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  1. Heyo! Decided to revamp my challenge on the 28th, a little more indepth if you read the original post in spoiler. But working on finding a Practicum/Job to finish my degree. Trying to make good choices along with it, and now if I follow through I'll reward myself with the Nintendo Switch and Ring Fit Adventure! Quest for the RING CHALLENGE Feb 28 - Week 3 Day 1 (just using normal challenge timeline now) 1. YNAB Reset - 0/0 2. Applications 0/1 3. Savings: 12% 4. Taxes: Federal done, State to be finished 5. Calorie Tracking: 1/1 Did the math f
  2. It's a new challenge! I've been away because it was the end of the summer/start of the semester and work becomes "overwhelming" (in a word) at that time. But it's starting to slow down a bit now, so I figured I may just put fingertips to keyboard and write a goal for myself. I've realized that resistance is futile. I need to change my way of life. Things are unmanageable and I always take an "all or nothing" approach to life, and that hasn't worked. So I'm going to slow down, take a level of Druid (not really but kind of) and see what I can do about my biggest pitfalls: Flexi
  3. Recap! I am down 14# ! at the end of the challenge- week 4 you can see i started to fall off... lose steam... When I stepped on the Scale and saw '-14 lb' I freaked out a bit and couldn't believe it... I had been avoiding the scale if there was not change i would feel the work was not worth it- it has been a huge boost! Plan: The next Challenge: I have found a good audiobook helps be inactive be fun and not a chore. I finished Without Remorse (Jack Ryan Universe #1) Starring John kelly. https://goo.gl/TcWzSj The next book is Patriot Games (Jac
  4. I’ve got my first 10K smack dab in the middle of this challenge. I will be attempting to prepare myself for this hell so here's the plan: lift 3x per week run/hike/cardio 3x per week - first two weeks will be running then the last two weeks will be any cardio i want burpees 3x per week: 20 per session yoga 60 mins per week stay within 2000cals per day or 14,000 cals per week life things to keep in mind 7/7 & 7/8: Wedding party duties for SO’s brother’s wedding 7/15: Gansett 10K 7/16: Dad’s bday brunch a
  5. I'm back where I belong with my beloved Assassins. I have a renewed understanding of my long-term goals and the motivation to achieve them. Let's Go! Simple and SINISTER Challenge Goal #1- Tighten up my diet Keeping with the Simple and Sinister theme I'll be doing a Whole30 and tracking my food every day. E.V.E.R.Y Day That's no sugar, no grains, no legumes. Goal #2- Get Stronger Follow the Simple&Sinister kettlebell workout. 4x and week plus 2 additional workouts of my choosing. Yes, 6 workouts a week.
  6. I'll write out my goals and then write a bit about me, where I've been and where I'm going. All you readers can follow along and enjoy but all you non-readers can skip the wall of text that's sure to follow. My main overarching goal used to be weight loss. I still weigh 300 pounds (down from a recent high of 315 on Oct 24) but I've changed my theme from weight loss to improved performance. Weight loss will be a happy side effect. I'm a rugby coach now and still playing some. Even if I never play another game, I need to improve my physical performance so I can demonstrate things to
  7. Although it's the fall season, in terms of phases of my life, I've realized I've been in a season where I've done a shitty job taking care of myself. Not physically, my lifting goals are chugging along, and while diet can always be more consistent (might sneak a goal in on that front actually), apparently there's more to being a whole and healthy person than picking up iron bars and putting them down again (sounds wrong, I know, personal worth and your wilks score are supposed to be interchangeable!). This month I'll be channeling my inner hobbit because those guys have life figured out.
  8. tei_

    Tei is back!

