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  1. Hello! I am back on here after being away for almost a year. I have had ALOT of ups and downs when it came to my health goals. I am currently in a downward slope...I have felt unmotivated to take care of myself and my health. I am currently at the heaviest I've been and need some encouragement and motivation. I know weight loss and reading my health goals has a lot to do with mindset...so I need help getting the right mindset. I want to be at a healthy weight so I can better take care of my husband, and have more confidence in myself.
  2. Hi, Im back! ( and sincerely hope to stay longer than last time...) why dopamine, you ask? During summer I have stopped consuming alcohol and will have 100 days as a non drinker this week. While researching on the topic of addictive behavior I got into listening to HubermanLab Podcasts which are introductions into brain science. I realised that through years of taking strong medication and also my mental health history my dopamine houshold it pretty out of whack. ( my original diagnosis as a college student was schizophrenia, ten years ago they changed that into bipolar, this year the diagnosis was changed to having depressive phases .. Im doing so much better!) while trying to quit smoking as well I was prescribed Wellbutrin, an antidepressive drug that lets the brain have more dopamine and helps you with the quitting process. And it felt glorious! I was energized, motivated and everything seemed just a bit lighter. Unfortunately taking this medication long term doesnt help with natural dopamine production at all, and when you stop talking it, you will feel not so great. I have stopped taking Wellbutrin after 10 days because I didnt manage to quit smoking. (I tried 3 times this summer.) the following actions are good for naturally producing a healthy amount of dopamine: PROTOCOL: walking/dogwalks I am injured for the 1284658th time ,but if I walk slow and with short steps Im not in pain. I will do the mini challenge with my pup and although it will be raining constantly for weeks starting Wednesday I will go out there and try to walk as much as I can. I wont count my steps or kilometers, I just want the intrinsic joy of moving outside with my dogs butt in front of me. walk every day. ( already doing 4k a day regularly) If you can, walk twice a day. cold showers in the morning Apparently the shock of cold water gives you a boost of dopamine which is not only short term, but lasts quite a while. I will shower with warm water and before getting out I will use very cold water on my body... shrieking and trembling is what I want. keep eating keto if you cut out sugar its good for your brain and dopamine production. I have eaten keto for years now (with breaks) and will just keep doing so. Also Ive lost 8kg this year and would love to get down some more. intermittent fasting gives your brain a bit of dopamine and is very good in combination with keto. I will not eat before noon and gradually reduce my eating window. enjoy the hard work/process I learned that if you focus on hard tasks like writing, you can learn to enjoy the process more than reaching your goal. It has to be a feeling of intrinsic work. Lets you produce dopamine while doing hard things! what's not to love! Im prepping for NANOWRIMO again and have to write the concept for a training for social workers on mental health, which I am hired to do twice in October. I can sit down on my free days to write. enjoy your coffee Hubermann found, coffee is helping the brain develop more receptors for dopamine, which means: coffee is something I can drink and enjoy, knowing its actually doing my brain a favor. and as I take a break from smoking cessation for now I will have very happy moments with coffee and cigarettes. this protocol will be done daily except for the process of writing, which I can do on my free days ( Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday). If this strategy is too much for me to tackle at once, Im allowed to take it down a notch. Ive been pushing myself hard all summer and feel its completely fine if I only manage to do some of this stuff. But Im definitely will be pushing myself a bit.
  3. Looking for a wee bit of advice and guidance. I'm 28 year old male. 5ft 8. 82.58 kg. Around 19% body fat. I've dropped down from 91kg 4 months ago. But the weight drop was in the first month and a half. I've been aiming for 75kg for the next 2 months but would settle at 77kg. Training 3/4 times a week. 5 minutes cardio warm up. Day 1 - Chest and biceps, day 2 - back and tri and day 3 - leg, shoulders and abs. At the end of each workout I do either 15 minute HIIT cardio or LISS cardio for 30 mins. In-between that I work and I'm on my feet doing around 8000 steps minimum per day. I'm using progressive overload approach and finishing of my exercises with form dropping and doing 6-8 reps. I started eating roughly 1710 calories a day occasionally breaking to 1850. With a protein intake of at least 140 grams per day. For the first 3 months. Having not really lost any weight (gaining strength and dropping some body fat). Spoke to a guy in the gym advised to up it to 2000 at least a day and again increased my protein intake to around 160grams per day. With more water intake. I've been doing this for the last two weeks stepped on the scale again No change!! I've heard all the Trust the process and just keep going. But I'm feeling my motivation has taking a bit of a hit. Was at the gym today and felt low in energy that I didn't finish half my leg day exercises and end up leaving early. Feeling a bit fatigued and low in motivation. Anyone have similar experiences or advice on how to progress? Is that delay in weight loss for body recomp normal? Any guidance would be really appreciated.
