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  1. Welcome to the Scouts Camp! Ever on the move, our camp has relocated from the mountains into the wilds of the jungle farther down the river of NerdFitnessLandia What we will find as we explore this year? What mysteries lie out in the world beyond our camp? Welcome to 2018 ... here's to the future!
  2. So since I am in a much better mental state these past couple months and have moved back into my house after the ex left I figure I can now focus on the next 5 months. I have a lot of cleaning/purging to do in my house of junk as well as clothes and kitchen things. I need to buy some more furniture and set some things up here and there. My back yard is an overgrown mess and the garden is a nightmare. The garage is ummm, did a hurricane already come? So I am going to set some 5 month goals in here and refer back to them over the next couple challenges as well as challenge goals and
  3. I know. Long time no see. *sigh* The tl;dr version is that I've spent the last 1.5 years not working out much aside from tons of walking, gaining weight (not the good kind), and feeling fatigued. Also, the whole family has been in a funk. So, thanks to covid and my husband getting 100% telecommute, we moved across the country 1.5 weeks ago. Our pod full of stuff arrives tomorrow! I'm hoping that a new location means a new start and a new lease on life. I'm also excited about the new Dune movies coming out. I'm a huge fan of the books and loved the Dune and Children of Dun
  4. I pretty much gave up last challenge and ate So last challenge I did two GORUCKS and then really just sat around and ate. two years a go my pre IRONMAN Texas race weight was 163lbs. Up until a few months a go I have stayed down in the 165's or so. That has recently gone way off the charts though. This morning I was 175lbs. That being said I know a lot of it is sodium but I still have gained close to 10lbs I am guessing. It is not helping that my In Laws are here until Sunday and we are drinking and eating out every night. I can try to use that excuse but last nights bu
  5. I have been planning on making a battle log for a while now. I have been in and out of the challenges for 3 or 4 years now. I have enjoyed them but I think for now I am done with them. I used to be bigger into lifting and rucking and then shifted into the world of IRONMAN. In 2017/2018 I finished two full IRONMANs struggled through a couple of GORUCK challenges and generally was not too happy with my fitness. This past year(2018) I have kind of been lazy and not focused much on a goal, I did a few sprint triathlons and a GORUCK light. For 2019 my new game plan is to hit the triath
  6. Attention all Vancouverites! How many local rebels do we have? Let's go for a hike or 2 or 20. I live in Surrey but usually travel to TriCities, Valley, or North Shore for hiking. Open to any suggestions I also love swimming and plan to swim lengthways across Buntzen Lake sometime in August.
  7. *Shudders* I'm frighteningly excited to see this movie! Meg is about a megaladon shark that terrorizes the oceans. It's based off the books written by Steve Alten. I've actually read the first three (or in the process. I'm almost done with the 3rd book). They are cheesy, but I love feeding my fear with sharks. Fun fact: sharks scare the crap out of me! Specifically, Great Whites. They also just happen to look like the scariest thing on the planet. Good thing there's a thick...very thick piece of glass protecting that little girl...or else. So anyways, sharks scare the c
  8. So I signed up for a GORUCK Heavy in January. I need to get rucking, miles on my feet as well as build muscle while losing fat. For those that do not know what this is, here is the description from the website: So with a pack loaded with a 30lb weight plus water and food/gear we will travel around 40 miles in 24 hours. All lead by a special forces Cadre. Sounds fun right. Leading up to it I have a back to back regular Challenge and Light in October, as well as two sprint triathlons in September and October. Goals for this challenge: Get worki
  9. Quick Introduction I'm Natalee, fun, funky, fabulous mother of 2 sweet little boys charting her course in waters rough and rugged. I've been struggling to get my fitness, specifically bodyweight fitness in order these last few months and it came to mind to visit this wonderful haven and lo and behold a challenge is about to start, so here I am. For the next four weeks my aim is to do all of four things Bodyweight train 6 days a week, actively rest on Sundays, a part of this bodyweight training will be a focus on improving flexibility. Improve my eating habits; I ne
  10. on we go Lucky fire dragon shifts shape part 3 Shifting shape part 1 had me slim from 70kg down to 68kg roughly, in shifting shape part 2 I got to 67kg but then back up to the 68 and now I'm aiming to stabilize at 67 and/or go lower aaaaaaaaaand stronger again Strength gains happened slowly as I had to tickle myself out of big inertia, but slowly I'm getting into motion again, whooohooo. Now to keep it going and build up a bit more. As shifting shape also needs a certain innate flexibility and clarity in focus, I've been training my meditation skills and wil
  11. Introduction: Hi all, I'm just your average MunckinLion (also Lil'Lion or just Lion) and this is my first challenge--after about two years I mean. I've lurked and munched away at snacks for far too long; I'm the laziest Lil'Lion in all the pride lands. I'm in college right now doing a Literature major ( so obviously I kind of like reading) but aside from that, I enjoy swimming and soccer.I'm trying to expand my interests! My ADHD brain makes me love trying new things, but makes me not so great at sticking with them. Main Quest: Lose 20lbs by June. I'm kinda doing a lot of f
  12. Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lives in a pineapple under the sea? Gurdris the Imbiber! Flimsy and flabby and lazy is she! Gurdris the Imbiber! If nerdical fitness be something you wish Gurdris the Imbiber! Then drop in the gym, and sweat like a bitch! GURDRIS THE IMBIBER! GURDRIS THE IMBIBER! GURDRIS THE IMBIBER! GURDRIS THE IMBIBER! GURDRIIIIIIIIS THE IMBIBER! Yarr, now that the musical number is out of the way...
