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  1. Another go at this. Last attempt at getting a challenge going again was riddled with stress factors that knocked me out of the game. Ideally, I want to get to a point where I can let stress hit me but not get through my Fortitude... but I am just a fledgling and these things take time to build up. I've been stuck in a rut for ... way too long. I need to get out of it, but, just like a wagon wheel stuck in the mud it's going to take my effort, and my willing to get dirty. So I need to push through with discipline until motivation shows its beautiful face again. Biggest backslides over the past year have been food and exercise. (Lol, nice time to get a double whammy) - I've lost the momentum and discipline on getting some daily movement, and the food gets worse with the less I move. Instead of getting brain boosts from activity, the brain asks for quick hits from junk food and the like. So this challenge is going to be about two things first and foremost. And these things are my current 'beast'. In VtM they refer to the beast within as that monstrous voice leading you away from maintaining your humanity. Many, but not all, vampires put up a valiant effort to fight off that beast. THE GOALS Food - Track calories. It's not always the most fun, but it's the most accurate way for me to pay attention and make good choices. I too easily say "that's probably not so bad" and let things slide when I am not tracking accurately. So we're tracking calories daily. I realize some meals I can only 'best guess'. So the rule for that is, over-estimate the best guess, or eat just half. I don't want to become someone that 'can't eat out with friends' so the compromise is to make eating out less about the food more about the people - and choosing smaller plates, and/or eating half. Track Food 7x / Week -- Allowances for things I can't be accurate on, so as not to make this an all or nothing approach. Exercise - Move. In some way. At least 5x a week. Pretty self explanatory here. I lost the exercise habit and need to get it back. So for now, nothing more complex than "purposefully move, 5x a week" - that can be a 20 minute walk, or an hour long lift, or Beat Saber, or anything else. The idea is to just do it. Even when the brain suggests I do something else with that time. That's it. Oh, and track it. Because without tracking, I tend to get kind of careless. That's it. Those are the only two things that are going up on here. The rest of the things that I want to keep in habit of, I'll do my best to do that *guitar, music, art, etc, but they are not being prioritized right now, until these two habits get back to being habits.
  2. I wasn't going to make a challenge because I have felt like there's no point since I end up just not following my goals. BUT there is merit in showing up. So I thought of a way that I can show up and still work towards things. I am going to do a photo journal of my challenge. I will try to keep any beefy updates in my battle log. My goal... Share photos of things I eat, any exercise I do, and things that make me happy and feel human.
  3. Starting Monday, May 4th, the government round these parts will be gradually lifting the lockdown and quarantine measures, with a view to a full lift by late June or early July. While they haven't done much to contain the virus besides impose lockdown (as opposed to, say, strengthen public healthcare) social isolation has kept the numbers surprisingly low. Now, with the measures gradually rolling back and still no real plan apparent, the strategy truly seems like the image posted above and I can't help but worry that frustrated people will storm out and potentially re-circulate the virus. Either way, I'd love to do a "May the 4th be with you" challenge, but I'll leave Star Wars to the master @EricMN and go Hunger Games instead for this challenge, which basically covers most of the "return to normality" period. Workouts In case you didn't notice, I'm joining the Scouts for this challenge. I started going for night runs after Easter and it seems like it'll be the only viable option until any workout-specific locations begin to operate again, probably around September. For this, I'll be employing the "never twice in a row" rule: I can miss a day of running, but never two days in a row. Nutrition Speaking of running, you may recall Rule #4 of the Rebellion: You can't outrun your fork. It's not about (over)training to burn fat and excess calories, it's about getting your eating habits in check before you even consider working out. Obviously, lockdown was mostly about cooking, eating and not being very physically active. I've slipped back into eating large servings of food, more sugary items than I actually like and a bit of mindless snacking, all of which saw me put on weight. Now I've saved up some mental fuel, but quarantine isn't holidays;it takes a toll and I'll need most of that fuel for my return to the world, so making big changes here would be foolish and short lived. Instead, I'm going for sustainable baby steps as I'll be tracking my weight and eating every day on my phone app. Networking I'd like to up my NF game, both in terms of consistent posting here as well as keeping up with other people's threads (and, you know, actually read stuff instead of speed-reading it). Between this challenge and the return of my pro wrestling narrative thanks to the recent release of Total Extreme Wrestling 2020, I should have enough motivation to stick around so I'll be using a quid pro quo approach: no posting on my own thread until I'm done catching up with other threads. I also need to get a new job and sort out my financial situation, but that's not something I could make into a challenge goal, especially with The Uncertainty still raging.
  4. fitnessgurl


    Hi everyone! I've returned to the Rangers instead of doing a battle log this time. My challenge will be a bit unstructured compared to the last few. I felt that I needed to change things up a bit. I will post my quests in a bit. My last challenge
  5. Hey Assassins: I closed out my last challenge, and here I am to try again. And no, I'm not actually swimming. I don't mind the water, heck I'm a SCUBA diver so I kind of love it, but swimming for exercise is kinda godawful for my brain. Too repetitive. I'm a runner, through and through. Also maybe a biker, and probably could be more so as my joints age. But I digress. My last challenge was focused on combatting sugar and eating more veggies. I did OK on the sugar front, but failed miserably on the veggies. So here I go again, starting smaller with a hope that I will be able to succeed this time. 1. Eat TWO servings of vegetables per day; THREE if breakfast consists of a spinach (+ whatever) smoothie. 2. Log food on MFP four days/week or more, stay below calorie recommendation. 3. Come up with three solid "next phase" career paths, and write down the pros/cons/expenses of all of them. 4. Keep running before work, 3x/week 5. Archery practice 1x/week, until we go to Colombia Rewards: For every seven days with 2-3 servings of vegetables, I get to buy myself P. I don't know what P is yet, but I've got to reward that behavior with something other than good feels since I'm clearly highly opposed to it. Might be date night at the movies with Mrs. MG, or filet mignon. For every seven days of logging on MFP, I get to buy myself Q. I don't know what Q is either, but see above for some ideas. I don't need more stuff, so that's out. It's limited to experiences and good food Archery practice, career paths, and running are their own reward. Theme: I exercise a bunch, and I know my deficiencies are in stretching and weight lifting/bodyweight workouts, but I feel like there's enough on the list already. I mean, there's the whole "pick up the apprentice on a bike" now that we've moved not further from his school but WAAAAY higher--like a 400-500' climb higher. It's a serious proposition to pick him up on the tandem and ride home with him chillaxing in the stoker position. (for those not in the know, he's only 8 and even when he's pedaling hard, which only lasts for 30-60 seconds at a go, it's a minimal effect). Anyway, I have been the same weight (somewhere between 170-175) for like a year now, and I'd like to get down below that. Clearly my fork is winning since, as mentioned, I exercise a bunch. Well that's enough out of me for today. Any support from the Assassins' Guild would be appreciated.
