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  1. My body is so awesome. Last year it created life! Part of taking care of myself and surviving the pandemic included not going to the gym or touching a barbell for about 13 months. After everything was said and done, about 6 months after her arrival I was 25 lb heavier than before. I decided to return to my pre-baby weight because I feel healthier and more mobile at that weight. I started making some small changes at the beginning of May and as of today have lost 11 lb. Prior to THE HAPPENING I regularly competed in strongman, powerlifting, and even a few Highland games - I'm going to consider
  2. Hi everyone. When ever I'm dieting for weight loss, this is the meal I love to cook for lunch. Please bear in mind, the actual quantity of each ingredient will vary from person to person, depending on their size and their health goals. For the sake of simplicity, I will use the measurements / macro-nutrients that I typically use. Ingredients: 350g of chicken breast; 150g of mixed, fresh vegetables (I like to use white onion, white mushroom, red capsicum, baby spinach and spring onion); 80g of pre-cooked rice (doesn't matter what type of rice);
  3. Hey Assassins: I closed out my last challenge, and here I am to try again. And no, I'm not actually swimming. I don't mind the water, heck I'm a SCUBA diver so I kind of love it, but swimming for exercise is kinda godawful for my brain. Too repetitive. I'm a runner, through and through. Also maybe a biker, and probably could be more so as my joints age. But I digress. My last challenge was focused on combatting sugar and eating more veggies. I did OK on the sugar front, but failed miserably on the veggies. So here I go again, starting smaller with a hope that I
  4. Tzippi Tastes the Vinegar If you've read the Tao of Pooh (and if you haven't, consider it!), you might remember the allegorical image referenced at the beginning of the Vinegar Tasters, in which three men taste from the same vat of vinegar, one tasting sourness, one bitterness, and one sweetness. These three are representations of the three major religions/philosophies of China, Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism. The vinegar is life, and the men each taste it differently. Tai Chi, which I have begun studying and is a hugely positive practice in my life, is largely based on Taoist
  5. Hello fellow nerds, My name is Isaac Brewster and I am thinking about trying the paleo diet. (Or some of it, as I like peanuts and beans). I think the hardest part of it will be transitioning to eating more vegetables. I don't know of any particularly tasty recipes for vegetables. (Hopefully not all vegetable based dishes though) I particularly want a recipe for a spicy sweet potato fry, but any other tasty recipes would be appreciated.
  6. I was never really happy with how my Thai curries turned out until this one. It's pretty easy, for how good it is, and the fish completely falls apart and just becomes part of the whole experience. Serves at least 2. 6 C vegetables like broccoli, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, zucchini, mushroom, chopped in small pieces (not more than about 3/4"). carrots especially must be thinly sliced to cook quickly enough 2 tilapia filets (from frozen is fine, but they should be thawed before cooking. If they're not thawed ahead of time, a half hour or so in a bowl of cold water should do
  7. I'm late to the party, going to keep this simple: Challenge goal: Finally freakin break 140lb. I'm so close you guys (weighed in at 140.8lb today!). Goal #1: Eat vegetables 2x/day Goal #2: Complete my half marathon training 4x/wk, strength 2x/wk, yoga or rock climbing 2x/wk Goal #3: Do stuff Morning routine: wake up 5-5:30, tea or lemon water, Bible reading, SAD lamp time Evening routine: screens off 8:30, tea, reading/crossword Make wedding centerpieces Keep my food and spending journal up to date ...probably going to add more s
  8. So last challenge was all about getting back into participating in the forums. I didn't stop exercising, though some bad news about my cholesterol (it's high) and a little winter "puffiness" has got me keen to up my training and improve my eating habits. This time around it's all about getting ready for the massive "Boulder Bolder" 10K at the end of the month, as well as getting back into archery and keeping up my strength training. Plus, in the interest of a healthy diet, I'm going to focus on positive eating habits rather than limiting what I can and cannot eat. Except for add
