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  1. In 2020, almost everything went different than planned. In 2020, my challenges didn't go well and I feel like my fitness has stagnated. In 2021, I'm going to do my challenges differently: I'm going to set myself some "milestone" goals for the year and relay my challenges to complete them. No more "do x training y times a week" goals, but "complete goal z this/next/later challenge". Hopefully it will give me more focus and make me feel more accomplished. I want to complete at least 1 milestone per challenge (8 or 9 total in 2021). Long list of possible milestones: For this first challenge, I chose the following goals: Complete this challenge: Get to 5 push ups How: train push ups 3x per week Minimum effort: do 3 sets of push ups on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday Preferred effort: do a full strength-workout on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday Complete next challenge: Hike 20km How: increase mileage each week Minimum effort: take a 5km/7.5km/7.5km/10km/10km hike in weeks 1/2/3/4/5 Preferred effort: as minimum effort, with 2 extra 30-60 minutes walks/hikes that week Complete later challenge: Get the front splits How: stretch every day Minimum effort: stretch hip flexors and hamstrings every day, test splits once a week Preferred effort: as minimum effort, with GMB's mobility workout on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday
  2. I’m back again! For the last few months, I’ve been struggling to keep up with like, basic life skills, so participating in challenges has been kind of off the table. This year, I’ve decided to work towards a group of year-long goals and structure my challenges around them. I started a Daily Battle Log to declare my intentions for the year, and to keep track of my progress during times when I don’t feal up for participating in a structured challenge. I’m going to start of slow with some non-overly-ambitious goals. Almost every one of my goals is something I’m aiming for making a daily habit. The only one I’m not looking to have be a permanent daily thing is French movies, just because I don’t normally have that much screen time. I’m going to be increasing my screen time during this challenge as a French practice, and probably for 3-5 months I’m planning to watch more TV and movies than usualy to practice my comprehension, but in general, I don’t plan to watch TV every day (more like once a week.) So otherwise, all my goals are smooth, lightweight changes that I’m looking to incorporate long-term. French goal #1: Immersion. Only watch French TV/Movies I really need to work on my auditory comprehension, and the only way to do that is to listen to stuff. I found Masha et Michka on youtube which is Masha and the bear. It’s a weird as heck kids show that I’ve already watched in Russian (I think it’s originally russian?) and there’s apparently a french version. I also borrowed Les Mysterieuses cities d’or and La Princesse Astronaute from a friend of mine, both of which are pretty fast/complicated for me and I miss a lot of the dialogue, but I’m highly invested in the plot of both of them so i’m motivated to pay attention. I’m hoping that after watching them through once, the second time I’ll pick up more and understand it better. I also got a handful of my favorite movies (pacific rim, lilo and stitch, treasure planet) in French, and I’m going to look to see if I can find original trilogy star wars in french. Scoring for this one was a little hard to decide on, as I don’t have a set amount of TV I watch, But i’ve decided on 1 point per half hour of French screen time, with a goal of 5 points per week and 20 points as a perfect score for the challenge. If I wimp out and watch something in English or Spanish, I’ll deduct a point. French goal #2: Putting in the work. 20 minutes per day of Book Work. I gotta do my book work and put in my time with this one. I’ve found I really like “workbook” structure, so I got a Schaum’s outline of french grammar. I also researched the best french text books and ordered one from aanother library. I need to sit down at my table, put on some background noise, and fully focus on this for 20 minutes. Ideally this will be daily, but I’m going to give myself a goal of 20 sessions during the challenge (a leeway of 2 days a week to have scheduling issues) Be a supple beast: STREEEEETTTCHHH Working towards my splits goal for this year, I need to stretch every day. I’ll increase this time in future challenges, but for this slow start, I am aiming for 5 sessions per week of at least 10 minutes each. 1 point for each stretching session, 20 points for full challenge. Brain Recalibration: Do something artistic every day. I tried watercolor for the first time during a work program that we just started (it’s for the public, but while we’re running the program, we participate.) It was so much fun and I actually ran overtime because I got so into the painting I didn’t even notice the time going by. I told my therapist about it because our session was literally right after the program, and she said it sounds like I should really continue doing art. I have essentially no artistic ability, but I want to start doing art as often as possible. Just a little sketch of my breakfast or even just coloring in a coloring book for a few minutes before bed. Anything that gets me into the chilled out, flow state. Scoring is, again, going to have a little leeway (2 days per week) because I don’t want this to feal like a chore. This is supposed to be something to decompress and relax me. 1 point for each time I sit down to do anything artistic. 2 points for sitting down to a big project, say spending a sunday afternoon for 3hrs doing a painting on canvas. Goal is for 5 points per week, 20 points for total challenge. Zero Week goals: Aquire paintbrushes and paint and stuf to paint on. Find a follow-along stretching video on youtube that I actually like. Get my textbook from interlibrary loan. Stockpile french movies and TV shows.
  3. Self-indulgent whining.... Goals are going to be super simple: 1. Go to parkour and silks classes according to schedule, even when I don't want to go. I'm currently doing 2 classes on each of Saturday and Monday, and I can't let the blahs stop me from going. Yesterday was a perfect example: I didn't want to go, but went anyway, and after the fact, was glad that I did. Part of the grade will simply be showing up. The other part will be attitude when I'm there. This means that when I'm doing parkour open gym, I need to focus on rebuilding my skill base rather than getting frustrated about things I can no longer do. 2. Do a big workout on either Wednesday or Thursday each week. This means pull ups, push ups, core, and grip. I'm going to set a goal and then if I can't complete it, drop down to an easier version of the exercise rather than abandon ship altogether. 3. Splits stretching at least 2 times per week (not including silks classes). It should only take 5 or so minutes, so there's no reason for me to skip this stuff. 4. At least one meal per day needs to be salad or something healthy and home-cooked, even when I don't feel like it. 5. Soda at most once/week. I drank soda for many years. I gave it up shortly after starting nerd fitness. But, in the last 6 months, I've resumed the habit.
