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  1. I'm going to try some story journaling, like nature journaling but I recording the stories I see in the things around me. This means I need to figure out what works for me as I’ve never done anything like this. But here’s a crazy critter that appeared on the island over the summer. Very mysterious. Don’t know how it could possibly have arrived here as I thought they liked more exotic locals. Very rare purple tiger I’ll be back with more goals and official points when I’m back at the computer.
  2. I'm searching for a Theme no no not a silly topic theme for this challenge but a theME ... I'll just let CPG Grey explain as it is his idea afterall So here I am - I've got the Oakland Marathon on March 20, 2022 - so that's consuming the first quarter of the new year (plus or minus a week) I even picked up a couple of fancy journals the lower one with the stickers is my currently journal So THEME what will be mine for 2022? A Year of Joy A Year of Self A Year of Exploration so many options! I shall ponder and update this as I come to a conclusion
  3. (Story Time) Leaving the Forest Valley Academy for Druids, to enter my own next quest... I started to notice the relief of no longer having a grade. However, noticing the viciousness in my last trials That instead of just a grade, my name of Bouncer could be harmed. Sharp blows I could barely handle with criticims in a place full of magic. The old ways back in the darkness, especially with the Golden-Eyed Curse of cravings is not the correct way to go. Where placing good habits was difficult on top of quieting down the old ones. I was out of the darkness, but the strong feeling I should do more but tired. Professor Jade came forward, reminding me of my celebrations. Not just a man being my professor, but also a mentor who keeps an eye on me with check ins. He saw my puzzlement through a conversation, where I finally asked him for guidance. "If you are willing Bouncer, it is time for you to go to the Regal Woodland. Just being able to enter can be a challenge, no less find your way back out. I believe that will help get you to where you need to go". I felt the magic coursing through me with confidence. I believed that it would be easy to get into the Regal Woodland, however surviving it would be something else. --- So a story to hopefully make the challenge a little easier. Little about me: Self-reflect I finally feel like I can do more, but man I'm my worst enemy. What has helped me say goodbye to depression, my classes and chronic stress pains? Mindfulness... yup sounds stupid to me also. So before I can hit my goals of weightloss, no less finding a job I can live off of (and actually enjoy). I need to lean into the "magic". Have to write this out to remind myself when I hate this tomorrow. So challenge GOALS: Meditation Journaling Budgeting Gut Health I find all of these to be stupid a bit difficult but needed, and there is a "good feel" along with "crazy amount of anxiety" with these. Upside all of these are to help curb the anxiety if I do it long enough! And whatever Meditation and Journaling -- I see someone weekly that helps give me guidance. Been told for years to practice, now leaning in. Budgeting -- Using YNAB, I have anxiety to work through feeling "but I want to SPEND!!!" Plus I tend to eat healthier when I'm intentional about my budget. Gut Health- I'm seeing a Naturopath and am SUPER behind on the next step for gut health. Plus helps with my side effect of my hormones and birth control stuff. To add some fun, I'm adding a daily pic. I always love seeing people's posts, helps make people. Love to share with my favorite community.
  4. New challenge to be found on a later post.... For Bouncer's Golden-Eye Dragon Curse Challenge. More info on old challenge below: Bouncer has a Spreadsheet challenge put aside.
  5. My first workout with nerd fitness! Decline pushups: 1. 20 reps 2. 12 reps 3. 7 reps Total: 39 Chin-ups: 1. 5 reps 2. 5 reps 3. 2 reps Total: 12 Dips: 1. 10 reps 2. 7 reps 3. 6 reps Total: 23 Bodyweight squats: 1. 20 reps 2. 20 reps 3. 20 reps Total: 60 Comment: I want to step up on this one as I am able to reach my upper limit of 20 reps in each set. Plank: 1. 60 sec 2. 60 sec 3. 60 sec Total: 180 sec Comment: Next time I'm going for 65 sec/set. I have an instinctive urge to stop the exercise after first signs of muscle fatigue. It's making it harder for me to train to muscle failure (i don't know it's that a proper name - correct me if I'm wrong ;)). My lower back hurts after first ten squats in each set. That worries me because I think that my technique is pretty correct and I don't have any back/spine problems (at least none that I know of). Is there any thread on this forum where someone can check my form? I would appreciate any help
  6. Another challenge. Rule 1: Writing Keep a decent journal. Write down everything that happens, no matter how brief. See what will work. I have a good system for work, I need a system for home as well. Rule 2: Exercise I have been slacking the past two weeks. This will include yoga and time on the bicycle. Rule 3: Take pills My brother has got a prescription for anti-depressants he is not using, and he is willing to keep on buying it for me. It is the only way I will be able to get these, since I cannot afford a doctor or the pills. I am not good at taking pills. Making it part of the challenge will be help.