    (WHOOPS, posted this in the main Challenge forum instead of the Assassin one. Here it is in the correct place!) Oh hi forum! In the time since I saw you last I moved, started 2 new jobs (one of which is coaching gymnastics!), started using myfitnesspal, joined a climbing gym, and switched from kinda Stronglifts to doing 5/3/1. November is also a ridiculously busy month for me... also, I'm gonna try to do nanowrimo. Seems like a great time to do a Challenge! 1. Food Goal is 6/7 days "winning," aka coming in at or under calories and hitting p
  9. My boss battle right now is to be able to swing a 44lb Kettlebell 100 x in under 5 minutes; and do 5 Turkish Get ups 35# in under 10 minutes. I will be working on this about 5 days a week. I don’t see this as a goal. It is a habit, and a very fun habit! It is just something I do. Here are my other goals as I continue the journey: Be like Samwise the Brave: He was always there for Frodo, never wavering, ready to do whatever it took to help Frodo. I need to be just as focused. Morning Routine: Read Bible, drink water, kitchen, and start workout no later than 9:30
  10. October 8th, 2016 All these people are sooooo young and fit and wow.... scary obstacles too.... but I have the ticket hanging on the fridge. I'm going. Fear be damned. So better get the training on track, summer lull is over. It's time to move! Details will follow. love you folks.
  11. I've stepped away from Nerd Fitness for awhile, but I'm joining up again because I need to lose some weight and this style of tracking has always worked for me. I'm very happy to find it's still a vibrant community, and even see a couple of familiar faces I'm usually a scout, but I'll be joining the druids this time because I would like to work on a more mindful approach to better living. I hope to find inspiration in your writings and in the group challenges. I've chosen three simple goals for my first challenge after a long break. 1.
  12. I've stepped away from Nerd Fitness for awhile, but I'm joining up again because I need to lose some weight and this style of tracking has always worked for me. I'm very happy to find it's still a vibrant community, and even see a couple of familiar faces I'm usually a scout, but I'll be joining the druids this time because I would like to work on a more mindful approach to better living. I hope to find inspiration in your writings and in the group challenges. I've chosen three simple goals for my first challenge after a long break.
  13. Okay so last challenge was interesting. Moving, getting ready for the wedding, work going crazy and school. I've started using a bullet journal and it's helped a lot but missed being on here. Kind of messed up my shoulder moving, so Kung Fu has been a little hard. Plan is to go to just 1 of the hours tonight, although I really wish I could do two. Joined a farm share program (CSA) and now get a box of veggies every week. only had 1, a few things were a bit of a challenge but overall most everything turned out well. I do hope to be on here more. I know when I"m following a long wit
  14. Arrowan’s Sixth Challenge: Whistles and Bells Mistakes are the portals to discovery Name: Arrowan Race: Human Class: Adventurer Level: 5 Starting Attributes: STR 9/DEX 6/STA 15/CON 8/WIS 16/CHA 7 Starting metrics: 5'6", 163 lbs Introduction: I’m back at home base after having done my last challenge (January) with the Monks. They are a great group and if you have any interest in martial arts I highly recommend going to these folks for advice—they are extremely knowledgeable and supportive. I made friends there and still check in on
  15. Last week was pretty much a total fail. changing the challenge a bit to try and get through the rest of the challenge Quest 1: Sleep In bed, and no more screens by 10 pm Not sleeping enough, not getting great sleep when I do, Basically at this point I feel tired almost all the time. Quest 2: Mobility/flexibility Complete 4 NF yoga workouts during the rest of the challenge Stretch at least 5 mins a day on non yoga days, with at least 2 days a week being spent on the foam roller Quest 3: track everything Tra
  16. Hey folks, Chinchilling with the warriors for the March challenge and going for a minimalist theme (spoilers: there is no theme). Challenge #1 – Track all the Füds Looking to hit some daily macro goals and that means MFP-ing everything I eat for a month or so until I get a better handle on what eating that much protein and fiber looks like. Doing two meals a day, intermittent fasting makes tracking easier, but cooking most meals paleo from scratch does not. Challenge #2 – Track all the Progress Did Stronglifts for a decent while and my eventual plateau was more form related than the