  4. OKAY! So, last challenge was a keep-on-keepin-on kind of challenge. I'm gonna mix it up and see how it goes this time, which means zero week = experimentation time! I've been thinking I'll try a monthly theme. This month: JUST SAY NO. I want to be more aware of all the stuff I let into my life (both physical and emotional) and I want to say no to more of it. I don't need to help that random recruiter on LinkedIn! I don't need to go check out that sale! NO. And now, draft one of my quests: Q1: Daily salads! I'm tired of eating freezer lunches at work, so I'm planning a daily salad (see last challenge for details). My goal is to eat salads four of five work days. Q2: Skill practice/flexibility work I'd like to eventually tackle the GMB Elements course, but my major concern at this point is the time investment (daily workouts are not my current jam). I currently stretch after workouts (so, approx 3 times per week). I'd like to add one session of stretching & skill practice. I'm thinking hamstring stretches (maybe the splits challenge but without the challenge part) and/or handstand work. Mostly I just want to start building some fun exercise into my schedule. Q3. Social media ramp-down I check social media more than I'd like to. This week I want to just *track* how much I time I spend on facebook & twitter (using TimeStats chrome extension). Q4. TBD! Possibly something to help me remember my monthly theme, or possibly not. We'll find out soon enough!
  5. As the video and title might suggest, this challenge is all about the spreadies!* Just as my last challenge I'll continue to do a bunch of circusy things like handstands and pole, but this time the challenge will be points based, and somewhat more focused. On the surface that is, mainly I just wanted to use the word spready a lot. My overall aim is to collect 200 points over the course of the challenge, which might be a tad ambitious. I’m feeling pretty good right now as I'm on a good streak, but we’ll see. I’ll use zero week to experiment, keeping in mind that my main focus has to be on my performance on Saturday! To even things out a little I’ll give myself 5 points per performance practice this week. *If you haven't watched the video yet, go watch it. I'll wait. #1 Spreadies to the gods My handstands are slowly coming back and I’ve started to get enough control to move around in them a little bit, yay! My kick ups are still far from consistent, but it’s fun to play around with different positions. 5 points for freestanding straddle/splits handstand work 3 points for work in headstand or wall drills #2 Ground dwelling spreadies I know I’ve complained about this about a million times, but miss feeling bendy! My middle splits are surprisingly good after a decent warmup, but my front splits are oh so sad, especially on the right. I’ve just been so scared of re-injury that I’ve simply neglected to stretch them. But now that I’m back in the air I can’t pretend it’s not a problem anymore. 5 points for active flex or deep passive stretching 2 points for extra post workout stretching 1 point for foam rolling or mobilising #3 Spreadies in space I really struggle with keeping my legs straight when inverting, and it’s not a micro bend either, it’s just fugly. I don’t think it’s so much a strength issue, but a control and maybe a flexibility issue as I’m quite tight behind the knees. Also it drives me crazy that I can’t always get into an outside leg hang cleanly. But it all starts from the invert. 5 points for each practice on the pole or other apparatus. 3 points for relevant conditioning exercises. #4 Orbiting spreadies Honestly I’m just adding this goal so I could write orbiting spreadies. But I would like to get more comfortable on spinny pole. At the moment it just feels like I’m going to get flung off the pole and die. 2 points for playing on spinny pole, even if it’s only for a few minutes. BONUS GOAL Tentacle spreadies I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THIS TITLE MEANS, except that this goal is reserved as a food goal. I just know that I really need to normalise my eating, but I'm not sure how yet. Ideas are welcome. If they fit the title even better.
  6. I really wondered what the heck theme I was going to go with this month. I landed on: One of my favorite games of all time. I haven't replayed it in a long while (maybe since release) nor have I ever gone for the Plat. So here goes! Let's hope I can survive and defeat all the clickers in my path! SHIV 'EM! It Can't Be for Nothing - Career Path There is a purpose to this life. Keep on the path and look for the light. Goal: Record Bullseye finds, Create Show Bible, and Audition M-F (2 points) Bonus: For completion Endure and Survive - Strength Building Whatever you do, don't stop getting stronger. The virus isn't going away and neither are you. Goal: Keep on progressing MWF (5 points) LINK Bonus: For leveling up No Matter What - Eat Healthy You have to keep healthy if you're to survive. Goal: Eat a veggie (2/3rds meal) and fruit everyday. Only eat when hungry. Bonus: Extra fruit and veggies Stealth Kill - Stretch A great way to achieve great grace is through stretching for them splits! Goal: Stretch M-F (3 points) Bonus: For leveling up Savage Starlight - Read Sometimes there are cool things about. Take the time to read them. Goal: Read Confessor by Terry Goodkind (the last book in a series I started in high school) Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas (%) Look for the Light - Game This does not take place in the world nor can I stretch the imagination. Goal: Platinum The Last of Us (%) Gear Up - Clean Keep all your gear clean and tidy so shivs go in nice and smooth. Goal: Clean the bathroom, kitchen, and living room. Kitty Litter every other day (2 points) Bonus: For completion and creating/completing my daily to-do lists _.-*-._.-*-._ Trophy Goals: Azarath Metrion Zinthos | Don't You Two Read? | Surviver
  7. Hi, I'm Heather Raptron. I do gymnastics, lift heavy things, wear lots of costumes, eat everything, and try to fit too many fitness activities into my life on a regular basis. I am currently in Week 10 of the Danger Method for my lifting program and my gymnastics team is gearing up for their Nationals competition in April, which I am not competing in this year because I've chosen to focus my efforts a bit differently this year. I'm also looking to diversifying my workout plan once again since I've moved into lower rep lifts, so conditioning is on the slate for this challenge. This challenge is centered around Westerberg High School royalty (both in movie and musical form): 1. Heather McNamara Splits progress photos at start and finish Standing split work 2x per week Heather McNamara, head cheerleader. I'll channel her flexibility to ascend to the top of the high school food chain. This is a repeat goal from last challenge, but this time with photos. 2. Heather Duke Meal prep in advance for all lunches per work week Meal prep in advance for at least 1 dinner per week Heather Duke, runs the yearbook, no discernible personality, but an intense social climber. Bulimia is so '87, Heather Duke. I'll be prepping healthy food for Hubstron and myself every week so that he can stay on track for his 60 Day diet reset and journey to fitness. Plus, maybe it'll keep me on track to fuel my body well! 3. Heather Chandler Climb and/or conditioning 2x per week Bonus point for hitting 2x conditioning and 1x climbing in a week's span Heather Chandler, the almighty, the mythic bitch. I'll both need to climb (socially) and maintain my fitness to keep this queen b off of the top dog slot. Unless I just find a way to slip her some Draino... 4. Veronica Continue creating weekly planner page in bujo Actually check bujo lists at home at least 3x per week Veronica, the former nobody, monocle'd frantic journaler. I can map my ascent alongside hers through my journal. Let's goooo.