  7. Hi there! So I know I can't be the only one here who loves to be creative and stay organized! Does anybody else here use a bullet journal? Anybody keen on giving it ago? And do you track your fitness there, if so? I do and I'm trying to fit my four week challenge somewhere into the mix whilst also keeping updates on it every day; I suppose we'll see how it goes! Also, feel free to share photos or any articles if you feel so obliged! ~Stella
  8. Passively waiting for life to happen is no longer enough, it is time for me to take charge of my life and be responsible for the realization of my dreams. I'm terrified of waking up one day, old and wrinkled and so full of regrets...
  9. A Bullet Journal Accountability group you say... This group might be for you if you do any of the following. Do you enjoy writing down the things you accomplish? Do you track your exercise, sleep, or water? Do you need to write down dates and times in order to remember them? Do you feel that most planners are not flexible enough for your daily needs? Do you make thousands of to do lists? My intentions for this group are sort of shown in the above picture. My plan is to post some resources I've found helpful, encourage others to share what's been successful for them, post weekly bujo prompts, and have a place where other bujo enthusiast can post pictures, ask questions, get help or just get ideas on what to do. So if this sounds like something you might enjoy or you already bujo and you have knowledge to share, please join in! If you want to join please post a short introduction and a link to your current challenge. Group Members & Challenge Links 1. Jonesy 2. Karinajean 3. Katrin aka Morag 4. Starpuck 5. Elena aka Artenara Jones 6. Super Starling! 7. Daryl of Barbaria 8. Kathleen's Adventure 9. NightWatcher13 10. Chris aka Ryuu 11. The Shogun 12. Machete We are not capped at 10 just added the numbers because I didn't want to count each time. Lol
  10. Annyshay always knew she was a hobbit. She was born in a sleepy farming town of the Shire. As a young hobbit, she worked the land with her family. Her nose was often firmly wedged in a book, and she fancied herself quite the scholar. When turmoil split her family asunder, she began her apprenticeship and long quest to live a good life. For years, Annyshay found her hobbit-y nature at odds with her training and quest. The confused hobbit struggled through periods of being “good” and keeping perfectionistic track of everything she did. Inevitably, she would lose momentum and return to the joy of second breakfast, elevensies, and her hobbit hole. Somehow, she managed to lose herself amidst all the stress, processed food, sedentary habits, and self-doubt. This was not the good life that she dreamed of all those years ago on the farm. One day, Annyshay was cleaning out a trunk, when she found an old scroll with “For the Rebellion!” on its seal. Filled with curiosity, she brought the scroll to her favorite reading chair, so that she could investigate the matter fully whenever she had a chance. When Annyshay eventually cracked the seal of the scroll, she found it was more than she imagined – a device that allowed her to interact with countless Rebels questing to improve their lives. Although she was cautious at first, the support and tales of these Rebels convinced her to join them. Annyshay learned from her fellow Rebels that she was a Hylian Hero and her life was about so much more than safety, comfort, and control. Annyshay has set out on an adventure to become the Hero she was born to be - resilient and radiant, so that she reflects God among the nations! Herein lies the Legend of Annyshay. The Legend of Annyshay, like so many heroic tales is not exactly linear. She has been adventuring with the rebellion since 2012 - as a hobbit, superhero, bender, and of course Link. Her quests have led her on many twists and turns, as you can see if you desire to wade through the Tales of Yore below. In September 2016, Annyshay was called to join a deeper Adventure at Camp Nerd Fitness. In the mountains of Clayton, Georgia, she was convinced well and truly by the Wizards and Headmasters that she is a Hero. Inspired by the stories of Atollo, Tyrus, Havok, Rheno, and Volo, as well as the countless rebels she met in real life, Annyshay returned with Character, Ability, Mind, and Purpose in order to stand against the darkness. Annyshay will fully embody and manifest herself as the Hero of Light.