  4. Hey there! I'm Gathrightknight and I'm starting this log to help me keep track of my exercise and keep me motivated! After going through a heartbreaking experience - I'm working to better myself and my life! My goals are to get more fit by doing some weight training and cardio; I currently come in at approximately 125 lb and would like to increase that to 140 with in six months. I would like to increase my muscle mass as well as work on removing some fat around my stomach area. My schedule per week: Sunday - Strength Training Monday - Off Day Tuesday - Strength Training Wednesday - Cardio Thursday - Strength Training Friday - Off Day Saturday - Cardio I have successfully completed one week of the Nerd Fitness Beginner Bodyweight Workout. I am currently on week 2 and have increased the reps per set. I also switched out the dumbbell rows for curls for the time being. For Cardio I am doing 15 minutes of HIIT. Week of July 29 - August 4 Nerd Fitness Beginner Bodyweight Workout (x3) - 25 Bodyweight Squats - 15 Pushups - 26 Walking Lunges - 15 Dumbbell Curls (10 lb weight) - 30 second plank - 40 jumping jacks I have been logging my workouts and meals via hardcopy but want to go more public for accountability. If anyone wants to give constructive criticism, advice, or motivation, please feel free! And Thanks!
  5. Hello all, So I've recently decided that I need to make a change. A real one this time. In real life. In real time. Not just in my head, not just as I'm drifting off to sleep making promises about what I'll do better tomorrow, but in the waking minutes and days when those better decisions have to be put into action. So here I am. I used a forum like this to make a major life change a few years ago, and I miss the camaraderie and accountability that was available there, so here's hoping that exists here too A bit about me: I'm looking at 40 in the next 18 months or so; but realizing that I feel closer to 60 and have acquired the same walk as my 70 year old mother in law who needs both knees replaced I've never been thin, at least not since I had to have back surgery at 18. For a brief window I was even in half decent shape and ran a few half-marathons. But I've always been classified as overweight (flirting with obese based on BMI) and I've always dealt with back pain. The advice I've heard constantly is to exercise more in order to lose weight, which will in turn alleviate my back pain. But even when training for half-marathons and being careful about what I ate, I didn't drop more than a few pounds. And now after a big international move and 2 pregnancies, I realize that I've lost whatever good exercise habits I ever had. My body is stiff and hurts and I'm afraid that my kids will grow up with an invalid for a mom, rather than someone who's active and involved in their lives. I know it's not too late, but I also know I need to start NOW. During my first pregnancy, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism - no doctor ever thought to check for it before, as the assumption always seemed to be that the weight wasn't coming off because I was too lazy. However, even when that's well controlled now, I'm not losing weight, so much for that magic cure Within the last month, I've discovered that I have one leg shorter than the other as well as osteoarthritis in my spine (which, as the doctor is happy to remind me, can't be replaced, so the goal is to limit the progression as much as possible). After a few days of walking with insoles to adjust the leg length, my day-to-day back pain has greatly subsided, but the stiffness and flare-ups are still there. My doctor here has barred me from running as that will make my back worse. I admit I was angry at first, because all of the advice of exercising more was probably making the pain worse rather than helping; but I'm over that and trying to figure out what I do know with the cards I've been dealt. The problem is that I now find myself on a somewhat tight budget, 2 small kids (2.5 and 1.5 years old), a full time job and a husband's career that requires more flexibility than mine, and I feel....lost. Like I don't know where to start, or what I can expect to be able to do or maintain. Gym is out, as I don't have the flexibility time wise to go regularly, plus I hate gyms, so I know I won't go at 9pm when my husband is home and I can finally get out of the house. I've tried to start doing some simple exercises at home (including the bodyweight workout I found on this site), and I realize how unbelievably out of shape I am! I'm not the heaviest I've ever been, and not even at my unhealthiest diet-wise, either, as I live in a country where healthy food is more the norm than junk food, and do much of our shopping at weekly farmer's markets; But I'm definitely the most out of shape that I've ever been and I hate myself for letting it get this bad! Ok, so enough of the whining and what am I planning to do about it? 1) I joined this site, and this forum to hopefully find some people to buddy up with, encourage each other and be accountable to. That's something that's missing in my regular life as all of my friends either have time to exercise that I don't, or think that I'm already healthy and don't understand my frustration. My husband is 100% supportive, but more overweight than me with bad eating and non-existent exercise habits, with a real mental block about the need to change. I nag him, and bug him, and cajole him, but he's a grown man and I can't force him. He supports me, but in his eyes I'm wonderful and perfect and doing everything just fine, so he's not exactly a very tough motivator So anyone who can relate and is looking for an accountability partner, here I am! I can be a real pain in other peoples' asses about what they *should* be doing, but I need that same approach turned on me! 2) My husband (who loves me more than I deserve) is in the process of buying a used workout bench, which hopefully he will pick up this weekend and install with his dad when he's in town next week. I've already started moving the freeweights from the basement to the bedroom where the workout bench will be, so that I can start using it when it's ready. 3) I bought a membership to the local pool, and have been going 1-2 times a week to do laps. The agreement with my husband is that Wed or Thurs afternoons he picks up the kids so I can swim, and Sunday morning I go to the pool; of course, sometimes life gets in the way and things don't go as planned - i.e. was supposed to go yesterday but my daughter was sick so had to work from home to be with her; husband already had appointments booked this afternoon as he had given me the Wednessday so no mid-week swim for me this week But I can honestly say that I have been doing my best to go when I can and not falling prey to BS excuses. 