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  1. The Chronicles of Rhovaniel, Dúnedain Ranger Volume One: Wintering The Winter Solstice, marking the beginning of Winter, has come. The days will grow steadily longer, yet for now the long nights and cold winds reign. This is well. It is the natural ebb of the seasons, a time to look within, to seek rest and prepare for the year ahead. Hello and welcome, brave adventurers, to my Battle Log/Challenge amalgamation. For some reason, winter has truly captured my imagination at the moment. Maybe it’s because we had a few days of snow followed by a week in the Lake District that fell on the Winter Solstice, where the sun was down and it was dark as night by 4pm (in the South of the UK, we get a little bit more usually). But I was more aware of it and decided that it aligns well with both my desire to live a little more in tune with the rhythm of the seasons, my sense of turning everything into an adventure and also where I find myself at the moment: Needing rest, to seek healing for some physical ailments and to train. Train for the coming adventures. So, this is Volume One of my Year’s challenges. The Chronicles if you will. I am borrowing heavily from the great rangers on here that go before me: @Tanktimus the Encourager’s consistency challenges have been an inspiration, as has @Rurik Harrgath's sheer badassery and thematic challenges. I’m fairly sure I’m stealing the Chronicles idea from him too. My apologies. It would be a Battle Log, but I’m a social introvert and I wanna hang out with all the adventurers in the challenges With that in mind, I’ll try and link this first one in the start of all subsequent challenges, as another inspirational ranger has done (talkin’ bout you, @Jarric, and your goal setting). And those goals will focus mostly on the season. A mix of skill work, studying, training and just for fun goals. This Winter, the Goals are Thus (Runs till March 20, which google tells me is the ‘true’ start of Spring). I'll give updates on these when and where I can, but essentially this is it. No 'smart' goals here, just a slow and quiet onward progress. Rhovaniel’s Winter Goals - Read by candlelight at least 3 times - Read the Ranger’s Apprentice, book 1 - Read the Ranger’s Apprentice, book 2 - Re-read The Fellowship of the Rings - Re-Read The Two Towers - Re-Read the Return of the King - Watch all 3 Hobbit and all 3 LOTR films (/6) - See doctor about leg pain and be able to run again (and hike!) - See doctor and try to sort out my sinuses (maybe even regain my sense of smell?) - Be able to run 1 mile by Spring - Reach 77-78kg by the Spring - Finish knitting cardigan - Read stock book and start training on stocks - Repair jeans - Plan and sew one project to completion - Finish chapter 2 of Masters in History (my deadline is actually the end of Feb for this) - Plan 2023 Spring/Summer Adventures - Start writing again, in the small cracks of time I can find amongst other projects.
  2. i want to do a taoist inspired challenge, something centered around mindfulness and the middle way. i've found taoist philosophy inspiring for years, and with everything going on in my life, i desperately need to find my center. there's a book i read that contained the phrase "return to trueness" and that's exactly the vibe i'm going for with this challenge. taking time to check in, to be my authentic self. my adhd has been out of control hard to deal with, returning to the present moment and being mindful of distractions (both helpful and not) is a good way to help manage my stress and anxiety. i've been reading some articles about adhd management so i'd like to try and incorporate a tip a week. but ultimately this challenge is about staying present and listening to my mind and body. 1. mindful reading: read a page of the tao te ching every day 2. mindful reflection: daily to do list 3. mindful breathing: daily meditation 4. mindful body: continue with the doctor follow ups, trying to figure out the cause of my exhaustion and headaches LETS GOOOOOOOO!!!!
  3. Guys, under normal circumstances, I think this thread would be a great idea for injury advice and so on. This is not normal circumstances this year. Real talk. The coronavirus is a problem. If you're in the UK, your government's "we're planning to sit back and see who dies" response is a problem. If you're in the US, your government's response is an even bigger problem. (And it's likely to get worse, not better.) They're actively steering the car off the cliff. I hear ya that this feels overblown. It does. Everything feels normal. But I do trust data, and data tells me this is my risk perception that's at fault. I don't have experience that matches any idea of this risk or this government response. The other issue is cultural. We tend to calculate risk in terms of "me and my loved ones", not in terms of community statistics. Like voting, our actions form a part of community statistics that has a much broader impact than our individual vote. You will never know if you were necessary to the problem or the solution when the coronavirus hits your community. You will only know which you voted for. So. Numbers. It's generally accepted that 60-70% of the population will get the coronavirus. For most of them, it won't be too bad, maybe bad bronchitis. But the fatality rate is high. On the conservative end, based on current US response, we're looking at about 1% of the entire US population in the next 12-18 months. On the less conservative end, we're looking at 2-3% of the US population. (In contrast, if we'd emulated measures taken by South Korea, we'd be looking at projections more like 0.4% of the population, 5-10x fewer people. So community management helps.) I don't know about you, but the idea of 1% of the population dying in the next year - let alone up to 3% - is a little mindblowing. I'm not sure I can wrap my head around that. Here's one of the big differences in outcome, when it comes to fatalities: You're probably going to hear more and more about flattening the curve, because, unlike previous crises, there is no top-down crisis management effort to accomplish this. Some states are stepping up, some businesses and universities, but mostly it's now on us. Two more posts following: one on taking care of yourself, the other on taking care of your community.
