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  1. What’s up nerds! It’s your friendly neighborhood ballroom boy / data and Econ nerd / calisthenics dabbler here for another challenge, I’ll add a longer preamble (with rough goal priorities for the next year), but basically... My goal this year is to first build the foundations I’ve perennially neglected that over time cause my best laid plans to fall apart over time, THEN build on top of them. Specifically, my usual stumbling blocks are mild sleep deprivation leading to an energy crash or injury, slow building anxiety leading to a need for a hard reset, and insufficient
  2. Last we left Red1263, he resumed his training under Orthos. During his time under the pollen of the Mendacium flower, he discovered that he was missing a part of himself. He once strove to complete the crystal shard that he still possesses, but that journey had been left unfulfilled due to the random direction Life had taken him... "OI! Get back to work!" Orthos bellowed. "Time is starting to run out! And you're nowhere near ready for the test!" Red1263 looked puzzled. "Test? What test? You mean this isn't the test?!" "Of course not, boy!" Orthos gaffaws. "
  3. 2019 into 2020 I really started struggling. 2020 was the full blown meltdown. In 2021, there will still be many things out of my control. That being said, it's time to get back to setting myself up for success. I've never been that big of a New Years resolution type person. In 2018 though, that actually worked for me. I setup up the goals. I had some motivation knowing that most people fail to keep up with the resolutions over the years. It was like I was in competition with the world to know that I was going to be one of the few to stick to my goals. Yeah, I still had struggles, but overall
  4. Hello Rebels, My name is Ellis and I have come back to the forums after a long break, during which I walked far, slayed a few metaphorical monsters and left a few others behind. As this new year begins, I want to make friends of some of my remaining foes; issues that I keep coming back to in dark times, and now feel I have enough energy to deal with. Work Work is not a foe; I love my job. But being a freelancer, I constantly struggle with stress, balance and scheduling. I stay up late, sleep in, work irregular hours and feel that I never have time for a
  5. Today was the last day to submit my final project for one of my grad school data science classes - I'm technically not done but still have a two-week extension the powers-that-be gave to everyone; that said, my goal is to wrap that up with a bow and submit it by the end of this week so I can coast into the holidays (are there work deadlines between now and then? sure - but heck, it's just work, and there are always deadlines, that's no reason to stress!). Otherwise, my only goals are as follows: Get good sleep (and don't stress about waking up early) Eat the produce I
  6. What is the OODA Loop? The OODA loop is the cycle observe–orient–decide–act, developed by military strategist and United States Air Force Colonel John Boyd. Boyd applied the concept to the combat operations process, often at the operational level during military campaigns. It is now also often applied to understand commercial operations and learning processes. The approach explains how agility can overcome raw power in dealing with human opponents. Hi. I'm Ryan or Wolfie to the OG's here on NF. I've been apart of the Rangers since 2014 and apart of NF since 2012. I've
  7. MrsVan

    Fix'er Up

    FIX'ER UP This is a follow on from last time where I went to the Moon through House Flipper the game. Well, I'm back on Earth, but instead of fixing houses in the game, I'll be starting to fix things around our own place. Seeing that it is now winter and all, the season for fixing. So I'll be fixin' myself up, as well as fixin' the house up. Same formula with a little tweak here and there: Bible study every day Weighing/Measurements (preferably on a Sunday/Monday morning) Cleaning (the house): floors, dusting, wiping, washing... Fixing: I actual
  8. Hey all :) So, for years, I've had trouble waking up early on my own. These days, I wake up at 11am or 12pm on average --- way too late, I know. This is despite me setting multiple alarms on my phone and putting the phone in a place that's hard to reach. I believe this bad habit has formed for multiple reasons: difficulty falling asleep without something (ex: an audiobook or calming music) playing in the background to distract me from my own thoughts --- I have both ADHD and anxiety, and trouble falling asleep has been strongly correlated with both conditions.