  11. Hey thank you for looking in my Daily Battle Log Things you are going to see me post in this log: Daily journal; Workout/skill log; Xbox/PS gaming log; Anime/TV/movie log; Streaming; etc.. Old posts will be edited.
  12. I love tea. I love to sample all the different kinds, I love to mix and match the loose-leaf teas, I love the smell, the warmth, the flavour. Tea is awesome. Tea is calming. Since I'm hoping to use the calming benefits of tea to help me this challenge, and since I have other calming elements scattered throughout this challenge then I think tea shall be my theme. Well, tea and cats. The cat gifs are addicting. >.> You cat people have won me over. Tea before Treats I may have a snack whenever I please - I just must have a cup of tea first. What do I hope this will accomplish? First: to make sure I'm not snacking when I'm actually thirsty. Second: to make myself a little more full before snacking so I will not have as much. Third: to give myself a chance to change my mind if I don't actually want the snack. And fourth: to replace the snacking habit with the superior tea one when I'm not really hungry. Grading: A = snacks had, B = intentions to eat snacks that tea mitigated, C = snacks with teas before hand, D = teas that prevented snacking; (C+D) / (A+ - I know this sounds complicated, but it should be easy enough to track with my next goal. What do Death Knights eat? I will track everything that goes in my face for the next four weeks. No judgments, no trying to change things, just information gathering. What do I hope this will accomplish? Hopefully it will inform future food goals and maybe even allow me to make food issues to things like acne, and stomach pain. If nothing else I will learn a little bit about myself. Grading: daysTracked/28 Catlike flexibility, Death Knight strength Continue the BBWW 3 times a week. Add Yoga once a week. Even 10 minutes counts, I just need to do it. I learned last challenge that I don't really enjoy running, but I did enjoy when I finished the BBWW with a short stretch yoga routine (3 mins). I would love to add more ease to my week so instead of running, let's try making one extra yoga session instead. What do I hope this will accomplish? awesomeness++, strength++, recovery++ Grading: bbwwDoneInWeek/3 - average of 4 weeks, worth 75% of grade; yogaSessionDoneInWeek/1 - average of 4 weeks, worth 25% of grade; Contemplate the Word Read scripture and meditate on a key theme or verse from the reading daily. Attempt to find a consistent time to do this, but it isn't part of the grading. What do I hope this will accomplish? Meditating on God's word should bring better clarity and draw me closer to him, mediating should help me clear my mental fog. Grading: (readingDays + mediationDays)/56 Bonus: Eat like a cat Eat a can of sardines. They've been following me around (literally in my purse), and sitting on my desk staring at me. The aversion to bones should not stop a true rebel, plus they are good for you, and ... *stares at tin of fish in fear* What do I hope this will accomplish? I break a food fear and open new doors of cooking. Grading: The fishies get nommed (pass) or they don't (fail)
  13. Though I have been at the gym pretty consistently for 3 weeks or so, I will restart my battle log with my reborn alter ego of Gaelic Samurai. Inspired by my heritage, my deep interest in Japanese and eastern thinking, my family in Japan, and by the picture, Wolverine and his relentlessness despite all the troubles. Yesterday was a weight session and I started with bench after the warmup. Then it was arm day, good choice doofus it was a Monday AND the New Years crowd, and all went swimmingly. Bench 3x5 @180lbs EZ Bar curl 3x10 @50,60,60 DB Hammer Curl 3x10 @25 EZ Bar reverse curl 3x10 @40 Triceps Pressdown 4x10 @ 50,57.5,57.5,65 Push-ups 2x20 Overhead Tricep extension 2x15 @15,20 Weight Lifted this session = 9925lbs