  17. No theme, just... 1. Track everything. Actually track in this challenge and again eat 300kcal less than the estimated burned calories of my FitBit. Also, drink 2500 (±500) ml of water every day. (Although, the water part was not a challenge.) I can have dinner out with friends once a week but it's going to be grilled chicken with vegetables and maybe carbs depending on what I had the rest of the day. I'm not going to eat less than 1700-1800kcal in a day though so if I don't burn enough calories for a 300kcal deficit so be it. 2. Don't spend the days sitting. As before, I'll k
  18. of the questions of these recurring, Of the endless trains of the faithless, of cities fill'd with the foolish, Of myself forever reproaching myself, (for who more foolish than I, and who more faithless?)Of eyes that vainly crave the light, of the objects mean, of the struggle ever renew'd, Of the poor results of all, of the plodding and sordid crowds I see around me, Of the empty and useless years of the rest, with the rest me intertwined, The question, O me! so sad, recurring -- What good amid these, O me, O life?Answer. That you are here -- that life exists and identity, That the powerful p
  19. Ok so it is way past my bedtime (off to a great start, aren't I??) so I will throw down these goals really quickly and elaborate later as needed. Since last month's challenge was a mediocre success, I am tweaking the formula but going with the same basic goals. I will repeat what needed more work, and I will amp up the goals that I was successful in achieving. Based on my learnings from last challenge, here goes: Diet Reduce coffee-with-cream drink at office to one per day, after that, consume only black coffee or herbal tea drinks (round 2 - need to make this a habit!)Meet my MFP calorie
  20. Hey everybody! Happy New Year! This is going to be a tiring month as I have to move out in the end of it. I'm going back to work on Thursday and then I have friends visiting me from the 8th until the 17th of January. After that I have to make sure I pack everything and clean the house before leaving. All these while all work is getting finished. Even my most basic routine, like going to the gym three times a week and tracking food is threatened. So the three goals are... 1. Track everything and eat about the estimated burned calories of my FitBit (± 200kcal). Drink 2500 (±500) ml of wa
  21. We are here! At our first 2016 challenge! I am excited to start off the year with the rebellion and see where the year takes us all. Since this is a leap year and leap years are full of awesomeness and an extra day, my spirit animal shall be the Unicorn. I will let it guide me through this year with all its glittery splendor. Let's get this pony unicorn on the road! Goal #1: Eat the Rainbow, Be the Rainbow For this goal, I would like to eat a vegetable rainbow per day. This includes frozen, canned and fresh vegetables. I will track with pictures what my daily intake of colorful veggies is
  22. Hiya This is the second time I'm trying to do a challenge. I didn't complete the last one. Quest: Work out more than once a week Challenge 1: Go to the gym for one hour, 3 times a week Success: 3 hours of exercise a week for 4 weeks Challenge 2: Eat 5 servings of unicorn veggies per day Success: 5 days a week fro 4 weeks Challenge 3: Drink water instead of sugar drinks Success: <2 sugar drinks in 4 weeks
  23. Hello everyone I've been an assassin for my last several challenges, but I am here to work on getting a steady diet of iron in my workouts. Main Quest: I'm getting married in July and I would like to fit into my wedding dress. Steady relationship weight and the holidays have not been kind to me and I need to get into some sustainable habits that will allow me to hopefully drop some body fat before the big day. I think 20 lbs is not unreasonable. Quest 1: Go to the gym & lift weights 3x a week. I have some trainer appointments to use up, and then my fiancee and I are doing Strongl
  24. Hey everyone, Oh my god. It's been a good 20 months or so since I was back here. I had a baby in December 2014, she's now 11 months old. Here we are I am still the weight I was when I had her- no lie. Probably a few pounds off, but not much. My life has changed quite a bit, to say the least. And now I want to focus on losing some weight. I am trying to watch my caloric intake. I am not at the point of a complete diet overhaul because I am breastfeeding. I am going to start slow, so here we go! Goals: 1. Log at least 5 days per week into MyFitnessPal (raraohlala, if you want to friend m
  25. Last challenge I sustained an injury to my shoulder; too many weeks later, I finally recieved a diagnosis: AC Separation. I was not informed what grade of separation I have, so I'm assuming it's somewhere between a 1 and 2 (based solely on my observations in the mirror on how large of a bump I now display). I am currently in the process of trying to begin physical therapy - that is to say, I'm waiting for the powers-that-be to re-exam me and make their magical medical computers spit out an appointment date. In view of the aforementioned injury, I have determined this challenge's title w
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