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  1. Greetings weary travelers. The Inn may be Cluttered, but we're working on that in to the mini challenge. By the end of the challenge, The Cluttered Tavern will be The Tavern, but don't worry about that. Whether you are participating in the mini challenge or not, you are welcome here. Knock a box of papers off a seat of your choice (rest assured, we have the kind you like) order a drink (I promise we have what you want) and set near the fire, that is as warm or as cool as you need it to be. If you desire privacy, there's plenty thanks to all the boxes and stuff everywhere. We can clear out arou
  2. An old man, seemingly both ageless beyond time but oddly spry for his venerable grade, occupies a corner booth within Ye New & Fancy Ranger Guildhall. From his build and robe, he doesn't seem like a member of the Rangers, but something about his stature suggests he's more than a mere passerby. You feel like you've seen him around before but certainly haven't exchanged words. Now that you think of it, it seems like no one ever approaches the mysterious old man, almost as if he were a fixture of the Guildhall as much as any table or rafter. The faintly glowing bowl
  3. This mini-challenge is inspired by the SuperBetter program designed by Jane McGonigal. All challenge ideas come from the SuperBetter website. This challenge is broken into three parts: Power-Ups (daily activities), Quests (weekly activities) and Bad Guys (optional challenges). Just choose from each list and have fun. If you really want to enhance your experience, download the SuperBetter app or pick up a copy of Jane's book. Power-Ups -- quick daily activities that give you a boost: Drink a full glass of water Got a block? Walk around it. Hug you
  4. I was working in the lab late one night When my eyes beheld an eerie sight For my monster from his slab began to rise And suddenly to my surprise - The monster began posing! Welcome to the warriors costume party where we get our flex on in our Halloween costumes! Every week we’ll vote on the best flexing in costume picture posted, even zero week, with the impartial voting method of reacting to the photo with the thanks (the purple trophy) button. For the more Halloween challenged, a progress pic with digital edits (looking at you, poop emoji) is perfectly acceptable. For th
  5. Welcome to SPRING! As we stretch out of the darker season, let’s join together in gratitude. Science has shown that being actively grateful can have tremendous positive effects on our health and well being, and the more we study gratitude, the more benefits we find. The basic takeaway is very simple: Be thankful to be happy. “People who regularly practice gratitude by taking time to notice and reflect upon the things they're thankful for experience more positive emotions, feel more alive, sleep better, express more compassion and kindness, and even have stronger immune sy
  6. Veteran Rebels Mini-Challenge Hi everyone and welcome to the first ever Veteran Rebel Mini-Challenge! While traditionally the Rebel mini has been a step-by-step guide of how to challenge (yes), as things have changed and the Rebel Guild has become an all-Level encompassing place, we found that that started to become repetitive. Therefore, for veteran rebels that have braved the forums for some time, and who wish to add flavour (literally) to their challenges, we have decided to whisk together a simple but fun Mini-Challenge for you. Newcomers are of co
  7. @sozzielou @Jormungand @Elastigirl @skinNbones @Nymeria @Odinson_Rising First week is a walk, run, or ruck! Shove off, me mateys!
  8. Thread for the crew of the Aeronaught's Bane, part of the Ranger mini-challenge.
  9. Welcome aboard the thread of the Dowager Doom Crew! I'm not able to check in on everyone's threads so I hope we can stay up to date on here and meet each other this way! @Rurik Harrgath@NeverThatBored @Evicious @Artemis12 @shaarawy @sarahschmoe
  10. Thread for the Belligerent Crew Crew of the Belligerence.
  11. @Tanktimus the Encourager, @T2sarahconnor, @Sylvaa, @Reluctant Amazon, @darkfoxx, @Leesa An Airship named Silken Harbinger, a crew of highly motivated and well-trained pirates. The fun was only just beginning when the Dowanger Doom lifted off and the fleet fell in behind her the Silken Harbinger amoung them. If you need help or motivation, or a place to vent or rant... this is it.
  12. @Charlotte S @Raxie @Endor @sfowler10 @Blonde-E @Zirakzigil, let us sail this beauty into Valhalla, shiny and chrome!