  9. For this challenge, I'm going to tackle a couple of things that I've been meaning to do for a long, long time: Improve the quantity of my weekday sleep by getting to bed earlier. By the end of the challenge I want to be in bed before midnight on a regular basis. Establish a regular daily meditation practice, starting at 5 minutes and working towards 15 minutes a day. The third health/fitness item is to continue my daily walking to and from work. Epic quest will be to make my garden into a more attractive place that's easier to maintain. A lot of t
  10. Mozzies aren't on Lockdown Yes, I know, they are insects and don't know better. Just like the monkeys in our back garden, they are wild animals and don't know about lock down. Just like some petty thieves in the area - they don't understand (or adhering to) lock down. I'm not going to say much about Corona. I think all has been said, that could have been said by now. I'm trying to find the lighter side of the situation. So I'm sitting on my stoep, enjoying sundown with a steaming cup of coffee, minding my own business, and this reckless, arrogant mosquito zooms around m
  11. I got a little buried under work last time (or two... or three) I tried to do a challenge, so time to give it another try. It would be a lot to try to explain here, but long story short I went from functionally being the only person doing my job (it's a 2 person job and the other person wasn't interested in actually working) to literally being the only person in my job for a few months, which also meant I was pulling some crazy long weeks. This is thankfully no longer the case, and the person working with me now is doing a fantastic job so far and eager to help out, me
  12. Annnd I'm late again/already, whoops! And I'll have to start tomorrow since I'm in so late today. I can't be bothered to set up a theme with GIFs because my 7.5 week old is absorbing 110% of my energy bwahaha. Overarching Goal: Lose the baby weight plus a bit more before my sister's September wedding. Challenge goal: See 165lb on the scale (anything 165-166lb counts). My weight fluctuates a LOT right now so I just have to see it once for it to count. Goal #1: Eat one fruit and one vegetable per day Because apparently 2 servings of vegetables was too amb
  13. Hello and welcome to my battle log, est. 2016! I've been doing challenges for over a year straight and I decided to experiment with an alternative style that gets away from the feeling of being perpetually "on" and one step away from the pointy end of the spear that is the 4WC format while not losing the structure that said 4WC format provides. Kinda strike a balance, like? This will be an ongoing experiment, with some room to adjust. This will be accomplished by a month-to-month formal re-evaluation of goals, without grading per say, and the freedom to change things up at any poin
  14. I've been clicking around since mid-January debating respawning under a new pseudonym, but the 10 year anniversary talk inspired me to look back at my old challenge threads. Figured at the very least I can reappear under a name some will recognize. Also, if I go way, way back and count up the challenges I have at least created a thread for this will be #42. Which helped immensely not overthinking the thread's name. 🙄 And it is also a heck of a lot more challenges than I expected. Have not come anywhere close to re-reading them but there are common themes and goals from past to pres
  15. Happy biiiiiirthday, Nerd Fitness, happy biiiiirthday to yooooooouuuuu! I’m excited about this challenge. I have not been here for 10 years, but my plan is to start getting back to my body comp of 10 years ago. Professionally things have taken off for me since that time, which is great-but-hectic. So my goals for this challenge are not really day-job-related, but I fully expect the obstacles will be. Food: Track everything caloric. Shoot for ~250 to 300 cal deficit. Protein for brekkie and veggies at every meal (or if I miss one, then veggies for snack). No alcohol.