  8. 'Tis the season for a new challenge! Yay.... I think. I'm saving my Swords of Power challenge for January/February when I will have maybe come up with a way to assign attributes that aren't all purely mental and habit control (ex: "avoid the influence of Mindsword/Skulltwister by not even looking at memes or Netflix or Crunchyroll or <insert long list of distractors>", "do not sit at home doing nothing for all of break like you're possessed by Soulcutter", etc etc). Anyway, what better way to theme at this time of the year than through Christmas celebration! (awkward fragment is awkward lol) Note: still a draft. "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear." Practice clarinet and accumulate at least 10 points per week -2 points for no or insignificant practice 0 points for significant practice less than an hour in duration +2 points for the first hour in a day +1 point per each additional half hour +1 for singing practice "The four food groups are candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup." make good choices in food so I can make all the bad choices when Christmas cookies and candy roll out. Goal: average 2 points per day He's making a list, checking it twice Basically making sure I stay on top of academics into the Finals season and through winter break. I'm taking Bio 2 next semester but it's been 6-and-a-half years since I had AP Bio so woot. Going to keep working on Japanese as well. All the tacky Christmas clothing! Tacky Christmas socks Flexibility exercises for splits. EVERYDAY. Following advice from 30 Days & Stretches to Splits with supplementary material from GMB Fitness (both links I found here on NFR) Tacky Christmas sweater 100 Push-ups challenge starting on week 1 column 1 Tacky Christmas hat At the moment, this just encompasses all the other physical activity I might do. He knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you're awake Sleep! I've been doing better with the sleeping part. Now I just need to do better on the awake-time time management without sacrificing sleep (oops). Happy Birthday Jesus Daily reading the Bible in preparation for Christmas. Even if it's just 5 minutes. Church.... kind of counts? So 8 possible pts /wk I'm running out of list related metaphors. I need to post a log (or at least a point distribution) here every week. I'm going to make it so that if I don't post my weekly log, all of my positive logging points negate. I also need to update my spreadsheet daily (so I don't forget details). I'm not 100% sure yet but I think this week is going to overlap both the end of my SU challenge (because the infrastructure is already there in that spreadsheet) and the beginning of this challenge. I'm still going over some ideas with regard to point distribution, category weights, and adjustments so that negative points just zero out instead of bleeding into other categories. I might use a combination. Reward system (likely related to presents under the Christmas tree) forthcoming.
  9. After three months of freedom, classes resume this week. The syllabus for the thesis "class" specifically states to allot more time and effort to this class than anticipated. Consequentially, I am making a challenge, but also very prepared to change it, as needed. I recently found out I have a torn supraspinatus (rotator cuff) muscle. While there is no pain, I am doing PT to strengthen other muscles around it, and have to put handstands and pull-ups on hold for a while. Rather than whinge about losing out on muscle building, I'm going to shift focus slightly to the flexibility side of the pike-to-handstand goal, and focus on good form in all of my exercises. Goals: Flexibility: Work through 30 days to splits (link). Strength: Restructure workouts to focus on form and stability; keep at it. Cardio: If the treadmill works out, shift from walking to running. Parkour: Once a week; keep at it. Diet: Stay within macros and calories; keep at it. Languages: At least once a week per language (reduction); keep at it. Thesis: Don't screw this up. Attitude: Don't get wound up; keep at it. That seems like a lot on paper, but most of it is maintenance of what I do anyway. The thesis and attitude take priority, but I should be able to keep it all going, at least at a reduced rate. If things change drastically, then I'll just be more...