4) I've set up a stepper and stationary bike in front of the TV. I even got pretty good about using them regularly (2-3 times per week), but then we got hit with massive heat waves and without AC, it's not possible to do cardio in the house anymore 5) I try to take every opportunity I can to walk somewhere - to pick up/drop off the kids from the nanny when I'm working from home, to various appointments here in our small town; to the store when I only need to pick up a few things. The biggest obstacle here is that these things take more time than driving, and are only possible when I'm working from home, which isn't everyday, or don't have the kids as they can't walk very far yet (and I threw out the double stroller because it was a horrible pain to maneuver, but that's a whole different story). 6) On the working from home front, I'm trying to become more disciplined to get into the habit of being as productive at home as I am at the office. I have a job that I can do largely from home, and my plan is that as of September (start of the new school year), I will work from home 2 mornings a week, which will allow me to do a workout in the time I would normally spend getting ready and driving to the office. 7) I'm trying to make small tweaks to my diet, as although it's not bad, I know my weaknesses (Did someone say chocolate?! in the evenings?! Why yes, that IS my happy place!) I'm trying to go semi-vegetarian (more for personal reasons than health or weight loss), incorporate more fish and legumes and experiment more with new veggies, which are probably the thing that I neglect the most (I eat them, but usually the same old thing and then get bored of them easily). The biggest problem, if I'm honest, is that I live in France. FRANCE, people. Let that sink in for a moment. And yes, everything you've heard about the cheese and baguettes and croissants here is TRUE. There is no such thing as "low fat cheese" in the supermarket, at least not one that's edible. The croissants I can avoid, bread I'm trying to be reasonable with, but the damn cheese gets me everytime. And of course all the naturally thin French women eat it regularly and don't see why good French cheese should pose any problems whatsoever...sigh Ok, that's about all I have time for but here comes the fun part: I want to hear ideas, critiques, anything you got! Any hidden excuses in what I've written that I'm not seeing ? Any ideas as to what I can try? I promise to be as open minded as possible (as long as it doesn't involve giving up French cheese..I moved here for a reason!) and appreciate any and all feedback! Have a great day everyone! Max
  6. Hello! I'm currently in a rebuild stage of my life and looking to get back into a more regular workout routine. I recently moved to Bremerton, WA and started a new job so my life has been in total chaos for the past couple of month. I don't know many people and am looking to get a good accountability buddy via in person.. text.. email.. whatever to continue maintaining a health life style and help keep me on track and whatever other craziness life throws. I work at a hospital so my schedule can be a bit crazy so looking for someone who maybe also doesn't fit into a normal M-F 9-5 life would be great too but definitely not required! A little about me I'm 29 year old female currently working towards going back to school into a master program. Free time I enjoy reading, traveling, hiking, soccer, watching hockey and football. My nerdy obsessions are Dr Who, Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Walking Dead, Z Nation, Harry Potter, Stargate. Always open to checking out new nerdy items :D. Let me know if you're looking for an accountability companion and we can chat! -Dr Who
  7. What are your favorite tunes for working out? You're extra brave if you share your Spotify playlist! My favorites right now for lifting: Herr Mannelig, Garmarna You're Nobody (Til Somebody Kills You) The Notorious B.I.G. x Gon' Give it to Ya, DMX Easy Love, Lauv
  8. Oh, this mighty wagon I keep falling off of... I fell again... for a long time... but now I dusted off and am back playing the catch-up game. I started the new year with a goal of losing between 10 to 15 kilos in a year. That was before my blood work results came back and I realized things were more serious than I thought. That goal will have to be adjusted now. I thought on Jan 1st I could just go with the flow and fly by the seat of my pants. That's not the case anymore. I'm planning on joining the next 4 week challenge and go from there. My woot is the fact that I am back here. I am back taking action instead of just riding along. I am back so I can be accountable for my choices and keep motivated with y'all's help. That was the first step... and believe me... it was not easy to admit I was off the bandwagon for so long and come back pretty much begging for help. From Jan 1st till now I have lost 3 kilos already... which considering I wasn't dieting and only started going to the gym 2 weeks ago, is a win. I have 23 kilos to go. Not sure if it is a reasonable goal to lose that in one year. One step at a time. Here's to the first 3 kilos lost and to the many more to come! I am back on the bandwagon!!
  9. Hi! I'm Fedaykin, 25 yo female who loves to read, drink tea, dream and I'm currently interested in zero waste and minimalism. I've followed Nerd Fitness since I read the article on parkour but never stopped collecting underpants and started actually doing anything about changing my life. My reason for finally jumping in is a trio of events: I got promoted (yay, guest service team leader!), I caught and recovered from mono, and I realized that my life consists of working, sleeping, and sitting on my butt reading. My quest for this challenge is to build healthy habits. I will... Track what I eat every day. I want to see what I'm doing with my diet before I change it. Drink at least 60 oz of water a day (not including my daily tea). I constantly feel dehydrated and I know this is contributing to my lack of motivation to do anything. Exercise 5 days a week. Walk, run, bike, bodyweight exercises, anything beyond what I already do. I live close to a paved walking/biking trail, so as it becomes spring in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, I want to utilize this resource. Floss every night. I currently don't floss and it's a source of personal disappointment for me. Wish me luck! I plan to update at least twice a week.