  6. Late to the party. So I disappeared for a little over a month. I fell into a Fallout black hole and I have no plans to get out of it. I'm thinking for the next 3 weeks I will work around this and integrate my life into this, rather than the other way around. At least for now. 1. Quest Log When I start the game, it's all over. I have no concept of time. The goal will be to make a list and rough schedule of things that need to be done that day (setting alarms on the phone) BEFORE starting to play. 2. Simple & Sinister The busy person's workout. And since I'm busy being a Commonwealth Minuteman, I'm going back to this program, attempting a minimum of 2 days a week. 3. Nourishment I'm forgetting to eat. This is not good for my plans to get yuge. The goal is to hit 2'500 calories a day. Hopefully this is enough to get me started in balancing my life. War never changes...
  7. Hi all, I try to do a bike ride of 50 miles (half-century) or 62 miles (metric century) once/year to give me a target to train for. I have not done one in over two years. I'm signed up for a half century on May 19, two days after I turn 50. Challenge number 1: Bike every Wednesday (key for me to get 3 rides per week) My training plan is bike Wed (short hard), bike Fri (short hard) and bike Sun (long easy). Also NFA workout Sat. I have my work schedule set up so I can go to work late Wed to make it easier to get a ride in during the week. Past experience is that if I bike Wed, I usually also bike Fri and end up with 3 or 4 days of exercise in the week. If I blow off Wed, I sometimes blow off the whole week, and at best end up with 2 days of exercise per week. I actually started this yesterday, so this is a 5 week challenge for me. Loot: I'm doing a second shorter, bike ride in June and pre-ordered a new bike jersey from that ride. Because I have to pre-order the bike jersey, I get this loot whether I succeed or fail in this challenge :-) Here's the jersey below, I'm getting it from the ride in June instead of the 50 miler in May because I like the jersey better, especially how they made the letters of the name of the ride into a bike on the back of the jersey: Challenge number 2: NFA once per week I had worked up from gym 3 to gym 5 NFA workouts. Until June I'm more focused on the bike, and won't advance to the next level for now, but still want to do NFA once/week to keep up strength. No loot planned for this. Challenge number 3: Track foods daily At one point I was down 12 pounds from my recent high, but I've put 4 or 5 of those back on. It doesn't change my meals, much, but I definitely eat healthier snacks when I track my food. I use Lose It! app. Loot: a new cookbook, either "Sheet Pan Suppers" or "Vegetables One the Side" if I track for at least 20 days in the 4 weeks of the challenge. Challenge number 4: Write two evaluations at work each week I have to write up to 45 annual evaluations of workers in my department each year. It's an academic institution. I can do some in the Fall semester, which I did a few of. Many of them I won't be able to do until more evaluation materials are completed at the end of the Spring semester. But I want to do 2 per week now, to add to the ones I did in Fall and not have so many to do at the end of the year. Loot: I'm playing Wolfenstein: The Old Blood now. If I do 10 of these by the end of the challenge, I will buy myself Wolfenstein: The New Order. Lazarus Long, age 49.9
  8. I tried to find a good gif or even a pic of T H E V O I D but there aren't any. You can't take a pic of T H E V O I D because it's nothing. Just nothing. Interesting that there are gifs of nothing, but not T H E V O I D. This one is close though. I briefly considered making my challenge theme T H E V O I D but that wouldn't be right either. T H E V O I D is not a theme. It's not anything at all. A little like this, but not really. My challenge isn't going to be nothing. It's going to be more challengey than my last two challenges, which were just battle logs. Not that I regret that. There is no regret in T H E V O I D. Like this, only more, and less. My challenge to myself is to become more than I am now. More strong - weight training and pull-ups will happen. More comfortable - my house needs work. More inspired - I want to read something for fun. More peaceful - ukulele will be played. And I realized that T H E V O I D isn't just nothing. T H E V O I D is the potential. It's what isn't there the instant before something brilliant and beautiful happens. Sometimes T H E V O I D is big, and sometimes T H E V O I D is small. But any time we push, and stretch, and grow, even just a little, we push it back. The tiniest flame beats back great darkness. A little hope heals. A little faith moves mountains. And with just a little effort, I am going to conquer T H E V O I D. Here I go.
  9. Hi Rangers. I’m back... a few pounds fluffier after a long dark winter... but determined to regain my old lithe self. Keeping it simple this time, all comes down to focus. Fuel the fire: Track food. Eat to 500 cal deficit. No alcohol (variance allowed for my birthday, coming up towards the end of the challenge!) Move that body: Walk outside, at least an hour each day (can be broken up throughout the day). Hot yoga, targeting 3x per week. 100 squats (also can be broken up through the day, and just body weight for now, say my knees). Focus on the positive: recognize 3 good things each day. I’m excited to getting back to my best self! Range on!
  10. Oh! My! God! I'm addicted to Stardew Valley on the Nintendo Switch. (And I binged too much on Friends...) And as I struggled a lot during the last challenge it seems reasonable to "escape my ordinary life" and respawn in... I'll throw around the buzzwords fundamentals, priorities and assessment. I need to simplify things a bit, but I also want to wokr on the things that are important. And I want to find out what I'm capable of without trying too hard. Hence, the goal is to simply track my behaviour in week 0 and then I try to do more in the subsequent challenge weeks. Everything's unhurried. I'll use the five skills from Stardew Valley for five different areas and I will keep track of particular task via various items. That means: Lots of pictures! Farming Farming is about "active meditation". I enjoy walking and running as exercise but their major benefit is psychological. And as I struggle to meditate "ordinarily" I will try to increase my "time spent moving my legs" trying to see it as more mental than physical training. For this skill I can collect Coffee Beans for walking at least 30 minutes without purpose. I.e. going to the grocery store doesn't count. And Hot Peppers when I go for a run. Mining Mining is about getting stuff done for work. I can collect a Diamond for every page I write for my thesis. And I get a Ruby when I successfully work on my handwriting recognition software. Foraging Foraging is about food. I will track my weigth and my calorie intake daily and I earn a Field Snack for every day I stay below 2500 kcal. Probably I'll reduce this number gradually... And I get a Fiddlehead Fern for every day I only drink 3 cups of coffee. Fishing Fishing means doing something relaxing an enjoyable which is still beneficial. So, this means here I tackle my biggest problem: my hobbies. I get a Squid when I draw something, a Stone Fish for studying/playing Go, a Rare Disc for working on my RPG, a Lost Book for reading or studying Polish and a Clam for practising/playing the guitar Combat Combat is about, well, fighting. Or rather being fit enough too fight. I earn a Rock Crab for every time I go bouldering. And I earn a Shadow Brute whenever I do my bodyweight training (as intense as my back allows). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As always I try to post here daily in order to keep my scores accurate. Let's get this challenge started!!