  10. So I totally dropped the ball on the last challenge. I love autumn, but I also tend to hit a big mental-health rut this time of year as it gets darker and colder. I've been awful about exercising and meditating regularly lately, which is unfortunate as those are things that help keep me feeling ok. This year it kind of crept up on me slowly so I didn't even realize I was getting progressively more and more miserable until I had a total meltdown yesterday. Goals this time around (keeping it really simple as I tend to be overly ambitious and then get frustrated/unmotivated) 1. STRETCH AND WATCH VIDEO TUTORIALS. One of my goals last month was to focus on stretching more, specifically my splits. I was horribly inconsistent with this. Another thing I've been meaning to do is spend more time watching online tutorials on Lynda.com since I have a subscription that I barely use. I realized that if I stretch while watching tutorials I'm more interested in both and it's super efficient to get two things done at once. 2. MEDITATE AND USE SUNLAMP EVERY DAY. I've been meditating fairly regularly for over a year, and when I do it consistently it noticeably improves my mental health. I am more able to stop myself from getting into negative thought loops and downward spirals and to realize that I can acknowledge a bad mood without feeding it. And since it's getting darker it's time to get out my bluelight sunlamp and use it as part of my meditation. I also need to start using my light alarm clock (it gradually starts getting light before the alarm goes off). 3. LESS NAPS. This has been a perpetual struggle for me. I work from home and often hit a big energy slump in the afternoon and take a nap, which always ends up being about 2 hours. I rarely wake up feeling better afterwards as my brain seems to reset to kind of depressed, which negates whatever exercise, etc. I've done in the morning to get myself in a good mood. I also am much more productive if I do stuff during those two hours and obviously sleep better at night. My goal is no more than one nap per week. Just for funsies, here is the video of my trapeze performance that was part of my last challenge! There were some serious weather challenges but I'm happy with it overall.
  11. Last challenge I started on S&S and I'm really enjoying it, so I want to keep that up, but make sure I stay true to my assassin roots . I'll run my challenge Monday-Sunday like I usually do. I'm excited to go beyond what I did last challenge. Goal 1: Do S&S 5 days a week. I'm aiming for 6, but 5 is my goal. I want to start working up to the full 100 swings and doing more one-handed this challenge, so I'll work on ramping those up. I also want to work on perfecting my TGU form. Goal 2: Spice it up 2 times a week - I want to add some other kettlebell exercises into my workouts at least two times a week. I'm still working on the details of the programming, but I'm excited to do some fun stuff Goal 3: Get bendy - 4 times a week I will work on my splits. I'm so dang close and it should happen this round. Goal 4: More bending! 2 times a week I want to do yoga (probably a video). I miss the meditative awareness of my motions, and the flexibility work, so I'm bringing it back! I want to also pick out a new fancy yoga pose to work on. I've done crow and side crow, and I'm not sure where to go next. Any suggestions? Unofficial goal: participate in the mini challenge! I didn't really do anything with it last round, and that made me sad. Not this time around! I really wanted to do a GBBO themed challenge, but I can't find enough consistent gifs to use So I'll sprinkle them in randomly!
  12. Hey folks! I'm researching progressions to add to my supplemental training for next challenge and figured I should check in with you lovely Assasins for recommendations! I'm looking for both a flexibility for splits progression, and a handstand progression. I'm a former gymnast that hasn't done a clean split, or held a full handstand for more than 3 6 seconds in a good while. I am flexible still, so not starting from square one per say, and plenty patient. 10 mins a day per skill seems like a fine and manageable commitment for the next challenge. (More than that and I may need to reevaluate, not a crushing reality.) I like the idea of starting with a 30 day something to coincide with the challenge and, from what I've managed to sift through online (SO MUCH!) I kind of like the look of these, though I find the handstand one a bit confusing. http://www.blogilates.com/blog/2015/06/28/30-days-30-stretches-to-splits-journeytosplits/ https://breakingmuscle.com/bodyweight/my-4-week-program-for-achieving-handstand-happiness Any thoughts or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!!! (I'll post a link in the guild too, just don't want to be rude posting all this there...)
  13. I have a confession to make: Jean-Claude Van Damme was my first celebrity crush. (Okay, okay it may have been Harrison Ford as Han Solo, but... for the sake of this post, it was Van Damme). I think it was Universal Soldier that got my little 'tween heart all aflutter. It was long forgotten until recently I saw Bloodsport for the first time... And I remembered what all the fuss is about. If you haven't seen Bloodsport, it is basically a film dedicated to Jean-Claude Van Damme's ability to do the splits... ...and make ridiculous yelling faces... (This is me on Monday morning, ready to crush it (yeah, sure)) And there was a little of this... Now I'm just getting distracted.... My challenge is to stretch EVERY DAY, no skips, no excuses. (while channeling Jean-Claude as my inspiration) The goal is to work towards my front splits. I started on Sunday, I just didn't have a chance to post until now. I am 2 for 2 so far. I am going to use my crotch-to-floor distance as a metric for progress (with the help of my other half, cause I can't manage that measurement alone), and measure every week. I'm hoping I'll get a measurable change by the end of the challenge. Starting crotch-to-floor measurements: 15 cm with right leg forward 15.5 cm with left leg forward (assumed accuracy is +/-0.5 cm) And away we go!!!
  14. So I'm going to be starting a new job on the 25th and I'm really excited! I have been looking for work since December when I moved with my husband, so this is going to be a big change from what I've grown used to. It's only part time for now, but could evolve, so it will be a nice transition. My overall goal is to keep in the good habits I've built while I've had all this free time. The title and theme of this thread is a nod to another job interview where the role turned out to be as an executive assistant and the movie was discussed as the image of a good executive assistant. So in honor of not having that job, I'm having it as a thread theme instead. Also I loveeeee this movie! As usual, I'll be doing a Monday start, so my challenge will run the 18th-14th. Quest 1- Workout 4 times a week: Keeping it basic this round, I just need to keep exercising! Also, I want to try to do at least 2 workouts a week with my new baby that came in the mail today! [+2 STR] So excited! I haven't picked up a kettlebell since I did my training in October/November, so I'm excited to see how it goes. Since it's been so long, I also want to post form videos at least twice this challenge, to make sure I'm being safe and effective Quest 2 - Side crow!: So close! I have a 2-3 second hold on each side, but I'm aiming for 5. I also want to start training the unsupported version, hopefully the kb work will help with the arm strength part of that. I need to work on my side crow 3 times a week. [+2 STA] Quest 3 - No alcohol 3 nights a week: Exactly what it sounds like. It's a good habit I've built, but having the internet accountability is helping me a lot, so I'm keeping it in my challenges. [+2 CON] Quest 4 - Splits: Again, so close! I need to work on my left, right, and middle splits at least 4 times a week, doing PNF and whatever else I want/need [+2 DEX] Quest 5 - Mindfulness: This one is shamelessly stolen from @UnquietBones. I will make a concerted effort this challenge to recognize when I am happy or treating myself and make sure that i am enjoying it to its fullest! I will post here 2 times a week what my happy thing is. [+2 WIS] (Chanel makes me happy) Happy challenge everyone!