  4. I'm going to be using this Battlelog to stay in touch with my awesome NF-friends. And to vent... like a Dear Diary... Because I might need to... Then also, I want to do all the things! But we're facing a big change in our lives and I'm not sure what I'll be able to manage. I'm Divergent Background: EXERCISE: I'll be happy doing 3 of the following each week, even if it is one activity more than once Dry Fire Drill Strength Training Walk Self Defense Gardening (not much left to do after Julius cleaned up so nicely - with it being winter and all, things are slow in this department) HEALTH: Already trying to do these every day. Water: 2x500ml - more is better. Food: Banting green list (2x exceptions/week). Just eat right. No pressure on how much, and just to get the budget cooperating with another mouth to feed. Morning Stretches while waiting for the coffee to brew (week days) not so easy in the winter cold. ME TIME: To help me keep sane Try for 15min absolute alone time (peace, quiet, no disturbances) 1x or 2x during the day, or as necessary. An hour with Brandt, just being together, talking, watching videos, or something. The boys and my mom, will have a strict shower/room/sleep time I go to bed: 21h30-22h00 TO DO's: Things to get done this month - just to check for myself. Finish April finances (started) Finish May finances Finish June finances Proof Reading Evening Bible study
  5. BODY I just realized how out-of-shape I am when I was out of breath I was while I was cutting weeds in the yard. I almost passed out from the heat after mowing the lawn the other day, and I have to deal with what reminds me of the beginnings of an asthma attack from my youth. This is bad. I also recently did blood tests, and I have a horrendous cholesterol profile (high LDL, low HDL), high liver enzymes, terrible kidney health, constant borderline hypertension, and total Testosterone of like 300. Though it's tempting to "hack" my T levels to get teh gainz, I'm thinking the best way would be to get healthy first. I just need to let go of my ego, disassociate, and assess and coach myself as I would as a new person I'm working with. Client Profile: Male, 33, married, sedentary, former athlete, has not exercised at all in 4 months, has access to kettlebells,and a nearby gym. Medicated for major depression, currently unemployed and highly stressed (which leads to entire days of productivity shutdowns). Mostly eats takeout, has substituted diet sodas instead of regular. Takes daily vitamins and meds 99% of the time. First steps: Exercise: Tracy Reifkind's 15 to 20-minute swing workout twice a week, after a quick priming warm-up and hip + shoulder + t spine mobility. Nutrition: Eat a serving of vegetables each day. MIND I scheduled a Technical Admissions Assessment for a coding bootcamp two weeks from now, so the pressure's on. I think if I total 40 hours I'll be as ready as I can be for it, so a little over 3 hours a day starting today would be reasonable, though I tend to get in the zone sometimes. So the Program Minimum: Swing twice a week One serving of veg 3 hours of coding ======================================================================================================================================= 13 JUL, Mon - 2h 47m 14 JUL, Tue - 1h 21m, veggies, workout 15 JUL, Wed - veggies 16 JUL, Thu - veggies 17 JUL, Fri - veggies 18 JUL, Sat - veggies 19 JUL, Sun 20 JUL, Mon - workout 21 JUL, Tue - veggies, coding 22 JUL, Wed - veggies, coding 23 JUL, Thu - veggies, coding 24 JUL, Fri - veggies 25 JUL, Sat - veggies
  6. ¸„.-•~¹°”ˆ˜¨ Health & Happiness Are Hard ¨˜ˆ”°¹~•-.„¸ Wherein the Cracked_Belle Un-Dies 𝔽𝕚𝕣𝕤𝕥 𝕒 𝕎𝕒𝕣𝕟𝕚𝕟𝕘, 𝕐'𝕒𝕝𝕝 I am diagnosed with a lot crap that makes life hard — manic depression, C-PTSD, OSFED (eating disorder), OCD, anxiety, some chronic pain, and other crap. these aspects of me and my life are going to come up in my journey to getting back on track with my health and happiness. I'll try to be sensitive to triggers, include warnings such as this where needed, and use spoilers when necessary. but this is my "cover my butt" warning. thanks in advance for you understand. life is difficult; but I find obtaining Health and Happiness is even harder. as aforementioned, I have some mental and physical ailments that complicate the normal struggles of life even further. recently, my depression and my eating disorder have been soul-consuming. it's time to end that. I used to be a rather active member of Nerd Fitness in its early days. the life happened and I left for a while. well, I'm back; and hopefully for even longer this time. I'd like to get my life and health in order, lol. as follows are my current Goals for this upcoming Challenge. I, of course, reserve the right to adjust them as time progresses and I see what's going to work for me and what isn't. Get Down to 125 Pounds (ideally by 08/24/2020) Do a Daily Workout weightlifting on MTWRFA everyday: warm-ups and cool-downs MR: upper body — push-up, bicep curl, bent-over row TF: lower body — squat, strait-leg deadlift, calf raise AW: mix/misc — mountain climber, tensor curl, flexor curl, donkey kick cycling everyday AMWR: ~5 mi (2 circuits) URF: ~2.5 mi (1 circuit) Adhere to Caloric Schedule [TW — Eating Disorders] TO BE UPDATED to a point wherein I'm not slowly starving myself gets tweaked and Friday before depending on plans for the week Goal Average Kcal/Day: <700 Sat: 1,200 Sun: 1,200 Mon: 0 Tue: 1,200 Wed: 0 Thu: 1,200 Fri: 0 Log Monthly Body Measurements take body measurements at start of every month Log Daily Metrics continue to complete the daily Metrics spreadsheet, filling it in as completely as possible Make Next Week's Food Plan every Friday, make the caloric and cooking food plan for the following week (as starts on then ext day of Sat) Manage My Mental Health Do Daily AM Prep complete morning preparations for the day, every day Do Daily PM Review complete evening review of the day, every day Complete Mood Form Daily complete the mood tracking form at least once every day Track Meds track all medications and (certain) supplements consumed every day Become a Professional Writer [to be tweaked soon] Find a Career Counselor/Coach solidify a working relationship with a career counselor/career Resume Being Creative Write for One Hour per Week work on any writing project for a total of at least one hour a week Be Artsy for One Hour per Week do any artistic work for a total of at least one hour each week
  7. Hello all!Long story short I have ulcerative colitis that is in remission now, but I have been training for almost 3 years and think to myself, what am I to do?I barely advance and can't seem to anymore than what I am at the moment! Does anyone have any nutrition tips?I really am in the dark with this thing and I finally ask for help since I don't know what to do anymore
  8. Plague ravages the land. Banished from the trails, he plans and trains for his next adventure. Strength, Stamina and Discipline are gathered and shared with Jax the white wolf for when, once again, the door opens and the road beckons. Quest 1: Plan a camping trip for post quarantine. Quest 2: Work out for 10 minutes each day. Quest 3: Only drink soda and beer once per week. Quest 3: Walk Jax 5 times per week.