  14. Hello and welcome all to my last challenge of the year! Things have been a bit mad the last couple of months, and my mood has been a bit all over the place with a big dollop of worry on top. And I don't want to be worried, or angry, or upset, I want to be positive and looking forward. With that in mind, this month I try to become Mr Positivity. Mr Positivity - 15XP What? Say and record positive things, to help me keep a positive mindset. Why? Because I want to be a more positive person. How? Record something positive in my journal every day, and report it on here. It can be anything; something about myself, something good about my day, something I'm thankful for etc. Mr Strong - 15XP What? Continue getting in the gym. Why? Because it makes me feel good about myself, and because I want to get stronger. How? Get to the gym 3 x per week, continuing starting strength. No Excuses despite Christmas and all that jazz. This takes precedence over all other exercise. Mr Sleepy - 15XP What? Get some more sleep! Why? Because I need it, for body and mind, or I feel dreadful. How? Get to bed each night by 10:30, or within 45 minutes of getting home, whichever the latter Mr Writer - 10XP What? Keep up with my Bullet Journal Why? Because I'm liking it as a way to keep track of challenges, and I'm hoping that as I get used to it it will actually make me more productive. How? i. Journal every day. ii. Report on here if I fail to complete any to-dos. iii. Complete all month to-dos at some point. Also, this just popped into my head: So that's that, nothing too fancy this month but hopefully a winning set of goals. Onward!
  15. *peeks out from behind a corner* Oh hello there. It's been a while. Things are crazy, but I don't know, driving home tonight in terrible visibility while sheets of rain were pelting my windshield made me think. Maybe it was the hydroplaning. One thing I haven't been completely honest about was a relapse into my eating disorder. I've mentioned it at points as a past thing but it's been very much a present thing as of the past ~4 months. My therapist knows, we're working on it and I'm currently maintaining a weight that is both too low and too high. Brains are dumb. This has been a big reason I've taken a bit of a break from here. It can be hard to fight the urge to lose more weight when, well....it's part of the environment. But successful maintenance is something at least. 2016 has been hard for so many reasons. We finally sold our house (for real). We're moving. School is still up in the air. I think my meds may be less effective than they need to be. I had an ED relapse. Trump got elected (god I'm still ignoring this). This is sort of a very very informal challenge. More of a desire to communicate, to catalogue, to work through. To set myself up for a better 2017. 2016 set a pretty low bar that won't be hard to clear. I made a huge roadmap for last year. In some ways it was a good idea, and in others it wasn't. So I'm doing something a bit different. Here are three things I'd like to work on. They're mostly abstract, though I am aware of how I can quantify them, it's just that they're mental rather than physical. 1. Bridging the gap between the Intellectual and Emotional: I can be so aware that something is true/untrue and yet feel completely the opposite. I want to listen to my intellect while respecting my emotions. It's okay to feel whatever it is I'm feeling, but it's important to understand the inherent subjectivity of that feeling as well. 2. Practice: I want to see things as a continuum, a series of interconnected skills, that all actions are just practice, without pressure. I'd also like to make this goal more clear lol. 3. Make Mistakes: mistakes are the goal. I WANT to want to make mistakes. I want to normalize them, reframe them as a positive, enjoy the error part of trial and error. I feel like this would help a lot with self image, anxiety, and depression. So that's it. I guess this is sort of a trial run before the new year.