  15. So this challenge may look really familiar…as in almost identical to the last one. Last challenge went so well, and I made good progress in everything, so I want to build off of that energy again. And with it being a slightly crazy month, I want to keep this challenge somewhat familiar. (No theme yet, I almost want to do Drag Race again, but that's undecided.) I’m going to go with a Monday start again, and I’m going to get started right away during zero week. I’m traveling during the first week and from the middle of the third week to the end, so I’m keeping things a bit more simple/flexible for those weeks by dropping my numbers for the “times per week” requirements. Quest 1: Splits: I will do stretching work 4 times a week, for 6 minutes minimum. I can work on whatever feels tight, but I have to sit in the almost splits for at least 30 seconds per side. During traveling weeks, this will drop down to 2 times a week. I also want to be sure to focus on middle splits and not just left and right this round. [+2 DEX] Quest 2: Mobility-two components • General: At least 4 times per week, I want to roll out my muscles (Travel drops to 2/week). I have to hit at least my calf (which will hit the other part of this challenge too), hips, glutes, back, shoulder, and bottom of my foot (this one loosens the front of my calf to help with splits flexibility). [+1 STR, 1 DEX] • Ankle: I realized that ankle mobility is one of my main issues in my squats, so 4 (2) times a week I need to do some ankle mobility work for a minimum of 4 minutes. I currently cannot touch the wall as discussed in this article so my mobility definitely needs some work. I'll probably take my stretches from that article and others. [+1 DEX] Quest 3: SIDE Crow: Last challenge I made great crow progress, and I want to try something new. I want to practice my side crow 4 days a week (2 when traveling). I also need to look up one new article with crow advice a week (unless traveling) as I found last time that finding the right cues made all the difference. [+1 STR, 1 WIS] Quest 4: Alcohol: This new form worked well last time, so I want to try it again under potentially more challenging circumstances. So I will not drink at least 3 (2 when traveling) days of the week. The other 4 days of the week I will keep myself from going insane because I'm still trying to fit into my calorie count, so I won't overindulge on those days. [+3 CON] Generally it will be my goal to get all this done during the weekdays because that's when I have the most motivation and time, but I'll have the weekends to catch up if I need. Tracking: Splits: 0/4, 0/2, 0/4, 0/3, 0/2 Mobility 1: 0/4, 0/2, 0/4, 0/3, 0/2 Mobility 2: 0/4, 0/2, 0/4, 0/3, 0/2 Crow: 0/4, 0/2, 0/4, 0/3, 0/2 Crow research: 0/1, 0/0, 0/1, 0/1, 0/0 Alcohol-free: 0/3, 0/2, 0/3, 0/3, 0/2
  16. [Important note: I'm posting now, and may be around a little for week 1, but I'm on stay-cation this week and won't officially start challenge activities until everyone else is on week 2. I'll make up for it on the break before the next challenge... probably. ^^;] Breaking news from the Goodfellow Cluster! Early this morning employees of the Ettin Conglomerate arrived for work at asteroid mining facility H414n and were surprised to find a group of heavily armed mobile frames guarding the docks. A representative for the group claimed to be acting on the collective will of laborers throughout Ettin territory who have been demanding improved wages and working conditions to no avail for several years. They stated an intent to guard the entrance to this mine against all intrusion until their demands are met, and have called on workers in other Ettin Conglomerate facilities to rise up in solidarity. While rumors of dissatisfaction within the Conglomerate have circulated since it severed ties with the Free Allied Ergotacrocies over 25 years ago, this is the first such act of open rebellion. You may recall our report last week regarding a shipment of advanced charged particle weaponry and SK-1 "Imp" mobile frames that had been reported by manufacturer Phayze Fructification, inc as "seized by pirates" during transport to the Oberon Tvier Solar Energy Collection Array. We reached out to PFi to ask if these could be those same units, and executive spokesman Destin Puck had this to say: Puck: "There is simply no way of identifying the stolen units short of examining the serial numbers etched onto the inner frame on the left underarm, and I'm certain that the thieves burned those off with a plasma welder long before selling the frames to whoever has them now. Even if these were the same units, PFi bears no responsibility for what may be done with property that's been stolen from us." More on this story as it develops, but for now let's turn to Alex for the latest on the Trundleball Quarterfinals! Alex? -- TL;DNR: Pointman - Ring Row/Bridge Progressions 4x/week GWACS - Post 2x/week to this thread + 4x/week in other threads Ground - Movement 15min 4x/week Pound - Meditate 10min 5x/week Let's get rebellious!
