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  1. Yearly theme music: Liquid Cinema - Valor Challenge theme music: Robin Gogberg - Hit The Ground Running Inspiration: Emphasis on the last part: I am what I've got and what I've got is plenty. Organized Chaos: "You can't control the world at large but, deep within, there is something that you do have control of. Find it, go there and, from there, expand." Welcome! Let's start with some feedback: I'm used to not care about my needs and wants: I react to the environment and deal with it. It has pros and
  2. Not sure what this challenge holds for me, so I'm coming in with an open heart. Stay tuned, because this is the mindset that usually means the doors get blown off. ❤️
  3. Hello everyone. I'm back. It has been a long while since I've been here on these forums. I've been doing NF Coaching, and I feel like that alone is not enough. I need to find some way to do better and get my life back. I don't like where I am or what I have been doing. I am not taking care of myself and I need to do better. I would really appreciate ya'll's support. I miss my NF family. Trigger Warming - Death and Grieving in spoiler. I'll also be talking about this quite a bit during my challenge because it is my biggest hurdle right now. So, that's where I'm
  4. My Story: I have journeyed for 11 years on a path spanning three countries. I have gathered companions in the way of my husband, my two children, my aged parents, and two dogs. We have finally settled down in a stable location with ample space to roam and build. Food has never been scarce but when addressing the needs of others I fail to address my own. Time is another factor that is absent between work and chores. Finally, stress - there is the constant threat of destabilizing forces both imagined and real, internal and external. This is my story.
  5. Ever since joining NF, I have been wrestling with the "Big Why" question. I have a lot of "whys" for wanting to shed my excess physical baggage and build my physical strength, but none of them seems big enough to overcome the negative inner voices and attitudes in my head and heart. I know that if I tried sharing about my inner demons with pretty much everyone who knows me, they would have trouble believing me. I'm that good at projecting a fearless, take-no-shit persona. It's not all BS, but there is an inner glass ceiling in my head when I become too successful. Over and over aga
  6. Overview / Motivation: Fresh off a productive and successful 4-week challenge, I'm ready to continue my preparation for the Spartan Beast on April 28th. I'm maintaining my strength training, mindset preparation and core work while increasing my stamina and mileage. During this challenge I'll be ramping up my long run from 7 miles to 9 miles. Let's do it! Main Quest: Complete a Spartan Trifecta Side Quests: Complete 60 miles worth of runs this challenge Points Potential: STA+5 Grading A= Average > 90% B= Average > 80% C=
  7. Overview / Motivation: I finally did it... during the off week I built up my 5 seconds of courage and bought my 2018 Spartan Trifecta pass. Then I signed up for my first of the Trifecta runs - the Beast. After running my first Spartan race last year, I knew I had to prove to myself that I could push beyond what I believed I could physically and mentally do - I knew I had to complete a Trifecta. This challenge starts my focused preparation and training towards the Tri-State Spartan Beast at the end of April. It is time... I'm also starting my 5 month Professional Coaching Progra
  8. Hi all, I wanted to see what you all had to say about mental fitness and how we could possibly track it in a similar way nerd fitness tracks physical fitness. How do you stay mentally fit? Are there any websites like this one for tracking mental fitness? Let's get a discussion going. A website I've been using lately to complement my physical stimulation with mental stimulation is blog.jaretgrossman.com. Jaret is a life coach I've come across on YouTube, and seems to talk about higher level stuff. It keeps me motivated during my workouts. What else would you all recommend?
  9. Hello Nerd Family! It has been awhile since I have been on the Forum but I do lurk from time to time. Today tho I need your help! I recently reached a target goal weight and I feel really proud of myself. I thought today I would have a cheat day and go to lunch with my co-workers. HUGE mistake. I ate a double quarter pounder, a half of a med fry, and a few sips of sprite. The problem now is I am sitting at my desk and I honestly want to cry. I feel terrible like I want to throw up I wont but I feel that bad. My stomach is in knots and mentally I feel like a steaming pile of kry
  10. (This song has nothing to do with anything. I just stole the phrase from it. And like it.) ************************************************** “What if we trusted ourselves, believed in our basic worthiness, believed that we would be OK even if things didn’t work out as planned, believed that we are loving, kind, and innately good human beings?” I've been having a hard time articulating what I want to do this challenge. I've been adding one new habit per challenge this year, with the idea that I'd accumulate 10 healthy habits over the course of the year. But
  11. How Do You Want to do This? One of the greatest things about roleplaying games, is that the end goal can be accomplished in a variety of ways. More so, the true joy of the game, comes not from the just succeeding in meeting that goal, but in the journey and adventure along the way. As I've spent the last year struggling and fussing and fighting with frustration, and not knowing what's working or not working, I've become so focused on the final result (or lack thereof) that I've forgotten to focus on and enjoy the path that leads me there. So, we're going to be largely
  12. To succeed in this challenge, I will need the peace and serenity of a Jedi, learning to control my emotions and passions and become one with the force. To set the scene, I have an exciting announcement! Mrs. Pimpernel and I just had our second baby! This means a sharp decrease in sleep and increase in stress, which is a recipe for diet disaster. However, last challenge I realized that I really need to focus on my diet, and I'm sticking to that. So my big goal for this challenge is: Peace/Serenity - No food with added sugar for the full 5 weeks
  13. I'm going to be a little easy on myself this time around and not set hugely challenging goals, but just ones that need to be worked on! I've got the Four Nations championships on 3 December so I want to be physically and mentally ready. Get my head in the game. My mind is a large part of what's holding me back so I'm going to work through some sports psychology books and exercises to try to change my mindset. I still really struggle to see myself as a good lifter so I need to give myself a firm talking to and start to see myself as others do. Look after myself. G