  16. Annyshay stumbles into her home and lets her pack fall heavily to the ground. Dragon greets her with his usual warmth and demands to be fed. Once Dragon's needs are attended to, Annyshay sheds her cloak and boots. She sinks into her well-worn chair and reaches for the scroll emblazoned with "For the Rebellion!" She sighs as some scenes from the last few weeks flash in front of her eyes - political unrest, friends consumed by despair, and harsh words that cannot be unsaid. The flashes of memory threaten to fill her mind with regret and worry, but Dragon jumps onto her lap and tries to insert his muzzle between her hand and the scroll. This movement reminds Annyshay of her intention, so she repositions Dragon and opens the scroll. She moves past her brooding to share these moments with her friends in the Rebellion. As always, the scroll lets her share in the struggles and victories of her fellow rebels. An all-too-familiar thought comes to her - you will never change. Annyshay notes the thought and renews her commitment to be the author and editor of her own legend (follow the link to my battle log and backstory), instead of heeding the thoughts that have so often overpowered her. She scratches Dragon's chin, takes up her quill, and begins to write... Quest the first - Post Daily on NF My rebels are my tribe. I value all of your kind words and love. Whenever I stay away from NF, I cut off my support system. That's the worst plan. Time to re-establish the habit of showing up here each day. Quest the second - Journal about Eating Nutrition is a big challenge for me, as my body composition currently shows. This is largely rooted in emotional eating driven by chronic stress. No diet or habit tweaks will complete this boss battle if I am not willing to examine myself without judgment and address my boss battle's root causes. Quest the third - Mindful Moments I'm stealing this from Headmaster Amy Clover of Strong Inside Out. Basically, I take a moment before any eating to check in with myself. Quest the fourth - Choose Love Cynicism and bitterness are natural responses to the challenges we rebels face, but with Jesus' help I will choose to act out of love. Love will be my modus operandi and will inform my choices instead of fear, anger, or despair.
  17. At the start of this new challenge, I'm afraid I'll have to be completely off goal on a few things, because I don't expect I'll get much reading or smart eating done when I'm in Disneyland! I'm immensely nerv-cited about this trip. It's not the first time I've gone away by myself, but it's the next step on that series of quests in my life. I'm not good at planning nice things for myself. I'm not good at spending time and money on myself, and truly seeking out joy. I began putting the idea out there when I first joined NF, of trying to go and do amazing things just because I want them. That resulted in flying to a new city, all on my own, to see a live show of a podcast. It was a great time, and it started giving me travel and social confidence. I won't deny it's been hard, yet amazing, for my anxiety. The next big trip took some time to happen, but Camp presented itself as a perfect option. It was a controlled environment, which felt safe, with lots more strangers than I would have interacted with normally, which scared the pants off me. But I went, and found people that were supportive and loving and incredible, and doing these amazing things for myself, taking up space in the world and pursuing the things that I love, began to feel possible. Camp helped me find my bravery again. Camp helped me see how to dream big again. So, I want to take myself to Disneyland. And I deserve to take myself to Disneyland. And I'm going to take Character selfies and eat glorious food and have all of the magical fun. But I need to be honest in a big, weird way here. I'm never someone who does things this big on a whim; the time of year isn't without purpose, and neither is the choice of destination. Going to Mesa in the spring for a podcast was arbitrary. This date is not. This date, eight years ago, used to mean something. This being the first anniversary of that day since the divorce, I find myself needing to take it back, to be somewhere not my home town, but also somewhere that would feel safe, happy, inclusive. I wanted to go back to Disney, somehow. For New Readers, Disney World was how I met my ex. I went there, not to pursue love, but to pursue a new experience: the internship away from home. I grew up in Huntington Beach, CA, and Disneyland was a shining part of my childhood. I wanted to work for them. I wanted to be inside the magic. I had my own reasons for going to Orlando. I loved Disney on my own, and I wanted to reconnect with that. I couldn't let this person take away a place that is so big and magical and shiny for me. I couldn't. I'm scared that I'll feel lonely, instead of alone. I have to remind myself that I went to the internship barely knowing another soul, ready to work in the parks and live with strangers. I think I'm scared now because I don't have the job as an excuse, I don't have busy friends or roommates as the reason