  13. I HAVE SO MANY THINGS TO SHARE Overview Since I first started doing challenges, I've known there are sort of "4 pillars" of fitness that I thrive under - walking, eating primalish, yoga/mobility work, and strength training. Every one of my challenges includes these in some way or another, although the eating is a big question mark right now. Last challenge, I was overall pretty good. I did a ton of work on reducing stiffness and increasing mobility, and I was overall very active. Last challenge, I also confessed my secret dream of doing a triathalon despite wobbly
  14. January starts with the Wolf supermoon and ends with the Blue supermoon. The end of the year holiday visiting and playtime have been wonderful, but now, taking a cue from the moons, it's time for some serious reflection. I need to sit quietly and listen, to look behind me at the fractured path that was 2017, to lean into the feelings and find the insights as I prepare to walk forward. I'm glad to have you along.
  15. So. I'm not feeling very hype-y at all. My cat is sick and I'm really sad. But fortunately I thought through this challenge back when I WAS feeling more hype-y a few weeks ago. We all know that the key to success is doing the thing even when the hype is not there, so I decided to do the thing even though I'm not feeling inspired at all. There are a ton of things I want to do. I feel like I've been slowly losing fitness for the last 1.5 years as I dealt with wrist pain and eventually surgery that prevented me from continuing with the stuff I was working on. Last week, I was f
  16. I have lots of good reasons to go into the Navy: I want to see the world, I want to be able to call myself a veteran, I want to get an edge applying for federal jobs, and I want help paying for a masters of social work and to take spanish classes. I've been a retail pharmacy tech for 5 years and have grown to really, really, REALLY hate the field, mostly because of the poor pay and instability. Things will be running smoothly, then all of the sudden, I'll get cut to 10 hours a week and I have to job hop. I often work clopenings, so I get anywhere from only 2 to 12 hours a sleep in a night and
  17. Heidi

    Heidi: Hurrah!

    A final hurrah! for 2017, I'm letting this challenge span from November 19 - December 31 This challenge I'm going to put together some of the best parts of 2017, laying a strong foundation as I head out of this year and into the next. We have two major holidays going on in this challenge, and I'm looking forward to the structure holding me. Also, I have Yet Another Court Case at the end of the challenge, so all structure is good structure; my balance tends to get wobbly with court cases. The daily and weekly structure seems to work best for me, one of the lessons I've l
  18. Well, my isnpiration for this challenge is the hunger games... Allthough the books where awfull, and the movies were kinda meh... I don't know, let's see where this goes. This month's challenge is all about getting hungry (Hunger Games... you know... )Well, not really starving-to-death-hungru, but kinda hungry... I decided I really need to know if I'm hungry, thirsty or just want to put my teeth in something tasty. That's why I will start intermittent fasting. So I will set a time I can start eating each week. If I feel good enough to keep fasting I can fast longer. Goa
  19. Hey everyone! My name is Hannah and something you should know about me: I tried enlisting into the Army but was shut down because of my Kidneys. I have Nephrocalcinosis, meaning I have calcium surrounding my kidneys and it can lead to kidney failure if my kidneys are put under too much stress. So instead, I’m going to school at my local community college to become a nurse. And I’m also still working out. Because of spite. Now my workout routine may seem like a lot, and it is but like I said I was going to enlist into the military. Goals: (I’m not going to be able to com
  20. ~ 1.5hr swim 2x/week ~ Paleo eating as much as is in my control, MFP tracking on Mondays ~ Morning Bible study M-W-F (I'm private tutoring Tuesday/Thursday mornings now)
  21. It's getting colder and darker by the day, making it harder for me to want to go out and be active. All the more reason to work hard during this month's challenge! Swimming: 11 swimming workouts, ie 2-3 times a week. Need to start doing individual practice again, rather than just the group swims (though I want to do my best not to skip those either). Cycling: I usually only cycle to school and the gym, but I'd like to branch out and go by bike to places I'd usually get to by train. Tokyo is a pretty bike-friendly city, so it'd be a shame not to take advantage of it!
  22. Hi there I’ve already posted this in a few different places but I didn’t realize I didn’t do it already for the challenge! So here you go! Swimming: - 2-3x a week, 2,000 meters - Wear fins when swimming for half Swim freestyle for 200m, get out of the pool and do 20 pushups and 20 abs of choice. Get back in the water and repeat above ten times. This totals 2000m of swimming 100-200 pushups and 200 abs of choice. This is one great workout for the arms and lungs. Hypoxic pyramid adding the PT at every 100m. Hypoxic- Swim 100m freestyle breathing every 4 strokes and b
  23. Hello! So I’m not quite sure if this should go in the running, swimming or hiking section of this thread so I’ll just stick it in the general section. You’ll see down below why (I’m literally doing all three of those activities) Swimming: - 2-3x a week, 2,000 meters - Wear fins when swimming for half Swim freestyle (or any stroke of choice) for 200m, get out of the pool and do 20 pushups and 20 abs of choice. Get back in the water and repeat above ten times. This totals 2000m of swimming 100-200 pushups and 200 abs of choice. This is one great workout
  24. Hey all, I live at the beach but the water here is damn cold and Ive never swam in it. One of my big goals is to get a wet suit and do that. Ive lost 23 lbs now but Im still big, and Id get a lot of encouragement if I could find a suit or somebody who could make a custom suit. Anyone know anything about this?
  25. After a few years without access to a pool, I've joined a gym with a wonderful lap pool and I'm excited to get back to swimming. One challenge I've always had with swimming that I want to overcome is breathing on both sides. I can breathe fine, with acceptable technique, to the right, but I absolutely cannot get the hang of breathing on my left side. It feels more difficult to turn my head far enough to the left, like my neck is a bit stuff turning that way. I can't seem to get comfortable, and as someone who came to swimming with a fear of the water/lack of oxygen, it's causing me anxiety in
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