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  1. Hi hey howdy ever-body! Hope you're doing all right. I'm sorry I didn't step up sooner, but after last challenge, I didn't really know where to go. I know I wanted to do another challenge, but everything had got so well locked in place at the end that I didn't really know what to do. I wanted to take some time, if not to think, then to observe and consider, and try to figure out what next steps were necessary, if any. It took all week for me to figure out where I wanted to go next. Basically, things didn't stumble into clicking just right until I made a poin
  2. Goals: 1. Eat breakfast at home daily This seems like it would be easy, but I live next to a Tim Horton's and I'm a weak bitch for iced capps. 2. 2 am bedtime As it stands I don't get enough sleep, I nap constantly and am always tired and if you check the timestamp on this post, it's a little around 4:30 am right now... 3. Yoga once a week I'm not as bendy as I used to be and it's making it harder to do things like tie my shoes, do my job and move in simple ways. Also, decent way to workout that doesn't really mess up my feet more than they alrea
  3. Last challenge was yet another in the long line of fails I have had as of late. Hell, as of the last year even. That all changes here! At least I certainly hope so haha I have done cold turkey style in the past. and it seemed to work for me. A few times I have tried baby step it. Sometimes that works too. Really though, I feel fed up. I'm ready to get this going, so I'm mostly just going cold turkey. Goal#1 - Full on Keto, Tracking, and Fasting I've prepped a bit over the last week to make sure I get things setup to go full keto starting tomorrow. I'm not worried
  4. So I've been hiding on the Ahch-To island again... It's not that I neglected fitness altogether (I actually ran several races and maintained running and strength training continuity), it's just that the exams and family life squeezed out posting on the forum. BUT what also got quite squeezed out is sleeping and devotions at the start of the day (as a consequence of the former). In the last 3 months, only 8 times did I sleep 8h or more (that's less than once for every 10 days) - and the avg sleep time for the same period is 6h 23 min. I thought I could get away with it, but recently I notic
  5. After succeeding in a respawn challenge, Skywalker is determined to make this reboot last. It won't be easy, as one more intensive course week and several due dates for writing assignments are awaiting. So, the challenge will be realistic and simple. Keep successfully doing what works, and keep working on that which wasn't successfully done in the previous challenge. AND I'm adding a study-related one, just in case. Subquest 1: start the day with devotions (Scripture study, meditation and prayer) -> 1 WIS + 1 CHA Subquest 2: do at least >7000 steps/day -> 1 STA
  6. Do you find that you constantly fall asleep during meditation? Share your advice, experiences, questions, and challenges in here. Just don't disturb those who are already sleeping.
  7. It's good to be back in the Rebellion! I got some pretty ok results in the first three challenges (#1, #2, #3), then unexpectedly moved to UK for postgraduate studies (take-it-or-leave-it scholarship thing) and coped with the adaptation, work, study and family balance during the autumn term, running and lifting only very occasionally, while ditching my daily walks altogether. In Nov, I failed a respawn challenge. In sum, I let Darth Paunch punch me too much (fueled by the Galactic Writing Assignments Empire). All in all, I threw that lightsaber behind way too many times. It comes to an end
  8. I had a rather succesful challenge, so let's keep the pace going. Just a heads up, I probably won't be very active. This means I probably won't be visting other people's threads. I will have a hard time to keep updating my own I think. Background info Statistics Long term goals Goals for this challenge I fast for at least 14h a day At least 2 days a week I fast for 16h At least 5 days a week I follow a meal plan (breakfast & lunch) Bread with cheese + handful of nuts (or healthy replacement) Bread with cheese + strawbe
  9. Scalyfreak slowly creeps up against the large of the big building that claims to be a “guild hall” for “warriors” and peeks in through a window. It’s very bright in there. Lots of lights and a welcoming fireplace. Lots of people too, who seem to have a great time doing whatever it is they are doing… lots of lifting with barbells? And is that a water cooler in the corner? Scalyfreak thinks this looks like a good place to stop for a while, and is just about to enter, when she notices that the demon twins who follow her everywhere, are peeking in through another window. “I don’t like
  10. Logic. Foresight. Maturity. These are basic qualities I would like to focus on this challenge. In line with these qualities, I would like to be in bed every night before 10:30 pm on weekdays, and 11 pm on weekends. Good sleep is queen! Also, I would like with stick to the marathon training schedule, continue tracking food on MFP, and keep up with trail running every week.