  9. The air temperature hovered just above freezing and a steady rain was falling, beading off my oilskin cloak and moistening the short blonde hair that escaped from my hood. It had been dark for four hours and I felt vaguely angry trudging through heavy piles of wet leaves and straggling up slippery wet hills. I wanted to be home by my own fire, not out in the woods on a rainy December night. Start a fire, my subconscious begged. Please, it's getting late. Can't we rest for the night? Try harder tomorrow? "Nope," I answered myself, leaning on my bow to pull myself up a steep hillside. "Rested too long at the inn at dinner. We've got ten miles to go yet tonight and we won't get there by making camp." The winter holidays were the time of rest for many in the kingdom, but not for the archers of the Movement. This year, my assignment would take me far across the country to the Golden Sea, where the legends said it never rained or snowed; but before I could embark, I had to complete the tasks I had left undone before my journey home to Middle Earth just a week before. The next month would be grueling and I would rarely be home. The hours of bouncing for hours on a public coach or sitting cramped with dozens of others on a boat would wear on my body; the days of conducting my business with strangers and deferring rest and recuperation would wear on my mind. The coming weeks would be a test of my endurance in every way. I shook myself as I reached the top of the hill and extended one hand, generating a burst of yellow light to illuminate the rocky path down. The balance between my shadowy ice powers and warm healing powers was unpredictable, but for now, the light was winning out. It was time to make as much progress as I could before the ice overtook me.
  10. LIGHTBEARER: THE PROTECTOR RISES Chapter 1: Integration I was walking home through the crowded streets from work, my hood pulled up over my head to shield me from the light rain. The town was loud with rattling wagons, people shouting to each other over the rain, doors slamming and gleeful children running out to get wet. In the last few months I had developed a kind of dance to get through the streets quickly without colliding with anyone - now in the middle of the dusty path, now twisting between taller people to duck into the shadow of a building, now weaving between wagons and keeping my step light as I danced homeward. Today I was watching for rainbows in the half-lit sky when I heard pounding footsteps approaching in the distance. The town was busy and I assumed it was someone late for an appointment; but as I continued to wend my way off the busy streets and toward the side paths that led to my home, the footsteps did not slow and they were closing in rapidly. Without breaking stride I turned abruptly off the path and back toward the market. I doubted the person was chasing me, but it never hurt to be cautious. This time, however, I was wrong. The person came over the crest of a small hill, paused and lifted his hand to his brow to stare in my direction, and when our eyes met, he flung his arms down and broke into a dead run, straight toward me. Fear shot through my system and I ran for the nearest building, a blacksmith's shop closed for the day. Deftly I slid through a gap in the shaky wooden gate and paused briefly behind the wall, but just as quickly slipped out the back and ran back toward the heart of the market street. I needed to be back with other people and lose myself in the crowd. "Silver Archer!" The man's shout slowed my steps. Was it someone I knew? "Silver Archer! Please wait! I need to talk to you!" I hesitated, and turned to look. I only caught a glimpse of the man's red, bulgy-eyed face before he pounded the last two steps down the hill and threw himself at my feet, his body heaving with gasps for breath. "Silver Archer, I need your help," he cried, his voice a half-sob. "I've come to you - because no one - no one else would - help me. I -" he sat back on his heels and looked desperately toward the sky, his shaved head and face glistening with pouring sweat. "I didn't know who else to ask!" I took a step backward and kept my hand on my Bow, but didn't leave. "Who are you, and what do you want?" "I've come on behalf of the families that live outside the village," he gasped. "The government has ruled that we can't live in this district anymore and we have to leave. But we've built our homes here and we have nowhere to go. We've asked over and over for them to give us help, give us time, but they won't listen. They say we're a danger to the citizens and we have to leave in two days." He lunged forward as if to grab me and I dodged backward in alarm, but he prostrated himself on the ground at my feet. "Please, Silver Archer, won't you please come and fight for us?" I froze completely still and stared at the stranger as a dozen emotions leaped up inside me like competing flames. I had heard about the forced evictions - everyone in town had. "Such a shame," we said, and continued on about our business. It wasn't right to force families to leave their homes just because they were different from the majority population of Temple Island. But it was the government's decision and there didn't seem to be anything we could do. Certainly, a few other archers had discussed looking for better lawyers or ambassadors to make a stronger case for the families. But no one was serious about doing anything. We liked our government jobs and didn't want to waste our efforts on a hopeless cause. But reading about an injustice happening in the evening bulletins was quite a different story from finding someone in need of help just a short distance from my own front door. This wasn't a nebulous member of a distant group in writing. This was a human being who needed a voice. Who needed justice. "I can't get involved in this," my logic spoke first. I took another half-step backwards. "One archer fighting for you won't do you any good. And I'm not important enough for my voice to make a difference." "But you're the Silver Archer!" The man sat up and looked at me, his small eyes red and weary in his face, which was quickly losing its redness and becoming pale. He lifted his hands imploringly. "We heard rumors that you're really the Dark Elf - that you can kill and destroy with ice powers. If that's true, you could come to our camp and fight for us when the guards come!" I flushed deeply and automatically reached behind me to pull my hood back up around my face. The last thing I wanted in the whole world was to put myself in a situation where I could lose control of my ice powers