it. But, somehow I messed up my right MCL, so I'm backing down on the weight until it heals. I.) work out 3x a week (disc golf is bonus) Each of these exercises is done between 3-5 sets per workout, depending on how I feel --Squats: bodyweight until MCL heals --Push Ups: Wall push ups, working on wrist strength and mobility --Lunges: bodyweight static lunges until MCL heals --Dumbbell Rows: currently 10|30# --Elbow Planks: currently 40 seconds --Disc Golf Putts: currently averaging 7|10 putts from 15 foot distance --Bicep Curls: currently 5|30#, 2|35#MR --Triceps Kick-Back: thinking of starting these again because I know my triceps are weak. I'd been able to do 3 x 7.5# a year ago. So I'll start there. 2.) Weight and measurement baseline for April: Age: 50. Height: 5'8" --Weight: 175.8 --Underbust measurement: 32" --Waist measurement: 30.8" --Hip measurement: 37.2" --Thigh measurement: 23.8" 3.) Track all my food, continuing a +/- 1700 calorie goal. Macro goals: --Protein: 106g --Fat: 76g --Carbs: 149g --Fiber: 25g Quest 5: Monkeys In the movie, they need to catch some Vervet monkeys, and because those monkeys bite, claw, scratch and otherwise cause mayhem, the team has to protect themselves while at the same time capturing the monkeys without harming them. My Monkeys are my social skills. --I will remember my slogan: 'not my monkeys.' As in, 'not my circus, not my monkeys'. I remind myself that other people's monkeys are their issues and their responsibility, not mine. I'm not responsible for fixing people or for being the peacemaker when that means being codependent. --I should keep my own monkeys in check and not let them fling poo at others, especially when I'm under alot of stress like April looks to be. In other words, I will use the relational tools available to me to respond appropriately to people and situations mindfully, rather than knee-jerk reacting. --I will remind myself to not take things personally, and I don't need to act as if every person I come across must like me. Sometimes personalities clash. Sometimes it my monkeys; sometimes it's theirs, sometimes it's both. Live at peace with one another as much as it depends on you; but sometimes it doesn't depend on you. --I will work on prayerfully saying the Serenity Prayer like I used to do, which was a good centering practice.
  18. I'm restarting my health journey again after a long, long absence. My primary goal this year is to get pregnant, and I am trying to make better decisions about my food and activity levels. I want to teach my kids how to enjoy an active lifestyle and that means I need to have one myself. But starting with baby steps, here are my goals for February: Pack my own lunch at least 4 days a week. (I'm a teacher, and if I don't remember to pack lunch, I'll default to the school's hot lunch, in which tater tots are considered a vegetable) Use my bullet journal to track what I'm eating every day. Log everything, especially the bad stuff. Do a yoga video once a week. Write 500 words every day.
  19. I've flown over from the Scouts to join the Adventurer's for this next challenge. This time around I'll be focusing on smaller, manageable goals that I can build up to longer-lasting changes. Goal 1: 64+ ounces of water each day This was part of my first NF challenge and I struggled to find a balance of hydration vs. excessive bathroom trips. 64 ounces seems to be my sweet spot of getting enough liquid during the day without disrupting my work routine or causing discomfort. Goal 2: Log all food/drinks I did this last month and it was great to see how my eating habits fluctuated. I haven't found a lot of long-term success with following a diet focusing on calories, cutting out certain foods, etc. - but I seem to do alright when I can keep track of what I'm eating. I'd like the chance this month to just eat what I want to eat and see what changes occur. My ultimate goal with my eating habits is to return to a place where I can eat mostly healthy but indulge once in a while without placing specific restrictions on my food. Goal 3: Walk at least twice a week It seems that my body isn't quite ready for a daily walking/jogging routine. My husband and I were trying to establish a good morning workout routine that was disrupted when he went back to work halfway through our last challenge. So back on the wagon we go! Committing to a focused walk twice a week will help slowly rebuild my strength without overworking or overstressing my body, which seems to be so sensitive to physical lifestyle changes.