  11. So... This being my first challenge at 32 years old, I have decided to use this as a reset. This is my personal new year, and while I was away in Italy I did some soul searching (and eating) and I have found that I don't really focus on important things as often as I should. Because of this my time isn't used as wisely as it should be and I don't get as much productive stuff done. Time for Tina Fey to help me get my shit together I will make to-do lists every morning, and I can't play video games until the list is complete. A=28 days B=27-25 days C=25-20 D= 20 or less I will have an actual training program outlined - I bought a program online for my own reference, and will be telling my trainer what I want to work each day. For now he can pick what those exercises will be on our days working together, but it will be based on what body part/parts I plan on working that day. I will also do a minimum of 20 min of cardio a day (will be on to-do list). A=28 days B=27-25 days C=25-20 D= 20 or less I will be back on my nutrition program, no if/ands/buts about it. I have an extra food scale at home so I will be bringing it to work so I have no excuses on following the servings I should be eating. Meal prep will be on my lists when required. A=28 days B=27-25 days C=25-20 D= 20 or less (cheat meal is allowed once a week after the first 2 weeks). *Also a note, if anyone is willing to let me send pictures of my meals to them please let me know, I need some extra accountability on this one, especially on the weekends. Side Quest: Get on here daily and contribute to the community more... ADD IT TO THE LIST! A=28 days B=27-25 days C=25-20 D= 20 or less Now to get to work!
  12. Ok, ok, we're not going to be quite up to his level of shenanigans out in the wild, but we'll hopefully be exploring some unfamiliar terrain. We'll be trying out this geocaching-thing. The "we" are again, the boys and I, as I try to up their activity level this challenge round. Due to my choice to take over the gardening the last month and a bit, I haven't had time to really get out there walking or playing or just get out with them that much. With geocaching, we'll be looking for that cache or "treasure" which should be fun, or at least adventurous. HEALTH : DAILY Water/Tea Food (the boys and I) Sleep Bible Study The boys don't have a problem drinking a lot of water. I need to drink at least 1x bottle of water, preferably some rooibos during the day as well. I'll be tracking our food. Mine is more serious, to establish a maintenance level where I can function normally while still doing gardening, some strength, walking, etc. Sleep is usually a struggle. R5 for me, and R2 each for the boys for each night we manage to go to bed on time! Me: 22h00 - Boys: 21h00 WORK : WEEKLY The Must Do's Every Week Gardening: Mowing OR pruning OR weeding OR planting (1-2x/week) My Strength Circuit (1x/week) Geocaching (1x/week) Dry Fire Drills (1x/week) Rocco does Playball, and may join the jnr soccer team. We'll see. Adam walks with me while Rocco does Playball. I need to get them a bit more active, since we've all gotten a bit lax since I took over the garden work. That is why I decided to introduce geocaching to them. (All thanks goes to @Elastigirl for all the ups and downs we might encounter ) Seriously, it sounds like the right kind of thing for us: not too much wild, some adventure and looking for "treasure"! If the boys help me in the garden, I'll pay them R10 each/day. When we all go on a geocache (successful or not), we each earn R10. If they do any of the active XBox Kinect games, or play by themselves/together outside for 30min. and more, I'll pay them R5 each. TO DO LIST: The Must Do's During the Challenge Finances: Update spreadsheet - March - April Proof Reading: +- 1hr = 1x session (not the whole book at once, which is 400+ pages) Update telephone and birthdays books Sewing: block out filter covers - slippers - fix Serenity's seat Other things that pop up - they usually do I'll give myself R10 for every month of finances I update. Yeah, I suck at keeping up to date on finances. Wanna Do's During the Challenge Camp in the garden with the boys, even for half a night's sleep under the stars (ok, tent or shelter will be preferable) Chop some fire wood Climb high up on the ladder to pick some avo's (mil would be very happy) EDIT: Added Learn some rope knots Look at the stars (search for known constellations) I'll give myself R10 for everything I manage to do on this list.
  13. The Scarlet Pimpernel has been recruited by Jack Bauer to work at the Counter Terrorist Unit in Los Angeles and help him take down the latest terrorist threat. In order to succeed the team faces several challenges: Track Down the Terrorists (Food Tracking) record all food eaten each day using my fitness pal We'll also enlist the help of the public in this effort ... for some added accountability, please become a My Fitness Pal friend! add nturner235 or comment with your MFP username and I'll add you! Get Clean (Continue With No Sweets) No sweets as a general rule. Consider some seldom exceptions if planned ahead and a reasonable serving fitting calorie goals (trying to balance keeping my success avoiding sugar from last challenge with a sustainable life-long habit) Execute Tactical Strikes (Complete NF Flexibility Benchmark Challenge) Pretty straightforward. I thought about jumping into regular workouts again, but I think I've still got a fair amount of effort I need to put in with diet, and I'm worried I'd get hurt because I think my flexibility has gotten even worse than it already was these past few months, so this will be preparatory to getting back into regular workouts. Also I may hold off until week 2 to start, as we are away for April and I'd like a consistent measure. Monitor the Chatter (Track Actions Per Day - APD) This has been working pretty well for me as far as encouraging me to make healthier choices. Goal is to beat last month's average by getting at least 6/day Play the Political Game (Complete 1 or More Mindset Quests Per Week) Good orders need to come from the top, so I'll continue going through the mindset modules and completing the quests Find the Mole (Bonus Quests) Try something new - I'll be spending most of this challenge in a new town, so I'd like to try some new activity while I'm there Parkour exercises/animal walks - bonus points for any parkour prep I do Meet macro targets - bonus points for each day I get within 10% of my macro targets (I'm focusing more on calories right now, but want to start thinking about macros too) Participate in the mini challenge - They're awesome and right now supply most of my exercise. 'Nuff said And finally, the most important question to ask..... WHERE'S THE BOMB!?!?