  11. Still working on getting the habits and routines into place that will help me reach my goals. Thus, what is possibly the least exciting challenge ever... My only recourse is to spice up my thread with quokkas. Goal #1: Daily Morning Routine 5AM wakeup (7AM weekends) Meditate (preferably at least 10min) with Calm app Journal/pray Mobility? Sun salutations? Pack breakfast and lunch (weekdays) Goal #2: Daily Evening Routine Get connected NF, post on my thread +2 others At least one row of my current afghan project
  12. Yeaaaah, I don't have a theme this time. I wanted to see what that's like. So! My last challenge was working well, but stuff was getting too complicated, so I'm keeping the stuff that works and changing the stuff that was stressing me out. What's working: - The lifts. You just can't keep me out of the gym. I hardly even need motivation. I love going. I'm not tweaking the program further at this time. It's still working great. I am experiencing the itch to try new things, but currently waiting it out and just eyeballing other programs for possible later experimentation. Ma
  13. I'm BACK BITCHES! I had to take a bit of a break. See a lot of stuff was going on with work has I have whined about before and as some of you may know, I have been hit with major fatigue and continuous low-level nausea due to the success of the cloning project! The experiment was a success!! Which presented itself with its' own challenges. Now that I am adjusted I am also ready to go on my own adventure! I started out from humble roots in my introduction From Lurker to (Newb) Rebel!, did a few side quests and explored some back alleys in BlackTezca's Daily Battle Towards
  14. Oh, look at this! The next challenge is up and I was actually paying attention! This is very exciting and unprecedented. Right in the middle of this challenge, I'll be closing on our house and one step closer to moving to Colorado. So my big sweeping goals for the month are something like this: Pre-close: Continue to camp out in my mostly packed house, packing, doing the billion things involved in selling a house, trying to eat the random stuff left in my pantry and keep my dog company. [/img] She only really needs whipped cream. Post-move: Dog goes with the husba
  15. So, I know the first week of the challenge is almost over and I'm finally getting this posted. But, the last 10 days have been a perfect storm of crap that derailed all of my plans. As you can tell by the title this go 'round, my goals are pretty simple and expectations are not high. Why? Well, on the Monday of zero week I received word that after fighting various forms of cancer for 21 years, my cousin finally lost her battle at 53 years of age. 2 days later, doctors told my mother that they had exhausted everything they could do to halt her cancer and that there was nothing more
  16. Hello, so here comes my challenge. I want to use this one to get back on track with the stuff that worked previously. So this means: Each day: 7 Hours of sleep 10 Minutes of meditation 5 minutes of training (taiji or KB Swings / TGU's) 2 Liters of water During the challenge: log every expanse in ynab don't miss taiji class Sorry, for not writing that much. During the weekend i had a quite unpleasent conversation with a buddy. I'm not sure how the handle the relationship between us after this conversation. So my thoughts are
  17. I have a competitive streak, I'm not going to deny it. First thoughts on this challenge were to go completely overboard and put some big goals out there like add X number of KGs to the big three and lose x KGs of weight, but I've given this some thought in relation to the bent of my current training and have tailored it as such. That is just to be "generally in shape", fix my posture/imbalances and improve my quality of sleep. I've also FINALLY started watching Vikings, and Amon Amarth has featured heavily in my workout playlists. It seems appropriate that each of my goals have a s
  18. OK, I did a little better than that, but I still didn't really live up to my own expectations. Howdy, I'm Thrillho. I think I was here last year sometime, maybe the year before, but I am generally over in the Monks' Dojo. I enjoy boxing and MMA, and I've been more focused in slowly reducing my excess weight (down to 255 from 268 so far this year, 238 at my lowest last year and 288 at my highest last year, so... it's a struggle). For this particular challenge, I need to focus more on the strength that my body is lacking. I'm still heavy, but I need to worry less about