and hurt someone. "That's not true," I said gruffly. "Even if it isn't, you've taken out whole squads of dark elves with your Silver Bow. With your help, we could fight back and protect ourselves." This wasn't my problem. I had no responsibility to this man. If I got involved in this, no matter my own feelings that it was unjust and wrong, I could lose control and risk everyone seeing that I was the Dark Elf deep down. What would become of my job and my place in the Movement then? "I'm sorry," I said, and hurriedly backed away. "I have to go." I nearly stumbled as I pounded back up the hill, away from the strange man, back toward the safe bustle and anonymity of the crowded market. "Won't you at least tell others about what's happening to us?" the man's voice floated behind me. A pang struck me in the stomach but I kept running, and soon he was out of sight and I was back amongst the stalls and buildings of the city. I realized I was crying as I blindly followed my feet back toward my office, the small building behind the Chief Scientist's office that I shared with the other writers and spokespeople. No one was there and I collapsed on my stool, pressing my hands against my eyes, wondering what about this felt so wrong. It wasn't my fault that he was homeless. It wasn't my place to go out of my way to help him. I couldn't risk everything I had worked so hard for to start criticizing and pushing back against the Temple government. This was foolish and unfair. And yet you don't believe any of that, a tiny voice whispered deep within my heart. You're the Silver Archer - you were brought here to be a voice for the voiceless and a healer of the hurting. If you find someone hurting and voiceless on your own doorstep, how can you say you have no responsibility for him? "Sky! Are you crying?" I jumped and gasped as Irwin stood frozen in the doorway, his black eyebrows raised high over his concerned black eyes. "What's wrong? What happened?" I gulped and quickly scrubbed the tears off my cheeks, trying to laugh. "It's okay, I'm all right," I quavered, and jumped up and began brushing imaginary dust off my skirt. "I just - had a long day, and I'm tired." "No, really. Sit down." Irwin grabbed another stool and slung a leg over it, plopping to a seat and drilling my eyes with his piercing, knowing gaze. "Talk to me. What happened?" I slowly sat back down and put my face in my hands, and told Irwin about the strange encounter. He was quiet for a long moment, and when I looked up, his bearded jaw was working back and forth and his brows were knitted tightly. Twice he looked like he was about to speak, but he still sat quietly. "I don't know what to do," I finally broke the silence. Irwin pressed his lips together and looked up at me out of one eye. "What if Katherine and I went with you?" he asked gently. I clasped my hands at my chest. "You don't mean to go fight those guards?" I gasped in horror. "I mean ..." He shrugged. "We'd go with you if you thought that was the right thing to do. But I think you can do something even more powerful than that." "What do you mean?" Irwin stared pointedly at my hands, which were resting on my knees with the runes on my wrists clearly showing. "You were only telling that man half the truth. Maybe you don't kill and hurt people, but you are the Dark Elf, and you do have ice powers." He lifted his eyes to my face. "What if now is the time you finally see what happens when you integrate your two sides together? What if now is the time you figure out how to be afraid and courageous at the same time?" A strange feeling began to rise in my stomach - something familiar, and yet unexpected. It was neither the icy chill of fear and shame nor the confident warmth of the healing powers, but something that brought them together. Anger. Conviction. Focus. "Yeah. That." Irwin looked a bit fearfully at my wrists, which were beginning to glow a bright white. "What if you don't use that to fight, though. Look how bright that is. What if we use that to help others see what's happening to these families? What if you use that light to call the people who can make a difference for these people?" I stared down at my wrists as understanding washed over me. Of course. How clear it was - how foolish I had been. This rushing feeling like a strong summer wind was nothing new at all - I knew it as well as I knew my own name; I had just never felt it inside myself before. My ice powers and my healing powers came together to form the Bow's white light of clarity. This had been my power all along. The icy emotions of anger, fear, rage, and the warm emotions of compassion and empathy could exist together. I snapped my gaze to Irwin's face. "Every time I fire my Bow using these powers together, the arrow can go further than I can see," I blurted. "What if I could send it out like a beacon? Signal others in other regions who can come and see for themselves what's happening?" Irwin's eyes lit with eagerness. "We can find the other archers with powers to join you. By lighting the way together, your beacon will be brighter." I held the Silver Bow out in front of me, watching as the white light trickled through its carvings and lit it like a lamp. By firing an arrow - no; by firing two arrows, one white and one black - toward the sky, I could generate a burst of light like the ones I created with the Bow. Adding the light of other powered archers would alert people for miles around. Yet I hesitated. If I did this - if I raised my voice and started letting others see what I really thought, who I really was, that I did have anger and conviction and discord inside me, not just healing and warmth - things would begin to change. The way people thought of me would change. By embracing the powers of the Dark Elf, I would no longer be loved for my unwavering happy smile and agreeable benevolence. But if I were going to integrate my ice and my warmth, my compassion and my anger, my hope and my determination, my courage and my fear - then I needed to begin. I looked at Irwin, who had gotten to his feet and was watching me. "You promise you guys will be with me?" For the first time, his face creased in a brotherly, affectionate smile. "You know you can't get rid of us." "Then let's do this. It's time to show the world who the Silver Archer really is."
  11. Hey everyone, I wanted to hear some input on this thought that's been on my mind. I wanted to know if you guys would pay for a health and nutrition coaches if they didn't charge too much? Or would you pay a good amount if they can get you down or up to a desired weight based on what you like to eat?