  14. Experience Tranquility! Why hello, Challenge #2! I'm glad that I have the challenge weeks on my calendar because it keeps me going! My first challenge of the year died off at the end. I was still (sort of?) tracking most of my food choices, but I could tell that I was only giving 50% of the effort. I realized that I don't really like putting heavy time constraints on myself. Having a routine is one thing, and something I am going to be working on, but I don't like doing things in time blocks. I am more of a "Make a List and Do each of the things as they come but not necessarily in any order" and I'm successful with it! I also realized that I sincerely miss doing yoga. I miss having it be part of a daily routine whether it was in the morning, in the afternoon, or bedtime yoga. It helped me keep a calm mind, fight fatigue, sleep better, and just have an overall better outlook on life. All of that said, lets jump right into it: The cycle begins a new... Quest One: "Repetition is the path to mastery" My first quest revolves around establishing a routine. There are not set time slots, but it will be important to maintain the routine as close as possible. Given that life will sometimes throw you lemons, or commitments, don't fret! Just plan accordingly. Daily Routine Brush teeth/wash face/shower Change clothes (don't hang out in pjs all day!) Take out items for dinner If crockpot meal, prep and set to cook Prep items early if possible Breakfast/Coffee with one or two shows If appointments are scheduled, consider breakfast/coffee on the go for both myself and Mom At least two-three housekeeping events (because using the word chore makes it look ominous!) Kitchen always Vacuum Dust Bathroom up-keep Recycling Bedroom de-clutter Maintain an active laundry cycle as to keep from getting behind Daily exercise Lunch at a reasonable time Plan snacks if appointments/errands run long Carry water at all times Play time Computer time Reading time More shows Dinner ready, at the latest, 6:30 PM Kitchen clean-up I think that this will be a great routine to work to establish. There are things that may change, or may be finished prior, which is why not having time constraints work best for me. I am also going to get back into the habit of grading myself! I think it's a good way to keep myself accountable, because who likes seeing a failing mark on anything they do? This particular quest is a Pass/Fail. Along with keeping it here, I am making myself a habit chart so that I can manually check off each time I successfully complete an item. It will also let me see how often certain things need to be done, and if they do not have to be done. I can also note if I substituted something else in an items place. Maintain Routine for Four Weeks: Pass Not Maintaining Routine: Fail Quest Two: "Life is more than a series of ones and zeroes" While the above is to help me establish and maintain a routine, this quest is going to help me remember that there is more to life than fretting over said routine. Once it has been established, and repeated, it will begin to feel like second nature. However, I find myself once again neglecting things that I was very excited to jump back into at the beginning of the last challenge. Therefore, this quest is to help me keep a steady foot on the road of art, photography, silly selfies, writing, and reading. Not to be confused the the play time part of the above routine, I want this to help me continue to build the enthusiasm I had just a few weeks ago. I was drawing, sketching, and just playing around with a variety of art media. I haven't done that in a while, and I can see a drastic difference in my state of mind. I was also sharing things that I was doing, and it really felt good doing so. Even if pieces weren't completed or, in my own opinion "good", I shared them. Not only was it building my confidence, others were voicing their enjoyment on seeing them! So my goal here is to share at least one piece of art every week during this challenge. If there is more, great! It can be in any state of progress and any media. As long as I am doing something and sharing it (here on the forums, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, DeviantArt, etc!), it will count! One Piece of Artwork Shared a Week: Pass No Artwork Shared: Fail Quest Three: "One cannot survive on strength alone" And here we are at the actual fitness part of my challenge. For a long time, I was so intrigued my Yoga. It not only looked cool, but I had always heard how much fun and relaxing it could be. I finally tried it, and actively did at least 15 minutes a day for a while. I was not only losing weight, but a lot of the aches and pains I've regained weren't there. My lower back didn't bother me, my hip joints weren't always sore, and I just felt better. It was good for both my mind and my body, and that is what I need more than anything. So, I am going back to it. Why I left it, it's hard to say. I tried to think about the reasons the other day, and while I did run into some life-related complications, I should not have let it stand in my way. Then again, at the time, I wasn't strong enough mentally to battle it. My ultimate goal is to start and complete Nerd Fitness Yoga Water A, which I believe is the beginner course. I was very close to being able to complete the first one before everything went belly up. While I work toward that, I will be working on the foundation and basic poses of Yoga to establish stamina and do some core strengthening. I know of some great Yogis on Instagram, and also found some good beginner Yoga routines through Pinterest. So, my quest for this challenge will be to do, at least, 10 minutes of yoga a day. It can be more, it can be in two different 5 minute intervals, but I MUST do at least 10 minutes. Even if it's working on one or two different poses. Repetition! 10 Minutes of Yoga a Day: A 10 Minutes of Yoga 4 Days/Week: B 10 Minutes of Yoga 3 Days/Week: C 10 Minutes of Yoga 1 Day/Week or None at All/Week: F Like Zenyatta, my ultimate goal this time around is to balance discord and harmony. Take the discord and throw it back to battle the enemy. Take the harmony and use it to heal wounds overtime. "We walk in harmony, my student." "I know the doubts that plague you."