  20. My main goal is to have a more healthy & productive lifestyle. I have failed challenges in the past, mostly because I am so "entrenched/addicted" to the internet....that I never get anything done. and of course my body is not going to feel like doing anything if I have spent so long being sedentary. 1. Limit time spent on the computer(during the week...weekends are free days) For a long time I have spent way too much time on the computer; computer/internet use has become the center of my life, for too long Keep track of time used online using chrome app. One thing the app changed that I like is you can now see when you last reset the timer. I will post the top 5 sites each night. Will also keep track of/limit tv time(& any online gaming like lotro). It will not mean anything if I simply switch out the internet time with tv/gaming. Daily grade for computer use A. 3 hours or less B. 4 hours C. 5 hours D. 6 hours F. 7 or more hours 2. Exercise. I need to be more active, so walking every day and/or workout A. 1 hour or more B. 30 minutes C. 20 minutes D. 15 minutes F. none 3. Food log; will post food each night 4. Cpap use; wear cpap each night
  21. January 11, 2016 1 banana 9:17 AM: 2 ham 1 cup rice 15g ketchup 14:00 1 cup rice 2 slices of fried fish 4 pcs chocolate 19:00 1 shawarma wrap: mayo, cabbage, beef, cheese 1/2 rice 25g chicken 2 bowls of ramen
  22. My last challenge was a mixed bag, but a mixed bag that actually saw me moving in the right direction. So this challenge will see me trying to keep working on developing these habits. I will also be pushing out into 2 new areas, one where I don't know much and I will be investigating and another where I know what I should be doing but there is a lot of baggage holding me back. Goal 1: Exercise - 3x week Parallettes, 2x week getting moving and having fun. I really enjoyed getting into parallette training in the last challenge and was well on my way to forming a 3x a week habit. I also need to get myself out and doing something active. I started to take ice skating lessons last challenge and I want to keep up with this, either expanding it to twice a week or adding something else fun. Goal 2: Maintain habits - Sleep 8 hours a night and get up to my alarm everyday in the morning. It is maybe going a bit far to call this one 'maintain habits' as these aren't habits yet, but I want to continue building on what I started in the last challenge. As with last time the rules are easy: sleep for 8 hours and then get up when my alarm goes = 1 point. Goal 3: Food - Maintain a food log, assess log, decide what I want to do, implement strategy. This goal is a bit vague and probably needs tidying up. In principle I don't really have a clue what I want to do with my diet. I don't really have a grasp of what I eat, or what this equates to it calories or general macro composition. I also don't really know what I would do if I had this information. Therefore my strategy is as follows: 1. For the first 2 weeks of the challenge I will keep a daily food log. I am not sure what is useful data to record, but hopefully this will become clearer over these 2 weeks. 2. In week 3 I will assess the food log and make a decision whether anything needs to be changed and if so, then what and how. 3. For the last 3 weeks I will start to implement the food decision made in week 3. Goal 4: Life Goal (overcoming inertia) - Finish the data analysis for my project so that I can send it off for the next step. Daily small steps. I have a project I worked on for a long time that has never been finished due to overwhelming inertia that arises from it being connected to a bad period of my life, a terrible working environment surrounded by people who basically pschologically abused me. It wasn't nice and I didn't know how to deal with it. I have now escaped the environment but find myself unable to tackle the project as it is still connected to all of these feelings. On the other hand not completing the project is one of the things that keeps me up at night. I want to be a finisher and I want to complete the project for myself regardless of what comes out of it at the end. I just need to get it off my back so I can stop thinking about it. I know what I need to do, but I need to get myself back into it (it is a year since I have touched it), do some data analysis and then send it on to someone who can do the next step. It makes me sad and uncomfortable just thinking about this goal, so I really do need to get it done so that I can get back on with my life.
  23. Stats Weight: 152 Waist: 41 inches Body fat %: 32% My biggest problem with getting the things done that I need to do are procrastination, laziness, & a lack of motivation. This challenge I am going to push myself to overcome my desires to be lazy & procrastinate. I understand what this blog is saying, though I myself cannot explain it. It has helped me realize that I need to push myself pass the laziness, pass the depression, pass whatever I was able to do yesterday. http://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/2014/10/30/is-motivation-useless/ There is a quote that I wanted to share, which I also put into my signature. The quote is from the book "Reclaim Your Heart" by Yasmin Mogahed. “But, this dark place is not the end. Remember that the darkness of night precedes the dawn. And as long as your heart still beats, this is not the death of it. You don’t have to die here. Sometimes, the ocean floor is only a stop on the journey. And it is when you are at this lowest point, that you are faced with a choice. You can stay there at the bottom, until you drown. Or you can gather pearls and rise back up—stronger from the swim, and richer from the jewels.†This battle with laziness,depression, & procrastination is a mental battle, a game of will. I have to beat the game, I have to BE the cerebral assassin against my own lesser "lazy" self. Triple H "The Cerebral Assassin" My main quest is to overcome my lesser lazy,procrastinating..lower self. To do that, I have to feel great physically. 1. Exercise Every other day I will do this workout. Calf raise 5x20 seconds Pushups 5x5 Plank 5x20 seconds Glute bridge 5x10 Dumbbell Rows 5x10 Bodyweight Squat 5x10 I also will attempt to walk 30 minutes at least 3 times a week. 2. Food log. I will watch what/how I eat & post it here on the thread. 3. Cpap; I need to get back in the habit of wearing my cpap(for sleep apnea) when I sleep. 4. Life goal is to not be on the computer too long each day. I will use my chrome app that tracks computer time. While it is fun to role play I want to preface this challenge with saying that the strength to complete this challenge for me, comes from God.
  24. Hey Rebels, Making my first log of food and exercise in the Nerd Fitness forum. I'm kickstarting my new lifestyle with Beach Body's 21 Day Fix for a lot of reasons, the main one being that my mom is now a Beach Body coach and she needed a guinea pig, and also I really like Shakeology as a supplement. Today is the first day. I like the eating plan so far, though I don't generally like to eat as many grains as it encourages. Exercise: Full-Body Cardio Fix, 30 minutes of weighted cardio Breakfast: 2 hard-boiled eggs, about 16 dark cherries, 1 cup Kashi whole-grain cereal Snack 1: Shake, containing: 1 scoop Shakeology Vanilla mix 1 teaspoon almond butter 1/2 cup almond milk ice Lunch: Grilled chicken breast, about 5oz 1 Tbsp. bbq sauce (homemade) 1 slice whole grain bread 1/2 cup sliced carrots, raw 1 cup snap peas, raw Snack 2: 4oz sliced ham guacamole, about 3 tbsp. I'll keep updating as the day goes on, but I've consumed 50oz of water so far today (it's about 2:30pm where I am)
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