  12. Hi, I'm new to this site. I would like to know more about the fitness tips.Hope you will help me. Thank You!
  13. My goal is to post a daily plan here every morning, including food, goals, and fitness. Then the next day I will reflect on what actually happened and set new goals. Th 12/27 Food: Breakfast: Greek yogurt + all the coffee Lunch: Scrambled Eggs, Broccoli, Afternoon Snack: Skinny Pop, Nuts Dinner: Slow cooker chicken recipe Movement: Gym. 15 minutes treadmill, 10 minutes elliptical, 15 minutes body weight / kettlebells, etc, Personal Goals: Declutter 10 items Put away new Christmas gifts Paint hallway
  14. Blessed be the Fruit. I am back! I need some motivation with current life goals. So of course I turn to my NerdFam<3 This summer has been crazy for me with traveling and having Jamison (our 14mo half son) every other week. But we are in a groove now and I am ready to start adding some things that I need and miss back into my routine. The Ranger Guild being 1st one my mind! I miss ya'll. I have a new guilty pleasure. And I think @Wolfpool has mentioned it before on his thread. I am addicted to The Handmaid's Tale And since the 2nd season just ended with a HUGE cliff hanger! It will be the theme of my challenge to try and get through till the next season. So here is a quick rundown if you are not familiar with the show- So now that you are caught up here we go! Handmaid- Ofwolf This challenge is centered around having a baby. Much like the show. Disclaimer- There will be a lot of reproductive talk and the ceremony As some of you may know me and Wolf are trying to conceive. We actually have been trying to have a baby for basically over a year. We have succeeded twice but the pregnancies ended tragically. We lost our daughter Violet at 23 weeks, born sleeping, And then experienced loss again right after that at 14weeks with another baby born sleeping(We did not know the sex of this baby but I'm confident it was a boy) that baby we named Sammy. All this to say the road to a baby has been long and hard for us. Now...We do not believe we have any health issues that are preventing us from having a healthy baby. We have not had problems conceiving prior given our 4 healthy children. The losses were all explained to us as "Bad luck". So here we are on this journey (Still) to have a healthy baby. We are taking our health more seriously then we ever have on this TTC journey. If you want some more details here is a video on our YouTube channel talking about this new journey Yes I also vlog! I love it. I do better talking then typing. So you will see a lot of videos. Being a "handmaid" I need to be in the best baby making health possible. Drinking more water and walking at least a mile everyday is this goal. Goal- Drink at least 90oz water daily Walk at least 1mile a day or swim for 30min The Cermony - Perfect Timing I am currently trying to pin point my ovulation. I know just winging it has worked in the past for us, However we are older, and after going through losses we want to get pregnant sooner rather then later. I am using FAM (Fertility Awareness Method) and BBT (Basil Body Temping) checking CF (Cervical Fluid) Using OPK's (Ovulation Prediction Kit) I am also reading TCOYF (Taking Charge Of Your Fertility) It sounds like a lot but its really not. Its easily worked into my daily routine. And raises our chances of conceiving from 25-33% every cycle to 40-50%. It will also help us to know if we need to get checked out for anything. Like anovulation (Ovulation does not take place) or low sperm count (yeah right) Goal- Temp Daily and get a good chart going Finish TCOYF Go everywhere in pairs-Less stress I want to be better about connecting with people. Especially here on the boards! I get so warped up in the day to day and don't take time to do the things I enjoy. Like catching up with friends, or making new ones! It helps me unwind and think about other things besides just making a baby. Which can often stress me out(Which is not good for making a baby) And when my dreaded period shows up I get so down and hopeless. I want to stay more positive and I feel like the accountability and community here will be a big help. Goal- Make time to connect on the boards Do something for me 3x a week Go to your room-Sleep This one is probably going to be the hardest, But the most needed. We like to stay up to spend time as a family but Wolfie and I need more sleep. Sleep is a key part of health. I also need Wolfie to be ready to go when its time for the ceremony. And being tired is one thing that can put a damper on it. Because lets be honest, he does all the work Goal In bed by 9pm Sun-Thur Okay ya'll! I think that wraps it up. I'm so excited to be back on the boards!
  15. Have you ever wondered, bodybuilders like Arnold, Flex Wheeler, Shawn Ray and many others are so committed to working out? How do they get it right every single time? Because they not only work out physically but also their mind is trained for it. They experience a feeling of euphoria. It is a feeling where the body and mind is in unison Does this seem difficult? Let me tell you, it's not. Here are 3 simple tips to getting the connection right! 1. Be positive- You can do it. Arnold Schwarzenegger always believed that the immense power came from "channelling positive energy into his muscles during every exercise". Manier times we underestimate ourselves and end up giving excuses. These are not statements alone, there is scientific evidence to it stating that more positive your mind feels the productivity of the work done is much much higher. Make your workout plan. Set a Goal. Believe in yourself that you can do it. 2. Warm-up Take up any sport, players indulge in warm-up sessions before they begin to play. Think of your muscles like rubber bands. If they spend the whole day sitting at a desk or working with your laptop, your rubber bands (Muscles) are not being used at all. Then, you start your workout by lifting heavy weights or sprinting fast where the muscles get pulled apart quickly and will snap resulting in muscle pain. This is exactly why you need a warm-up. It's a way of telling your body especially your muscles to loosen up. You need the muscles to be prepared for the workout session which is to start in a while. Yes, you might tell me that you don't have time to warm up, but let me tell you if you don't have time to warm up you probably don't have time to work out. A simple warm up will be: 2-3 minutes of jump rope 15 body weight squats 15 hip extensions 10 forward leg swings (each leg) 10 side leg swings (each leg) 10-20 push ups 3. Rest, Rest and Rest. Rest? means no workout? You might be wondering why is this even on my list! Allow me to explain. In the process of being fit, most of us overdo our workouts. We keep adding exercises to our plans. You cannot have breakfast, lunch, and dinner together. Your stomach will certainly not take it. Similar there is a limit to how much your muscles and mind can take it for a session. Do not do it all at once. Give your Mind and Muscles the rest it deserves. A positive mind set, a warm up session, and proper rest is what it takes to get the balance right.