  15. yo dudes, I am gaining weight again. I mean, I'm still down from my start weight! but, over the last two months I definitely gained a bit. But that's ok, because I am UNSTOPPABLE in the sense that I literally perhaps do not know how to stop. So I am going to UNSTOPPABLY STOP this weight gain. I BELIEVE! MAIN QUEST LOSE FAT. This could be signified by either losing weight, or using fancy schmancy tracking tools (wifi scale, skulpt device, measurements, photos) to double check. In an effort to be more scientific-like, I went back to where my weight dropped again -- last July I tracked a bunch of actual data, and then the August Challenge I tried to put it into effect, with an outcome of some loss. SO what did I do right in August 2016, and how can I keep it up? Well, upon review, I learned that I didn't actually identify any challenge goals in August 2016. I ate less, and I ran a BUNCH. After reviewing July's challenge, I have a hypothesis that I didn't exercise as much as I should for my food intake over the last couple of months, which is contributing to GAINING. I had data for this hypothesis in July, and the hypothesis mildly substantiated with no actual data because literally I did not exercise at all in November and December. SIDEBAR you guys did you know I have a stack of paper notes from many of my old challenges? I'm missing some from the beginning, like, 11/2013-11/2014, but it's cool to have them around - even though they don't have much usable information noted. /SIDEBAR ENOUGH ABOUT THE PAST LET'S TALK ABOUT THE FUTURE. Goal 1: Exercise More / Don't Break The Chain I need to do something every day. Running, TKD, going to the gym and doing weights, SOMETHING. If I can't do a formal thing exercise for at least 30 minutes (20 if it's running, plus a cool down at the end), these are my options for not breaking the chain: * do at least 5 sets of 100 jumping jacks * go for a real 30 minute walk. Poke-walking counts. just WALK. * hula hoop practice for at least 15 minutes. * other things that are like these things that will be good for me. Track this in my new #hobobujo planner. Show you photos. (HEY trying to do some kind of bullet journal planner is ALSO a thing that I am experimenting with and I DO NOT FEAR FAILURE) Goal 2: Eat Less / Eat Better STICK WITH THE PLAN, STAN. my loseit plan is still set at losing 1 lb a week, which is a 500 calorie / day deficit over where it thinks I actually am. ALSO I am going to start logging half and half in coffee / milk in tea. DIRTY SECRET I never logged that. I did decrease my budget by 75 cal to accommodate but the more coffees I drink in a day, the less close I am to that being reality. "LUCKILY," I am also embarking on a version of "no spend january" this month. My husband is going back to school full time and I am the only breadwinner right now. Funds are tight - we have an expensive mortgage. So, I gave myself a few passes for eating out, but mostly, I will be bringing my lunches to work. which means I can EAT BETTER with no problems. Other considerations: DO NOT eat back exercise calories unless I've burned like 1000 exercise calories (i.e., dojo sat.) Goal 3: Put the NERD back in NERD FITNESS. Use the tools! Track food, daily weigh, dust off my nutty excel spreadsheet and fill in the last few challenges. ALSO weekly photos weekly measurements weekly or MORE skulpt readings. it's annoying but the more I do it, the faster I am at doing it. and most importantly! USE THIS TOOL! the forums are like my A+ Number 1 tool for success, USE THEM. DUDE. Check in every day. Say hi. update log. YOU CAN DO IT.
  16. Alright, it's time for a take two. I struggled with my first return challenge, and then a cold kind of cut me off from finishing up the last week of the challenge. So, I'm calling a redo/restart/respawn. Here are the goals from last challenge, so I can meet them all the second time around. I am going to start early with Week 0. It's not going to count for the challenge, per se, but I still want to track it. As before, getting to the gym is not so much of a challenge for me because Brandon and I have a pretty strict schedule about it, and I only want to give myself goals that are an actual challenge to make. Health Goals No snacking after dinner, 5 days/week (20 pts) Stay under an 1,800 calorie goal 5 days/week (20 pts) Spiritual/Mental Health Goals Go to bed by 11pm 4 days/week (16 pts) Keep a dream journal 3 days/week (24 pts) Meditate 5 days/week (20 pts)
  17. Technically, my birthday is on Wednesday, but in the interest of convenience, I celebrated it with my loved ones this past Sunday. It is a reflection on my personality that it was a costume party (I was an elf) and my gifts were a Fitbit and a set of sparring gear. *Side note: I am so happy to get my own set of gear. I have been using the dojang's very, very used gear for sparring, and I hated it. Anyway, my Fitbit (and accompanying app) has a wide range of features that I will be using this challenge to get a bit more fit. Without further ado, the goals (with accompanying theme music): 1. All the Right Moves One of my favorite features of the Fitbit is the hourly reminder to get up and move around. I want to get in my steps, but also try to work in some crawls, pushups, pulls, and other movements each hour from 9am to 6pm, even if it is only a couple minutes. Hopefully having the reminder on my wrist will keep this from falling through the cracks like last challenge. 2. One Step Closer I want to take this challenge to focus on training the three Self-Defense One Steps I need to know for my belt test on December 16. Two are easy to practice at home, but for the third, I will have to summon my 20 seconds of courage and ask another student to help me practice either before or after class at least 3 times during the challenge. 3. Habits I'm feeling a little burned after last challenge's major diet fail. Especially with the holidays coming up, I'm not sure that a "no sugar" type challenge is wise. Instead, I am going to track calories with the Fitbit app, with a goal of staying within 50 calories of my daily intake goal (number varies according to activity). Hopefully with the gadget tracking my movements, I will get a more realistic assessment of how many calories that should be, and I'll avoid the blowback from being too low. I am also hopeful that the reminders to keep moving (goal #1) will save me from boredom eating. Here we go!
  18. While I was still sleeping this morning, my husband placed our Christmas table runner on the table, with our advent wreath in the middle. It was one of the first things I noticed when I walked into our kitchen. I thought about how excited I am for this Christmas season. Yes, sometimes it can be busy, and cold, but I love so many things that go along with Christmas. I love shopping for gifts (online in my cozy hobbit home) baking treats, going to parties. I decided why not have my challenge be a Christmas theme? I'm making a fun game board, because I really enjoyed that last time. Goals are pretty much the same. This week is a practice week, and I start next week. I'm only setting up my game for three weeks though. Hubby is off the week between Christmas and New Years, so I have no plans to track food and get things done in the morning, or much of any goal type stuff. Christmas Joy Challenge Christmas Presents: Track Food 5 days a week; Drink water 60 oz of water a day, eat to around 400 calories over maintenance , more at parties probably Trim the Tree: Do 10 minutes of mobility work 4 days a week; I would like to eventually do it 6 days, but for now I'll try to make 4 a habit Light the Candles: Morning Routine; Read Bible, Drink 12 oz water, kitchen, start at 9:30 Adventure List : To complete the levels I will have to do a certain amount of these ( 2 week one, 3 week two, 4 week three) I can fill them in before I hit the week if I do them bake cookies/ make special food Bullet Journal December Christmas shop fun Christmas outing I plan shampoo couch gymnastic Stretching routine give to a charity Details on my workout plan in spoiler tag Edit: I changed the title to something that sounded a bit more like a game. I may change it again before the challenge start,