  19. Sorry, for being late... as always i have to much stuff on my plate. So i try to keep this short and sweet. Goal 1: Get 7 hours of sleep each night Goal 2: Meditate for 20 minutes daily Goal 3: Excercises daily (Kettlebell (10 Minutes Swings, 10 Minutes TGU's) or Taijiquan) Goal 4: Cook one meal myself per week I will plan my goals on monday each week. On a completely different note. A friend of mine worked on the vfx team of Star Wars Fan Film. The film has been released to youtube yesterday and in my opinion is really worth the watch(Go full screen):
  20. This challenge i want to focus on my daily stuff. I keep struggeling with my daily training and meditation. I think this is because i don't have fixed time for it. Ideally the time for those things is in the morning. I'm not really a morning person, but want to use this challenge to improve a bit in this direction. Daily: * In bed and lights out by 11:30 pm (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) * Get up at 6:30 pm (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) * 20 minutes of Meditation using headspace * At least 10 minutes of taiji practice or 10 minutes of kettlebell practice We
  21. So this is my first time doing a challenge with the assassins and i'm kinda nervous. I'm a warrior by heart but for the next month i'll be doing some travelling and finishing up internship and moving back home so i won't be renewing my gym membership so I always wanted to try bodyweight training and build up some kinesthetic awareness and proprioception. I browsed the r/bodyweight wiki FAQ and decided to do their basic bodyweight workout which already has an app that can do tracking which is awesome. Goal 1 Workout at least 3x per week using the r/bodyweight app. Hoping to progress the most
  22. *Placeholder* “Welcome back to the fray, Wild Wolf, we’ve been expecting you..†Yeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhh buddy!!! Its 2016 and the new formats are FULLY under way and I could NOT be more excited. Lots of movement in my life right now, but besides the chance to do a Ninja Warrior type deal in February, I have a Quidditch try out in Austin for the Lonestar Quidditch Club on the 16th of this month...that’s 14 days away!!! Originally, I had to be put on a waiting list to see if I was ever able to even try out. So, I left it up to chance. If I made the list, I would try out. There’s nothing
  23. This challenge will be a minimal one. I'm pretty busy at the moment, but want to keep doing challenges. During the challenge i want to do the following 4 things daily: 1. I will drink two liters of water. On the weekends i often forget to drink enough and get headaches from this. 2. I will do my Taiji Short form at least 1x. 3. I will get 7 hours of sleep. 4. I will meditate for 20 minutes using headspace. For two weeks i will be on the road and might not be able to post my updates. I will do the daily tracking with an android app.
  24. In my continuing quest to find the Tayledras in me, I'm working on continuing my running and adding in focus even more body weight training! Main Quest Run first 5k in the Spring/Summer Sub Quests Quest 1: Bodyweight Circuit (3 x week) -10 body weight squats -20 walking lunges -10 TRX low rows (if at gym) -10 Dumbell Chest Press (if at gym) -30 second plank -30 jumping jacks -10 incline pushups Reward: +3 STR, +2 STA Quest 2: Movement (3 x week) -Zumba on Tues -Run 25 minutes 2 x week (aiming for 2 miles straight by end of challenge) Measurement: A = 3 times a week, B = 2 times a w
  25. I fell off my chair! I just fell off my chair!! I had coffee in my hand and it spilled everywhere too! But that's not important... (ouch my back hurts)... Dat's me my peeps took it last finals, dat under my face is a property treaty and dat on my right hand is the economic analisys book I've been meaning to read for so long I wanted the thread of the title to be library-related because libraries are so cool. But I'm not going to the library early in the morning, no. Not before midterms, anyway Current main goal I gotta lose some weight. I know it's mainstream, but I was getting
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