  16. LIFE GOALS: Complete commissioned projects by deadline. Balance Discord/Twitch and the rest of my life. Take a break on Sundays. HEALTH GOALS: 3 bottles of Water a day. Izuku's Gym Workout at 8am - MWF 2.5 mile run3x10 one arm bendt over rows3x10 lunges each leg3x10 kickbacks3x10 shoulder raises side/front3x50 squats3x50 pushups3x15 biceps curl This is the routine I want to get to, but it'll take time before I'm doing everything. GAMING GOALS: Red Dead Redemption Platinum
  17. So I've had a weird bumpy thing just above my stomach since December, and I finally went to an internal medicine specialist to get it checked out. While I'm still waiting for final test results, the doctor is 90% sure it's a hernia from lifting (I deadlift and squat at least once a week at my community center, in addition to doing kung fu). Have any of you experienced anything like this? The doc said while it doesn't hurt and it's coming and going, I should just take it easy and wait to see if it goes away on its own, but if it does start to hurt (which it doesn't at all right now, it's just a weird pressure sometimes), then I'll have to have surgery
  18. Consider this a respawn journal. I took part in a couple of challenges in Summer last year, but as soon as university stepped up and I was travelling a lot between school and family, I lost my way again. This year at university has been harsh - obviously, the work is harder and there's more of it, but a bunch of personal stuff has been going on too. But I'm done with excuses. I really struggle with self-regulation and admitting mistakes. Always justifying what went wrong... I have decided to start a casual battle log to try and remain accountable but flexible - life's unpredictability makes it difficult for me to have a solid routine, but I am going to try and keep as much 'stuff' going as I can despite this. So, here is where I will track whatever I am working on at the time, whether that be my diet, my studies, my mental health etc. My general goals are to incorporate healthy daily choices alongside keeping up with the demands of university, and see if I can truly become more accountable to myself through using this log. Perhaps I will return to the 4 week challenges at some point, but for now, this is getting me back into facing my decisions and tracking the ones that went well and the ones that went not so well, in my physical health, my mental health and in life in general. So, hello if anyone is reading this! I can't promise this thread will be interesting or regular or inspiring, but hopefully it works for me. Uplifting song for this post - Two Steps From Hell / Never Give Up On Your Dreams
  19. On Habitica, I came across this challenge: "10 Habits You Should Do Every Day" Welp, I need routine and everyday is kinda a routine thing to do. So here goes... Dailies Exercise: 10 squats, 10 pushups, Walk to the mail box, 5 minute stretch, except on Wednesdays when I run from Zombies Reading 1 Chapter a day Meditation 10 minutes of breathing and waking up at 8:00am Habits Project Time Two Hour Block on Wednesday and Thursday for animation/art projects Brain Buster Do a Sudoku every day Language Spend 30 minutes learning Sign Language M-F Podcast/TED Talk/University Lecture Watch one once a week on Wednesday Personal Management Just 15 minutes cleaning up around the apt Nutrition Eat veggies and fruits, drink water, be in bed by 12:30am Creative Recreation Personal gaming for the sake of a good time
  20. I'm back for a challenge. I NEED this challenge. Also. Goats. I'm taking a nutrition class, where we used the Hamwi method to determine my BMR of 1350 calories. THEN determining if I exercise and stay moderately active throughout the day, my calorie range could be up to 2050 calories. But I want to LOSE weight, and we all know a pound is equal to 3500 calories so that means I could take 500 calories off and lose a pound a week if I eat 1550 calories a day. MY GOALS Eat 1350-1550 calories a day. Never going below 1350, and never going above 2000. In the past I've tried eating anywhere from as little to 800-1200 calories to lose weight, and now I realize how eating too little can impact my health. Eat more oatmeal, yogurt, fruits, and vegetables. Also drink more water. No food is restricted at this time, just focusing on getting as much nutritious food as possible within that calorie range. Exercise daily. Aim for 300 calories burned a day. That equals about 3 miles of walking, for example. Exercises I love are dancing, walking, and yoga. Get strong- resume strength training and build more lean muscle mass. Bonus goal: Keep a personal journal of feelings, thoughts, and experiences to aid in managing everyday stress. I won't be sharing this with the group. How I'll do it: I'm going to use My Fitness Pal to track calories. I'm aware it's not a perfect system, often overestimating calories burned for exercises, and underestimating calories consumed. But it is more effective than the nothing I'm doing currently. Plus, I'm counting on building more lean muscle mass to counter any caloric miscalculations from the app. I'll share highlights with you here at the end of the day. Rewards: In this, doing it is the reward. That and the delicious smugness when I'm putting on a size smaller jean one day
  21. Don't you just love that movie? It is so relatable: we all have different voices arguing inside our head. This challenge I'm going to change from the inside out, listen to the voices and find my own voice. This challenge I'm not going to change on the outside: no strict food rules, no changing my environment to fit my goals. Because that stuff doesn't change my relationship with food, it doesn't change my brain. So, what am I going to do this time? I've talked about Life on Tellus before here. And I still love this approach. The theory is that you've got a lower brain, she calls it a dinosaur, but I'm picturing mine more like a dragon And you've got a higher brain. Your true self. She pictures it as Hermione (from harry potter), more because that toy was the closest thing resembling a human being in her house I guess So here is my Hermione: The short version is: your lower brain (dinosaur, dragon, lizard, monkey brain or whatever you want to call it) is instinct, habit, it does what you have taught it to do. If you taught it food makes you feel better when you are sad, it will direct you to food every time you get sad. It is stupid, it doesn't think things trough, it only cares about survival right now. Your higher brain is your intelligent self: the one that knows that the chocolate will make you feel better for a few minutes, but isn't the right thing for you to eat right now. It isn't healthy or you aren't hungry. The trick is to actually face your dragon. And realize that you are an all powerfull wizard/witch that will have no trouble taming it. Your dragon can trow all the tantrums in the world, but in the end you are the boss. You say what goes. You take care of yourself, you look at the long term. So my goals for this challenge: And I'm copying this directly from the Life on Tellus blog And for the practical part: Knowing I have a dragon, and learning to face it opens the way to really take care of myself, love myself. I'm going to do that by creating discipline: choose healthy, don't eat too much, move around. I recently got a fitbit that is going to help me do just that I love new toys