  19. Hey, y’all! I’m back for some more challenge fun and excitement! Nutrition Quest #1: FOOD LOG The problem: I realized as I was setting this challenge up and going through the nutrition modules that there’s a BIG part of me that just does. not. want. to. adjust my diet or measure or track or anything. It’s not that I love junk food so much, it’s that I love food so much. Like, real food. Eating is a seriously big part of what I consider the best part of life! I like to eat EVERYTHING! I really cannot get into restrictions on, like, a philosophical level. I also have a serious block against weight loss goals. I have always been a love-me-for-me kind of person, no matter how i look, and the idea of trying to change it just doesn’t sit right with me. (Somehow exercise doesn’t trigger this cantankerousness). I revisited my big why and I think I’m just going to have to do a LOT of thinking and soul searching to find a way to make improving my diet feel right. I know I want to have better energy and health and changing my body composition will help that. I do eat a fair amount of junky food and I just… I don’t know. I have two Traakis inside, one that wants to treat my body like a temple and one that believes my body IS a temple, no matter how I treat it. (Still, latter Traaki, isn’t it possible to treat a temple like a temple?) The quest: When I logged my food last time (pre-respawn), I found it really helpful (though socially awkward). I used YouFood so I just had to take a picture of my food, not try to sort out any calories or anything like that. So I'm going to track everything I eat or drink during the quest using YouFood (username: traaki). If any of you are on there, please let me know and I will add you as a buddy. Nutrition Quest #2: FREGGIES AS SNACKS I was really hoping to have a new food quest after finishing the Nutrition module & also reading the GMB nutrition guide. Instead I have a lot of what I just wrote up there—angst and indecision. Having veggies with lunch has been a really great practice. Last week I needed a snack in the late afternoon and ended up with bagel chips and seafood salad…wah wah. So my second nutrition quest is to have healthy snacks available every day at work (Veggies and fruit, with smaller amounts of olives, almonds, pistachios, cheese, hummus). I don’t HAVE to have a snack at work but each day I will pass this quest if I have something healthy available as an option. Workout Quest #1: 3 BWW PER WEEK We’ve been here before, but we’re doing it again: three bodyweight workouts per week. I think I’m through the “new job chaos” danger zone, but I’m not through the “holiday chaos” danger zone so we’re going to keep it here until it feels totally normal. I got this done last week and felt like a super hero. I ran around the house singing the Rocky theme song when I was done. Workout Quest #2: WORKOUT MODULE Time to read the workouts module! I want to check in here on NF at least twice a week to try to keep up momentum on this non-daily quest (I really struggle with those but not every quest can be daily…) Lifestyle Quest: Publish blog posts I want to publish 2 blog posts this month. I normally have a goal of publishing 4 blog posts but that rarely happens. So maybe aiming at 2 will be better. As with the workout module quest, I really don’t do as well with non-daily quests so I will be checking in on this at least twice a week. Mindset Quest: Batcave! This month I want to take care of a few Batcave improvements: Get bike fixed and ride at least part of way to/from work at least once Call bike shop & make appointment Drop off bike Pick up bike Plan one commute Do commute Install pull-up bar Buy a scale Set an alarm at 9 pm to alert me to the need to start prepping for bed Set up a reminder to check in here on NF Set up YouFood app for tracking [More may come soon--need to review my respawn notes] Alright, this one seems kind of gargantuan but I think I can do it. I don't want to have an ever increasing number of challenges--I think this may be the maximum number of individual quests I'm willing to do (given that I have a bunch of maintenance stuff I track on the daily as well). Onward! To glory!
  20. Seeing as how Calanthia is new around these parts, she figures that she owes you a little intro: At 4'11" and over 165 lbs, I have always been a very typical hobbit, short and round. I enjoyed the comforts of home far more than the rush of adventure and the feeling of my feet on a path. I was married at the young age of 20, still practically a child in hobbit-years, and now three years later, I feel I have done nothing of importance in my life. I went to school to teach science to adolescent hobbits, but have never been hired as a teacher because no one wants to hire a hobbit that has to move every year for her husband, who is amazingly attending Healer-school and serving in the Shire border guard at the same time. I was an athlete when I was young(er), however the years had been hard on me, both physically and emotionally. A combination of discouragement, years of comparing myself to my successful and ambitious husband, and general lack of motivation had contributed to feelings of inadequacy, numbness, and what my husband calls "the blues," though at times I fear it is something more. But all of that is going to change. I began my adventure in November of last year, and since then I have been wandering from place to place, hoping to find somewhere that I fit in, somewhere that I belong. I've had some brief visits with the Assassins, Scouts, and the Druids, but nothing ever really felt like home. For the past several months I even took to the wilds, wandering without direction and without companions, until today when I happened to stumble upon Ye Olde Ranger Guildhall. Inside was a Ranger, and when he spoke to the crowd within the hall I felt an awakening of the bravery and wanderlust that started me on my journey nearly a year ago. This is where my story begins... May your roads go ever on and on, ~Cal As Calanthia Cobbin's alter-ego, and the only one of us who has access to technology (they don't have internet in the woods of Middle Earth), I will be her anonymous typist. She is currently working on her challenge goals, and once she relays those to me I will post them here ASAP Thank you all for listening, and I truly hope that you will love Calanthia as I have grown to love her! Challenge Goals Week 1-3 Recap Week 4 Recap Challenge Recap!
  21. Ahoy-hoy friends! A challenge similar to the last as I'm trying to stick with what works and adding little bits and pieces throughout the challenge rather than all at the start and succumbing to RangerBrain(TM) and falling off the forums. 5-and-2, Pal: Food tracking on MFP plus photos. Aim for 8160 kJ, not focusing on macros just yet, just choosing real food whenever I can. 5 Freggies. Continue increased water. ROAR and more: Continuing on the 12wkch I started at the gym, week 0 of this NF challenge will be week 4 in the 12wkch so it will be weeks 4-8, there’s potentially going to be a check in on week 6 (NF challenge wk 2) I’m keen to get some feedback on my progress, but I know even if I don’t see any change in numbers I’ve gained some serious strength and stamina compared to when I started, but it would be nice to see some numbers changing too. Adulting: Before bed routine and I am adding something like Tank’s domestic Rangering to keep the new place all pretty and presentable for myself just as much as it is for entertaining friends. I like it when the house is clean, but I don’t bother unless there are people coming over. Hosting DnD on Mondays is helping, but I don’t want to do a big clean on Sunday, but rather exist in a mostly-clean state and just touch up little things here and there before the game. I will figure out a way to do this, but I’m not yet sure… Forums: I tend to lurk!follow, rather than being forthcoming with my comments/encouragements. I will try to comment at least once/day on multiple threads since I like it when people comment on mine. Here's a bear doing burpees to get the challenge started!