  9. So, this is me. Lightning. I'm back from a long journey that was full of arduous boss battles, too many enemies, and too many loves lost. I've learned a lot along the way, despite making some of the same old mistakes again. But, I've already spent enough time licking my wounds and enjoying a pity party for one. Lightning is known for trying to do it all on her own and she is (I am) still learning to ask for help. Now I need the help of a doctor because there is still some healing that needs to happen. But, I'm LIghtning and that means a little bad-assery also ne
  10. One last try... So here it is. I have not been able to manage my fitness, plus a full-time job and homeschooling my teen. I'm really not certain I'm going to be able to do it all. I'm thinking I may have to switch back to part-time work, but I'd like to try to make this work. All I know is that I'm tired and sore and my clothes are tight so I have to try something. I'm jumping into this challenge just to see if I can handle it for a week. I really want to drop weight, tighten up and regain some spark. We shall see if this works. Goal 1: Track food on MF
  11. I have a recipe for wedding soup that has some killer looking meatballs. The boyfriend doesn't eat soup but loves comfort foods, so I wanted to do more of a meatballs and red sauce thing. We're not particularly low carb, just gluten free, and I wanted to up the nutrient content by adding some vegetables that will go with the noodles not just replace them. Because I'm not looking to hide them or replace something bland with bland veg, I'd prefer to use something more nutrient dense than zucchini. Any ideas?
  12. Priorities Last weekend's sermon was about saying no to good things to make space for great things. There are so many ways I want more of this theme in my life -- in our house (as we slowly buy home items to make it somewhere I feel pleased inviting people into, but also purge), in my day (staying an extra half hour or hour unpaid at work, watching too much TV), in my diet (too much wine and sweets). I've lost my meditation habit, and I miss it. I have time in the morning, but this month I shouldn't need to be at work particularly early - so I can get back to a good morning routine withou
  13. Hello Druids! I'm Hymnusal! Coming in from the Rebels to join you. Focusing on the Breath with Fanzagale (my WoW Monk toon) A least 10 minutes of yoga 5 days a week. Continue the BBWW at least 2 times a week ~ 75% in both categories needed for a Pass A rainbow of vegetation with Aquaineil (my WoW Druid toon) Make 1/2 of lunch and supper vegetables for 10 meals a week. 75% needed to pass. Obliterate Sugar with Zoeshen (my WoW Demon Hunter toon) Return goal: This one is very hard and is going to hurt. One treat permitted a week. Otherwise: no sweetened c
  14. I bombed most of the items last challenge, and I still think I could have done better on the one thing I passed. I sunk into a nasty sorrow during the challenge, and I still feel mostly just overwhelmed and unorganised. Like I can't pull anything together. I'm starting to see more brain fog, mental chatter, and depression - destroying these was one of my main goals so I know I'm not winning there. Science says this is probably from sugar consumption, and last challenge in spite of good meal choices I still ate a lot of sugar. I need to rely on everyone here to keep me accountable an
  15. So last challenge wasn't as A+ amazing as the first, but it was still a great learning experience. I know that I'm currently struggling at the more "druidy" things so I've sent my Death Knight for a retreat in Lorlathil. She's meditating, exercising, reading, practicing her talents, and eating really green things. So while she's at that, what will I be doing to keep up with her? More Plants! Follow the "Foodist Plate" suggestion with 1/2 of lunch and supper being vegetables 5 days a week. I found out last challenge that I've been lying to mysel
  16. Veteran Rebels Mini-Challenge Hi everyone and welcome to the first ever Veteran Rebel Mini-Challenge! While traditionally the Rebel mini has been a step-by-step guide of how to challenge (yes), as things have changed and the Rebel Guild has become an all-Level encompassing place, we found that that started to become repetitive. Therefore, for veteran rebels that have braved the forums for some time, and who wish to add flavour (literally) to their challenges, we have decided to whisk together a simple but fun Mini-Challenge for you. Newcomers are of co
  17. Hi everybody! I'm Jess. I'd love to be your Vegetable of the Week guide! I cook ALOT. My husband and I went paleo several months back which gave me carte blanche to start making any kind of vegetables I wanted. Previous to this he'd always been a little iffy on new things. I live in the midwestern US in an area with a pretty good summer farmers market, a selection of upscale grocers and a huge international market. All of my vegetables will come from one of these places, but to start with I'll probably do more common vegetables you can get at a well stocked grocer in th