  10. Overview / Motivation: I am fired up for 2018. No resolutions. Simply time to recommit to excellence and level up my life. Keeping the same approach that I wrapped up 2017 with but will be increasing my running distance and adding in side planks. I have big aspirations of completing a Spartan Trifecta this year and will need to redefine what I think I can actually accomplish physically. Let's light that fire and get after it! #unleash Main Quest: Work towards building my bench and squats to 250 pounds Side Quests: Average 8 Miles of Running / Week Points Potential: STA+4 Grading A= Average > 90% B= Average > 80% C= Average > 70% D= Average > 60% F= Average < 60% Average 210 Burpees / Week & Complete Daily Front & Side Plank [Week 1-3: 2:00 Minutes, Week 4 & 5: 2:15 Minutes with 30 Second Side Planks Week 1-5] Points Potential: DEX+3 Grading: A= Average > 90% B= Average > 80% C= Average > 70% D= Average > 60% F= Average < 60% Average 3 Weight Training Workouts / Week Points Potential: STR+5 Grading A= Average > 90% B= Average > 80% C= Average > 70% D= Average > 60% F= Average < 60% Life Quest: Read "Language and the Pursuit of Leadership Excellence" Points Potential: WIS+3 Grading A= Average > 90% B= Average > 80% C= Average > 70% D= Average > 60% F= Average < 60%
  11. Ok guys, here we go again. I'm fighting again towards a healthier lifestyle. I have not been successful in the past several months, and I've gained back a lot of weight. Time to turn this around. I just got back from a short trip. On Thursday a friend of mine and I drove 5 hours to Kansas City, MO to see Markiplier's You're Welcome Tour. It was hilarious and a lot of fun! We then dropped down to Branson, MO for a couple of days. While there we went to the Titanic Museum, Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum, the Wax Museum, and played mini golf. Tons of fun! A lot of junk food though. So I am once again addicted to junk food. I have GOT to kick this. It's time to wake up. I may not have been trapped in the Sacred Realm for 7 years, but it almost feels like it. Time to wake up and get back on task for my quest. BIG WHY! - First I'm going to remember what my big why is. Why am I doing this? Why do I want to succeed? My big why is that I want to enjoy life. I want to be able to do more with my life and experience more. I want to be able to go hiking, zip lining, kayaking, and a whole bunch of outdoor stuff without being exhausted. I want to have the energy to take care of myself and those around me. I want to be able to buy clothing from a regular store. There are so many reasons for me to take on this task, but my primary reason is for health and happiness. Goal 1: Stop eating out - Tonight I'm going to the grocery store, and I'm going to stop eating out so much. I am allowed eating out twice a week. No more than that. I have to make that count. If I do end up going out to eat more than twice a week, the other times must be healthy options. Goal #2: Hydrate! - So, my goal here is going to be to drink more water. My goal for now is 64 oz of water each day. I think this is doable. Goal #3: Practice Sword Fighting - I have wanted to go back to Kendo for a long time. I'm finally going to do it. By the end of this month I want to go to at least 3 Kendo classes. I want to get back into it. Maybe it'll give me more motivation to hit the gym. Goal #4: Schedule Down Time - I have started to fall into the trap of planning too much for myself. There's so much I need/want to do that I haven't been taking time for myself. I'm going to practice self care and do better starting now. Ok, let's get this started. I'll need your help and support to get back on track. This WILL happen damnit!
  12. Fu*ked up last few days, dad brought a meth junkie prostitute home to live here (im paying rent) told me his pill junkie pot head friend is moving into my room w me, and because I told the tweaker I knew she was on meth and knew she was doing a lot more than housework to pay the rent... ive got 3 weeks to find a new place when studios only come up 2x a month and they are 1,400+ to rent with 100 applicants going for each of em, and a bad root canal, and trouble at work, and a $400.00 speeding ticket... this last week just sucked, ofc I went off diet too. Im so on edge I'm snapping at friends, and cussing out strangers hoping they start a fight... Grrrrr.....
  13. Anybody else on here have ADHD? I find it very hard to make plans (due to executive dysfunction) and even harder to stick to any plans I make/am given. It's really hard to do something every day, especially if it's something that is not necessarily very fun. Case in point, exercising. Sweaty, out of breath (asthma), headaches from the blood pressure increase, occasional pain, the threat of muscle aches... None of that is appealing. It's hard enough for me to stick with something fun! Like, one of my hobbies is cross-stitching. It took me a year and a half to finish a birth sampler for my nephew, which was supposed to be a gift when he was a newborn. I just finished it. He's eleven months old. So, even things I like doing get procrastinated on. Does anybody have any advice for how, as an ADHDer, to make myself get off my butt, away from the computer, and up and moving and doing stuff? Anything that's worked for you, if you experience the same kind of problems? (I should add that I am mostly unmedicated, due to living in Japan where the only available medication doesn't do anything for me... So I say 'mostly' because my antidepressant, Effexor, is supposed to help the ADHD a little, according to my doctor. So, medication advice is not very helpful, but thanks anyway.)