  17. I had a little talk with Master Tenzin the other day, and he agreed to consider recommending me for the Order of the White Lotus! There's a catch though, like always... I JUST shaved my beard... ><"The combination of the four elements in a single person is what makes the Avatar so powerful, but it can make YOU more powerful, too." - Grand Lotus IrohObviously, I'm no Avatar (after seeing how bad at it Korra is, I think I prefer leaving that job to someone else!), but that doesn't mean that I can't benefit from an understanding of the principles and practices used in other bending arts, so I've been sent on a pilgrimage of sorts.First stop: The Water Tribe!TL;DNR: 1x10 "Short Bridge" 4x per weekBalance Training: 3 min 4x/weekStretching for side splits - 4min 4x/weekMorning Qi Gong: ~5 min 5x/weekSeated Meditation: 10 min 5x/weekMovement Training: 10 min 4x/week Let's get wet! EDITED repeatedly because the dagone pics wouldn't show!!! ><
  18. My work week is Thursday-Monday. So that's how I am gonna run this challenge. Thursday the 12th will be day 1 for me. 1. Restore My Honor like Zuko (+2WIS +2STA +1CHA) (1x 1pt/day) Ok. So. My main goal for this round will be to actually finish the challenge. For the last few months, I have gotten halfway, two-thirds, a week. I need to stay here.. Post to thread every day even if it is a short post. Stay engaged. Stay on target. Level to 5 damnit. HONOR. 2. Handstands Like Ty Lee (+2STR +1DEX +1STA) (2x 2pts/Week) I finally went to the handstands class at the Philadelphia Circus School yesterday that I was trying to go to all last challenge but got knocked off my course by a cat bite to the hand that swelled up like a balloon. So I've learned some new things I can do to help with my handstands. The whole routine takes about 45 minutes - 1 hour. Handstand routine: Warm up Inchworm + Pushup: 2x length of room (or at least to 10) Handstand T Drills: Alternating legs 2x length of room Handstand Switch kicks:This Main leg only 2x length of room Handstand holds: Hold as long as possible free handstand, step forward 2x length of room Handstand hold + Roll: Only if i have a mat. Hold handstand as long as possible, roll out. Facing the wall handstand: Hold for up to 1 minute 2x. Hips against wall, ribs off wall. shoulders as shrugged as possible. Hallow body hold progression: from last thread. Work up to 1 minute each progression Pike up straddle down: Lay on back, arms up legs straight, bring feet over head with straight legs, touch the floor behind you with toes, sink down a bit into pike then open legs slowly to straddle while controlled rolling back to starting position. Straddle work: Lay on back, pike legs, open to a straddle slowly, close fast to pike. Legs remain at 90 degrees from floor/body Yoga Ball Pike up: This 2sets 5 reps. Hanstsand Pike-Straddle Jumps: Stand in forward bend with hands on floor, arms straight, feet together, Jump into low pike. When feet are off the ground, butt is high and back is straight, open to small straddle, return to pike before feet hit the ground. DO NOT ARCH ( I am very archy). Plank shrugs: 10 reps Plank wrist circles; 10 rep each direction Hanging leg raises: 10 reps 3. Split like Mai's Detachment (+2DEX) (2x 1 pt/week) Okay, I know this pun is a stretch. Give me a break. Work on splits twice a week for 15 minutes. From this image. Splits routine: Warm up Front: True lunge Low Lunge Single leg hamstring "reverse lunge" Pike stretch Hip Flexor lunge Split Middle split Butterfly Frog Side Straddle Hamstring Straddle Straddle split 4. Kicks like Azula (+2STR) (1x 2pts/week) I have kickboxing classes I paid for but didn't use. We're gonna start using them. Tuesdays (except today because I am way sore from handstands class) 5. Teatime like Iroh. (+2CON) (+1points for every successful swap day or avoidance) I've eaten a lot of cookies recently. too many cookies and too much alcohol. I am gonna do some swaps. Cookie/sweets cravings for a yogurt. Alcohol limit of 2 per week. Then tea or coffee. LG. Find a 2nd source of income. I am broke and its terrible. I signed up to be a driver for amazon flex, but its not started here yet. So. I really need to find some interim money. It is very stressful. Scoring (15/88) - 17% 1. 5/28 - 17.9% 2. 4/16 - 25%% 3. 1/8 - 12.5% 4. 0/8 - 5. 5/28 - 17.9% LG. No Progress
  19. Because [Fitness] is what? Fundamental! So, I couldn't come up with a good theme, and I realized was going back to fundamentals. (I haven't done a mobility quest since my first challenge), and the word "fundamental" always makes me think of RuPaul Drag Race! I know Raptron did one a while ago, which was so much fun, so I decided to blatantly copy and bring it back. Quest 1: Splits: I can feel it, this challenge is the time, it's happening! I will do stretching work 4 times a week, for 6 minutes minimum. I can work on whatever feels tight, but I have to sit in the almost splits for at least 30 seconds per side. I just bought a yoga block, so I have something nice to prop myself up on that will hopefully help. I also want to try to do some PNF-style stretching to help get that last inch. [+2 DEX] Quest 2: Mobility-two components General: At least 3 times per week, I want to roll out my muscles. I have to hit at least my calf (which will hit the other part of this challenge too), hips, glutes, back, shoulder, and bottom of my foot (this one loosens the front of my calf to help with splits flexibility). [+1 STR, 1 DEX] Ankle: I realized that ankle mobility is one of my main issues in my