  18. 2016 was an exciting year for me. I bought a house (and did a lot of work renovating it), I got married to the love of my life, and I went on my first international trip. Despite all of these things 2017 is going to be much more monumental - because my wife and I are expecting our first baby in June. In order to insure that I am in the best possible, health mentally and physically, for when the baby gets here, I plan on really pushing myself with my challenges for the start of this year Quests Workout - My goal is to workout 6 days each week over the course of this c
  19. The challenge where I try to avoid the winter snowman effect aka hibernation instincts aka lots of eating with no exercise. Where I'm At Now I sat out the last couple challenges due to travel. Here's what I've been up to: Two week Boston/Berlin trip Indianapolis Marathon - I injured my ankle randomly a week before the race, but gutted my way through it anyways. Took me 6 hours, but I no longer underestimate the power of my own stubbornness. One week business trip to France - including a long weekend in Paris. Caught a cold before all of that (early Octobe
  20. Okay. The short version is that right now, I’m between studies, without a job, living with my parents, and I have no hell of an idea what I am going to do with my life. I have to either return to finish a line of studies I’ve grown to hate, find something new altogether, or try to find a job. With high school background.. Yeah, not so much. I’ve now done shit all for a few months, and I can say that sucks. I have a tendency to write massive challenges I never finish (or get even halfway..). So, here, a bit smaller this time: 1) At the end of the
  21. Alright, I’m starting my first challenge here with Nerd Fitness. I’m new to the site and have never done this, so bear with me. I’ll try to make it interesting. So, after being sealed in the sacred realm for 7 years, Rhia (Link) has gained quite a bit of weight and is in no shape to become the Hero of Time and save Hyrule from the tyranny of Gannondorf. So now it is time for Rhia to gather her courage and head out on her quest to train and get into shape for the safety of the realm. It does no good for the Hero of Time to be late. While Rhia ne
  22. Challenge #7 Physical – PT “A bear, however hard he tries, grows tubby without exercise.” 2 Sets (Everyday) · Trunk Rotation 10 times · Bridge 10 times · Spinal stretch, Hold for 15 seconds 3 times both sides · Dog to Camel pose 10 times · Quadriceps Stretch, Hold for 15 seconds 3 times both sides · Shoulder Rolls, forward and backward, 10 count each A. = 6 days a week = 2(STR) & 3(DEX) B. = 5 days a week = & 1.5(STR) & 2.25
  23. Ok, so I've really been trying to reign in the urge to do everything the last couple of weeks. I am usually pretty frugal, but I splurged and bought the Handstands & Rings Superpack!! This has not helped, haha... Work is busier, so I am getting more incidental exercise, plus summer is on its way. This means I really have to focus on adding things slowly... I've already had one injury - minor, overworked a muscle trying too many brand new things without enough rest. I want to do a sprint triathlon in late February. I completed a mini-sprint this year (Easter), traini
  24. Last challenge I didn't drop my goals, but I did drop off of NF. But I am back. Goals are similar to last time. Still not very assassiny, but hopefully this soul-sucking insomnia won't go on much longer. It has improved a little, but being chronically underslept has made me clumsy and my judgement is seriously impaired. If I didn't work for my partner, I'd probably be fired by now, for several serious screwups in the past two months. EAT: Veggies! Scale back a little from last time - 2c veggies for full credit, 1c for half credit. I've enlisted the help of my partner in cookin
  25. Hello, Nerdfitness! It's been a long time since I've been on, but I've been making some positive changes that I'd like to continue. Now that I've graduated, I am looking for a job and considering my future in academia. I've also spent some time traveling to visit family and have suffered under a steady diet of rich, fatty foods with minimal vegetables and very little exercise. (I've eaten more sausage in the last two weeks than I've had in the last three years. I'm starting to feel like a sausage.) The Goals: Find success in feeling healthy and making opportunities for my future.
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