  14. I am looking for some tips and inspiration really. I would like to know what you all do to stay motivated. I feel like a lot of times, I spend more hours trying to get motivated and become that way... And then the next day I lose it. I have reached goals and have made improvements but it is taking so much longer because of my lack of motivation.
  15. Welcome to the Coffee House Your place for a pick me up We've all hit that point in a challenge where you just need that little pick me up to keep pushing through. Quotes, stories and photos to help get through the challenges. Who inspires you?
  16. I could use some help. I do my stretches everyday but it's just been so hot outside I haven't had the strength or motivation to go out on a hike. For those of you that don't go to the gym and do workouts at home, what's a good thing to start doing? I'm trying to get my stomach flatter and not have loose skin on my arms. I just feel alone and it sucks.
  17. I failed spectacularly. I have gained almost ALL my weight back, and I've been sick for the last 7 months with colds, sinus infections, bronchitis, and then COLDS. A nurse kindly said to me "It's very easy to neglect your health." and I realized being sick had become normal. I didn't think I was neglecting my health, I thought I was taking care of my loved ones and being a good family member. Just because I gained all my weight back and couldn't breathe without coughing, I mean... Yeah okay. I neglected my health BIG time. I knew I should be working out, I knew I needed to eat better, and I knew that I wasn't working. I was depressed, and all the things I was working towards seemed pointless and impossible. I lacked purpose, I lacked meaning, and I lacked a sense of self and life. Then I went to Ireland. Where I got an airplane cold (laughs bitterly) but it was an amazing experience! I drank beer! I had Guinness and Beef Stew! I had the best vegetable soup in the world! I climbed steep hills (coughing along the way) and I saw amazing views. I met people who were kind, grouchy, silly, and quiet. I saw ruins, I saw SO MANY SHEEP, and I had a wonderful time going somewhere with just my mom. And while I was REALLY happy to come home and recover in my bed and finally sleep, I finally understood why I failed so completely: My "Big Why" was not good enough. I mean, it's a good "Why" but it's not the "why" I need at this point in my life. My "Big Why" was someday I was going to have kids and get married and I wanted to be in great shape for all the life we were going to live together. I was saving for a down payment on a house, so I could move out of my parents' house. I was so excited to get ready for this life that I didn't have. I wasn't even dating. I'm NOT even dating right now. I have no interest in dating right now. The idea of moving out and living alone feels really sad and lonely to me if we're being completely honest. I LIKE having someone to say hello to in the morning. Eventually I know I'll move out and probably live too close to my parents, but right now, this is okay. So how can I work for a goal when it's not really what I want RIGHT NOW? What do I want? I want to travel and see the world! I am willing to work, to lose weight, to save, to live well and healthy for the end goal of traveling somewhere new. I want to climb up hills without the additional 100 pounds. I want to pack smaller clothes in my suitcase so I can pack more clothes I want to be strong and have the endurance to keep up with 4 hour walks seeing beautiful sights without melting into a pile of sweaty goo at the end of the day. I want to feel healthy and stop getting sick. I want to stop buying frivolous things and save my money, and I want to work and REALLY be successful so I can earn enough to travel more. Because I can say "Someday I want a family." but what really works for me is saying "The fall of 2018, I want to go to tour Tuscany and take a cooking class about making pasta and tiramisu." OH HECK YES. THAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN. A concrete goal, a firm deadline, and something I am almost guaranteed to do (provided they don't cancel the tour two times ) Having changed my Big Why for now, I feel motivated to really take care of my life, to stop hiding from the world, and LIVE. I have a reasonable weight loss plan. Eat 3 meals a day and drink lots of water. Alternate workout intensity every other day. So maybe one day is strength training and hiking, and the next day is yoga. Or one day is yard work and swimming, and then the next day is going for a walk. YOU GET IT. Sundays are my day off. No working out. Still three meals, but this is where dessert and fried chicken can have a spot. Or Irish coffee, RIGHT? Eating healthy meals, working out, and getting enough sleep. All important parts to losing weight and staying healthy. Working more. I work freelance, and I've let my business SLIDE. So now I'm back to work with renewed energy and motivation. I have something to earn money for that is in the near future, not just some "Wouldn't it be nice" dream. I might get a part time job to help save money when I'm between clients. I can do this! Getting out of the house and having a life between traveling. Spending more time with friends, going out to the movies, festivals. Climbing out from under my laptop to DO things. Take a class, join the local YMCA, explore the local museums. Lots of things to do by myself and with good company. It's funny, because a lot of what my plan is looks very similar to past plans. But it feels like it's purposeful now. I feel like there's a point. I have my Travel Wishlist, and I'm going to take the next few years and fulfill it. I'll come back about once a week or so to keep you updated on how the Respawning is going Have a wonderful day, and thanks for listening!
  18. Hey, guys, so about 50 days ago, I looked at myself in disgust, I mean I wasn't obese, but I was overweight for my height and age, I'm 18, 170cm, 82Kgs or 5.5 Feet 180 pounds. I started by altering my diet, not a big change but I wanted to cut out the little stuff before I was drinking a lot of soft drinks, chocolate milk, and muesli bars. After cutting these I immediately saw change, felt better and started to lose weight, I got down to about 75Kgs my target was 72. Since then I started to slip back and am practically back to where I started a few Kgs Lighter. So my question is how do I get motivated to so I can start reaching goals again?