  13. Hello team, @MiaulinTheCat @LadyShello @Charlie_Quinn @Wild Wolf Based on @IslandGirl_Becks excellent suggestion, here is our ship-specific thread for our Ranger challenge. Maybe we should start with brief intros? I'll go first! I'm 24, from Southern California, and work as a civil engineering officer in the military. I love all things nerdy but my absolute favorite would be Lord of the Rings Trilogy (plus the Hobbit), Doctor Who, and all things Super! I joined Nerd Fitness to see how strong and disciplined I could become. My journey isn't necessarily about losing
  14. All right rebels, in honor of the first ever challenge for many and the first of the year for others, here is my first ever mini-challenge. I want you to tell us one thing you're excited about doing this year that your goals will help you accomplish. It could be a dozen more steps away, or your success might be imminent, but being excited about something will help keep you motivated for the less fun parts of fitness. I know I lose sight of my goals when there are fresh baked cookies in the office kitchen. If you have a big goal you are working towards, but haven't really thought of what it wi
  15. So according to my notes, the last time I lurked on NF was during July 2015. Yikes! Time to change that. I don't sleep well or enough. And judging by the threads here (“The Sleeping Quarters”? Really?) I'm not alone. I figure it's the best place to start re-improving my life: it should solidify my timetable, which would solidify my mealtimes, which would solidify my work timetable, which will then be more amenable to structured exercise sessions… and not this haphazard mix of is-it-work-or-is-it-distraction and let's-do-a-few-pushups-here-and-a-squat-there-and-what
  16. The new year is traditionally about reflecting on the past year and looking forward to the next, and that's exactly what this first mini-challenge is going to be about. As lifters of heavy things, our training is arduous and our gains slow over time. It's not uncommon for it to take months to increase a lift by just a single increment, especially after you've been lifting for a while. On the other end of the spectrum, when first beginning, the lifts may increase quickly at first, but then you stall out, have to reset and decrease the weight, and take weeks to work back up to where you were bef
  17. LAST TIME ON ASSASSIN MINI-CHALLENGE: The assassins mellowed out after the initial attack on the city with some meditation. Master Splinter is still under the control of Rat King. Tons of rats are still infesting the city! What to do? “Let’s eat!” That doesn't sound very productive. Listen, Assassin dudes. I can help. You just need to fill my belly with delicious and nutritious pizza! Then I’ll be fueled to help fight for the city… and hopefully find my brothers. COWABUNGA! The Challenge: So the idea behind this challenge is to make some healthy pizza style recipes
  18. One entry per ranger, a poll will go up Monday Morning!!! We need to see a full recipe (no links, please) and a picture of the dish!
  19. Hello Rangers!!! Welcome to you if this is your first round with our fabulous badass guild. If This is not your first rodeo, welcome back! Keeping it simple for this 6 weeks. Each week will focus on an area of our guild/workout model, taking hints from many of your challenges. Stick with us for all 6, get an extra stat point and a self-imposed pat on the back Onward! Week 1: Dynamic Warm ups! Your phone rings and for a second all you hear on the other end is breathing (not creepy breathing, out of breath breathing). Someone on the other end says, "We need you. They're coming." All a
  20. Assassins Guild's Tutorials - Creative Mini-Challenge It's time to get creative again! We got some great tutorials from you guys last challenge. And we want MOAR! Last challenge we learned about handbalancing, crow pose and its variations, push up variations and vertical push up progressions. You can find the videos and information about last challenge's Creative Mini-Challenge right here. Before we can move on to the next stage of our creative challenges, we want to know what else you can do and wish to share with the world! This can be anything you do in your workout - be it handst
  21. THE AMAZING ASSASSIN ALPHABET 6-WEEK-LONG CHALLENGE OF AWESOMENESS Greetings Assassins! We have an additional (totally optional but highly encouraged) bonus challenge for you this round. Thanks to a suggestion by Anim07734 we've come up what we think will be a pretty epic (and fun!) adventure for us all! WHAT IS IT? The Amazing Assassin Alphabet will be a collection of photos of all of you performing exercises/holds/poses that represent/mimic/form the letters of the alphabet. HOW DOES IT WORK? Go check out the spreadsheet and sign-up for a letter. as many letters as you want - UPPER
  22. Mini-Challenge #1: The Operative The Operative is sinister. The Operative is smart. The Operative is a Ranger. Your challenge, Rangers, is to be the Operative. Take two of your goals, and approach them as if you have already completed them. Your plan is so perfect, that you've accounted for everything. Don't let yourself slack. If you don't have a plan, make one. This week, you attack your goals. You track them down, sniff out their weaknesses and eat them for breakfast. Once the week is up, you will have started to instill two good habits. Don't break the chain... because next week
  23. Mini-Challenge #2 - River River! We love River. But look at this ^^. How much strength and flexibility is necessary for this type of movement. What do we need to do to be like River? We need flexibility and core strength. Your challenge: Part 1) 10 minutes of mobility or stretching per day. Today - Sunday. Part 2) Accumulate X minutes of planks: Beginners, or those new to planks, aim to accumulate 2 minute per day. Intermediates, try to accumulate 3 minutes per day. Advanced Rangers, try to accumulate 5 minutes per day. ** You decide what level you're at. If you want to go
  24. Mini challenge #2: The Flight from Tooth and Claw The assassin’s took a few breaths to steady themselves after they had reached the mountain’s lofty summit. Some assassin’s were still scrambling up the side of the mountain but their final stretch was made much easier by the helping hands of their fellow guild members. A few minutes passed and everyone’s breathing returned to normal and they could properly appreciate the world they found themselves in. It was a very different place. The trees below them swayed gently in what felt like a summer breeze, illuminated by the bright rising
  25. Mini-challenge #1: A mysterious trap Summary of the situation. A vile sorcerer cast a spell on the whole Assassin guild sending us in a parallel universe! After learning how to fly and look good in spandex, we managed to find the sorcerer again and a way to counter the spell but something went wrong and found ourselves leaping from fairies tale to fairies tales. After helping a witch cleaning her diet, she accepts to cast a spell on us, trying to send us back to our own world, but the counter-spell was not strong enough and after fairies tales, we are sent in some video-games where we ha
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