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  1. If you love food and you struggle with the idea of giving up all your favourite dishes this is the topic for you! I've been working hard to try out easy and delicious recipes that help you feel full, satisfied and still on track to your fitness goals! Today I want to share my newest discovery! Turkey Taco Bowls (Makes 4 Servings) 1 bag of microwave brown rice ⅛ teaspoon salt Zest of one lime 1 lb (500g) lean ground turkey 2 tablespoons taco seasoning 1 cup Salsa ¼ cup shredded cheddar cheese 1 head of romaine lettuce, chopped
  2. Hello! It's been awhile. Oh... you don't remember me... oh... well... that's not surprising to be honest. I have a tendency to start one of these, post like once or twice, then drop off the face of the Earth for 3 or 4 challenges, then pop back up randomly to do it all again... BUT NO MORE! I have had enough. Lately I've been making more small changes in my life to be more present, active and get out of my comfort zone. I've been attending meetups with *gasp* ABSOLUTELY NO ONE I know *dies of shock* So, to further push myself I will do another challenge! But also back it
  3. Ok, so we made it through the tutorial rounds. We’ve killed all the monsters we needed to kill. We explored Astera, set up camp in the Ancient Forest, explored the Coral Highlands and the Wildspire Wastes, and even ventured into the Rotten Vale. Now we’re on to the next level -- hunting HIGH RANK monsters in and around the Everstream in the Elder’s Recess. You know… the normal monsters, only bigger. And stronger. Much stronger. Stamina Fighting off monsters takes strength and stamina. This goal is for my running and lifting workouts throughout the challenge so that I can
  4. In honor of Earth Day I'm going to: After a little reflection I realized that I've been too cute with some of my challenge goals. So, I looked over past challenges and made a list of things that worked/felt right and pushed aside the things that stressed me out or made me judge myself. None of these things are truly hard, I just need to be consistent and make a lifestyle shift. So here are my recycled goals... 5 servings of fruit and vegetables Fiber Probiotics Water/Tea 24oz Body Weight 3x a week (with cardio
  5. So... since I have been going full tilt into olympic lifting this year, I figure I'm not really a Ranger at the moment Like with my stint with the Druids, I'm going to focus my next challenges around strength training so I don't split my time around too many things (and not get anything done!) No theme for this one, it's enough of a difference to be in the Warrior guild Sticking with my weekly point system. My Quests: Follow my oly lifting program and lift 5x weekly +1pt per session, +2 bonus for getting all 5 done Meal planning and shopp
  6. Back to basics because it's sorely needed... Sit. 1) Make a meal plan for the week. I'm going to try adding some more structure to my nutrition and hit certain macros at certain times, rather than just generally trying to eat an appropriate amount and get enough protein. My boyfriend recently coded up a script to help me figure out how much of the selected foods I need to eat to hit my macros, which will make this a lot easier! Also, if I already have my meals planned out and just follow the plan, it means I don't have to track or count! This is how to meal plan
  7. In recognition of the wacky new year's challenge dates, I have decided to do an epic 6-week challenge starting tomorrow! And yes, the Mt. Doom part is meant literally, I will spend the second half of my challenge on holiday in New Zealand Details to follow....
  8. Discipline A good assassin practices discipline, and great assassin lives it. Instead of focusing on different aspects of being an assassin, Snuggles needs to focus on improving the discipline in her life. She needs to focus on the things she can control and actively change. Physical #1: Working on the back. I have joined a Pilates group that meets twice a week. I also want to get back into my physical therapy. Week #1 of my challenge: Focus on physical therapy 3 times Week #2 of my challenge: Focus on physical therapy 4 times & Pila
  9. I have to start this thread by saying (and hoping I don't jinx it!) WE FOUND A HOUSE!! We have a contract, and a closing date (January 18th) we will have to see if third time is a charm...we also have pre-approval and closing costs but I digress, we had those with the last one but hurricanes happen... A lot of the below portion was typed out over several hours into an open post...if it doesn't all make sense I apologize in advance... I will be fine tuning and refining this before next week...but as I stated at the closing of my last challenge In my head I keep say
  10. Hi everyone! First time posting as a warrior (I think) and first time posting in a LONGGGG time! I took a break from making health and fitness a priority because I was focusing on school. Well good news, I graduate in 2 months!!! Also good news, I'm getting married next November! In light of my walk down the aisle I want to work on getting my physique back in order. I like lifting heavy and I am definitely interested in overall strength as well as physique. My training style is sort of all over the place right now. I like the concept of training the powerlift
  11. My family and I are American expats who live/work in a developing country which has not much choice in the selection of foods to maintain a healthy diet. Our food sources are found at a local bazaar and are seasonal and therefore we do not have availability to all foods year round. In late fall and winter there are only beets, carrots, potatoes (sweet potatoes only available from late October to the end of November), onions, apples, lemons, and oranges. There are no greens, tomatoes, nor other spring veggies, fruits, and berries. To workaround this we can or freeze what we are able.
  12. I need to plan meals. If I don't, I skip meals. And that helps no one because instead I just snack on all the snacks at work. What I need to get started is an app or website that will give me recipes and allow me to meal plan and know what I'll need to get so I can then substitute as needed. I often forget to think about it, but I want to be able to just get it all and not have to worry about "what" I'm making with it. But I need help. Does anyone know of any good either free or cheap meal plan apps for phone or meal plan websites?