  19. Hi all! I saw the Doodlies already have a thread, but as it's for Doodlies only I figured I'd make one for the non-Doodlies. This thread is for people looking for one or more accountabilibuddies to help them with the upcoming 4 Week Challenge. Post a link to 4WC thread, a brief overview of your goals for this challenge, and what you would like from an accountabilibuddy. Remember: You don't have to have matching goals to be an accountabilibuddy! All you need to have is some pom-poms and a willingness to cheer someone else on through the challenge.
  20. So my profile hasn't changed and I've failed my own quest I mean epic fail.. Here's why It happened, intention good, planning well it's there but not in stone.. My weight was 14.4 and My jeans are tight I've got 36 year old muffin top.. So why have i not got anywhere... I'm lazy I've got my Gearfit2 ( anyone know how to add buddy please help and add lol). I eat well and BAD in less that exual measure more on the bad. So here goes I'm going to do three exercise a week nothing more unless I want to. I'm looking to use a kettle bell for my sheild, weight body weight or exercise as my sword arm strength. And streacthing flexibility bands for my Bow arm I means what a ranger otherwise right.. big High Five So I'm going to spend the day and chisel my life goal into stone.. It's shall be with sword held high, war cry in my lungs and conviction in my jaw and a my eyes bright with determination RESPAWN.... RESPAWN....RESPAWN........ PS I'm login Mondays and Fridays minimum,,, and if in three month and I'm still going with Your Help (please fellow rangers/respawners) I'll do the same for you well all be here in three month with a sore hand from all the HIGH FIVES
  21. Kuros, through passed down stories that have become nothing more than legend, is known to most as the "Knight Warrior of the Books of Excalibur," but few would know it upon meeting this unassuming hero. Less bulky warrior and more agile ranger, with a mind sharper than any blade (except Brightsword, of course), Kuros is a servant of light, far more humble than the picture this old keeper of lore will paint for you. Always cloaked and seldom seen, it would be easy to mistake him for an assassin (a poor one at that if he is indeed seen), or a scout. Alas, this is not the case. Jack of all trades, but a master of none, except maybe stillness of mind. The sum total of his attributes is what makes him a force to be reckoned with. Any obstacle or any foe can be conquered, and the only limiting factor is his force of will. With the proper application of blade and bow, mind and manners, Kuros can equally well disarm both the hound of Hades or the daughter of Zeus. Ironically though, given his tremendous capability and power to sway the forces of evil, Kuros has not been seen for many years, and as we approach our darkest hour, the world needs all the heroes she can get. Whispers on the wind have become widespread rumor, and these tell of a broken husk of a man that was once humankind’s staunchest advocate. It is said that he has withdrawn from the world, grieving for a loved one who has passed from this life. If Kuros happens to be reading this right now, know this. This world is merely a doorway to the next life. You will see your beloved again, but not yet… not yet. Take heart. There are many more beautiful lives to preserve and the darkness is ever encroaching. The bell has been rung and the hour is now. The time to reforge ourselves into something new, something stronger, is here. I call upon all the hesitant and all the eager heroes of the world. Our world is at your mercy. Will you not answer her call? Hello everyone and sorry for the over the top RPGing. I had serious fun with that. I'm really looking forward to this experience. Such a cool site and idea. Anyways, my real name is Mike, I'm 27 years old and I'm looking to get fitter than ever. How fit? Like Gimli and Legolas had a baby and that kid grew up in the wild raised by wolves and surrounded by orcs level of fit. I like to do a little bit of everything to be honest with you. Traditional strength routines, cross-fit style circuits, sprint workouts, distance running, and climbing. If anyone's in the Idaho Falls area (just about to move out there from Virginia), let me know if you're looking for a workout partner. Also, that list is by no means exhaustive. I also like to snowboard, play ultimate frisbee and competitive online video gaming. My xbox live gamertag is Terra Unu if anyone wants to add me. Right now I play Overwatch and Left 4 Dead 2 (yes I know it's old) mainly, but I also occasionally get on Battlefield 4, Halo 5, Destiny, Diablo III, Titanfall 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops III. My favorite games of all time are Rygar, Wizards and Warriors, Donkey Kong 64, Goldeneye, Nightfire, Halo, Left 4 Dead, Jak and Daxter, Champions of Norrath, Fusion Frenzy, World of Warcraft, Counter Strike and the original Star Wars Battlefront games. This last part I'll end up posting in a more appropriate section of the forums, but I thought since I'm introducing myself, I might as well introduce another idea that I think would be great for the site (or terrible, not sure yet). What do you guys and gals think about all our character profiles and quests being accessible via a facebook-like network? I personally think it would be cool to check out and gain inspiration from other people's profiles and keep in touch with one another via a facebook-like interface, but in the style and format of this site with this specific community. Or should I just shut up and go use facebook? Ha, anyways thanks for reading and rebel on. Mike (AKA, Kuros) https://www.nerdfitness.com/character/191847
  22. So what is this about you might ask? Well, I'll tell you! Just take a seat, this could take a while.... It all started back about 10 years ago. I was in high school and just getting to figuring out who the hell I was. I met this really cute guy and got infatuated. I even invited him to go to prom with me but he declined, said he wasn't interested in going. I was sad but not heartbroken and found another dude to go with. And oh boy...was that ever a disaster! Fast forward a few years and I meat this boy again but now via my boyfriend. He is funny and sweet and nerdy, just like me. And I liked him. A lot. But since I had a guy already and was happy (not really, I just told myself this...idiot teenager...) I never thought more about it. Instead things changed and me and this guy started hanging out like friends and that was just fine. Until one night when he was drunk and it slipped out, when we were alone, that he had liked me since high school and regretted so badly turning me down for prom. I had no idea what todo with the information and it just got stored away in the back of my mind. So I moved away for college and he got a job, life went on. My