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DWD's challenge 2.3

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Here's what's up for the two weeks between challenges:


Two weeks of challenge!


This was week 13 of 47 for the Gannon-Bane Ironman Triathlon training, and today was an indoor sprint. Swim 0.5 miles, bike 14, run 3.25.




Swim 17:00 (2:00 slow)

Bike   28:36 (16:24 fast)

Run   22:04 (1:04 slow)


And fantastically fun!


I also got in my strength training and weightlifting this week. Woohoo!


           Hylian Scout



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Week two of two for the in-between challenge, 14 of 47 for the Gannon-Bane.


Swim  No pool access, so I hiked with my son and built a teepee.

Bike   Week off.

Run   Interval sprint day. 2.5 miles of 100m sprint 100m jog with no breaks. 


Strength: body weight sit ups, squats, push ups, and pull ups.

Weights:  sit ups, squats, vertical press, lateral arm raise.



Done! I think I earned a reward. . .



Now for Challenge three...


           Hylian Scout



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Sub'd!! :triumphant:

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