  14. I'm back! I just got back from a month long holiday to the US that contained Camp Nerd Fitness (hooray!) lots of food (delicious!) and a shit tonne of walking. Plus some YogaQuest, which is like yoga but nerdy. But I am back and ready to jump into the Nerd Fitness habit building wagon face first. I think. I know it doesn't make sense, I'm still jetlagged, deal with it. Small steps mean big changes --NF Academy bodyweight workout x 2 per week --ride my bike to work x 1 per week Say no to cake --meal prep x 1 per week
  15. Ok. So my previous week was a bit down because of my injury. But I will go back to the gym from tommorow so there shouldn't be any problems. During the last month there were actual a lot of possible challenges that popped up in my mind. So maybe it becomes a lot. I will see what is possible. CHALLENGE 1: intermittent fasting I want to work on my diet and eating habits. The second week from previous month I tried intermittent fasting. I have to say, it worked great. I even felt more energized during my morning workouts. I will make this a challenge to stop ea
  16. "Without change something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken." -Frank Herbert, Dune --- Hey, all-- It's my first challenge since my Birthday Respawn, and I'm super excited for some structure in my NF life. Slowly (so slowly), I've built a really good water drinking habit (96 oz per day), workout habit (2 bodyweight workouts per week) and sleep habit (at least 8 hours every night). So I'd like to stretch just a little farther and get a little better. I feel impatient for improvement because I feel like I've been stalled out,
  17. So it’s been a few years since I last engaged with this site, but after some blunt conversations with myself I’ve come back more determined than ever to overhaul my lifestyle, diet and habits with a complete reboot! My goal – to fit back into my scalloped print dress! So a little background about me: · Age – 32 · Height – 157 cm · Weight – 70kgish?? So a few years back when I came to this site I was struggling to build on my strength training. I was enjoying Olympic lifting, but struggling with my diet which was and still is pret
  18. Overview / Motivation: Pumped up for another 4 - week challenge. I enjoyed seeing some of my goal numbers (Bench, Squat & Pull Ups) build back up over the last challenge and hoping to keep that momentum going. I've still struggled with getting up early to knock out some workouts, and therefore want to build more of an Iron Will (mentally and physically) to create a higher level of consistency and discipline. Adding NF Yoga back in since I am still feeling pretty achy each morning and need to be more intentional about combating that since I refuse to believe the way I feel at
  19. Commitment has been a hurdle for some time now. Always eager to begin, reluctant to continue. "A Jedi must have the deepest commitment, the most serious mind. This one, a long time have I watched. All his life has he looked away to the future, the horizon. Never his mind on where he was . Hmm? What he was doing." - Yoda to Luke, EP IV My hurdle has always been looking to the past. What I used to be able to do, what I have previously accomplished, where I was before this or that happened. It's self defeating and takes away from the accomplishments I earn in the pr
  20. "The monastry door opens a bit and through slips a student who hasn't been seen for a while by the other monks. He roamed the lands for while and he looks slighty bruised like life happend to him a few times. But he has a warm smile on his face and seems happy that he is home again. He gets back to his usual spot in the yard and starts training his forms again." After a skipped challenge i'm trying get back on track. I want to do the following: Each Day: * get to bed before 12 am. * sleep 7 hours * drink two litres of water * meditate ten minutes
  21. I love to learn, and I always learn best by making mistakes (I'm not going to go into MAKER lingo and call it failure, because around here, failure is only when you give up). Having successfully kicked my work candy snacking habit with the tactics of the Rebellion (and some more brain wire knowledge), I've re-evaluated my basic healthy habits and have a simple plan to steadily make those changes stick. Here we go! Main Goal: To decrease body fat percentage by 5% through good habits and to build up a Ranger attitude of self-love and confidence. Eat Well: Consistently bring and
  22. Hello all! I'm getting started back on this fitness journey. I did well a few years ago, made a lot of good changes, but I have backslid more than a little, and would like to get back on track. My goals for now are to complete the mindset module and get back into good nutrition. This will be rather free-form at first - I'll clean it up later. Today I took measurements (I'll get pictures after the kids are in bed) and started prepping food for the week. In the past I have strictly counted calories, but I am soooooo over that, so I'm g
  23. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Back again with my basic challenge structure and its Mando theme. Because I WANT TO BE A MANDO MERC! As previously mentioned, I will be adding a co-op element to this challenge. I’ve listed the ways in which I can earn points this challenge (the same way I was grading before in the same structure), but with the goal points already calculated, the co-op elements will help earn points toward the goal (like in @Wild Wolf's previous challenge). The co-op players’ goals will stem from whatever mercenary job is running that week. Four weeks, four jobs. S
  24. *Mandokarla: having the *right stuff*; showing guts and spirit; the state of being the epitome of Mando virtue - a blend of aggression, tenacity, loyalty and a lust for life If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results. This made such a huge difference in every aspect of leveling up my life last challenge, so it's here to stay. For good. I'm keeping the general format and grading scale the same for this challenge (grading will start next week). General goals will stay the same, but I'm upping the ante for a few of them. H
  25. I won't lie; eating Good Food was REALLY difficult during the last challenge, even after a successful W30. I've been stewing on the role of mindset in my quest to get healthy for the past few weeks, and I believe that's where I need to improve in order to make these changes stick. Inspired by those Rangers who've been taking a flexible, minimalistic approach to goal-setting, I'm following suit, in a way. My goals are a return to regularly scheduled programming; the foundation of my healthy habits, but the means have changed. I will aim for a minimum instead of a maximum and be counting any
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