relationships started and ended like bad sitcoms all of them, one worse then the other, and this guy stayed with me. He became my closest friend and confidant and I told him everything. I even felt a few times that if he ever was single I would snatch him up. But he never was. When he had a girl I was single and vice versa. So time went on. And then I got engaged. To a dutch guy. And was planning on moving from Sweden. And me and my friend were hanging out a lot that last summer, because I realised that I would miss him the most of all the people I had in my life. And then, one night, something just came over me. We were sitting outside in the Swedish summer night, meaning it was still a soft light out at 2 am and the wind was warm, and I just felt like something changed. I looked at him and all of a sudden his lips were on mine. One kiss. That was all. Nothing more ever happened and I know I should have been beating myself up over it since I was engaged but....I just couldn't. I was just blown away. And all those feeling came rushing back in. But yes....I was engaged....and I was moving the week after. I remember thinking "WTF dude!? NOW?! REALLY!?!?!?!" but I didn't say anything. And I left. I packed up my life and moved. And after 2 weeks I regretted it. I had the feeling in my gut that neither the guy or the country was right for me. He was mean, stupidly cheap and nothing I wanted to do was worth the money. We couldn't go to Amsterdam because that was expensive but he could have a scooter, a car and really expensive hobbies. I felt like shit and I was reduced to a nervous wreck. And after a year I gave up and moved back. I don't regret going but I do regret not listening to my gut feeling sooner. That was the time I finally learned to listen to my intuition. And it has payed of since then. So I moved home. And me and my friend started hanging out again. And something had changed. Something huge. Like....the planets hade changed path and the sun was just....so much brighter. And I realised that it was this guy I wanted to be with. So I did what any sensible woman would do - I made him mine. It wasn't hard since he never had been able to forget me either. And that first year was so blissful it was almost irritating. Reality hit. We hit a really rough patch and after a lot of heartbreak and tears and anxiety we decided to move apart. When things had settled we started talking again and both of us realised that we missed each other. So we tried again. We started dating, took it really slow, kept living apart and just easing into it. Using the time we spent apart to figure out what we wanted individually and where we wanted to go in life. And it worked. About a year after we started dating we decided to move in for a trial period. He stayed with me for one month in my apartment and after that I stayed with him for a month. We managed to find someone that wanted to rent my apartment for a year when me and the guy tried living together again. This time we kept all the safety-measurements on. I kept the apartment so in case of chaos again I could move back and not have to go to my parents again as the last time. We started talking more, communicating more, letting each other in. It worked. <3 We found each other again, over 9000 times stronger this time, more grown up and knowing what we needed to do to make it work in the long run. And THIS brings me to the topic! We got a really nice offer for a fantastic house, it needed alot of TLC but it was too good to pass on, and we started talking about the future. Slowly it nestled its way into our conversations, things like how many kids we would like, would we get married in the spring or fall, what last name would we take? And it happened so naturally and didn't feel scary on bit. So now, this February I decided - I would propose. I was waiting for him to do it but then I thought - why should I? I wanted him as my husband and I'll be damned if I was just going to sit there like a damsel in distress and wait. F*CK THAT! I had a plan! Neither of us are that kind of lovey-dovey old school romantics. For valentines one year I got Heart of the Swarm and we had a ton of fun. He got a 6-pack of MTG boosters. Yeah, that is how we roll. And that got me to the plan - I would design a MTG-card to propose! So I got to making and it turned out awesome, I'm very pleased with it. But come on, that would just be weird with one card, right? So I had a friend of mine help me make a whole playable deck with the theme "Rings". And I printed it out and made a proxy. And omg I was so nervous when I was sitting at the kitchen table cutting out the cards that he would figure out what it was. He just looked at the cards and said it looked weird and laughed. So when the second week of march comes around we go to Prague for a family trip and I'm so nervous I think I'm going to die. I had managed to buy us a pair of rings and smuggled them into my bag together with the deck without him noticing. We get to Prague eventually, went out for the evening and on the way back I feel like puking from the nerves. He thinks I had something bad to eat so we go up to the room and he asked if I wanted to sleep. Ok, now or never! I say I want to play a bit first and that was of course ok. (Side track, but it was me that got him into the whole MTG-scene about 2 years ago) So we sit down and play. using the bed as a table. And I feel my hands sweating more and more. And then I get it. The card! With this I can play the proposal-card from out of my purse and him not having any idea wtf is going on. We keep playing for a while and then I just feel like I have to play it. And I do. And then I start going thru my purse and he asks me what I'm looking for and makes some kind of lame joke about using my lipstick as a token..hurr hurr, we'll see ho laughs last. This is where things starts to get blurry. I remember playing the proposalcard upside down and him looking at me like I'm crazy. He later told me he thought I was pissed at him since I was acting so weird....oops. XD I play the card and as he reads it I literally throw the rings up on the bed, not saying anything. I had this HUGE speech prepared but nope, that didn't work. At all. I just grunt and jerk my chin at the rings and raises an eyebrow at him. The answer was a flying man and a lot of laughing and kissing and many many yes:es. So I got him....finally. I got my heart-neerd. <3 ----------------------------------------------------- Ok, so if you managed to get this far- CONGRATUFUCKINGLATIONS! You are a champ! And the reason to why I post this here is because there is a wedding coming on April 2018. And I want to lose some of the weight until then. I'm not aiming for model thin but just a lighter frame. I want to feel pretty walking down the isle. And I want to be healthy enough to have a baby or two down't the line. That is it. Welcome to my story.
