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  1. Hi Friends. I disappeared last challenge. Honestly I disappeared from most of social media. If it did not involve blanket nesting on the couch..... I probably had to force myself to do it the past couple of weeks. I honestly can't say I am ready to emerge back into being social and doing good things. But I have to at least make the attempt.
  2. I've been clicking around since mid-January debating respawning under a new pseudonym, but the 10 year anniversary talk inspired me to look back at my old challenge threads. Figured at the very least I can reappear under a name some will recognize. Also, if I go way, way back and count up the challenges I have at least created a thread for this will be #42. Which helped immensely not overthinking the thread's name. 🙄 And it is also a heck of a lot more challenges than I expected. Have not come anywhere close to re-reading them but there are common themes and goals from past to pres
  3. Everything has a tendency to feel fresh and new and exciting when a new year dawns, more so when a new decade comes upon us. The temptation to throw every hoarded goal out there for people to see is overwhelming. ...but I picked this year to be very, very quiet. Recovery is first and foremost in my mind, both physical and mental. Admittedly the latter more than the former, but the former does help massively with the latter. the goals [opening tasks] Some things need to be done no matter how much I dislike the idea, and that is to figure out
  4. That's a good question Parody Judge. For most of the summer and the first part of what the calendar assures me is "Fall" fitness has taken a back seat in my life. Buying and moving into a house then becoming a parent within two months of each other can certainly lead to distraction. The thought has occurred to me that I now work for a Fitness Company (Our very own Nerd Fitness, where I am the admin for the forums), and at the heaviest weight I have ever been and have lost some of my strength and a lot of my endurance. Now, please understand, I'm not beating myself up for this, I si
  5. I still have to close out week 3 and 4 of last challenge. But wanted to get something up since as soon as work week starts back up I will have no time or energy to post. Been working minimum 12 hour days the past few weeks. Which is starting to effect general wellness since I went to urgent care yesterday and have either shingles or a staph infection according to the doctor on duty. I'm in my late 20s and might have shingles (booo). On the plus side I won't drink while taking medication so guaranteed 7 days without alcohol? Challenge is going to be super basic this tim
  6. A little on the late side (I wanted to make this a five week challenge), but present nonetheless! 2018 in brief: Not good, bad headspace, poor race performance, injury, frustration. This will NOT be 2019. I'm putting my foot down right now. I refuse to have yet another year like that. I think I've organised myself into a good starting point for it all. I've broken open a new battle log to keep track of the bulk of my physical and nutritional endeavours, and I'm keeping my challenges specific to skill work, mental health related goals, and trying brand new things.
  7. Hi All! I'm gonna try and get things rolling again...because I've been out of it for a while it seems. I haven't been working out consistently. I haven't been eating clean or drinking enough water. And I've just been struck with a general cloud of laziness with a mixture of undisciplined motivation. But, that's just on the fitness side of my life. Other than that, I've been really busy. I mentioned briefly before about my involvement with a discord community called Your Anthem. It's ran by a good buddy of mine, William, and since discovering his YouTube channel covering content for
  8. Hey, y'all! Hi. I think (knocks frantically on wood) that we are, for the moment, kind of over it with the destructive weather events and significant life stressors. Post-lightning-strike, post-Florence, post-Michael situation: We have considerable damage to the house, more than we realized at first, but it is livable and fixable and our homeowner's insurance company helped us as much as they could as quickly as possible. With everyone else in the region so devastated, many much more than us, and then Florida needing even more critical help just a few weeks later, I
  9. 2018 - Kestrel Builds A Temple - Part 1 (Foundations) My temple may be built in the clouds, but it is getting a solid foundation anyway 1. Prepare the ground for building Continue to plan my meals with MFP. Continue the ban on sugar/junk/processed foods. After week three I can have two items a week as long as I am between 1450-1600 calories and at least 100g protein per day. If I have lost less than 0.2% bodyfat for two weeks in a row, I add burpee tabatas 4x/week. 2. Build a strong (running) base Stick with easy runs + strides.
  10. I have no motivation. I have eaten… horrifically in the last couple of weeks. I have not worked on any writing, taken no active steps towards my Big Goal – though I have thought and fretted and freaked out about it no end – and I feel like I have unconsciously let my ankle become an excuse, not to exercise as much as I know I can probably do. I am metaphorically on the floor. And there is only one thing left to do. Get up. I don’t have a story segment written like I wanted, and I may not at all this time around. That’s not important right now. What is important is tha
  11. I fell clear off the planet during the last challenge, but it looks like I made it back just in time! Key learning points from the last challenge: Sign up for a Mini or PVP to stay motivated (otherwise too easy to quit) Don't try to increase running miles or intensity too quickly (it hurts) Avoid 'outside' food that can give you nasty stomach infections (I don't think any clarification is required here!) So for this challenge, I'm going to keep it simple and do the following: Complete 'Zombies, Run!' 5K workouts 3 times a week Complete rings/bodywe
  12. Life on Jund is a never ending struggle of survival of the fittest… And I will survive. This is a harsh land. From the ecosystems created by the volcanoes and lava and hot, dry weather to the hardened creatures shaped by the landscape, forged into vicious survivors. As a training ground for a battle mage, well… It’s perfect. I took a long, hard look at my goals for this year and decided that the battlemage class from the Elder Scrolls games fitted quite aptly (and luckily for me, there’s such a card from the Shards of A
  13. Okay, a lot of things happend that lead to this....RE-RE-RESPAWN and I will make it quite short... Real world kinda swallowed me whole for the last 1 an 1/2 month. Working on some big events was fun but lead to bad food choices and gaining back 5kilo and pretty much crushed everything achieved except the running. The marathon I am training for is in 4weeks and the longest distance I managed to do regular is 24km, The plan was to do the 30km at least 3 times but because of bad weather and some regeneration problems that didn't happen...so the marathon is going to be an adv
  14. Lucky fire dragon has no plan After many ambitious challenges, some successful, some not so much, I am at a point where I don't have any plan and don't even feel like one - very unusual, but let's bear with it and see where the tides might take me, I'm confident it'll be a good place as long as I keep my head up For those who don't know me yet, I'm a 40 year old mother of three, working part time as healing practitioner and spiritual coach. I love pole dancing and have worked myself up to Level 2+ (which is still beginners but posh enough to look impressive to non-poler
  15. They had been gathering for weeks now, making their homes at various corners and crevices of the cities. Individuals of all races dressed in bright reds and purples. Honestly, it was a bit garish at first sight. Large banners hung around their necks declaring the end of days, death to the world, and visions of green fire. It didn’t phase the adventurer. She had heard these declarations before, taken up arms, and defeated the looming threat. The victories weren’t always celebratory. Many had been solemn, but relieving. If there was something lurking, she had little doubt that it could be handle
  16. I'm back, b*tches! ...and very excited to be amongst you again. First off, I want to celebrate. As of last Wednesday, I AM OFFICIALLY DONE WITH ARCHITECTURE SCHOOL. So please, y'all, let's have a little happy dance!! The last four years (which revolved mainly around getting through school and working towards that damn degree) have been quite a rough ride. So being able to put a checkmark behind that, getting some closure and finally opening up a new chapter feels like big stuff. And I'm thrilled move forward and dive into the next adventure!