I'm alone. I'm going by myself because I wanted to go and it was a trip that I need to do on my own, a time of year I need to spend more on my own. I don't need to worry about arguing over rides or food or show times. I can just enjoy myself. And that's a scary thing for me. I'm writing this out and trying to be as forthcoming about this as possible, because it feels important to explain myself. I know on some level I've been needing the external justification from Ifrit, how I deserve to have good, fun things. I'm here sharing with my Nerds because you guys helped me get here. You helped me see that taking up space and seeking joy are necessary. You helped me be patient and gentle with myself, and learn to do the things that will help me heal and grow. I'll be flying out Monday and coming back Wednesday to begin tracking all my main goals. I'll consider any steps from the Parks as bonus exercise. I cannot promise I won't eat seven beignets for breakfast. (Additionally, I chose the challenge title from Sigma's new single featuring Birdy. The lyrics and video are powerful, to say the least.) Our Cast of Characters: Merrin: Me! 31 years old, foodie, soda free for 1.5 years, lover of avocados and bacon, Ravenpuff, passionate about sewing, bubbly introvert, depressive, baker of cookies. Rebecca: The name for my Depression; the Monster I frequently try to kiss on the nose. Ifrit: Boyfriend! Main supportive force, disliker of avocados, expert bacon cook, incredibly weird, incredibly intelligent, Slytherin, introvert, archery master, stealer of snuggles. Part-Time Spare Spoons Puppy: only the best and sweetest and smartest dog ever, tolerant of hugs, fetcher of rope, murderer of sticks, giver of snuggles. This Month's Focus Darebees: Daily as possible. Hoping for Bronze level. Paleo: 1 fresh meal per day, including days off. Keep carbs/snacks (-fiber) at 100g maximum. Sewing: 1 hour minimum nights off for various production. Check lighting/fan set-up. BBW: Mondays and Fridays. Reading: 1 hour per work shift. Adulting: laundry on Tuesdays, floors on Thursdays, kitchen daily. Journal: bullet items as needed, daily summary post on here.
  18. Welcome friends and visitors! My name is annyshay (Shannon IRL for new Camp Nerd Fitness - CNF - friends). I'm a thirty-something single physician currently subspecializing in Infectious Disease (aka germs and how to kill them) for children and adults in Minneapolis. I joined the Rebellion in 2012 and have been leveling up in various ways since then. Work and depression recently conspired to undo much of my progress related to body composition, but these forces of darkness could not undo my Fellowship of Rebels or the mental and emotional progress that I made over the last 4 years. I respawned in June 2016 and have continued to struggle with stress, cookies, and staying active. Luckily, I'm returning from the MAGIC of CAMP NF with renewed Character, Ability, Mind, and Purpose. I have many celebrations, stories, and lessons to share along with boatloads of gratitude for this amazing community, but the specifics will have to wait until I catch up more on sleep. Never the less, out of these experiences I've chosen to rebuild my foundational habits in line with my quests and eventual Level 50. Also, I plan to process and repackage my CNF experience in order to share as much as possible with all y'all. Plus, it's not annyshay's thread without bonus rambles! Main Quest (see Battle Log link in signature for more details) - Visit the Southern Water Tribe Joint Movements I was able to attend "Moving with Longevity" with Jonathan Mead on 2 of 3 mornings at CNF. This meditative movement through the full rang of motion of my joints was revealing and liberating. Basic mobility is a foundation I want to lay for decades of future healthy movement. I plan to complete this series every morning immediately after my morning bathroom visit and before my shower and breakfast. Journal Amy Clover is an amazing Jedi that I plan to add to my Jedi Counsel after attending two classes with her - "Rising Above Emotional Eating" and "Create Your Hero Toolkit". She reminded me of the power of journaling and encouraged me to use it as a tool for approaching those times when I am no longer hungry but want to eat. It's a way to identify the real, raw needs that I am trying to palliate with food. No screens One CNF quest (there were MANY) was to remove one obstacle that doesn't support my journey. This is a clear choice for me, since screens in the bedroom only lead to disordered sleep. Busy, stressed, badass Shannon needs excellent sleep. Simple and hard. I'll be aiming to post every day even if things get nuts at work. I know you've all got my back, and I can't wait to jump back into the challenges together!
  19. I have found myself getting lost in all the quests. "Keep a sleep journal!" "Drink x amount of water every day!" "Clean out your closet!" "Eat this and this and stop eating this for Level 3 Nutrition!" How do you guys keep all this stuff straight? I'm looking for a way to look at all of my ongoing quests at once, without flipping through pages of my journal. Thanks, Rebels!