  23. Hello beautiful people! I'm writing from the wonderful city of Boston, USA. I'm a third year university student studying bioengineering. My weight is always something I've struggled with. I was blessed with a wicked slow metabolism(thx mom) and my parents didn't enforce the good values of nutritional education as I was growing up. My first two years of college were not good, as I carried those uneducated eating habits with me in extreme ways. I started mega binge eating to cope with stress, closet eating, and only exercising minimally which ultimately led to horrific skin, weight gain, and pre diabetes. I knew I had to do something quickly. I did my first two years elsewhere, but when moved to Boston something in the atmosphere changed. I had some family help me out and have been such an amazing influence on me for the past year. Fall semester of 2016 was one of the best times of my life. My school work was going great, my work schedule was manageable, I pack day lunch everyday, and went to the gym 5 times a week. I looked and felt awesome and had so much encouragement from others to keep up the good work. Although i don't think i will ever go back to the horrific binge eating mindset i used to have, this semester is definitely different from the fall. My school work is MUCH more vigorous, I picked up more hours at work, the weather definitely has a large effect on my mood and motivation. I barely meal prep anymore and only go to the gym maybe once a week. My goal for being active on this forum is to stay accountable for what I'm eating, and find some motivation(and virtual friends!) to get back into going to the gym more often. I love working out, but I hardly have anytime, and what little time I do have, I want to actually relax! My biggest weakness is absolutely carbs, ESPECIALLY in the morning. Muffins are bae. Also, with having to get up early and generally a stressful hard day ahead, I'm always like "oh this day is gonna suck, you know what will cheer me up? A coffee and a muffin from Dunkin Donuts" THIS IS BAD.... Any who, I'd like to get out of that habit as well and find good breakfast recipes for those who are always on the go! I'm super excited to join the nerd fitness world. Any advice is SO APPRECIATED. Tomorrow is going to be a great day. Ooo i guess a bit about myself I'm very much a science nerd. I love love love biology and physics and chem. Honestly, just learning in general. It's addicting. I also loving reading and listening to sci-fi pod casts, listening to jazz, and watching dog videos. Looking forward to chatting with you all. xoxo Mak
  24. A litter later than intended thanks to general spaciness, but here we go! Since this is my first challenge, I'm mostly trying to set up good habits rather than dive headfirst into hardcore training. Do Better: Take the stairs going UP at work at least once per workday (4 stories). I'm hoping this will be an "easy" one, since our floor's bathrooms are under renovation for two weeks, so we're forced to walk to other restrooms. Eat Better: Meal plan better, and make work lunches the evening before to avoid eating junk out of laziness/convenience. Limit candy to one piece per day. Feel Better: Use one creative power every day (drawing, singing, sewing, etc). BONUS: Come up with realistic goals for improving the house along with costs. Week One: My Bedroom. Week Two: Kids' Bedrooms. Week Three: Bathroom. Week Four: Outdoor Space. If this goes well, I'll add more to each segment and delve into some of the nitty gritty details with my next challenge!
  25. Hello again!! Entering into my 2nd challenge here. I'm going to continue on the same path with some adjustments to keep things fresh. Diet Today is day 30 of no sugar which is an amazing feat for me and my major sweet tooth. So naturally I'm going to keep killin it. Family time * 1x family game night * 1x family theme dinner ( get 16 yr old son involved with the cooking) * 2x cribbage battle with husband (tv is too easy to fall into watching all evening after dinner ) Exercise I currently do 2x strength training at YMCA and 1 x NF body weight and 1 class per week * add a booty workout 2x per week at home * do strength training every other day ( so one week 3x, next week 4x workouts) * increase leg press to 165lbs and chest press to 40lbs Mental I will keep picking one/ two weekly motivational quotes to set the tone for my day. * work on creating a personal affirmation Now that I know my way around the forum better I will check in more often
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