  22. Dusk

    Shadri + Noms

    ...I can't think of a theme!!! D: Well, my goals are pretty simple anyway. I gotta get my eating under control. The best success I've ever seen was when I did strict paleo, a year or two ago I think. I'm not looking to do strict paleo, but I'm definitely leaning in that direction. The main things to remember will be: 1. No grains (except for occasional rice/granola) 2. No dairy (except for cheese, mmm) I also need to focus on the quantity I eat. I tend to eat a looot sometimes. I'm gonna do my best to be strict to my two rules, but if a situation simply won't allow for it, I'll do the best I can and move on. FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD~
  23. Highmountain: Moose Cows. Moose Cows that are all about balance, nature and keeping those Pesky Harpies and Drogbar in their place. I can't think of anything to do with this one, so I'm calling it my WoW/Fun goal. I am the main tank for my Saturday night Raid team and I need to have gear, food and flasks ready for raid night and I also want to be on my A game when we get shit started. Daily: Heroics, World Quests, One Mythic, one episode of a show to just curl up with my gf and chill Weekly: research the fights so I can be awesome, and down shit faster so we can make progession and not spend two hours on one boss getting angry. As needed: Farming for food, upgrade materials and helping other raiders get shit done Stormheim: If there was ever a place or a race of people in WoW that I have wanted to play more it is the Vrykul. They are heavily Norse themed half giants and very war like. I'm no big on the war aspect of their race, but the super strong giant part seems pretty badass. So I'm making this my strength goal for the challenge. Their homeland in Stormheim is a mixture of cliffs, mountains, valleys and broken multilevel areas of mini cliffs. They have huge grappling hooks set into the cliffs that they use to help them climb and move across deep canyons in the land. I'm going to keep this mostly as body weight work and stair climbing. I'm on the 7th floor and I really hate climbing stairs so I'm going to make a point of doing it on my way home from work during the week. Body weight work: pushups (modified), squats, pull ups, etc 3x/week 7 flights of stairs daily Monday-Friday Gym 2x per week for anything at all, at least 1.5 hours of work each visit. Val'Sharah: The druids of Val'Sharah are currently deep in a battle with a mass of satyrs who are trying to spread Nightmare corruption all over the land from the now horribly corrupted Emerald Dream. I have a terrible track record of getting decent and consistent sleep and while I like knowing that I can go a decade or so on about 4-5 hours of sleep a night for the most part, I'd rather not continue doing so. Sunday - Thursday night in bed at 9 pm, not saying asleep at 9 pm, but aiming for sleep at 9 pm no fucking exceptions. Naps: taken when needed but for no longer than 2 hours or I'll throw off my 9 pm bed time goals. Friday and Saturday night: get at least 7 hours of sleep. Don't care when I go to sleep, but not less than 7 hours of sleep. Azsuna: This place is the most broken looking of the isles. It is filled with undead nigh elves who are unable to really die, murlocks... soooooo many murlocks, Naga, Giants and a decent amount of Blue dragons as well as a few scattered Nightborne elves from Suramar and their Withered. The main group I have been working with is the Court of Farondis, a faction of the undead elves who have been stuck in a limbo of undeath for oh.... 10 000 years or so. One of of their group is a drunken alchemist who is trying to break their curse with insane food. Or he's just drunk as hell and likes to cook, who knows. make my own food as much as possible, cooking sauces are acceptable, fully made meals are not. no ordering out for dinner more than once every two weeks. no cookies at work period. None. Zip zilch nadda. I'm done. no pop at home unless it is a single can/glass/bottle on the night we order out. Suramar: The elves of Suramar are an extremely proud race, they look down on all outsiders and have the most absolutely beautiful city in the game to date. I don't like the insane pride or how messed up and unbalanced their society is, the excesses of the rich and the brutal suffering of the poor, but I do enjoy their city. It is hands down the prettiest place in the entirety of WoW to date. So this is going to be a vanity based challenge focused on myself and my home. My room mates are not reliable for cleaning things often, well or without being kind of bitchy about things, so I'm going to tackle more cleaning around here. They will either notice and start to help, or I'll just become a total boss at keeping shit tidy which is good for me. As for myself, I am just so sick and tired of having terrible skin. I'm 31 and I still get acne flare ups. While I know that this has little to do with my age and more to do with my hormones, diet, general health and environment I still need to make a serious effort towards trying to prevent it from getting horrible. Also I ruin my hands at work and I don't want to add ragged fingernails to the mix. Daily: home: sweeping, dishes, throwing out full trash bins me: full skin care work and flossing my teeth Weekly: home: bathroom, vacuuming, pet areas total clean up me: nail maintenance, face mask and insane moisturizing As needed: home: mopping floors, cleaning windows, dusting less used areas of the house me: maintaining my fabulously colourful hair and trimming the back as it grows back out. I don't think rocking a neon blue mullet is gonna look good on me Tracking: daily post of what I'm up to the five following posts will be for each section of my challenge final wrap up? Maybe we'll see if I'm still around by the end.
  24. Yes, I'm doing another twenty one pilots themed challenge. I am still off in faraway lands doing cool things with lasers, and I'm still homesick and anxious and sad, and these awesome dudes are still helping me stay sane. And it just so happens that this beautiful song (one of the first songs of theirs that I fell in love with) has a few lines that relate directly to my goals for the challenge! PERF~ PRIMARY GOALS ~ i'm taking over my body ~ I am so done with dorm food, oh my lordy lord. There are so many delicious things and ALL OF THEM ARE BAD FOR ME. I am done letting food control me though! I'm taking aggressive control of what I put in my mouth. During zero week, I'm going to attempt Cold Turkey (mostly!)Paleo. Last challenge, I tried limiting myself to one dessert per day, but here's the thing - you can never have just one! I've found that going cold turkey has worked for me in the past, so I'm gonna give it another shot. Depending on how zero week goes, I may re-evaluate this goal. ~ it probably happens at night, right? ~ Everything here happens at night. Wanna go to a cafe? Wanna watch a movie? Let's go to a concert! Let's play a game! Let's go jam in the music room! I'm not used to having such a vast social life all of a sudden, and it's been really fun, but I haven't gotten to bed before 11:00pm in, like, 5 weeks. I'm tired all the time, and my mental health is suffering. The goal here is to be in bed, TECH OFF, by 10:00 (with the exception of maybe weekends). SECONDARY GOALS (not graded) ~ entertain my faith ~ Another reason, I suspect, that my mental health has been suffering is because I haven't been reading my Bible very much. Most weeks, church on Sunday and small group on Wednesday are all I get during the week, and that is NO BUENO! I'd like to read/meditate on a chapter of Proverbs every day, if possible, per a reading challenge that was issued by the church I've been attending. ~ time to move our feet ~ I have totally fallen of the exercise bandwagon, and it's really frustrating. I was doing so well during last semester! And then final exams rolled around, and ever since then I've hardly exercised at all. I'd like to have a physical activity 3 or so times per week at least, but ideally every weekday. I brought my yoga mat with me and bought new workout clothes before I came here and everything! Time to put them to use!!!