  22. RESPAWN, this happened on 1st of January... Why so long to announce it well here my story.. So I looked at the date I first signed up its been 6 years and I'm no physically fitter or healthy. Oh I've done a few mini quests updated my profile but never kept it up. ive gained a few healthy habits from the years of Nerds Fitness, FOOD , I no longear go near the vending machine, or sweet pudding at work.. and at home I've got healthy cook book and ignore pasta, rice and potatoes .. Now juicing Exercise , I will cycle to work in better weather ,, it's icy and cold.. but I've got ride of all my gimic stuff and now own just a two kettle bells, a step stool and resistance band.. But then Death ,,,,, GAME OVER!!! New 2018 I'm not dead yet but this time I'm saving my life, im Growing up I'm 40 in May.. time to say good bye to slowly dieing old me and Hello weakling respawn me. so my proclamation hah yeah right !! So I've lost weight I'm now 13st1 I was 14.3 (whoop). Sword and shield training 3x a week (kettle bell).. no planed day just three workouts. Bow and agility training, (resistance band,,, flexability workout/bodyweight) three times a week.. provisions (Food) No canteen food , homemade lunch, homemade juice, homemade meals .. thats it nothing more yet.. I'll write my story and aims in the battle log,,
  23. It's time to kick the bad habits... and become a Superhero. "Life doesn't give us purpose. We give life purpose." 100 Days x 3 Daily tasks = Superhero Training. Strength and Perfect Form Task one: 10 pushups per day. Back straight, arms 90 degrees Be Aware of Your Surroundings Task two: Eat Veggies and Fruits Do Your Best Task three: Finish Mum's Birthday Gift Record/Edit a chapter of HP1 everyday Bonuses: 3 Bottles of Water 1ch Reading 120 Minutes of 'Animation' "You're much stronger than you think. Trust me." I totally didn't steal this from @Mr.Six
  24. Since I've respawned I might as well re-start my battle log again: Hi!! I'm Noddy - short for Nadoriel. Welcome to my Grinding log! I'm a nurse and a geek. That basically means that in between my nursing deeds I also read, draw, listen to music, play MMOs, cook, garden, clean the house and work out in the gym. Nursing is my main life skill to attain money for traveling, getting a house and probably acquiring new and amazing items for my inventory. Everything else is for fun and also to keep me fit and healthy ^^ My main character goal is to get fit. I'm pretty much healthy, I reckon. But the chubbiness is not welcome, and I totally want to cosplay one day. And everyone knows manga characters are usually not chubby! At least the ones I like ^^ So here's what I've been doing: BLE weight loss protocol diet. BLE means maintaining bright lines. There are a few of them, but I kind adapted them to my life. Right now that means: - No cacau/chocolate of any any any kind. EVER; - No sugar and avoid sweeteners like the plague; - No flour of any kind; - Eat 3 times a day; - Drink plenty; - Keep BLE portions reasonably. BLE portions stand as follow: Breakfast: 1 protein, 1 fruit, 1 starch/grain Lunch: 1 protein, 6oz veggies, 1 fruit Dinner: 1 protein, 14oz veggies Fruit is supposed to make around 6oz. Protein is around 8oz for milk/yogurt, 4oz for meats and fresh cheese, 2oz matured cheese and nuts. Weight lifting: I've been using Stronglifts since June but already stalling, so I will start with Starting Strenght to try it out when I come back from holidays. So far I've got: - Squats: 52.5kg - OHP: 22.5kg with some jumping to managed the whole sets - Deadlift: failed today at 67.5kg - Bench press: failed on 32.5kg - Row: 32.5kg I'm training 2x week, since I work long shifts and my days off are usually paired together - not advised for weight training. And this is me! I'm also playing on Europe servers Black Desert Online, if anyone fancies it... =P at least until I buy a new laptop that allows me to play Witcher 3!
  25. **Idea totally inspired by Cataleya - Roadmap. ***New PS4 Icon edited by Niilack on Reddit. Thank you! Could not find that image anywhere! I am a gamer who loves to Platinum games. =^_^= If you've seen any of my monthly challenges, this is abundantly clear. I loved @Cataleya's idea of a Roadmap so much, that I decided to make this year like a game that I need to play through and platinum. There will be bronze trophies, silver, gold, and the beautiful Platinum. Horizon Zero Dawn is the title because it's the game I am most looking forward too this year. *I hope it's not a disappointment* EDIT: It was not a disappointment!! Yay! ROAD MAP Overview: Estimated trophy difficulty: Personal Estimate: 10/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating) Offline trophies: 26 (13, 7, 5, 1) Online trophies: 0 Approximate amount of time to platinum: 365 Days (Estimated Time to Platinum) Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 Number of missable trophies: All of them since there is a time limit on this game. Glitched trophies: 3 District 12, I Volunteer As Tribute, No Hacks Required Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A Do trophies stack?: Yes. Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A Introduction: This game is going to be rough. It's about improving your eating habits, flexibility, knowledge, cooking skills, career, gaming, and weight/strength. There are no cheats available and the difficulty is set. Once you unlock a trophy, the image will appear that way we all can follow along and keep track of how you're doing. Updates, Patches, DLCs Warning: This game is continually updating, patching, and sometimes unexpected DLC is added. So I will keep this guide as updated as possible by editing this post and labeling accordingly. Thank you for being patient. Step One: Play through the monthly challenges. Completing and passing those should lead in quite nicely into achieving the other trophies. Trophy Guide: Nerd Fighter You finished the year and met all of your goals! Complete and earn all of the trophies Is This Easy Mode? Platinum/Play Through 6 Games on the PS3. Heavy Rain, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Red Dead Redemption, The Last of Us (can be done with remastered version on the PS4), Uncharted 1-3 (Can be done with the remastered version on PS4), LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (can be done with the PS4 version) and Fairytale Fights are some options right now. Game options could change with an upcoming patch. Lilmissbri's Update (Jan 18): I have platinum-ed 2/6 (Heavy Rain and Harry Potter) games here so far. Good Progress! Progress Update (Jan 27): Beyond: Two Souls is completed and platinum is obtained. Progress Update (Feb 11): LEGO Marvel Super Heroes plat is obtained! Progress Update (Jan 27): The Last of Us is finally platinum-ed. No Hacks Required! Play through Horizon Zero Dawn, Borderlands, Fallout 4, and The Witcher 3. This trophy is glitched. When one does not like of the games fundamentally, then it doesn't seem to affect obtaining the trophy. As long as the player throughly tries. Odd. Progress Update (Apr 10): I have platinized Horizon Zero Dawn! Huzzah!! Are You Even Trying? Platinum Rise of the Tomb Raider and Ether One