  16. Running with/from dinosaurs Adam and I have been playing Jurassic World Evolution, so we have dinosaurs on the brain... and it fits in with the previous themes I had before taking a break Hi! I'm back from a three or four week break. I lost count *shrug*. It was good! It was needed! I'm hoping to get my motivation up a notch or two, grab this new year by the scruff and run with it. For those who don't know me, I chat a lot about how my challenge goes, but also about what happens in my life. I'll write the life stuff in my Dear Diary again, so those who w
  17. Restarting after a few years away from this site! This year is not off to quite the start I had planned. I had gone off keto from thanksgiving to new years because I can't go through December without egg nog, but I had planned to go right back on Jan 1. Then the start of the new decade rolled around and I came down with a nasty head cold, preventing me from being active, following any sort of diet, or even posting here until now. Oh well, better late than never, right? I will probably add some sort of fiction to my posts as things go along, but I want to get something posted so I don't use thi
  18. Ahoy-hoy friends! Welcome to my first challenge of the new decade! Starting things off with a mix of every-day goals (teeth, bedtime) and by-the-end-of-the-challenge goals (ride my bike, pay off the credit card, chip away at subject readings for class), the last set of 'goals' are really more like 'get-back-to-pre-holiday-weirdness' (gymming twice a week, going to Auslan practice, DnD-ing). Extrapolation of the goals + GIFs!: Bedtime- go to bed at 10pm each night. Have a warning timer at 9.30 to remind me to take my meds and get myself sorted. Bu
  19. Hi. I'm SheriffWolfpool. I've been a member of NF since 2012. No, for real, I've been here a long time. Been Rangering since 2015. Goes under the alias Wolfie most of the time? *Siggghhhhhhhhhhhh* I'm well known for portraying Deadpool and writing kick ass stories???? NOOOOOOOOOO! You know what...never mind. Let's just just start back from the beginning... With a little nudge to "just go for it", I've decided to end the year with a NF challenge that I stick with. I mean...it's only 3 weeks. I ca
  20. Mistr works on foresight My last challenge focused on looking at my choices. Looking back over the past challenges gives me plenty of hindsight. Now I need to put that to use to make better choices moving forward. There are two forces at work here: I have a pretty good idea of how my common actions are likely to pan out. I also know that things are going to happen unexpectedly. I know that I'm happier when I have a plan and when I'm not too attached to the plan. Overall my goal is to make good choices and pay attentio
  21. I haven't had a decent challenge this year it seems. Though I mostly have maintained, I really went full on self sabotage mode this last month. I tried to reflect a bit on what was happening. I have the anniversary of my Mother's death coming up on August 20th. That usually that hits me closer to the date though. I know that in the back of my mind, I have been fearful of what happened to me last time I lost this weight. We I first joined Nerdfitness in 2013, I had a great go to start off. Dropped down 257 lbs. Then seemed to bounce between 260-280 the next year. Then everything went sideways,
  22. "Tempered by the fires of Hell, his iron will remain steadfast through the passage that preys upon the weak. For he alone was the Hell Walker, the Unchained Predator, who sought retribution in all quarters, dark and light, fire and ice, in the beginning and the end, and he hunted the slaves of Doom with barbarous cruelty; for he passed through the divide as none but demon had before." - UAC Report File 9REIZDUR Hello fellow Warriors!! Some of you already know me, but for those that don't: my name is SheriffWolfpool or Wolfpool or Wolfie, lol. I've been around Nerd Fitn
  23. I was feeling a bit bummed out at the end of the last challenge because my weight had ticked back up over 330lbs. I decided to take a step back and see how well I was doing so far this year, and I'm feeling much happier with my progress. Date 1-Jan-19 6/24/2019 Change Weight 361.4 330.8 30.6 Neck 19.5 18 1.5 Chest 60.6 54 6.6 Bicep R 17.75 15.5 2.25
  24. Late to the party, whoops, but I did just return from vacation on Monday. I trailed off on the last challenge but don't feel terrible about it because it was insanely hectic - not the most stressed I've ever been, but definitely the most major events in a month. Plus at the beginning of the challenge I wasn't planning on the Italy work trip, and then that happened in the middle of everything. My healthy routines were thoroughly disrupted, but I still squeezed in a little exercise and some vegetables. I'm thrilled to be home, and in my own kitchen and bed again (not at the same time, obviously)
  25. Right after this challenge is the kettlebell sport world championship. It's in a giant sport complex just outside of Dublin on 23-26th of may. I'll be competing in second division, which for women uses 2x16kg kettlebells. (First division is 2x20kg, Pro devision is 2x24kg). I'll also be playing representative to my national federation and coaching my team. There'll be around 18 people from the Netherlands, at least 10 from my gym/team. We have no Pro lifters yet, but I do have 2 lifters in first division this year. So... challenge; 1. Train - every week; sna
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