  20. Leaving Torquay He shifted the paper and secured it under his left arm as he reached for his passport and ticket from an inside pocket. Not that he was using a passport; he had become obsessed with knowing its absolute location at times. He had left the cottage after ten that morning and he suddenly became acutely aware that his holiday was finally over. A former colleague at London had told him once that associates received at least six weeks of leave in their offices, and more as needed, between assignments. He noted mentally to mention it over tea with Hastings when he got back to the Lisbon office. He dreaded immediately the inevitable physical assessment that was coming soon after arriving back to the offices. He had indulged on this holiday and the last few 'off' periods. He recalled that his jacket had grown tighter. His weight had been creeping. Well, no matter, the measurements would be taken, and then some crude remark regarding his "discipline" from Barnes. That he didn't prefer Barne's or was "not fond" of Barnes is the civil way to construct it he supposed. No matter what you called it, it was the situation; and the exact reason why Hastings assigned Barnes to his physical assessments. He boarded the ferry and found his compartment warm while he took the seat. "On the way to Spain", he said out loud, and chuckled a bit. The girl said her 'good morning' and offered an assortment of the expected cakes, scones, crackers, among others. He considered for a moment and thought of Barne's smirk: "No thank you". He returned his gaze to the window and thought.
  21. Okay, These 4 week challenges are great and all but I think for now I am going to amalgamate everything in the one log. That way my disjointed rambling posts will have some sort of backstory and probably make more sense. xD If you don't know me already (sheesh!) I am 24, australian, working in hopsitality, learning roller derby, and trying to live my aussie dream of owning a house with my lovely partner and gardens and no people and shit. Yeah! Most concise intro so far. Last challenge I focussed on tracking my food (having just come back from a 2-week holiday including an all-you-can-eat buffet) and trying to do some exercise and keep my house clean. The house cleaning plan got de-railed a little bit because everything ended up getting packed up and dragged over to our new house, so I have a clean slate to start again with good housework habits. (also, Mr. Tea said he'd buy me a dishwasher so booyeah!) For the next 4 weeks (at least, probably longer!) I want to be focussing on unpacking the rest of the boxes and throwing out anything I don't need, cleaning the old house, ticking off things on my house-moving list, and getting some sort of garden happening, as well as keeping the new house looking somewhat presentable. Awesome! I also want to re-route my derby focus to be working on the last few things that I need to pass my minimum skills, as well as get good at skills that come in handy in games but aren't necessarily skills that are demanded of you. I've been feeling a bit 'meh' about training since coming back from holiday but we've also had a string of public holidays depriving us of all our training sessions, so I need to get back in there! DERBY SKILLS LIST; 27in5 (currently 24) 360 transitions (at faster speeds!) side-skating / T-skating backwards crossovers pushing through walls core bracing THE HOUSE MOVING LIST: Get a mailbox - done, just need to put up Organise internet - waiting for tech support - still. Call the electricity company Order Gas Bottle Build a dog-fence Put in doggy door - completed (thanks dad!) Clean old house - Put bins out at old house Grab lemon tree from old house Take a load of rubbish to the tip Change addresses at various places (requires mailbox!) - Vehicle license + new license photo. - Car Insurance - Debit card - Superannuation - Work - Dentist - Spotlight (:P) Unpack Rooms; - Formal lounge - all the spare furniture is in here - move extra furniture to the shed - Ensuite - need to move a chest of drawers in for storage space - Craft Room Just gotta put my desk back in there Misc. Things Put up a washing line Oil the hammock stand Change ensuite shower head Stockpile wood for winter Got a good few weeks worth at least; ~ 8-10 wheelbarrow loads for now.
  22. SECOND VERSE SAME AS THE FIRST! 1. Do physical therapy 2. Eat gluten free 3. Write good things BONUS - Do things THUMBS UP.