squats, so 4 times a week I need to do some ankle mobility work for a minimum of 4 minutes. I currently cannot touch the wall as discussed in this article so my mobility definitely needs some work. I'll probably take my stretches from that article and others. [+1 DEX] (get it, rolling?!?!) Quest 3: Crow: Last challenge I made great crow progress, and I want to get to a 5 second hold this time. I want to practice my crow at least 5 times 4 days a week. I also need to look up one new article with crow advice a week as I found last time that finding the right cues made all the difference. [+1 STR, 1 WIS] Quest 4: Alcohol: I want to try out a new form of this goal to go with the fact that I realized that I'm an abstainer, not a moderator. So I will not drink at least 3 days of the week. I'm keeping this challenge pretty easy just to try out the structure, so I'm hoping I can do it. The other 4 days of the week I will keep myself from going insane because I'm still trying to fit into my calorie count, so I won't overindulge on those days. [+3 CON] I'm super excited for this challenge! I'm going to go with a Monday start, I don't like dividing up the weekends. Generally it will be my goal to get all this done during the weekdays because that's when I have the most motivation and time, but I'll have the weekends to catch up if I need. Bring it on! Tracking: Splits: 0/4, 0/4, 0/4, 0/4 Mobility 1: 0/3, 0/3, 0/3, 0/3 Mobility 2: 0/4, 0/4, 0/4, 0/4 Crow: 0/4, 0/4, 0/4, 0/4 Crow research: 0/1, 0/1, 0/1, 0/1 Alcohol-free: 0/3, 0/3, 0/3, 0/3
  20. Beach season is coming. 1. Punch stuff/workout: (56 Pts total challenge) +3 STR +1 STA I am still deciding how best to do this one. 2 pt each workout Workout before work? +1 extra credit point 2. Handstand practice/classes: (28 Pts Total Challenge) +4 Dex Goals: Attend at least 1 handstand class at Circus School of Philadelphia. (10 Pts) Practice handstands, and handstand strengthening exercises for 1 hour on weeks you do not attend the handstand class. I figure, If I do this the same 3x week that I do the splits things, About 20 minutes a day of focus. Seems doable. (2pts each time) 3. Splits: (24 pts Total Challenge) +4 Dex Work on Splits for a total of an hour per week. I would like to focus on middle splits since I technically have the other two, though they could be better. Breakdown: 30 Minutes Middle splits. (10 minutes 3x/week?) 1pts each time 15 Minutes other splits. (5 minutes 3x/week?) 1pt each time both legs combined 4.Foodstuff: (64 Pts Total Challenge) +1 STA +1 WIS +1 CON Food stuff is going to be my primary focus, I know its last, but It's gonna have the most points to give, so it's weighted to food stuff which is my struggle above all else. Each goal is included in the next week as well. Week 1 Goal: Wear FitBit Every day. (7pts/ week) Week 2 Goals: Bring lunch every day at work + Week 1. (12pts/ week) Week 3 Goals: Eat a Protein Rich Breakfast every day + Week 2 (19pts/ week) Week 4 Goals: Track food intake on FitBit + Week 3 (26pts/ week) Ate Lunch from meal plan? +1 Extra credit point. Try not to be tempted by all the snacks. LG: Build Or Start Building a Ty Lee Cosplay! Not for points. Surprise $500 vet bill on day 2 of challenge makes me believe this will not happen soon. Total Points: 17/172 - 10% Week 1: 17/33 - 51% Week 2: 0/38 Week 3: 0/49 Week 4: 0/52
  21. Hello all! Over the course of the last challenge, I kept a list of things that I want to be able to do, primarily inspired my our awesome mini challenge, but also as an extension of my splits and pushup work from last challenge They are: Crow PoseMiddle SplitsRight SplitsPistol SquatDiamond PushupsSo my goals are going to revolve around getting to these things. I'll do basic training for this month and next month's challenge I'll really push on getting these specific things down. I have to tone down the requirements for this challenge because we have my husbands family visiting for two consecutive long weekends this month, right in the middle of the challenge. So I'll keep it flexible with short focused tasks that can be done within my standard workouts. Quest 1: Stretching 4 times a week. With the specific goal of working on middle splits/crow, ie inner thigh flexibility and splits (primarily hamstring for me). Specific stretches to be determined later (probably tomorrow). [+1 DEX, +1 STA] Quest 2: Crow pose training 1 time a week. Probably a yoga flow to crow video, but may vary or include other hand balance work. [+2 DEX] Quest 3: Squat training 3 times a week. To include beginner (and maybe intermediate shrimp squats) 15/leg, weighted squats (probably goblet), and attempts at easier forms of pistol squats [+1 STR, +1 DEX] (this might become 2 times a week depending on how the first week feels) Quest 4: Diamond pushups 4 times a week. I'll start on the 3 step of my staircase the first week and work my way down each week. I'll do 3-5 pushups each time. I'll also do 10 regular pushups to maintain what I have gained the last few challenges. [+1 STR, +1 STA] Quest 5: Alcohol restriction: 6 drinks or fewer per week. It worked well last time, and I want to do even better this round! Not specifically related to my list of goals, but good for me. [+2 CON] Grading will once again be P/F on a weekly basis, earning one quarter of the points each round. Tracking: Quest 1, 0/4, 0/4, 0/4, 0/4 Quest 2: 0/1, 0/1, 0/1, 0/1 Quest 3: 0/3, 0/3, 0/3, 0/3 Quest 4: 0/4, 0/4, 0/4, 0/4 Quest 5: 0/5, 0/5, 0/5, 0/5 Theme tbd, and I'll post some starting stats tomorrow!