  25. HI GUYS!! Welcome to my... what, 16th challenge here?? HOLY SNACKS. I honestly think I've lost count. Eep~ At any rate I’m clearly still on an FFXIV kick so for this challenge, welcome to the snowy city-state of Ishgard. This challenge is a little different from previous of mine in that the activity level has a bit of a different focus... I’m going to be doing a lot of tracking, logging, data-mining, and habit observing this go-around. Of course my regular fitness will still take place in the background! (And on my first quest!) Ishgard is as tactical as it is strong, so it seemed like a perfectly themed place to set up shop. So honestly the best job class to complete my quests would be Scholar, but I have leveled ZERO of Scholar so I’m going to take a smidge of liberty here and let ASTROLOGIAN head off this challenge!!! AST is based in Ishgard and there are lots of opportunities for research and higher learning in the city. I’ve named each quest after one of the Astrologian’s buff cards (similar to tarot cards), and am ready to dig into some studies... (witness; me making use of my $9.99/mo Adobe Creative Cloud suite~) The Bole - Deadlift Progression A long time ago in a land far away (like last year?) I managed to seriously twang my lower back while deadlifting. It was a combination of lack of skill, too much weight too fast, and a traditionally weak lower back that all contributed to the sadness. Since then I’ve shied away from any sort of deadlift because it really skeeved me out. (Aside: I also am of the long legged/short armed variety, which set me up for a little of a disadvantage anyway, positioning was always a little tenuous.) Slowly but surely I’ve been kind of excelling at one legged Romanian Deadlifts - I’m up to 50lbs right now with zero signs of low back strain or fatigue. I realized a week or so ago that I’m progressing really well with these because even when I started with around 25-30lbs, it would put a serious strain on my lower back. These days it’s still very taxing, but not in a painful way at all. SCORE! In the spirit of being a Very Careful Person (tm), I’ve decided to (gently) run with this knowledge and add some other drills to my workouts that will help me prepare for deadlifts in a future challenge. So, I will work on: Hip Hinges & Thrusts Romanian Deadlifts (Barbell) Dumbbell Deadlifts Rack Pulls - MAYBE - I have read serious conflicting information on the validity of these so I’m not sure if I’ll be adding them quite yet. More research! This list may change or vary as I research more over Zero Week but I aim to complete 8 sessions of this over the next 4 weeks - one heavier session at the gym and one lighter at home, since I have dumbbells - and see where it takes me. (And how much Tiger Balm I need to use.) A - 8 sessions of DL Progression completed B - 6-7 sessions of DL Progression completed C - <6 sessions of DL Progression completed The Balance - Food Tracking It’s time to start tracking my food intake again. (Insert non-enthused ‘yaaaaay’ here~) According to MFP the last time I tracked anything ended around February-ish? I’m not a person that can track my intake for 6+ months at a time, it makes me twitchy, and I get a little overwhelmed and unhappy with it and it’s just not good for my overall well being. So I track on and off in the hopes that the ‘on’ phase will help me get a good handle on the values of the things I’m eating, and help me make smart choices when I’m ‘off’. So I’ve been ‘off’ for a while and it’s definitely time to start again. No numbers to hit, no goals or macros to meet, just log everything for 4 weeks to see where I’m at, and use the data to decide where I need to improve. The caveat is that I won’t have MFP on my phone (this actually makes it less stressful for me!) and I’ll need to log my daily food from the desktop. Deal? Deal. A - 4 weeks logged B - 3-4 weeks logged C - Less than 3 weeks logged The Ewer - Limit Alcohol So I don’t drink a ton but it’s enough lately to really give me some gently unpleasant side effects such as - shittier sleep! - gently expanding waistline! - crappy skin! - feeling like a bloaty slug! - etc. I’ll maybe have 3-4 beers weekly now but I SERIOUSLY need to cut that back. I know I can, I don’t crave beer like I used to, and I’ve done this before and I can do it again. Limiting myself to 6 drinks over the course of 4 weeks. This one is sink or swim with zero middle ground. Easy, right?... A - 6 or less drinks F - More than 6 drinks The Spire - Managing Gil It’s time for me to sit down and take a long hard look at my financials and get my shit in order! I’m at a point now with my 32h/week job that I take in more than I expend, which is good. However, I really need to tighten the bootstraps and make my money work for me, instead of just -thinking- I know what’s going on. While I’m actively looking for something full-time I’ve decided that, when/if that does happen it’ll be great, but right now I need to start doing more to improve my current financial situation instead of... you know, just waiting. I’ll be utilizing You Need A Budget and MAKING EVERY DOLLAR COUNT. My biggest goal right now is to just be able to visualize how my money is working for me and get a little more aggressive with saving and paying some stuff down. (Luckily my credit card right now is 0% APR until April, which helps LOADS.) Oddly enough I’m STUPID EXCITED about this one and giving this system a go, as I’ve heard awesome things about it, and even reading it all over gets me hype. Again, I’m just tracking and gathering data for 4 weeks and using the results to see what kind of position I'm really in. A - Tracked financials for 4 weeks F - Tracked financials for <4 weeks BONUS QUEST! The Spear - Space Management GUYS I AM IN MY NEW VERY OWN COMPUTER ROOM!!! I’m so flippin’ excited, it’s so spacious and the lighting is lovely and I feel so chill and calm and happyyyyy~ Kell and I effectively each have our own “hobby rooms” now and we both are LOVING our new spaces! What this means for me is that I need to CLEAN. My room previously was storage, and still is to some extent, but now it’s up to me to go through the clutter in here and downsize/clean it up. Also get some shelves and my corkboard up on the walls, and some pictures I’ve been meaning to hang. This won’t be graded, but I’ll be posting photos and talking about it as I go, so yay! I THINK THAT'S ALL!??! I'm excited because these are all things I need to work on and will help to set a foundation (Ishgardian pun intended) for future endeavors. Let's gooooo~!!
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