  23. Goal #1: Elements practice 6x / week I finished the current round of the Movement Multivitamin, but before I get back to Floor 1 practice, I'd like to work on the basics some more. Enter the Elements program, where I'll be working on three movement patterns: Bear, monkey and frogger. While I have no big problems with the range of motion in any of the basic variations of these, I'm sadly lacking in strength and stamina - especially my legs start complaining after about a minute or so of froggering about. This could definitely need more work, so that's what I will do. The program will take me 7 weeks to work through, starting week 1 today. In addition to Eements, I'm still taking yoga classes and kettlebell classes. Goal #2: Keep the (Emo) Sugar Monster at bay (2 - 3 Sugar Monsters / week) Same thing we do every challenge, Pinky... try to take over the world keep the sweets in check, aim for 2 - 3 Sugar Monsters per week, and be extra careful around the Emotional variety. Goal #3: Keep a health journal 7/7 days a week I'm still working on some health issues (namely trying to get that pesky Raynaud's in check). Among other things, I'll probably have to start taking meds to improve the bloodflow . Data geek that I am, I'm kind of curious how the things I do will affect my (well-)being in general and some symptoms in particular. Ergo: collect ALL the data. Okay, maybe not all of it, but at least some markers that seem relevant to me now.
  24. Daily Do's for Mental Health (Oh snap! Girl just threw down some Comic Sans! REBEL!) Daily "I Am" Journal - Taking those affirmations from my last challenge and putting them to practice. Here's one from yesterday: (I have a shitty camera on my phone, but it is good enough!) Regular Journaling at least 3-4 times a week. Did some yesterday too!Taking meds routinely. I am BAD at skipping doses. I need to get back into my routine of taking my BP meds, vitamins, and Zoloft. Getting Sh** Done Walk the Dogs - Mon, Wed, Fri. Trigger time will be as soon as I get home from work.Thursday's grocery shopping days. Designating a new shopping day because I was doing it on the weekends and I hate it, so I stopped doing it.Continue with my morning Yoga "Practice" - trying out a new word! (Not going to count this into the challenge, but I want to at least make it somewhat important by officially stating that I will try to continue. It helps me stay on track .** Life Goal! ** Art shows and contests! There are 2 coming up. I will be submitting my Watercolored Forest to the Pioneer Days art show in a couple of weeks. Then there is our local Comic Con, hopefully I can get something fun drawn up and submitted in the contest. I'm excited!
  25. Hi, I'm maigrey and I have a habit of trying to do ALL THE THINGS!! So, for this challenge, I am going to keep it ridiculously simple. The plan is to smash this challenge and instill some habits and then I can take on some other habits in the next challenge, and be at the top end of the curve: In keeping with the not doing ALL THE THINGS, I'm going to work from a balanced triangle perspective: BODY: Eat like an athlete. No Sugar: eating sugar makes me feel lethargic, headachey, and makes me want to eat more sugar. This means I'm going to suck it up and drink my coffee black. No starchy/processed carbs after 10 am: This piggybacks on #1. If I can't have sugar, I end up stuffing my face with pasta, bread, and other what have you carbs. Some is okay, but I need to have limits on it. This makes oatmeal, a bagel, or tamago kake gohan acceptable. Once per week, I may have up to 2 alcoholic drinks outside of my home: Alcohol has been creeping back into my life. It's not something I need to ban, but again I need limits, otherwise I will go back to using booze as a social crutch. I'm trying to work through my social anxiety issues, and booze doesn't help with that. Also, there's no real reason I need to drink at home; I can save that for when I'm out. MIND: Write up task list for the next day by 7 pm My day goes so much better if I have a game plan. I am not a morning person, so this really needs to be done the night before, but early enough that I don't say 'fuckit too tired, will do tomorrow', because it never gets done tomorrow. SPIRIT: Journal or blog for 10 min a day I also am 500% more sane and happy when I do a mind dump on the day before I go to bed. I have really gotten out of the habit of doing this, and it's been detrimental. THE EVENT / TASK LIST: There's a bunch of other stuff I need to do, that aren't daily tasks, so they're listed here. Konmari method my clothesGet passport renewed for Australia tripDeclutter kitchenDeal with billsDeal with home insurance done! June 8, 2015File 'to file' pilecreate gloomy day checklist Annnnd we're off!
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