  22. "'There's a story in my veins, with scars at every page, It's written on my face, I'm a proud survivor. Staring in the mirror, I'm not holding back the tears, All the hurt that brought me here only takes me higher. I'm gonna let you know I'm not ready to fall, When my back's against the wall I'm gonna come out fighting." MAIN QUEST: Get the hell out of the SSIA. That's it, boys and girls. If you thought my last challenge was basic, this is even more stripped down. (In other words, I'm insanely overworked and can't think of a theme.) QUEST 1: SQUAT (+3 STR) Hey, I finally have access to a squat rack! And my hamstring is getting stronger! And my butt is still flat as a pancake! That bodyweight squat won't do itself, so I'd better get on that. Simplest goal in the books: barbell squats twice a week, pile on weight as appropriate. QUEST 2: STRETCH (+3 DEX) My splits suck post-injury. Also, working on them terrifies me. So yeah, time to get the hell over that with exposure therapy. 6 days a week of hamstring stretches, at least 5 minutes each day. 2 of those 6 days must be >10 minutes and involve DOING THE DAMN SPLITS STARS. QUEST 3: CLIMB (+3 STA) At least I still love the silks, even if I shy away from anything involving double footlock for now. I'm doing well at conditioning to be even more of a beast, so let's continue this trend: every open gym, drill 3 climbs, all the way up (both sides if applicable) and back down WITHOUT TOUCHING DOWN IF POSSIBLE. At least one climb should be something I suck at. If I suck so badly that I can't get to the top (looking at you, hands-only climb), an honest effort counts. LIFE QUEST: SING (+1 CHA) I had a goal around warming up before rehearsal/performance. Then I moved on from the goal and stopped doing the thing, because stars is dumb. NO MORE. Warm up before every call. Warming up in the car only counts if pressed for time between work and rehearsal (pressed for time is not a viable excuse if I just don't want to wake up early before morning call). That's all she wrote.
  23. So I'm out of the chrysalis and getting ready to fly! GOAL Lose 5lbs, since that's approximately 4% of my current weight. That should take me down to 122lbs by the end of the challenge. Keep myself sane while being mostly unemployed.QUESTS Eat 1200-1400 calories per day. I'm sad to report that I will not be following the mid-70s Bowie diet of milk, cocaine and peppers. Mainly because I'm intolerant to peppers.Substitute juice/soda with water. And drink more water generally.Complete Darebee's 30-Day HIIT Challenge Complete Men's Health 3 Week Home Dumbbell Workout, and don't eat estimated calories back!!!Read something that isn't on a screen for at least 30 minutes a day, because my life's turning into this:Finish Berklee's songwriting MOOC. Alright! No need to take the piss!Engage with art once a week - movie/literature if poor; art gallery or theatre if already in town or if I suddenly have enough money to travel into town especiallyAnd just for lols, complete Cassy Ho's Journey to Splits STATS Weight: 127lbs Waist: 28" Hips: 36.6" Abdomen: 31" Bust: 34" Overbust: 32" Underbust: 28.5" Thigh: 20.5" Calf: 13.5" Neck: 13.5" * I am neither thin, white, nor a member of the British aristocracy, but I am missing David Bowie something rotten.
  24. Yea no theme this time. SO BE IT. For those who may be new, I'm a graduate who works in the animation field (production side so far) and my former studio is in break mode, so I'm essentially unemployed atm though I'm looking at it as an extended overdue vacation or time to be spent organizing paperwork and stuff :/ Blargh. I've been poling since May 2014 and I currently do anywhere from 1-7 hours of classes a week depending on stuff (right now it's 2 nights a week, Mondays 3 classes and Thursdays are Jam (open gym I guess) and 3 hours of class). Goals right now is to get my splits and build up strength for more pole moves (that's a big block in my path right now). 10-A-Day 10-a-day of squats, pushups, dips, leg lifts/reverse crunch EACH They're working! So we're going to do ALL four of them EACH DAY. Building on this from last challenge Splits Focus on Splits, 3x week please! 1 session with the roller/yoga ball per week So there's been improvement since the beginning of last challenge! But I do feel that adding some time with the massage roller once a week should help (it's getting really tight). Art 5 hours on portfolio/art stuff per day 5 days a week (or 25 hours combined minimum) I'm off from work, now is the chance to update my portfolio and get into the art side of things. Or even work on my personal projects (which I think in my timelines I severely underestimated lol). Need to start building discipline on this so here it is! Routine Wash my face nightly with my homemade cleanser (esp if I put makeup on!) Brush teeth (I can't believe I have to do this...) It's been working well so I want to solidify this habit. Also since I've been off work I've been a wee bit lax on the tooth brushing.... MOTIVATION To feel better, more energetic and stronger. To reach that image of future me that I CAN SEE AND PRACTICALLY TASTE. To be ME. The best me EVER.
  25. ALL ABOUT MY BASE, BOUT MY BASE NO ALLIES FOR THE HORDE! I've got lots of goals for 2016 already planned, but I want to start small and gain momentum on the fitness side since I already do lots in my Pole classes And I'm starting with a BANG on the personal side with a project that'll eat up a lot of my free time and I have a tentative end date to my job on the 22nd (no idea when the next project is coming, but I'll be working on my portfolio to change positions or I'll go back in Production. I like both ) BUILDINGS 10-a-day of squats, pushups, dips, leg lifts, etc. Pick one that day and do 10 reps. I've managed to do this while a work the last few weeks (take a break from the pc and do that), so let's make it every day! The squats, leg lifts and push-ups have helped so far I want this in my default routine, even if I'm sick lol. BLUEPRINTS Focus on Splits, 3x week please! This is the major fitness focus. I KNOW deep down, that I can get this. My problem is not buckling down on it. So this is the biggie and this is where I need to buckle down FINALLY. MISSIONS Continue logging So last challenge I did a new thing. I kept a written log. So let's continue this and cement it further (also gives me more focus on splits ). INVASIONS Wash my face nightly with my homemade cleanser (esp if I put makeup on!) Self explanatory and I'm pretty forgetful about it! MOTIVATION To feel better, more energetic and stronger. To reach that image of future me that I CAN SEE AND PRACTICALLY TASTE. To be ME. The best me EVER.
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