  17. I do I do! Working on getting some basic stuff back on track this challenge, so this'll be pretty simple this time around. Things I'm good at: sticking to lifting schedule Things I'm okay at: finding protein when I try Things I'm bad at: cookies, any kind of adulty habit, life stuff all the time! Things I care about this challenge: Tracking lifts and doing the usual, learning as I go (but I'm on a short cut this challenge, so not expecting unicorns and rainbows) Why bother grading something you can't stop me from doi
  18. This month I am going back to basics... since I completely tanked on my 2nd month challenge, I feel like keeping things simple. This month is all about QiGong and Chillin' with Back to Basics. QiGong - do QiGong as much and as often as I feel called to it. - add T'ai Chi routine, again, as I feel called to it, adding more to my form as I re-learn the 24 forms. Physical - Chillin' with Back to Basics - I'm re-energized to get on the trampoline (small rebounder) so I will aim for 2-4 x per week. - small hand weights, generally every time I do
  19. So here we are again. Ever since deciding to get back on track, I just haven't been able to get it going. Time after time, I stop. I get myself into a bad mental state. With this in mind, I started to go back to my first every challenge at Nerd Fitness. Reading all the comments, and kind of reliving those moments. It made me feel good. I was getting great support from people, and I was also supporting others. Something that I am going to try to do a lot more of this challenge. So with all the success I had in the beginning, I thought I would bring some of those g
  20. Does anybody have any good advice/resources for conditioning your feet to run barefoot? I live in the city, and I'm mostly surrounded by concrete sidewalks. However, a few weird looks would be worth strengthening my feet, to be able to walk/run/play without having to worry about stepping on small rocks. Thanks!
  21. Placeholder for Princess Heather's Challenge, involving getting into a routine after hubby returns to work and I become full time mom. In the meantime, enjoy this muppets gif depicting how I am coping with motherhood so far : Goal #1 Rehab and Build Strength Due to the swelling (which I now know was preeclampsia) I was carrying a lot of water weight in the last months of pregnancy, which bothered my knees and made staying active beyond walking difficult. I want to get back to weightlifting but I need to take things SLOW. I'm only 3 weeks post partum, so I'm focusing on increasi
  22. Hello rangers! I am back after being gone/with the Adventurers for the last 2 years. Background I am a former Marine who has always been a bit on the larger side of the scale. When I got out of the corps I stopped running because I could and I hated it anyway. I went to Afghanistan for two years and did nothing but lift and circuit training. This is where I found NF in 2012. Other than not being able to run I was in the best shape since boot camp and was actually comfortable in my own skin (which was a first). So there I was getting ready to leave Afghanistan and stopped working out as I
  23. We've had some bumps and bruises recently in some challenges so with the last challenge of the year upon us, it's time to take a look at the past and find out what worked and use it to attack the holiday chaos. So, with that, we are unleashing our theme: Back to the Future!!! Now, why I didn't use this theme last month (especially with Back to the Future Day and all) I will not stop kicking myself over that. Back to the Future was the first movie I saw in an actual movie theatre back in 85 with my family. It is one of those trilogies that I could sit down and watch any time. This
  24. Unfortunately without the help of Taye Diggs...then again, anything could happen in the next few weeks! Those of you who've been with me for a few challenges have seen me fizzle out a few times. Traveling, getting used to a new full-time job, and working on finishing my master's thesis got the better of me, unfortunately. Besides a trip I got back from yesterday (which is why I'm only now writing this), I don't have any travel planned during this challenge. I've gotten much more used to the new job and managing my time around it. This weekend will be my last big push to make those final li
  25. CHALLENGE: FEB 23RD - APRIL 5TH Okay, so third times a charm people! This will be the third challenge I've started since joining NF. But as of yet I have never made it all the way to the end of the six weeks. Boooooo! But I am forever an optimist. And stubborn. Ridiculously stubborn. So here I am giving it another go. Because my main quest in life is to become a ninja. I want to be able to use the world as my playground, and I want my body to be my weapon. I just need to stop sabotaging myself!! With all that it would be silly of me not to realize that doing the same thing over and o
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