on the PS4. - Unlocked February 17th This is time consuming, but completely doable. Progress Update (Jan 18): I have finished RotTR. Just need to work on LEGO. PATCH UPDATE (Feb 14): Patch came through and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes no longer qualifies for this trophy. Need to Platinum Ether One. You can still use LEGO towards Is This Easy Mode? Progress Update (Feb 17): Ether One has been platinumed. I Read About It In Hogwarts, A History Read 12 books. - Earned September 10th They can be any book; however you have to include Lord of Shadows which will be available DLC at the end of May. However, you must read Self-Management for Actors, Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography, Heir of Fire, The Bane Chronicles, and Phantom to complete other trophies. So you might as well read them and they count towards this trophy. Progress Update: I finished Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (May) | Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Jun) | Lord of Shadows (Jun) | Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (July) Don't You Two Read? Read 6 books. - Earned May 22nd Pick up 6 books either at the apt., buy them online, or buy them at the store. However you get them, read them! Progress Update: I finished Scrappy Little Nobody (Mar) | Phantom (Apr) | Queen of Shadows (May) Books! And Cleverness! Read 3 books. - Obtained February 16th Just do it. Progress Update: I finished Heir of Fire (Jan) | The Bane Chronicles (Feb) | Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography (Feb) Black Swan Assassin Achieve the Splits. Stretching consistently and often will help towards this trophy. Heya, Sugar Get down to 18% body fat. This is a very difficult trophy to get. BUT, is completely doable within the time frame. Just continue to focus on the monthly challenges and this should pop without even trying, but lots of sweat. Progress Update: 21.3% body fat (Feb. 8th) Progress Update: 20.3% body fat (Mar. 15th) Progress Update: 18.4% body fat (Apr. 18th) Progress Update: 20.3% body fat (May 24th) AS IF! Clean out and update your closet. Take a month to really focus on this. Get rid of old clothes, put stuff aside to update, and upgrade your closet. The biggest priority are pretty of outfits that are business casual for work/auditions. District 12 Do not drink soda/alcohol for 6 months. - Unlocked July 1st There is a glitch for this trophy. Drinking soda/alcohol on special occasions or at restaurants don't seem to count; however, I would try to keep away if you can. Just in case. Progress Update (Jan): Just drank water and tea all month. Oh and coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. Progress Update (Feb): Lots of water, tea, and coffee. Some alcohol, but it was in celebration of a gig or anniversary. Progress Update (Mar): Definitely some if-y moments of Costco lunches involving soda and stressful days with some alcohol, but overall still just coffee, water, and tea! Progress Update (Apr): All good! Progress Update (May): Continuing my streak! I have really not a taste for soda and alcohol much anymore. Except for when it's paired with a delicious Italian dinner or that sweet In-and-Out burger. Progress Update (Jun): I did it! The Fools Who Dream Earn your first official gig. - Unlocked January 27th There are a couple different ways this can be obtained. Voices.com, CastingCall.Club, through an agent, through connections, etc. One Ring To Rule Them All Get your ring fixed. Though there is transportation, decisions, and some money involved. Therefore it takes some time to arrange. Take a month to focus on this alone and get your ring fixed. It's rather easy, just time consuming. One Ring To Find Them Get your ring cleaned. - Unlocked May something or other. Fairly simple. Just go to the store and get it cleaned. Timeline on this is it has to be done by the end of May or else you don't get the trophy and your warranty breaks. I Wanna Take a Bath In That Sauce Learn 12 new recipes that are tasty and include veggies either as a side or takes up 2/3s of the meal. Just try out new things. I've found the best thing to do is search the internet for easy recipes and just try to make them. This one is kinda hit or miss, but it's the best thing to do. Progress Update: Cheesy Hasselback Zuccini Pizzas (2/6) | One-Pan Chicken & Roasted Veggies (2/8) | Taco Casserole (2/15) | One Pan Healthy Italian Sausage & Veggies (2/18) Progress Update: Beef Stuffed Zucchini Boats (3/15) Progress Update: Green Smoothie with Banana and PB (5/4) | Tomato Spinach Chicken Spaghetti (5/4) | Lemon Chicken with Veggies (5/10) Progress Update: Paleo Pizza Potato Skins (7/20) | Fried Eggs with Roasted Tomatoes and Mushrooms (7/21) | Paleo Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Apples (7/25) Progress Update: Bang Bang Shrimp Pasta (Oct) City of Stars Finish and submit your application for a scholarship. - Earned March 7th, 2017 This isn't that hard. At all. Just take it one step at a time. Record your audio and then edit. If you're happy with it. Look over the written portion again for spelling mistakes and grammar issues. Does it still sound like you? If yes, then send and the trophy pops! Azarath Metrion Zinthos Complete 20 yoga workouts. Head to YouTube and find some yoga workouts around 20 minutes long. The length counts. Any shorter and it may not count towards the trophy. Progress Update: I did two yoga routines in Mar/Apr. Progress Update: I did seven yoga routines in Apr/May. Progress Update: I did two yoga routines in July. Progress Update: I did eight yoga routines in September. You Can Brush My Hair Get your hair cut and colored. - Earned Feb. 23rd 2017 In the beginning of this year, your hair looks ratty, very long, and needs to get done. Make an appointment, get it done, and look/feel great! It Is So Choice Pay for your car registration on time. - Unlocked April 4th 2017 This time you have to get your car SMOG-ed so set an appointment and get it done! X-men Evolution Finish the 1st challenge of the year with a passing grade. - Unlocked February 4th Play through normally and complete the first challenge. Should be simple Lvl 1 stuff. The World Could Always Use More Heroes! Finish the 2nd challenge of the year with a passing grade. - Unlocked March 11th Play through normally and complete the challenge. Lilmissbri the Robot Slayer Finish the 3rd challenge of the year with a passing grade. - Unlocked April 15th 2017 Play through normally and complete the challenge. Endured and Survived Finish the 4th challenge of the year with a passing grade. - Unlocked May 20th 2017 Play through normally and complete the challenge. Looking Better in Black... Since 1234 Finish the 5th challenge of the year with a passing grade. - Unlocked Jun 25th 2017 Play through normally and complete the challenge. Mischief Managed Finish the 6th challenge of the year with a passing grade. Play through normally and complete the challenge. You Win or You Die Finish the 7th challenge of the year with a passing grade. - Earned September 8th Play through normally and complete the challenge. Hidden Trophy Finish the 8th challenge of the year with a passing grade. Play through normally and complete the challenge.
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