  13. Tranquility, I will find it with this challenge. As a Zenyatta main, it's my primary goal. Primarily because I have a few weeks of break from school after a year non-stop. *happily takes deep breath* This is technically my third challenge, though I think of it as my second. School turned into a beast with multiple accelerated classes at the same time work ramped up. It was the worst timing ever. I've been waiting for this break and challenge. Based on previous experience, I'm going with the KISS rule here, keeping it super simple. In the past, I've tried to tackle too
  14. I'm back with a shiny new program! No barbells this time (well, they will make an appearance later in my program), but I am still focusing on strength. For those of you that followed my previous thread, you'll remember my disillusionment when I realized that a lot of the authorities on strength training are d00d-focused. And the self proclaimed father of them all is a sexist turd. (Not all male fitness gurus are sexist by any means, but there is a lack of representation of women in the sport, which had me feeling excluded at times.) With the help of some friends, I fou
  15. So... This being my first challenge at 32 years old, I have decided to use this as a reset. This is my personal new year, and while I was away in Italy I did some soul searching (and eating) and I have found that I don't really focus on important things as often as I should. Because of this my time isn't used as wisely as it should be and I don't get as much productive stuff done. Time for Tina Fey to help me get my shit together I will make to-do lists every morning, and I can't play video games until the list is complete. A=28 days B=27-25 days C=25-20 D= 20 o
  16. I'm late but I'm here! I took an extended week zero thanks to traveling. I got home a couple hours ago so figured I should put up a challenge thread. My spreadsheet will be added to this post when I create it, lol. I'm actually going to be doing my challenge officially for the month of June, but since the NF challenge started yesterday (oops) I'll still post along. I knew starting a challenge on vacation just wasn't going to happen. My depression has been bad, and I've identified one reason was my efforts to date go in waves and the current waves have been super crap
  17. [posting from my phone so forgive my typos & grammar] Life story; CURRENT GOALS 1. Get out of bed when your body wakes up. When I'm on work time I generally need to be out of bed by 6am to have enough time to cruise through my morning routine, but I've often woken up earlier then my alarm and tried to sleep more and made myself feel worse when I do finally get up. I'm going to make a point of hauling ass out of bed when I wake up if it's within a few hours or so of my alarm going off. 2. No screens in the morning before work. This is we
  18. First off - challenge spreadsheet here! Keeping things kind of simple, but I think these are some good goals, and would be helpful habits to get into (keep into, in the case of my step goal). Goal 1: 15k steps work days/10k steps other days Last challenge, I just went with the default 12k every day goal I have set on my fitbit. I decided to increase the goal for work days, because I'm very active on work days. I lowered it on weekends, because I really struggled to hit 12k, and I don't want to step a goal that is unrealistic to attain. The plan is to increase aga
  19. So last challenge I think I finally started getting things figured out... I also found out last week that I have not lost any strength, and have in fact gained some, and I am down 7 inches total since the start of the year. Part 3 is going to change some things up a bit, since I no longer have to embrace my hellish workouts because both my trainer and I hated them. Goal 1: Keep With The Check Boxes Aim to do better than the previous week (until I consistently hit good marks each week). Sundays will not count, that is my "no fitbit" day.
  20. -Key-

    Key respawns

    After two semesters of butt kicking (and sitting way, way too much), I've got myself organized and sorted and I'm ready for Challenge 2. I'm keeping it simple for this challenge. I've made the mistake in the past of getting excited about a new start and setting incredibly optimistic goals that needed to be done by tomorrow in order for me to feel successful, and yeah. We've all been there, right? I tested this out last week during the rest and it worked out well. So my simple goals, and the steps I'm taking to set myself up for success: Food
  21. I have no idea what I'm doing yet, but here's a thread. I did update my November challenge spreadsheet with final results if anyone is interested. I posted a short post in my last challenge thread as well. Edited to add: Here is my challenge. Might be kinda simple compared to others I've done, but it's basically a "survive December lol" plan. Goal 1: not as SMART cause hard to measure, but, goal 1 is basically to be cognizant of my mental/emotional state and take care of myself Week 0: Decompress from the godawful Thanksgiving and be
  22. So I am putting good vibes out for my house to sell ASAP, so in the title it goes! I have completed all the work I wanted to on the place, and really it's an adorable small house in a great location so I don't think I will have any issues getting it sold. And now that all that crazyness is over I can re-focus on my nutrition, and fitness. Goal 1 - 5 workouts per week (3 weight days, 1 orange theory day, 1 event training day) stepping it up even though the competition I registered for may fall through. Goal 2 - Follow my nutritionists orders, prep cook twice
  23. Time for the new challenge! Really, it’s ridiculous how excited I get about these things. I am going to start a 3-part challenge cycle, in part because I had such a good run with my “Predator” series at the beginning of the year, when I was prepping to go on my trip to the keys. It was a good mix of short- and long-term goals, and since I have three months to prep for my next big athletic event, it fits perfectly. The whole series will be organized around the concept of “taking control” of some of the areas of my life that just constantly go spinning off the rails. I
  24. First 4 Week Challenge 4 Me! I'm excited. This is my first challenge, but I've been doing the NF thang for a few months now and have leveled up to Diet Level 6 and Bodyweight Workout 3A, so i sort of took the sample challenges and beefed them up a bit. The below quests are long term habits I want to build, and this seems like the opportune time to start! I've been binging a lot of Doctor Who lately, particularly during workouts, so I've decided to tailor my first 4 week story based on the wonderful wibbly wobbly stuff. 11th Doctor/Amy & Rory will be the stars of this one (along wit
  25. HI ALL!! Life has calmed down and I finally feel recharged! I actually have the luxury of free time to reel in some things I haven’t had some time to expressly focus on lately, namely FOOD. I did not have time to cook for the majority of the past few months and I miss 1) having a firmer grasp on my food intake and 2) I JUST MISS COOKING. My diet is actually pretty decent, but I’d like to take the time while I have it to zoom in on my macros a bit more and also track what I am eating. I am really really determined to dial in ways to get more veggies AND to increase protein in
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