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Hi guys! 


I've been reading NF for quite a while, and now I decided to join the forum :)


A little bit about me… I'm 26 years old female from Jakarta, Indonesia, and currently I'm a graduate student. I love RPG games and now I'm learning Japanese language for fun. My height is 5'7", current weight 187 lbs.


Classic tale, I've tried almost every diet method on earth, and of course, nothing works for me. 

Then there was this one sunny day when I looked at the photos of myself with friends, and something hit my brain "Really. You must do something. NOW." My past weight was 218 lbs.


So I tried diet since January this year, lost 10 lbs within 1 month. 


On February, I tried only diet. And I lost another 11 lbs. I was so happy.


On March, I challenged myself by wanting to do experiment with workouts. 


Since I don't want to join a gym yet, I bought an exercise ball for body weight training at home. As for cardio, I use Nintendo Wii game Just Dance 2. I played it for 30 minutes (6 songs) 5 days a week, alternating the songs between the most intense and the relax one, hoping that this can be considered an interval training haha~


And that was where everything has changed.

I lost another 10 lbs. Well, I was happy of course, but there are other things that excites me:

1. I didn't get sick at all since that dengue fever. It's amazing because I'm that girl who always caught a cold once in a month!

2. I feel stronger because I can climb the stairs up to the 3rd floor, without any difficulty. Usually, 2nd floor is enough to make me feel gonna die haha…

3. My clothes size is down by 2 numbers. My best friend told me that "last month you look better because you lost weight, but this month, wow you look SO much better! I think doing those workouts really made you look good!"


Since the usual routine were not that challenging anymore, I finally gave a body weight circuit training a shot this morning. 

I was so scared last night, and as expected, my fitness level is so freakin' low. But I got new challenges now.


As for paleo diet, since I live in a country where muffins/bagels/donuts/pasta/pizza/cereal are considered luxury stuff, I know I can -and I have to- do paleo. 


My short term goal, since I'm planning to go to Japan this July, I really wanna workout because I don't want my legs got hurt from climbing endless stairs of subway/temples/shrines/castles like last year. I was almost crying in the middle of Osaka Castle's stairs just because my legs hurt so much and I was so overweight and not strong enough to do traveling. I won't let that bad experience happened to me again. Ever. Not this time. Hahaha..


My long term goal is to continue my Aikido and I'm interested with parkour….. This is where my friends told me to "be realistic" hahaha… I don't care, I'll try my best to do it anyway haha. Now I feel better because I don't feel terrorized by weight scales anymore. My aim is no longer weight loss, but a stronger body. I'm so amazed by the fact of I can do more sets/reps than last month.


Still a long way to go, but I'm planning to do this for the rest of my life, because I already experienced the good effects :D

And for the first time, I'm going to enter the 6 week challenge!

Not a spirit of cowardice, but of power, love and self-discipline - 2 Timothy 1:7
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